[2.1] Strong as HELL Tanky Firestorm chaos Hybrid witch [HC/SC Viable]

Hi exiles! If you tired with SRS and incinerate builds or you just hate them - welcome ;)
That build is really easy to leveling and nice for beginner players. This gives new players some knowledge of survaivability in the game. And yes, that HC vaible.
If you search one button lazy build, that not for you. We use decoy totem, vaal flameblast,flame golem,vaal summoning skeletons,flasks...yes, that not for lazy players)
One more, that hybrids hybrid build - we use mind over matter, life, energy shield. That gives you great survivability and chance to buy cheap gear.
Sorry for my bad english ^^


We use Mind over matter passive node, that grants you 30% of damage is taken from mana before life. Then we use hybrid es/life nodes, that grants you over 2500 es and 4500 hp at my 85 level. You can go in Chaos innaculation when being rich for not cheap high es gear.


You really need 4 items for that build: infernal mantle+the consuming dark+asenath's gentle touch+clear mind jewel.
Infernal mantle and consuming dark converted 100% fire damage in chaos damage, that grants us immunity to elemental reflect, we dont care about elemental and fire resistance nodes in mapes, we destroy enemies energy shield, and yes, we can use fire, elemental,chaos nodes in passives.
Other gear is:
Hat: Es+life+resistance
Shiels: spell crit+life+es+resistance (spell damage will be nice too)
Rings and amulet: life+resistance+crit+mana regen
Belt: life+resistance+es
Foots: i use kaom's roots, that grants me unwawering stance - that huge survivability
That all pretty cheap, but consuming dark price 1-2ex now.
Gloves: use asenath's gentle touch because that grants temporal chains on hit with aoe firestorm that really nice. That choice for survaivability. Choice for damage - maligaro's virtuosity.

Current gear


Main skill:

Totem and cry:


(you can also use whirling blades or flame dash)
Golem and skeletons:

Playing style

Use decoy totem that angry enemies and crush them with firestorm. Flame golem grants you nice dps boost and great survaivability with tanky character. Use vaal flameblast and vaal summon skeletons for terrible situation, bosses, hard exiles.

Auras? Who need auras?

Clear mind grants you 50-60% spell damage boost, with infernal mantle +100% spell damage taken when on low mana node that jewel must have. Mind over matter and mana flask great with this both. We have over 1100 mana with 42 mana regen without clarity.

Leveling gear

That so easy leveling until merciless 4 act with this items. I dont belive how i dont die with 1500 hp until merciless o_O


Hp: 4528
Es: 2421
Mana: 1116
Res: 75 all Chaos -40
DPS: under 4500 unbuff and over 6000 with 6 power charges

Oak-kill all-Alira



Lvl 100 tree


Explain (only on russian sry) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTquP0SD9Kg
High maps gameplay (beginning at 2:22 for English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64tMkCtqS_8


Why no auras?
Because we use infernal mantle that grants +100% spell damage taken when on low mana and that hurts if we reserve mana for auras. And we use clear mind +40%-60% spell damage when mana not reserved. And we use mind over matter
Why hybrid?
Because it's cheap. You can go on CI when being rich.
Why chaos damage?
Immunity to reflect. Map resistance and equilibrium nodes does not affect us. Crush enemies ES. Double nodes in passive with fire/elemental and chaos.
Yes, but little scatchy ;)

My other builds

My Youtube channel
А 2 и больше Клеар минд можно использовать?
Нет, к сожалению только одно)
Clear mind limited to 1
А что если изменить билд в сторону армора, не гибрид ЕШ\ХП, а чистого армора, я пробовала раньше, был маг 89 лвл и с 9к армора, но тогда я играть не умела и мало что понимала)
Бандиты не указаны!)
Поправил ^^
Infernal mantle и spirit shield в базе не имеют армора, поэтому это будет проблематично и малоэффективно. Acrobatics тоже плох, так как уменьшает наш ES.
Nice build! perfect)
Thank you^^
Added gameplay video
I'm thinking of doing this build.
I have a version where you invest in CHAOS DAMAGE nodes instead of fire damage.
Does this make any difference?

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Fire nodes have some sweet bonuses like crit chance, area radius, resistance. I prefer fire nodes

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