azraelb's Piety IIR/IIQ dualwield guide - passive@ lvl76: 50%++ all resist, 17% runspeed, 4.4k Life

This build is designed for piety runs especially with cheaper gear. If you invest more you also should be able to farm Dominus or maps. Did do some lvl 66 maps and it was fine, but for higher maps and/or dominus you probably want better weapons and/or BoR.
-> My char isnt soo well geared at all, gems are lvl 16 or lower no quality anywhere. Only thing wich was some exalts is my 5L 2.1k high life double resist armour
=> 7K AoE DPS, 11k singletarget DPS with two shitty 200 DPS swords, 4.4k life, 100%++ movementspeed, capped resist @77% and enough IIR/IIQ...

Key in this build is
- a lot of movementspeed (with passives, gear and flask way more than 100% movementspeed) to get to piety as fast as possible
- as much all resist as possible (so we can focus on IIR/IIQ on gear)
- proper DPS to bring down piety fast
- all this as cheap as possible

"There are plenty of good groundslam IIR guides out there - why should I do this one?"
=> Because you will do more dmg and you will be a lot faster at piety.
In my opinion 2H is underpowered for a long time. I hoped for a 2H buff, but instead last patch only nerfed life in favour of armour, regeneration and max resist.

So I think dualwield still is superior to 2H:
- block chance
- better passive nodes
- attackspeed boost -> more dps and faster use of leap slam and we can use whirling blades
- and so on (reflect, overkill... but this is for another thread^^)

Passive Data @lvl 76
- 242% increased phys dmg
- 67% Attack Speed
- 44% Accuracy
- 226% life
- 100% armour
- 46% all res + additional res
- 2% max res
- 17% movement speed
- 153 strength
- 213 dex
- 24 int
- +14% block
- 15% life flasks
- 3.5% Life regen

Passive Tree @lvl 76

After 76
Well I dont care that much I think^^ Perhaps I will do 1 more lvl to get Gallantry but thats it for me with that IIR farm char. If you really want to lvl it beyond 75 there are a lot of things you can get:
- even more attackspeed (Berserking)
- more armour and movementspeed (leather and steel)
- Unwavering Stance
- iron reflexes
- more life
- more mana
All that is possible...


- Oak (+40 Life)
- Kraityn (+8% attackspeed)
- Kill all (or Oak for +1 endurance)

Skill Setup:


5L: Reave+Multistrike+PhysDmg+FasterAttack+Lifeleech/AddedFire/IIR (depends whether you have lifeleech on your IIR gear or not)
4L: DualStrike+Multistrike+PhysDmg+FasterAtt
4L: AnySkill+IIR+IIQ+CullingStrike (if you use Reaper's Pursuit you can skip/replace Culling)
3L: WhirlingBlade+FasterAtt+LeapSlam
3/4L: Haste+Hatred+reducedMana+(maybe second aura when high lvl redMana and some mana leech?? I only run haste or Hatred atm)
Rest: Curse (Enfeeble/Vulnerability) and/or CwDt setup

Alternative: you also could just use 5L Dualsrike with additional melee splash -> I prefer reave because more AoE = better killspeed and you only want to kill monsters to refill flasks



1. Run Haste, switch to second slot (2x The Screaming Eagle)+Use Quicksilver flasks
2. If path is blocked by monsters -> switch to main slot for whirling blade or use quartz flasks or just use leap slam (use leap slam to shorten up your way)
3. When out of quicksilver switch to main slot and use reave on a bigger pack to recharge quicksilver (or if you really want to kill a pack with a rare mob instead of skipping everything)
4. At Piety switch to Hatred and switch second slot to Reaper's Pursuit

-> I'd skip Khole unless you have high dps weapons, but you totally can do it with my gear

I respecced one of my old chars after they destroyed my old 'duellist dualwield Abyssus reave sword crit' build by taking away a lot of his life and Unwavering stance and killing Vaal Pact for non-claw builds. (is now a duellist Abyssus claw crit build with vaal pact -> build soon if interested)

But shouldnt be that hard as you get enough resist and dmg and life nodes pretty easy.
For proper lvling/gear strategy... there are a lot of good guides out there..





double Armour+Life+double Resist -> 5L or more (but I'd prefer a 4L with top stats over a crap 5L)


-> all attribute for IIR gem and high armour chest

IIR/IIQ + 4% Lifeleech + phys dmg (life or resist - what you can get or need)
important is lifeleech otherwise you'll have to wast gemslot for lifeleech

IIR/IIQ + flat phys dmg
-> One ring needs 2% mana leech

==> You'll need about 40 intelligence on gear to use a lvl 20 IIR gem without picking 30 Int node. If you want to waste 1 skillpoint on it you still need a bit int
==> You'll need about 15 strength for a gigh armour chest (191 strength) -> otherwise you'll have to waste another skillpoint for 30 str node
-> calculate depending on your perandus stats

==> You'll probably also need 1 high resist roll on one of your rings or amulet

==> Prefer lightning resist over others becasue there is much more fire/cold resist in this part of the tree to comensate gear than lighnting!!!


2x at least 200 DPS swords -> prefer high attackspeed over high dmg on hit for faster reave stacks


Wings of enthropy could be a pretty cheap way to get higher DPS, but I think the low attackspeed would be bad for reave and you'd have to alternate the tree a bit.
Didnt test it though cause I dont have it and dont want to spend 1-1.5 exalt to test it.

Second Slot:
for even more runspeed
(but you cant use whirling blade, so you have to switch slots when blocked by monsters, or you use quartz flasks to run through them(but you'll need the sme amount of quartz as quicksiver flasks) (or just use leap slam, but this is slower)

1x Reapers Pursuit for more IIR+Culling (dont have it atm)


- 1-2 Quicksilver Flasks: Best with additional Movementspeed and charge Recovery

- 1x mana Flasks (if you really run out of mana sometime despite having 2% leech)

- 1-3 Life flasks (depending on your Gear)

Rest as you wish (Quartz Flasks or Granite Flasks)

My Gear

Dont care about gems and socket colours since I just adjusted my gear and didnt recolor properly yet

Hope You like the build and keep in mind what I described and spent for my build is the minimum. You can get A LOT more dmg out of it with betetr gear and higher lvl!!!!

-----+ IGN: KnifeInKnifeOut +-----

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Last edited by azraelb on Mar 9, 2014, 7:09:47 PM
thx to the mana leech nerf you'll run out of mana more often like with all fast attacking builds now, so mana flask is absolutely necessary now and mana leech is optional with high enough dps.
-----+ IGN: KnifeInKnifeOut +-----

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