[2.0] Life Gained on Reave - Cheap DW RT Reave Tank by fiqst


This build is all about stacking life gained on hit modifiers and aims to be unkillable. Its is also very cheap to run and easy to upgrade.

The build centers around these 3 items:

+34 LgoH
+29 LGoH +15 MGoH
+54 LGoH

Together, there is a total of +117 LGoH.

The reave tooltip incorrectly takes into account the unused offhand, so to calculate the true speed of attack:

claw = 1.55 aps
attack speed modifier = +687% (tree, items, onslaught)
= 1.55 + (1 + 687%) = 12.2 aps

+117 LGoH x 12.2 aps = 1427 life gained, per enemy, per second.

If we were to attack just 5 mobs at once, thats 7135 life per second gained!

Using a max stacked reave, we are able to reach the edge of the screen, potentially attacking 10+ mobs at once, the equivalent of 14k life regen.

The higher the mob density, the tankier the build becomes.

As a comparision, a Bino crit build doing 100k typically makes about 3k-5k life regen.

What is also useful to note is that the Thief's Torment ring also has +15 MGoH, which if you attack just 1 mob, multistrike will give back 45 mana, competently covering the cost of Reave.

Weapon Choices

There are no specific weapon nodes taken on the tree. This means that we are free to use any 1h weapon compatible with Reave.

Thief's Torment and the LGoH gem still produces 64-84 LGoH so the potency is there.


We are also free to use any offhand weapon that's not compatible with Reave. This "stat stick" can be used to help with added bonuses or stats.


This build also uses the Bringer of Rain helmet:

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to own a 6/7 link item.

Pros and Cons

- Rapid life gain on hit from both the gem and claw out performs a Bino
- Completely reflect proof, LGoH will out heal any reflect.
- it will out heal some bosses attacks
- Massive AoE of reave will ensure that you hit every mob on screen
- Very fast clearspeed against comparable budget builds
- Can level up 12 background gems
- Can be played with Dualist, Marauder, Ranger or Shadow.
- Very cheap to setup and upgrading is easy

- Low damage makes for long boss fights
- Expensive and rare claws (but not limited to claws)
- Not many gems slots available

Character Sheet:


Bringer of Rain: GRRB
Increased AoE
Life Gain on Hit

Gloves: GGGR
Blood Rage
Increased Duration
Vaal Reave

Boots: RRGG
Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks
Blood Magic

Relentless: RRR
Herald of Ash
Flame Golem

Claw: RRR
Immortal Call
Temporal Chains


111 point tree and jewels



Thief's Torment

Thief's Torment has the added advantage of +15 mana gained on hit also. This means a single multistrike on a single enemy will completely cover the 45 mana cost per reave.

The downside to TM is the lack of life from both ring slots. If you were to replace the ring with others, you can easily reach 5.2k life.

Tree Flexibility

The tree has zero specific weapon nodes so any 1h weapon can be used. It also isn't Reave specific, so any attack skill can be used.

Reave on a Budget

This build is a great way to introduce yourself to Reave without needing to invest much into equipment. The opportunities for upgrading the build are numerous.

BoR is chosen for its cheap and easy 6/7 link.

A decent claw can be difficult to find, the one displayed cost me 15c and is 268pdps, which i consider cheap. But you're not restricted to claws however, if you prefer a sword or dagger, thats fine! The LGoH gem and Thief's Torment gives 64-84 anyway so the health generation is strong whatever weapon you use.

BoR bought for 15c, claw for 15c, Thief's for 15c, cheap accessories. Can be built with 2-3ex easily.


I find Temporal Chains to be the best curse to use with build. The idea is to slow enemy attacks, giving you more time to regain health in between hits. This is especially noticeable against Residence Dominus as you can out-heal and tank his lightning stream.


I haven't tested this build in a HC league but i can make guess and say that its perfectly reasonable to assume that it is HC compatible.

5k life
massive LGoH
completely reflect proof, mod and/or mob
easy upgrades


I tried Apex with success after i hit 89, but so far not deathless.

The dense blue mobs were no trouble and can be tanked without issue.

Double Vaal can be dangerous because of the time it takes to kill them, but the only real danger is with the ball lightning attacks.

The trio were easy because i could kite them around all day and use the reach of reave, i can also kill large amounts of adds at the same time to generate flask charges.

For Atziri i swapped inc aoe for conc effect and used my experience to dodge her spells. I swapped the gems back during the add phase, the dps was more than enough to kill them.

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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Current advanced mode:


- Devoto's and 6L chest replacing BoR
- Soul Taker for extra buff and free mana
- Added AA
- Better main weapon

Calculation for LGoH

2.03 aps
+792% asm
LGoH = +111

2.03 + (1 + 792%) = 18.11 aps

18.11 x 111 = 2010 per enemy per second

5 mobs = 10k life/sec
10 mobs = 20k life/sec
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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1MHC progress post:

End of Normal

Level 48

Very easy progression so far. Very tanky, my health hardly moves, even while facing a level boss, an invasion boss AND a warband pack at the same time!

At level 28, i equipped this weapon:

A great weapon that served me well from 28-38. It has multistrike built in, perfect with LGoH. This is great since multistrike can't be equipped until 38.

At level 30, i was able to use:

Which turned my character superhuman. With both LGoH and MGoH, my character became totally self sufficient without the use of any pots, i was able to use 2-3 quicksilvers for added speed.

At 46, Lakishu became too weak and required an upgrade.

I acquired:

Which is perfect for this build.

Currently 48 and unstoppable. I remain overlevelled by 4.

Current LGoH stats:

attack speed:

weapon attack speed = 1.72
attack speed modifier (with 3x frenzy) = +326%

attack speed = 1.72 * (1 + 326%) = 7.32 aps


+28 gem
+21 claw
+24 ring

= +73 LGoH


+73 x 7.32 = 534 LGoH per enemy per second

x5 enemies = 2672 life/sec
x10 enemies = 5340 life/sec

Level 56 and act4 cruel.

I had lucky exalt drop at level 50 or so, and i was able to convert it to 37 chaos.

With the chaos i bought the Tabula for 15c and the claw (240pdps) for 10c

I am now pretty much future proofed before the jump to BoR.

I'll need to find more resistance gear when i transfer to merciless. And even more when i need to remove the goldrim

End of Cruel

I was very nervous about Cruel Malachai so i over levelled quite a bit to be safe.

Level 64 Act 1 Merciless

As soon as i hit Merciless i went about maxing my resists.

Got the bloodseekers at 62. These are weaker than other claws in terms of damage but the LGoH potential is much better, especially once i reach the Soul Raker node.

Still going strong without a single logout so far.

LGoH stats

1.68 aps
+347 as mod

+36 gem
+24 ring

898 avg phys damage from Bloodseeker
4.4% life leech
= +40 LGoH


1.68 x (1 + 347%) = 7.51 aps

7.51 x (36+24+40) = 751 life/mob/sec

x5 mobs = 3755 life/sec

Current plans:

At 67, i will acquire a BoR by selling the Tabula.
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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Made some changes:

- added Thief's Torment to item list
- gem changes and new screens
- removed the silly name and renamed build
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
i play similar character like mayby a year ago. Main idea was LGOH like here. Minor con is when you dont Attack then you die. Back then lags or desync was very often then i die very often :D now is better then mayby i would try this build. Thanks :)
Updated the build:

- some item and gem changes
- new screens
- updated the advanced version
So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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Been testing this build in the 1mHC race.

Current progress:

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
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I recently found a BoR and looked for a build to give a go with. I've tried a couple of your other builds, fiqst, so I'm going to try this, but a little different. I'm going to start with a shadow and go for a crit-based build, using claws and hopefully finding these two claws useful later on:

Of course the Great White claw I'll multi-craft at some point.


IGN: Bahnzo <--- that should find me.
PoE Item Info Script: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1463814
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In my opinion u can skip immortal call.

With lvl cwdt + temporal chains you prefer?

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