[2.2] Slayer Earthquake Stun Crusher [HC/SC]

Hi there!
About this build: high damage, easy way to high map, cheap, 4 link with real fast clear speed, 5 link for insane damage
I really like Slayer ascendant because they grants permastun and alot of overkill life leech.
I prefer earthquake because:
that great damage aoe skill,
that have 2 ways of damage and we have 100% more damage against enemies on low life - 1 wave grants low life enemies, second wave kill all
that have strong aoe life leech overkill

Updated for 2.3 With my geat I have 43 reduced enemy stin treshold. With new Slayer ascendancy I prefer take leech nodes for great survivability

Marohi have extreme high pure damage. Earthquake don't need fast attacks

This boots grants reduced enemy stun threshold and that grant real good "stun survaivability"

You need reduced enemy stun threshold in belt - that belt is pretty cheap



Main: EQ-reduced duration-melee phys damage-added fire damage-weapon elemental damage
Auras: hatred-herald of ash
Golem: fire golem-minion's life
Movement: leap slam-faster attacks-blood magic-fortify-increased duration/endur charge on melee stun
Trigger: CWDT-warlord's mark-increased Aoe
Safe: endur cry-increased Aoe




Why slayer and not champion?
Slayer have real good stun options and overkill life leech. Champion is more popular and real good too.But I prefer survive with stun
Why no fority?
I have fortify in leap slam link. I'm leaping then crushing :) Always stun enemy grant's me high survivability and I don't need forify always on.
Can I use different boots?
Yes, but reduced enemy stun threshold real great option on this build. I prefer this nice boots and price on it 10-15 chaos atm with nice roll


My other builds

My Youtube channel (Russian)
Added video gameplay at high tier maps
Updated tree for official site
Hey bud, looks nice. I ditched my champion earlier but decided to give EQ another go, and since I was really looking at Slayer, rolled a new one. A lot of people don't seem to like the Bane of Legends talent which is odd considering that bosses/rares are probably what take the longest (most people don't struggle on trash). Two questions for ya:

What do you think about The Magnate belt? Better to get the resists/stun threshold stats on a rare?

Do you just rely on the leech from the Bane of Legends talent? Do you find this to be enough (mostly vs bosses?)
Magnate will be pretty nice if you get +1 endur charges with vaal. At this moment, I prefer reduced ememy stun threshold belt
Another option is headhunter, but that not very cheap

Bane of legends gains life leech from overkill damage. That don't work against bosses but really good against huge pack of mobs. With vaal pact you will be immortal, but that so long way in tree(
Reserved :)
Hi, is possible to stun T15 bosses with earthquake?
I think no. But, with 6L - stun and heavy strike it maybe possible. At current moment stun nodes for huge pack of mobs at T12
I have a small recommendation on a change to your skill tree. Based on the use of blood rage and some of your equipment with dexterity on it, my guess is that you could use more dexterity from the tree without giving up much / anything.

If you take the dex node under the life node Golem's Blood, attach to the jewel socket from the bottom in the same area instead of from the top you will gain 20 dex. You then of course have to drop the bottom connection from the endurance charge but losing the 18% duration is not really a big deal.
Then we loose 1 point and endurance duration - I don't want it :)

We can take Versality node and gain 20 dex and int + attack speed and reduced mana cost (for eq aha ;))

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