Crazy crit mjolner RF dualist "the Panhead"

Hello all this is Jauer.
Agein with a build, this i had for quit some time and just wanted to finish the guide i never finished, to show that there is something usefull to do with a dualist :D

the theme
So i wanted to make my old dualist as powerfull as i cud.
since the ci block eara is gone. i looked towards the mjolner. so dualist offered me attackspeed. life, and regen. this allowed me to make a constant rf crit mjolner that uses same setup in any content. being doing uber azuri deathless. carrying full partys in 78 rotations. or stand in town showing skins. and hear the chieldren shout "look dad, a real hero!"

The toon is very diverse with 7k life 8k armor with perm 4 endurance charges for 7 secound immortal call. all flask elementals for any resists(taste of hate gives extra phys mitigation aswell)
the ability to run constant rf gives a massive dps boost since the pretty heavy investement into elemental and spelldamage. its however the amasing part how little spell crit is needed on passives to give full leach effect of the gloves. dps wise its hard to say but i think it easy passes 2 million dps in any pacts. however delt in many small potions so that reflect is not a issue when you manage flasks. and flasks.. you crit alot and you got all flask up all the time.
its basicly leapslam to next pack. hold down bottom and click a flask once in a while. good when u need to grind many hundred 78 maps in long periodes.

gear and prices
my gear is pretty amasing, but some of it is just becours i can. but many simelar items can be bought for whats considered low value for higher toons.. the chest is like 2 ex 5l(you dont need more then 4 l)
a helmet can be from 2-5 ex the ring i bougth for 10c a boot and belt can be bougth for 5 ex each.

Now to the fat vallet part. The shield i use is legecy 5% max res 20 ex. that will cost abit more you can do with a non legecy just degen abit more. the neck is not a must but half the dps and 70% the survivablity. i wuddent do without. cost 25ex can be chanced with some rng, in zana maps thoe. easyist to get by picking agates whites. and blue rare or white labis and ambers and convert em to agates at vendor... around lvl 68 if you do from fresh toon you shud have enough for 6 portals (2.5 ish page)

The romiras. mine is 99% perfect legecy.. Use a normal its 5 crit difference and dossent matter much cost 2ex

Belt i use headhunter in maps and rare for just to turn into a demi god. you dont need it. the rare i use for uber azuri.

My helmet is the best ingame, and can be mirrored on my mirror shop. Els as i said for lesser greedy eyes a capable rare can be found for a fair price. Same goes for boots.

The gloves.. Yee? what about em? they just cost 100ex but is needed for running constant RF. If you cant manage them, you can link thrue vallpact in middle. Forget the maruder area and go into crit and aoe on witch. It wud be like

The hammer. as in given moment they seems to turn legecy. meaning prices go up to values of first weeks it was introduced.. however i bough 1 for 16 ex on a league early on. or 25 later on, idk how big effect new versions will have.. think the improved defences and attack speed makes it equal.. but better is always better.

passive lvl 98

N: OAK 40 life
C: Kraityn 8 attack speed
M: Alira +1 power charge


Details about gems, links, passives and everything i find 100% self explaining. If you dont know what RF means and what it dos this issent the build for you.. or find a freind to inform you.


double dom. full map and bosses in a blink

So what els can be used.
Ill just link a bunch of shit to inspire u. /psst u can run it 4l and get 10000 hp with a koams!
IGN jauertemplar
Last edited by Jauer on Jul 9, 2015, 6:15:33 AM
slacking on getting on with it..

made a new nr 1 BIS hat for the build and chanced a volls will add some text and videos

IGN jauertemplar
finaly made a move on finishing guide.. think only need to record a uber run and a 78 map rot
IGN jauertemplar

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