Shredder (2.3) Dual Wield Max Block/Spell Wildstrike (Cheap)

I'm not good with long introductions so i'm going to try to make this as brief and informative as possible. This is a Duelist Champion build.

After playing a Duelist Gladiator in Perandus I was amazed at how tanky my first build was. The biggest disappointment was I had a max of 20k in damage at max charges. Recently learning that Reckless Defense jewels were a thing I steered away from relying on gladiator to provide that 100% spell block. Dual wield just seemed to be the next logical step.

Upside of all of this is the gear is pretty cheap and can be upgraded to better rolls when you have the currency and because of Bringer of Rain we don't need a six link chest piece woot!

Sorry if I butcher all the spelling/grammar.

What can it run?
I've easily face-tanked normal/cruel/merciless Izaro. Uber Izaro was tough but after evading some of the more deadly attacks it was pretty easy. I tried face-tanking Atziri, and failed, but there are just some things you can't face-tank in Path of Exile. I'm confident that with proper dodging and gear both Atziris will not be a problem. This build can easily run any map mod. (especially if you dual wield claws).

How we achieve max block
15% from just dual wielding
20% from 5x perfect rolled Reckless Defense jewels (also giving us 100% spell block)
6% from Bringer of Rain
8% from The Anvil
27% from passives
2%? from corrupted claw giving extra block

Passive tree



The rest of the gear will be whatever you need to max all your resists and give life and damage.

Bringer of Rain: Wildstrike + Melee Physical Damage + Weapon Elemental Damage + Multistrike
Weapon 1: Hatred + Herald of Ash + Enlighten
Weapon 2: Stone Golem + Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks
Gloves or Boots 1: Blood rage + Increased Duration + Enduring Cry + Vaal Molten Shell
Gloves or Boots 2: Reckoning + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble + Increase area of Effect (If you get +1 curse on your anvil put Elemental Weakness here instead)

3 Eternal life flasks one with bleed removal, one with instant recovery on low life, and one with either max charge increase or charge use reduction. You don't want increased evasion or armor on those as the effect will wear off as soon as your life is filled. A granite flask with increased duration and reduced charge use. Last but not least a Basalt flask setup like the granite one.

Leveling Tactic
Go straight for all the jewel sockets that you need and then grab the block nodes. Hopefully by level 46 you have the jewel sockets then you can wield two Advancing Fortress claws for easy mid level max block/spell. The rest is up to you.

Mana Problems
Close to the end I ended up having mana issues I easily fixed the problem using two gemini claws. This isn't ideal as you get less life leech (or less life gained on hit) and less potential damage for the claw. If your doing claws you can change your tree to have a bit less in defenses and go for your preferred way of gaining mana.

Why 6 jewel sockets?
I use claws mainly for the speed and life/mana leech/gain it really helps but in order to use decent claws such as Gemini claws you need to have high intelligence which is just too far out of reach for this build so we just fix it with a fertile mind jewel where dexterity nodes are most apparent. Best spot would be the jewel socket next to fervour(+1 frenzy). If you do decide to dual wield something else drop the extra jewel socket below constitution and use the three points to grab Essence sap for easier mana generation. Beware you might? need to make the extra strength up elsewhere, most likely on your gear.

Ultimately this is just a guide it's up to you how you want to use it. I'm more than willing to hear suggestions and questions. May RNG be forever in your favor! :)
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I suppose you are planning to get a belt of the deciever and avenger flasks?
SimonMester wrote:
I suppose you are planning to get a belt of the deciever and avenger flasks?

Nah belt of the deceiver would off put us from max block but I see what your getting at. Enfeeble reduces the enemies chance to crit so that's handled. Avenger flasks are not a bad idea either.

In fact Enfeeble is so darn good it's a pretty good staple curse unless you majorly need charges or something else.
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Why do you take "Melee Physical Damage" as gem, when the Bringer of Rain already has it ?

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