[2.2, HC] Asta's "Lioneye's Archery" - A High Armor/HP Tornado Shot Archer

Hellow fellow Exiles!

I just wanted to share one of my current builds in Tempest league! As usual, before going more in detail, a short summary of the essential points of this build to give you a briefly overview. It may help you to decide quite early if this is a build for you or not.

Why should i play this build ?
- Good mobility
- Very good survivalbility: 27k Armor (without Granite) and 6,7k HP at Lv 93
- Decent AoE: TS with 89% pierce and GMP. Also, one of the best single target bow skills!
- Capable of doing all map mods. Certain map mod combination only by personal choice.
- Playable as a Maui and Scion with slightly differences.

Why shouldn't i play this build?
- It's a non-crit Archer build with Resolute Technique. These are nowadays not so popular
- According to the point above, the DPS doesn't scale extremly; at lvl 93 im sitting at ~15k GMP-TS
- No real spell damage defences. No Acro/Phase Acro. All you have are pots and your 75% res.
- High Dex requirement on Bows requires Dex on gear; it's sometimes annoying to find the last 9 Dex
- Based around certain uniques, which arent super easy to acquire. Especially in early stages of a league.

1.1 Intro

Whats the base of the build/what specific items do you use for this build?
So, the uniques i'm using are:
- Lioneye's Fall
- Lioneye's Vision
- Lioneye's Glare (Until you get a better Rare with 370+ DPS)
- Drillneck
- Poacher's Jewel (Unique Jewel from A2 Cruel, Fellshrine Reward)

Lioneye's Fall:

This jewel allows you to take the 3 Notables Wrecking Ball, Splitting Strikes and Destroyer in the Duelist tree.

These 3 nods plus the routing to these give you a total of 159% phys 27% attackspeed for 12 passives. Thats an average of 13.25 %phys 2.25 %aspeed (kinda depends on routing, but 12 points if you route like i do). These values are arround the same value you get for your passive points in the Ranger area. While the Ranger area is much more DPS oriented (crit), the south-west is much more defence oriented, since there are lot of life nodes combined with armor. Basically, this Jewel allows you to play a defence oriented Ranger ;)

Lioneye's Vision:

Really a great chest, which especially synergizes well with TS. Also, high armor aaaand a decent life roll. You going to basically play with a 7L and great AoE.


Since we have a good bunch of pierce chance, Drillneck will be always BiS. It's a huge DPS boost!

Poachers Jewel:

Our current chance to pierce is 64+10=74% (Drillneck 10%, Lv15 pierce from chest is 64%), which basically means, that a projectile does NOT pierce in 26% of the cases. Adding this jewel will give us 25% increased phys and reduces the chance, that a projectile doesn't pierce to 11% (more then halves the chance!). I dont think its worth to ever trade this jewel for a rare one...and its also free!

Lioneye's Glare:

Solid item. Even 330 DPS can easily be bought for few Chaos. Its not BiS, but its capable of carrying you a long time, until you find a better one.

1.2 The Butthurt Section

Im calling this the butthurt section, because this thing was bugging me through the whole build design and late to endgame gamin'. The problem was that i wanted to run Grace and Hatred, which leaves me at 100% reservered mana.

Since the Lioneye's Vision chest has already 0.4% mana leech, i felt that using Blood Magic is kinda a waste in that case. The first problem now is, that the necessary aura nodes are with my tree either 7 passives (Templar) or 11 passives (Ranger) away. Then I tried to sustain a 6L with the 0.4%. I recognized quite early that it is not enough, which means i would've spend another 2 passives (at least) to get the mana on hit nodes in the Duelist tree.

All in all, i finally came to the conclusion, that its prolly just better to stick with BM. I know it hurts, 'cuz its a gemslot. But the passive investment is just to big to make it work. Its annoying, still even after 93 Levels of gaming. But i think its fine.

tl;dr: Im using BM for a phys build 'cuz passive point wise its too expensiv to use the skill on mana.

1.3 Armor

So, how good are these 27k actually, let's say compared to a Coil ?

The current version of coil got 30% as lightning, which means ~23% reduction.
Against a 10.000 physical hit, you reduce 2300 with Coil

Against a 10.000 physical hit, you reduce with armor:
dmg_red = 1/[1+(dmg*10/armor)] = 1/1+100000/27000 = 1/4.7 = 0.21 = 21% reduction

I've chosen already a god damn huge hit. I dont think anything does hit for like 10k. Already in that szenario, coil is only slightly better. Against smaller hits in the 5k range, you get with 27k armor already 35% reduction, which is substantial better. And a 5K hit is already only something you can expect from a max charged Powerful Crit Bone Roa. In the range of 2700 phys hits you get already 50% reduction, which means everything under 2k phys hits are a joke for you ;)

1.4 Passive (Bandits: HP, Attackspeed, Frenzy Charge)

1.5 Gems 'n Stuff

Armor: Tornado Shot - GMP - Physical Proj Att Dmg - Add Fire - BM // 6L with 4 Green: +Faster Attacks // 6L with 3 Green: +Weapon Ele Damage
Bow: Frenzy - Culling Strike - Item Rarity - BM // 5L: +Faster Attacks
Helm: BM - Blood Rage - Blink Arrow - Increased Duration
Boots: Hatred - Grace - Vaal Haste 1 - Vaal Haste 2 // Or whatever you wanna use for Vaal Haste.
Gloves: Cwdt lv 1 - Enfeeble lv5 - Frost Wall lv10 - Increased Duration // Also, personal preference. Do what you like with cwdt ;)

1.6 Flasks

1.7 Gear 'n Stuff

1.8 Map Section

General stuff about my mapping style:

The current mapping system allows you a very smooth progress till end-game mapping. The most important part is that you dont become dishearted if you have a streak where you dont drop any maps. We currently have 3 tiers: 68-73, 74-78, 79-82. Its pretty much managble to progress to 79 Maps. However, you wont sustain 79+ without a shitton of investment. If you do it like i did it, you are at 77+ maps at around 93.

Low Tier Maps: These maps are nowadays supereasy. The mods are weak, mobs are weak (mostly) and the damage of mob not really high. However, i would recommend you to not alch these, unless you want to MF on these maps. 68-72 are only alt+aug. If you find packsize+ good mod just run it. 73 maps are the first maps you should alch, since its the last of the low tier which can roll the weaker mods. At a rule of thumb:

68-71 maps: any 2 mods
72 maps: at least 35 iiq or 15 + packsize mod
73 maps: at least 50+ iiq or 40 + packsize mod

Medium Tier Maps: The medium tier starts with 74 maps, which are by far the hardest maps if you dont have a decent level (90+). I would not recommend to alch any of these. It sounds strange, but its enough if you throw 2 chisel and 2 mods on these maps. The rest of the maps are pretty easy and have one of the best layouts (Gorge, Dry Peninsula, Canyon) and fair bosses (not included all new bosses on new maps)

74 maps: 2 Chisel + any 2 mods
75 maps: Alch + Chaos until 65+ iiq
76 maps: 2 Chisel + Alch + Chaos until 75+ iiq
77 maps: 2 Chisel + Alch + Chaos until 85+ iiq
78 maps: 4 Chisel + Alch + Chaos until 95+ iiq

High Tier Maps: This kinda depends what you wanna do on these maps. If you want MF, go for max iiq. If you want EXP, you just roll for max pack size. It was stated that these kind of maps are not sustainable and i can confirm this. It also depends how much currency you ahve available and how much you are willing to pay. However, even if you spend curreny till high iiq and add onslaugh/ambush/domination mods, its still gonna be super hard.

Map Mods and some stuff

First, have a look here:
This is specially for newer players important to read. Here you get an idea how hard map bosses are. If you see a 5 for the map boss, you skip. A 4 is okay and doable. There is a mistake: Residence Boss is a 4 and Malformation a 5. Since the build has such a huge armor rating, the most problematic kind of damage is elemental damage. So in general i recommend:

- Dont do double add %ele damage. One is okay.
- If you roll minus max res on a map, where the boss is an hard ele hitter (Piety, Vaal, Dominus etc.) you only do the map if its rolled really nice. You skip the boss then.
- Dont do vulnerability + less life/mana regen
- Blood magic is doable, but only on an easy map
- Reflect: Phys reflect doesnt requires any changes. Ele reflect requires to remove added fire and add Life gain on Hit.
- Demonic + Add Projectile is a no-go. Birds are demons and shotgun.

2.0 Character Sheets

Note: DPS are with Faster Attacks and 5 Frenzy Charges + Blood Rage.

3.0 Player Suggestions and Ideas

Alternative Tree, Maui start, credits to Mannoth. 2xLioneyes Fall Jewel (Maui/Duelist Area)
Also, big thanks for helping out people here from time to time :)

No point blank, a lot of defense, low dex:

Point blank, less armor & regen but bit more dps and dex:

Point blank version with extra jewels:

No point blank version with extra jewels:

2 jewel trees give ~70% attack speed ~300% increased bow damage (not counting iron grip) with 170%+ life and 300%+ armor.
4 jewel trees give less but offer more flexibility.

Changing 9 ias for 26%phys and 14 HP, Duelist starting nodes, credits to Kolton

Gave me around 200 DPS and 42 HP =)

Map sction with tips and stuff, credits to hmxdestroyer

added mods, map tactics and how to reach 90

MgoH/Enlighten/Alfa Version, credits to Humble_Canadian


Since I was going ham on linking a pledge of hands I'm all out of jewelers and fusings, so I'm using a tabula to simulate having a 5L lioneye's vision plate (my pierce is lvl 19 I know but it's the only one I've got). No drillneck because a science project turned it into rare so my dps is a bit lower than yours at 8.8k in the hideout (no bloodrage or charges or golem). I was tryin to compensate a bit with ming's heart until I've got another drillneck (those things aren't cheap and standard trade is a bit dead). Again, no jewelers or fusings so I can't test out the puncture single target.

Since the character was from before the awakening, it's still missing 3 passive points. I plan on getting the life/chaos resist when I get those.

3.5k life with a ming's heart. Over 4k without.

Here's the character screens:

15k armor with a tabula

20k armor and 4.7k life with lioneye's

56k armor with flasks up and lioneye's

Using astramentis makes me not worry about stats, but of course a rare amulet is better, I just don't have anything else atm to test with and I'm broke. Alpha's howl and the mana reserve nodes as well as an enlighten lvl 2 are enough to sustain. I swapped my lvl 3 enlighten back to my other char since it wasn't needed but it's even better. Sometimes with the lvl 2 enlighten there are some problems with single target if it takes more than 10 shots. The dps would be much better with a drillneck so the character still has a lot to room to expand in terms of gear.

Alpha's is also great for the immune to freeze. This has killed me more than anything else.

This is the passive tree

I'm using 2 lioneye jewels to get the smashing strikes passive for free endurance charges to make me even tankier.

Here are the other 2 jewels I'm using.

Definitely a very strong build. If I were to make a hardcore character in the next league it would be this build.

Heimdall's version with Chin Sol

http://tinyurl.com/p98ln78 - Chin Sol variant for more armour, no endurance charges

This one is pretty much the same number of points, but sacrifices the Endurance Charges for more armour and base life regen instead of via Charges.

186% life
276% armour
78% armour and evasion
250% increased damage not counting strength bonus (and i think there are 3 more nodes covered by the second Lioneye's Fall - one in the axe wheel, one in the sword wheel and one by Strong Arm)
7.7% life regen

...In fact, thinking about it now, this may be the best version of the ones I've made looking at the numbers?

Variant by nuub

nuub wrote:
Here is how i did.

Level 92 tree


Leveling Items > use Sweep till level 75-80:

Variant by Neydu
Hi Asta and fellow exiles,

this is the review of my Lvl89 (to be 90) Lioneye's Archer:

1) My Point of View: Softcore:
I played on Softcore. However I only died 9 times currently.
The last 2 deaths were during reckless Zana Rotations and besides those 2 RIPs I don't think I died from Lvl70 to 89.

2) Survivability
Survivability is great!
+ My Defense-Tab says >70% Physical Damage Reduction (Lvl19 Grace-Aura) and I don't use endurance charges.
+ No need for Granite Flasks
+ Cannot be stunned (Unwavering).
+ I can tank 1 Ground Slam of the Colonade-Boss (Kole)
+ Against elemental Damage you can use the remaining Flask-Slots

3) Damage is okay
- I bought a 417pDps Bow for 3Ex
- Added Physical Damage on Rings & Amulet (bad roll on amulet)
- Rustic Sash; Added Phys & Attack Speed on Gloves
- 5 Frenzy Charges
- Fire Golem
- My 5-Link is: Tornado Shot + GMP + Physical Proj. Attack Damage + Added Fire + Blood Magic
---> 16k Dps

Use Lioneye's Glare before you buy something >1Ex! A cheap Lioneye's has ~320pDps and can not miss. I don't know the numbers but you should be able to get >11k Dps.

4) Possible Damage Upgrades
- Abyssus-Helmet: From 16k Dps to 18,6k Dps (~16% more Damage)
- Atziri Flask: ~20% more Damage
- 20/20 Gems: Depends. 10% increased Damage give me currenty around 300Dps (1,8% more Damage)

5) My thoughts
This build is ideal to start a league, since your defense comes from Grace+IR+Armour Nodes, your offense comes from Frenzy Charges, Resolute Technique and some cheap unique items.
Regarding Map-Mods you could run everything. However you need Life-Gain-On-Hit (instead of added fire) in Reflect Maps once you hit >10k Dps. Also I dont recommend Temp-Chains, Blood Magic and Undead Maps.
However if you're the type of guy who plays Mathil-Builds, this one is probably too slow for you.

Thank you Asta for writing this build. It might even be my favourite build since I started playing ~3years ago.

This is my 418pDps-Baby:

gl&hf, Neydu

Ascendancy Thoughts:
1) I would take the Champion-Class from Duelist and spec into
- First to Strike, Last to Fall
- Unstoppable Hero
- Fortitude
..and wear Abyssus due to the additional tankiness
2) Or I would take the Berserker Class and spec into
- Pain Reaver
- Crave the Slaughter
- Aspect of Carnage
However we don't know the smaller nodes in between. If they give Melee-Bonuses it isn't worth it.

4.0 Vids

If i dont die, i'm gonna add something from time to time (Vid, SS etc. and a few other sections). But since im currently doing basically all bosses, it can happen ;)
Thats it for the moment! If you have any questions, regarding the build, feel free to ask!

Best Regards

Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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added some screenies and fixed some stuff :)
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Solid build, dunno why it isn't getting more attention.
I like it for the reason you can roleplay as Lioneye even :D

Anyway, if i were to do play a HC build, this would probably be it, the stats are impressive.

This is how i would do it as marauder however:

Need 2x melee => bow conversion gems, one at duelist and one at marauder.

113 points:
178% life
342% armor increase
63% attack speed
364% total damage increase (after counting iron grip + converted bonuses)
5.4% life regen per second
100 dexterity

[2.2] The Vampire - Tanky 2H Axe Slayer Duelist - /view-thread/1611662
Last edited by Mannoth on Aug 19, 2015, 7:47:54 PM
Well, Duelist is more or less a Melee class. Players dont come here to play an archer. Also..non-crit is more or less a HC thing and ratio btw sc and hc is still 80 20 ;)

Anyway, thanks for the idea; added a section for player suggestions and added your tree there.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Neat build. Here's some things you could test - the first 2 red nodes from Duelist apply to all attack damage, including bows. You might get better dps with 26% increased phys damage vs 9% attack speed, and you'd get +14 base life which is cool. The 6% attack speed node will be just one point away for later.
Also, have you tested Determination vs Grace?
IGN: NNQQ, Sporkay, Rands_
Changing the starting Duelist was indeed better! Thanks

Grace all day over Determination. Without Grace i only have 15k Armor, which means Determination would push it to around 23k. My base armor is just too low for that. Its another story, if i would wear a shield with around 1500 base; pretty sure then Determination would be better =)
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Updated sheets and some stuff. Also added a map section.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Really nice the map section, Thanks bro!

I am following this build and I am 75 right now with no problems, doing 68 and 69 maps really fast.

Hey, I'm using glare with revelry+mana flows as my only mana nodes, and 1 mana on hit jewel and level 3 enlighten and I can say it works on mana too! I also crafted phys leeched as mana on gloves but I'm not sure if I even need it.

I'm not on hc at the moment while testing so I went a bit easy on the defenses but it's still solid with minimal investment. I say minimal but it's still quite a bit of investment although it just makes you invincible.
Thanks well presented, really enjoyed the Map section, as its informative and exactly what I was looking for.
To Die Is Not An Option, To Fight Until DIESync Is The Only Answer. ☺☻☺

Happy Hunting Exiles.

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