[2.0] Life Gained on Reave - Cheap DW RT Reave Tank by fiqst

Ok, so I did this to lvl 72, and IMO it's not enough.

Because you can't get enough life and damage.

Giving up the life you can get from helm/chest/2 rings kills you in the late game/maps.

The BoR is nice, but it's not good enough to give up the other stuff you need to survive in maps. And not getting to and taking the "ring of claws" makes it difficult.

Also, for some reason I can't pinpoint...using the BoR kills hits on mobs. It seems like I swing and miss sometimes (and missing hurts SO much when you rely on it for life gain and mana). I noticed this right away when I switched out of my 5 link check and into the BoR. Almost like there's some bug/issue causing that.

Sorry OP. Good effort. One of my fav chars was one you gave us to try. But this one isn't it. Don't give up.
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Great build for starting a new league.
I did a similiar Approach during the 1 month league, with some minor changes to the skilltree.

A weapon, which i want to recommend is :

For just 1 Chaos, i was able to reach around 23.000 damage before Charges.

As the weapon is pretty fast, i didn't add life gain on hit gem to my Setup, but added
weapon elemental damage, ( add. accuracy ( Quality ) or a crit gem is propably fine too ).

It is great for clearing up maps till Tier 4 solo. Afterwards it starts to be fragile with all the current league mods. Needs to be tested in the Default league soon :) With my items i am just at around 3.600 Life.

Because of the incredibly fast attackspeed, i am tempted to try it with elemental damage instead of phys-damage soon.

I had lots of fun with life gain on reave. The farming-speed for low-tier maps is amazing.
Good build to start farming currency.

Thank you very much for te guide.
Will there be any changes in connection with the release of 2.1?

This will be the 2.1 tree

To view the tree, download and install the PoESkillTree 2.2.3 app here:


copy and paste the above skill tree into the bar at the bottom of the app.

Alternatively, you can use this temporary webpage to see the tree (until poebuilder is updated):

ExileTools Skill Tree

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.
How do you get to 687% ias? I usually play casters and am not familiar with the melee speed calculations.

There is about 86% on the tree, 20% onslaught, 16% frenzy, 15% blood rage, 36% faster attacks and 98% MORE due to multistrike? I am feeling very stupid for missing about 300% :p

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