[3.3] Bleedquaker - 300k+ DPS on a Tank - Block/HP, Explosions - Atziri/UberIz/T16

Hey guys,

I like to share my build with you: Max Block Earthquake Bleed Gladiator

>> Update 3.3

3.3 was AGAIN a nice update for this build. No nerfs and some nics buffs!
- EQ now has a much lower delay for the aftershock effect!
- EQ now as a Vaal Version that adds damage and fun :)

New PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/RZ1KfALa

>> Update 3.1

3.1 was a nice update for this build. No nerfs and some nics buffs!
- EQ now has a bigger radius!
- We need MUCH less INT, since Vulnerability is now a STR only gem
- Vaal Pact is an option now, since it is near our starting area
- The new Vulnerability now adds Maim AND Bleed Chance!

>> Playstyle

The playstyle is CHR: Charge, hit and run.

We use Shield Charge linked to faster Attacks to move around as well as to charge into groups. The other links are Maim and Fortify. Fortify will apply a buff for you, Maim will increase the damage as well as adding two nice debuffs for 30% of the group. They will move slower and they will suffer increased physical damage.

When you are in the group you hit with your Earthquake. Almost all groups die with just one hit, due to the several kinds of buffs you are using. If they dont die from initial hit, they will die from the bleed, from the Aftershock or from the Aftershock bleed. About 99% of the groups die after the Aftershock (~0,6 seconds). And since we use Temporal Chains as a second curse, groups cant split and run away.

Due to the high block chance proccing your trigger skills VERY often and with the right glove enchants, You will almost never have to hit twice. Only exceptions are some rares and some groups with the massive mod (more life).

When you block a hit, you get a stackable buff with 8% increased physical damage as well as 4% movement speed. In map clearing situations, you usually have 3 to 5 stacks active, making you up to 20% faster.

>> Pro / Con
- Very safe (6k++ life, 77% hit AND spell block, big leech) -> can go afk in maps
- Very good group damage and clearspeed
- Atziri / Uber lab viable (did both at lv 80 on a 5L on 3.0 beta, missing 5 skillpoints due to missing acts)
- Can do all maps including Guardians
- Can do almost all map mods (except no leech, Hexfont and Blood magic)
- HC viable (though I never played much HC, so others might judge if this is true)
- Blood everywhere, looking very nice with different gore themed MTX
- Uses bleed as a main damage source -> something special :)
- Can reach more than 250k single target dps with investment and much higher group damage

- The build needs two expensive items to get its full potential:
1) +1 Curse Anvil (2 to 3 Exalted)
2) Helm with uber lab enchant for lowest EQ duration (about 50C)
- "only" 250k+ damage so no million dps content destroyer :)
- Will struggle to do Shaper due to "low" single target damage

>> The Tree (Lv 94)
Tree Links

We do not take any bandit rewards but only skill points!

Path of Building Tree import Link: http://poeurl.com/bowi

Full Tree Link:

Path of Building Build Import Code: https://pastebin.com/Cm5j8HP3


There are only three mandatory Ascendancy Keystones:

You can choose whatever fourth point you like. Violent Retaliation is a good option. It might look weak, but it buffs your clearspeed a lot due to higher movement speed. AND: With it you will have 78% block chance. You will get 88% increased hit AND bleed damage with a 100% uptime on bosses. This buff is almost stronger than the 10% more buff of three frenzy charges. And also keep in mind: You will have trouble to keep the charges up on many bosses.
When you have trouble to max out your bleed chance, you can also get the 25% bleed chance from Ascendancy. It will add some damage, too as well as 6% damage reduction from monsters. If you prefer Warlords Mark or use enduring cry, you might want to go for the additional 10% phys reduction and the 10% frenzy bonus damage.

>> Links
6L: Earthquake - Brutality - Melee Physical Damage - Less Duration - Chance to Bleed - Swift Afliction
4L: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Maim
4L: Reckoning - Brutality - Melee Physical Damage - Maim
4L: CwDT Lv5 - Blood Rage Lv 10 - Flame Golem Lv 7 - Tempest Shield Lv 10
3L (Axe, easier to get the colours): Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Warlords Mark
3S (Shield): Arctic Armour + Ancestral Protector + Vaal Lightning Trap

Quality Priority: Earthquake > Less Duration > Vulnerability > Main Damage Supports > Blasphemy > Rest

It is VERY important to use a full quality Less Duration to maximize your damage!! Please look at the damage area of the build for explanations.

There are two gems that aren´t necessary: Leap Slam and Vaal Lightning Trap. You can substitute them for something else, e.g. self cast Enduring Cry. You can also link Molten Shell to CwDT. You can also swap Fire Golem for Chaos/Stone Golem if you want some extra survivability.

If you feel like you don´t need the extra damage from Reckoning, you can also use a four link Totem. Another idea would be to use Endurance Charge on Melee Stun instead of Maim on your Reckoning. In packs you get a few charges and add some extra survivability. My advice would be to just add it during heavy hitting maps or when you need some extra resistances.

>> Items/Equip

Recommended uniques:
Anvil with +1 Curse on Enemy to have double curses (you can always use a doedres damning ring or windscream boots for curses until you get the +1 curse anvil).
Lioneye`s Remorse - A well rolled Remorse will give you more than 6k armor and 600 life ALONE!
Belly of the Beast - A Belly is always a good solution. If you cant afford one, try to get a 5L and a 6L All Armour chest later. Dont worry, I managed to kill Atziri and Uber Lab on a 5L in the 3.0 beta, its good enough for the start.
Lion's Roar - A Lion's Roar boosts your hit damage and helps in intense situations like Breaches due to fleeing and knockback. Since we have a very high block chance as well as an AoE trigger attack that triggers very often, you get yourself some room on use of this flask.

For your weapon, you would want a slower, heavy hitting Axe. You can start crafting a Reaver Axe or Royal Axe.

We use axes because they have bleed damage and bleed chance bonus in the tree and because they have a slightly higher base damage. You can also use a mace or a sceptre if you find a godlike rare. Swords or daggers won´t work with EQ.

(Weapon) Attack Speed:
The Attack Speed is a little tricky on this build. With a 20/20 Less duration gem, Swift afliction gem as well as the 30% reduced duration enchant you get a delay of 0,34 seconds. You have to have an attack speed that is slightly slower than your skill delay (look further down for attack speed details).

Attribute Requirements:
Str: Easy, you get enough from tree
Dex: Easy, 111 Dex for IAS gem, you get 93 from tree so you just need another 18
Int: Hard, 111 Int for Blasphemy Lv 20. You only get 34 from tree (14 at start, +20 from nodes), so you need 77 from Items. You can craft Int on Rings, Gloves, Boots, Helm, Chest and you can use a jewel that gives int. You can also sacrifice one skillpoint for 30 int. There are two 30 int nodes directly on your path so you can also sacrifice two skillpoints, until you get that int on your items. I usually get the int on my rings and helm, those are the cheapest slots and most easy to roll. You can usually buy helms with 30++ Int, 90+ life and at least one huge resistance mod for 1C.

Important mods to look for:

Flat Physical damage
Increased Physical Damage
Increased Damage
Increased Bleeding Damage
NO Elemental Damage!

Flat Armour
Inc. Armour
Block Chance
Flask mods (reduced charges used, more charges gained, increased life flask effect)

Lab Enchants:

By far the best enchant is the reduced duration. But this one will be expensive while buffing your damage a lot. Just try to get something that helps one of your main skills. I guess the Reckoning enchants wont be expensive. You can also go for Vulnerability Effect.

Go for (physical) AoE spells/attacks that are triggered when you hit something. I really like Commandment of Fury. "Force" and "blade" are also very good.

0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently
10% Chance to Dodge if you've taken a Critical Strike Recently
Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently
8% chance to Dodge Spell Damage if you've taken Spell Damage Recently

The others are mostly bad or completely useless. I prefer the Movement speed for better clear speed. The first is very nice on Hexproof maps.

Bringer of Rain version? Nope!
While you still might be able to do this, Iam quite sure it won´t work very good. You will have real huge problems to get enough Int as well as resistances from your gear because you only have gloves, boots, rings and belt to work with. You would need to have an average of 78 resistance on those five items but then a single curse lowering your resistances would still kill you.
Additionally, we have two weak supports on the BoR: Melee Phys (only buffing hit but not the bleed) and IAS. Read the damage part why IAS is a bad idea on 99% of the chars that play this build. Only exception would be people who manage to get the 30% reduced duration enchant on the BoR.

>> Pantheon Powers

The Pantheon Powers add another layer of defense to the build.


The powers are situational so you might want to switch them around, but I guess those are my favourite powers for this build:

Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Gruthkul

>> Leveling
This build is quite easy to level.

Start with Cleave as your melee AoE skill. Buy EQ, less duration and swift afliction as soon as possible and level them. Use either EQ or bleed, depending on the axe you find. If you get an axe that synchs well with your EQ delay, use EQ. Otherwise use Cleave with Multistrike and faster attacks instead of less duration and swift Afliction.

Get RT as soon as possible, it will give a lot of clearspeed. Try to get the bleed passives later in the game because at the beginning they are very weak. Take life and damage when you feel you need it.

Leveling trees
27 Skillpoints: Grab attack speed from starting area and get your first shield and life nodes
47 Skillpoints: Get RT and more shield and life nodes

After you have RT, there are three big clusters that all give survivability, two also give damage. It is up to you, what you want to get next. I usually do a lot of travelling first so that I just can collect all the good passives during late game. Nothing is more annoying than having to level from 82 to 86 just to get 40 strength from passives.

>> Content you can do
This build can do a lot of content and almost all map mods.

Difficulty LOW
Speed 5/10
Very easy and very safe. Did it on beta on a 5L deathless with low gear and still missing many skillpoints.

Uber Lab
Difficulty LOW
Speed 4/10
I think this is a very good build to farm Uberlab. With the new lab buffs, they are easier to do while giving a lot more in return. You can sell helm enchants while you are trying to get your very own EQ helm enchant. While not being very fast, the build is strong enough to survive Izaro hits so you can farm without having perfect gear and with some room for mistakes.

Difficulty LOW
Speed 5/10
You can do every map. The speed will be ok and you will be VERY safe from everything (except massive chaos damage).
Blood Magic will be very annoying.
With higher damage at later levels you should avoid Physical Reflect.
No Leech will be a big problem, probably not possible (at least for bosses that take long).

Difficulty MEDIUM
Speed 3/10
Pretty sure you can do the Guardians, but it will take a long time due to your "normal" damage.

>> Damage

Earthquake and Attack Speed
Earthquake has two effects. A smaller hit as well as a massive aftershock with 50% more damage. The aftershock has a delay and the delay counter does not restart before the aftershock went off. This means, we have to carefully adjust our timing. It is VERY IMPORTANT to have an attack speed that is slightly slower as the delay!

Math example:
You have an attack speed of 2 attacks per second and you do 10k damage with each hit. You do 20 hits and 200k damage in 10 seconds. The aftershock effect starts after X seconds and does 15k damage.

Scenario A: X = 0,49 seconds
The first aftershock will go off after 0,49 seconds. After 0,5 seconds the next hit will occur and the next aftershock will be triggered, exploding after 0,99 seconds. After 1 second you´ll have another hit with an aftershock after 1,49 seconds. Every single hit will give an aftershock.

Scenario B: X = 0,51 seconds
The first aftershock will go off after 0,51 seconds. Since it can be triggered just once, the next aftershock will be triggered by the next hit after 1 second. The next aftershock starts at 1,51 seconds. Since the his just occured at 1,5 seconds, we have to wait until 2 seconds before the next aftershock is triggered.


The timed aftershocks do 42% MORE damage, especially for boss fights this is HUGE. This means: Even if a faster weapon gives more tooltip DPS, the most important thing you have to look at is the attack speed and aftershock delay!

The perfect Attack Speed on your weapon is 1.42 attacks! With perfect gear (20/20 less duration gem, swift afliction gem, 30% reduced duration on helm) you get a delay of 0,34 seconds. With 1.42 AS and 3 frenzy + blood rage + full tree you get an attack speed of about 0,345 seconds.

Pure numbers
Its quite hard to calculate the damage on this build, since we have a lot of different buffs and effects in place.

Damage Calculation
- Level 94 tree
- Blood Rage active
- Uber Lab Helm Enchant (-30% reduced Earthquake duration)
- Main setup 20/20 gems + Blasphemy/Vulnerability 20/20
- Three frenzy charges (25% chance on kill from Blood Rage, 25% chance on kill from Outmach and Outlast)
- Enemies are maimed (30% chance from Shield Charge, 30% from Reckoning, 30% from Earthquake)
- Enemies are bleeding (100% chance from every hit)
- Including Totem
- Two reckoning hits per second (very safe assumption due to 77% spell/hit block and 0,4 seconds cooldown)
- No potions, no Vaal Lightning Trap

(16,8k + 25,2k) * 2,9 = 122k

Bleed (8 aftershock stacks from Crimson Dance, after 4 seconds):
8 * 13,5k = 108k

15k * 2 = 30k

Skill DPS:
122k + 108k + 30k = 260k


Every monster explodes for 10% of its hitpoints, doing AoE damage. This damage gets several buffs:
10% MORE from max frenzy
3*4% MORE from max frenzy

20% increased phys damage from Belt
52% increased phys damage from tree
20% increased Area damage from tree
17% increased damage from Flame Golem
24% increased damage from jewel (damage + phys damage)
= 133%

10% * 2,33 * 1,1 * 1,12 = 28,7%

Additionally, every monster except bosses explodes for 28,7% of its hitpoints.

Total Damage
260k from skills + 28,7% hp of monsters

Please keep in mind that I used good but not perfect gear for Path of Building to have a more realistic picture of the damage. You can still add Steel Rings for a big damage boost and the axe can be much better.

>> Defense
The Defense part of this build is VERY strong. You actually can stand in mob groups after 8/8 lab points and they can´t kill you (ofc besides crazy mods).

30% Blockchance from Lioneyes Remorse
28% from Tree
8% after you receive damage
8% from Anvil
3% from Tempest Shield
= 77% block chance for hits AND spells!

Other defense
198% Life from tree (without jewels) -> 6k++ life
1,4% life regeneration (5,4% - 4% from Blood Rage)
3,2% life leech from Warlords Mark and Blood rage

92% Armor from tree
422% Armor from Shield (up to 7.000 armor from Shield alone!)

20% reduced damage from hits from Fortify
22% reduced phys damage from Endurance Charges
13% less fire and physical damage from Arctic Armour

Monsters slowed by Maim (will be up all the time on bosses and most groups)

38/30/30% res from Tree (making it easier to equip your char)
76/75/75% res with full equip

>> My Harbinger Progess with this build (19.08.17)
Iam Level 90, did Atziri and Uberlab on Lv 80 with a 5L. The damage feels fine and the new buffs to bleed damage really help with bosses.

Right now I can easily farm Uber lab with 3key Izaro and 6 keys in total. The speed is ok, the fights feel very safe. Did like 8 runs without a single death on izaro (died on a trap in first zone once, lol).

My Atlas is at 92/126. I did some really tough T13 to T15 maps and now know the limits of the build :) Too much mods that give more damage to mods get very tough, since we dont use Vaal Pact and dont leech insane amounts. I died on maps with like 2*100%+ additional ele damage. With a little caution, every map is easy. In fact you can face tank most of them.

I also did my first Guardian (Minotaur), the damage of the build was quite ok, keeping in mind that I only use a 330 dps axe and no 20/20 gems. I also did Chimera, deathless on first try. I will try to kill the other two guardians this weekend.

My Equipment:

Offence: (outdated)

- Three Frenzy Charges
- Ancestral Protector
- Flame Golem
- Missing: 8 bleed stacks, Vaal Lightning Trap, More multipliers from Maim, Vulnerability, damage against bleeding monsters, etc.
- No Flasks

Defence: (outdated)

- Three Endurance Charges
- 4 Seconds without movement (Pantheon power, +8% phys reduction / +2% life reg)
- Hit recently (+8% block chance from Ascendancy)
- Tempest Shield (CwDT, +3% Block Chance)
- Missing: 10% Chance to avoid projectile damage (Pantheon power), up to 8% phys reduction with 8 mobs around (Pantheon), 13/13% phys and fire reduction from Arctic Armour
- No Flasks

I now have 6,6k life. Next big updates will be the 20/20 gems and a better axe. I will try to push for 90 and fill my Atlas. After this, I will try to do the guardians. Hopefully ill be able to kill the guardians next week. Wont have so much time to play from Monday on (end of vacation).

>> My Beta Progess with this build
I played this build to level 85 so far. On a 5L and an ok 1h Axe I managed to do Uber Lab and Atziri both in first try deathless. The damage felt good, especially when considering that I missed the 6L that would boost the damage a LOT (40% MORE Bleed damage as well as ~30% more damage from Aftershock due to lower delay).

Now Iam on a 6L and it feels very safe as well as very good damage-wise. I probably won´t be able to do Guardians in beta due to my weak Atlas progess and the bad trade state but so far it is safe to say: This build works very good! You can facetank everything while still having fast (not meta-fast) clear speed.

Very bad quality video of T10 Terrace Map in Beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bEKaADmU2s&feature=youtu.be

I used this axe to do Uberlab and Atziri. As you can see, there is a lot room for improvement.

I did not have any Level 20 gem except less Duration (20/20) and the only quality gem was my Earthquake (20%).

This screenshot shows my offensive tab with the low tab damage (just 2,3k bleed and 8k EQ). I just had my Totem up, no bonus from Frenzy or other buffs.

>> Videos

PoE FoO 3.0
Shaped Ashen Wood (T12, Twinned, 110% Cold damage, Rare devourers prophecy)

Shaper Kill Deathless by User tripee123

PoE 3.0 BETA
Terrace Map (T10): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bEKaADmU2s
Shaped Strand (T11, 41% more life): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r0Oc_efCQI
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I did the calculations and it doesnt look too bad. Can someone with some experience please check my maths and give feedback on the build? :)
You may want to try putting all this theorycrafting into Path of Building. Saves you a lot of time and may be a bit more precise. I'll try to do the same, because it looks interesting enough
Yeah, that would be easier, but I really like Excel and to do my own calculations.

BTW since they will redo Bleed from the scratch, at least the bleed DPS is nonsense. I will update as soon as they release new information (maybe tomorrow).
raggapaul wrote:

>> Damage Calculations

I tried to calculate the DPS of the hits + bleed. Please correct me, if Iam wrong.

Base Damage from EQ

Base damage

285,5 - Base damage of Breath of the Council
62,5 - Damage from Chance to Bleed Gem
25 - Flat damage from Rings/Gloves
373 flat damage per Hit

Aftershock (*1,5)

Increased buffs
140% increased Damage with Bleeding
20% increased Area Damage
60% increased Damage against Bleeding Enemies
37% increased Physical Damage with One Handed Melee Weapons
20% increased Physical Damage
20% increased Phys Damage from Belt
= 297% increased damage
A single EQ hit with Inc modifiers will do (0,765 seconds * 1.165) * 3,97 + (7,5 seconds * 1.748) * 3,97 = 55.584 Bleed damage.

More Buffs
EQ Aftershock 1,5 ("more damage")
Brutality 1,54 ("more physical")
Conc. Effect 1,54 ("more area damage")
Less Duration 1,19 ("more damage")
Frenzy Charges 1,16 ("more damage")

A single EQ hit with Inc modifiers will do (0,765 seconds * 1.165) * 3,97 * 1,5 * 1,54 * 1,54 * 1,19 * 1,16 + (7,5 seconds * 1.748) * 3,97 * 1,5 * 1,54 * 1,54 * 1,19 = 273k Bleed damage.

BLEED like ALL ailments are base on BASE damage so your 373 flat dmg in this case
then you increase your bleed dmg with modifier that can improve it
bleed do not stack, only the strongest hit remain

so actually your bleed dmg is 373*(1+(1.4+0.2+0.6+0.37+0.2+0.2) = totoal * total mult (1.5*1.54*1.54*1.19*1.16) and you get your total bleed/sec from your after schock (no more double dipping in 3.0) so here your bleed dmg are like 3-4 k dps not 55k

enjoy 3.0 :)
Last edited by macenno on Jun 28, 2017, 10:05:13 AM
Well I guess my math was right, but without taking the Beta changes into account. :)

Thats why I wrote its nonsense. And they will rework it again during the next two beta patches. So it doesn´t make sense to calculate now.
actualy, very few build can rely on ailments (only crit assassin with poison)
we will see in couple of weeks :)
Well I try to rely on both :D Phys hits + Bleed.

Can´t wait for 3.0 :(

poison is base on 16% of base dmg
bleed is base on 30% of base dmg

so here bleed is again cut by 70% dmg effectiveness (373*0.3 to have base bleed dmg)
That weapon is no use, the increased chaos damage is completly neglected since you are using brutality (which got nerfed and now says "Cannot deal chaos damage" in addition to no elemental damage, might want to rethink your choice of weapon.

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