[2.3] Pathfinder Mjolner immortal build [HC/SC]

Hey there!
Actually, I played this build in talisman league with Witch, and this was really smooth. That cheap mjolner build. That not cheap at all. You need vessel of vinktar, devoto's devotion and mjoler for that build. But that not voll's devotion build - that mean's it's cheap mjolner build ;)
Earler best choice for that was Witch, but now, with ascendancy classes, you need to pick ranger, because pathfinder exelent for that. You need take all flask nodes from tree and conqueror's potency jewel.
That real strong build with high survaivability and high DPS against all boses.


My gear


Main: Lightning strike - multistrike - fortify - curse on hit- conductivity (or warlord's mark)

Single: molten strike - multistrike - greater mult proj - faster attacks

Auras: not

Golem: fire or chaos - minion life

Movement: leap slam - faster attacks - endurance charges on melee stun - blood magic

Mjolner: Arc-Iron Will-Arc

And blood rage with increased duration

You can use nice fast dagger with whirling blades and faster attacks with 2nd hand for movement


Oak-Kill all-Kill all

HP - over 6500
Mana - over 1500
DPS - it's mjolner

Just turn off my voice and check gameplay. That gameplay from Talisman league witch. Now build more stronger with ranger pathfinder
Build guide (only on russian sry)


Why MoM?
I use clear mind jewel and have alot of mana because we need alot of int for mjolner. That grants nice survaivability. You can also use Blood magic passive, but I prefer MoM
Why flasks
You gain insane DPS, leech, survaivability, immune to shock, freeze,chill, with devoto's and atziri's flask - nice chaos res
Clear speed and single targets
Because we use all flasks clear speed is insane, and single target kill really nice and fast
Damage from shield? For what
Yes, you don't need alot of damage boost from items for pack of mobs. But that really nice for single targer.
We need life leech in Arc?
Nope, we use Vessel of Vinktar - that grants alot of life leech
Elemental reflect?
If SC - yes
If HC - no
Don't push your vessel of vinktar - you dead

My other builds

My Youtube channel (Russian)
Added gems setup
why 2 arc gems ? due to internal cooldown it's same as 1 arc ? Any other lightning skill you could use instead of a second arc ?
what reason for devoto's being required? All it gives is ms (that's unique).

Not saying its a bad item for the build, but based on what you've written I think just the mjoll and the vinktars is required.

Also as reliq said, shock nova probably better second link, or spark, instead of arc as only one of them wille ver work
Mjolner now 30% chance to cast socketed gems - we need 2 arc...that standart practice for mjolner build
2 - more chance cast
Arc - best choice. If you have volls amulet - you will use discharge, but that for other non chip mjolner builds. Arc chain alot, and map clear speed is insane fast.
Shock nowa and spart is bad choice like ball lightning. We need instant arc cast for fast clear all the map (check video). 2 arc - best choice.
Devoto's grants very high attack speed and reduced phys damage - we don't need phys damage and we need attack speed (that pretty good with single target molten strike)
And that grants nice movement speed bonus, dex and chaos res too :)
Updated skill tree
Yesterday found this boy

So, immortal mjolner arc flask build will be created in perandus too :)
Awesome build, but what skills from pathfinder should i chose?
Check in tree:
Nature's adrenaline-nature's boon-master alchemist
Hi, I'd like to thank you for creating this guide, made a character following it with a few adjustments. Ended up with a 191% movement speed powerhouse with about 3.5/4 attacks per second one shots everything up until T10 maps havent tried any further. probably the fastest farming build I've seen below are my current items.

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