Witch Builds List 3.3

Currently looking for someone to take over the witch & templar build guide threads. pm if interested.

Current version: 3.3

With each new major content patch, builds that have not been updated to the prior version will be archived at the bottom of this list. This list is maintained and edited with readability and accuracy in mind. By default, all builds are archived if not updated within two major release cycles.

Notice: Build Submissions
NOTICE: If you wish to have your build guide represented here, post the link and a short description as a reply. It must be updated to the current major version, and be an actual build guide. Links to your skill tree and gear is not a build guide. Where possible, I will be filtering submissions very moderately to only keep actual builds listed. Obvious troll builds that would have difficulty clearing mud flats likely won't appear here.

In addition, naming of builds submitted is up to builder discretion. I will however modify and prune elements of naming as I see fit to keep the listing legible, free of subjective opinion, or numerical values that are subject to change. These include but are not limited to:
• Path of Building DPS
• Estimated HitPoints
• Cost per league to construct
• 'Best', 'Only', '#1' subjective naming.

Concrete numbers that pertain to the build are permitted, such as 'three-curses' etc.
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ELE [3.0] Morphyne's Arctic Breath Elementalist SC/HC
ELE [3.0] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta
OCC [3.3] WINDS OF WINTER: Low Life Freezing Pulse Occultist
ELE [3.1] Freezing Pulse - Elementalist - Pen Stack - Guardian/Shaper/Uber
OCC [3.2] Queen of Ice Crystal Maiden Freezing Pulse - CI & Lowlife
ELE [3.0] Life MoM Dual Wield Crit Freezing Pulse by Paige
ELE [3.2] Beginner Guide - Frostbolt Elementalist
ELE [3.0] Balance - A CwC Frostbolt EE MoM VP guide
ELE [3.1] Glacial Bloom - Inpulsa Glacial Cascade Scion/Elem/Berz
ELE [3.2] Elementalist InpulsaBomber
ELE [3.3] Whispering PigCinerate - Stack INT & Life!

ELE [3.0] Firestorm Leech Tank Elementalist - Melt Your Way Through
OCC [3.0] Hybrid firestorm, Occultist, 4 curses, 75/75 block, Xirgil's Crank
ELE [3.0] PewPewPews Official Firestorm Build - SSF/Atziri
OCC [3.0] Legasi's Masterpiece - Shaper/Boss guides/HC
ELE [3.2] Chain-Prolif Elementalist
ELE [3.0] 3-Curse Self-Cast Flameblast
OCC [3.3] Torokard's CI Incinerate Occultist
ELE [3.3] Rasgeroth's Puff Dragon - Incinerate/Fireball Ignite Elementalist - Shaper/Red Elder
ELE [3.3] Full Fire Penetration Incinerate Ignite Elementalist
NEC [3.2] Spectrenate Dead - Minion Instability, lvl 95 corpses
NEC [3.1] Spirit Offering Righteous Fire
OCC [3.0] Yalani's Low Life Righteous Fire Build - +Eva/Armour - T15/Uber
OCC [3.2] Run little girl, run! - Waves Occultist Hybrid RF
ELE [3.2] Explosive Scorching Ray Elementalist (and Friends)
ELE [3.2] Scorching Glacial Cascade, Elementalist CWC, Conversion
OCC [3.1] 2/3 Curse RF Scorching Ray + Firestorm Low-Life Occultist
NEC [3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.
OCC [3.3] illyaink's Low Life Poet's Volatile Dead / All Content
ELE [3.2] Poet's Pen Volatile Dead Elementalist - T16 Guardians / Shaper / Elder / HoGM
ELE [3.1] Low Life Volatile Dead Elementalist Poet's Pen - Guardians/Shaper/Elder/Uber/HoGM
OCC [3.1]The Absinthe Scavenger - cremation and volatile dead with six curses

ELE [3.3] √ SeaLaser, Arc Elementalist, Critical Strikes, MoM
ELE [3.2] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster
ELE [3.1] Mjölner Elementalist - Mapping build
ELE [3.2] A guide to Discharge Elementalist
ELE [3.1] - Mjolner Rainbow Rambo - 15 charges discharge - Guardians/Red Maps/Elder/Guardians
ELE [3.2] Elementalist Impulse Bomber - The NEW Speedmapping Glass Cannon
ELE [3.2] Firefly (v.4) - Burning Herald of Thunder bomber
ELE [3.1] You can't run from Heaven. -Non-crit Herald Bomber
ELE [3.2] A Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils CwC Arc
ELE [3.2] Teleports Behind You -- Poet's Pen Lightning Warp / Arc Elementalist
ELE [3.2] SHOCK NOVA Elementalist Build
ELE [3.2] Zoe (A Shock Nova & Ball Lightning Poet's Pen Elementalist with 2 curses)

OCC [3.1] Unique Only LL Chaos Tri-Curse Occultist | CwC Blight/ED + Contagion + Wither
OCC [3.0] Essence of Blight - CwC, Life, Eva, Dodge, +3 Staff, +3 Curse
OCC [3.0] The Allrounder (Low Life Blight Build)(All content cleared)
OCC [3.0] Blight Occultist CI - ZO - 2 Curse
NEC [3.0] BBC, Blight Block & Curses [HC]
NEC [3.1] Skeleton Bombs - Hybrid, High-Max Block
OCC [3.1] BRO, DO YOU EVEN SUMMON? Skeleton Baron crit Dark Pact
OCC [3.0] LowLife DP -Tri Aura -Selfcast for Clear, Skellies for Bosses. Guardians/Shaper
OCC [3.0] DoT Pact (Minion Dark pact with Poison!)
OCC [3.3] Deathwalker Occultist by Nemo
OCC [3.2] fatfat664's Death's Oath CI Occultist - Dual curse
OCC [3.2] Death Whisperer – Death’s Oath Occultist!
OCC [3.0] CI Death Aura (Occultist)
OCC [3.3] 0piate's Tanky Essence Drain Occultist
OCC [3.1] ED Tri-Curse |Hybrid, CI, LL| Uber/Lab/Shaper
OCC [3.2] Queen of Chaos Lahkesiis Essence Drain - CI & Lowlife - All Content, HC/SC/SSF viable

Necronomicon / Raise Spectre Monster Info basic info for classic summoners.
NEC [3.3] Fourmulaic Summoner - Skeletons + Spectres/Flame Golems
NEC [3.3] Explode-a-bone minion instability skeleton/dark pact necro
NEC [3.3] Ghoulish Overkill - Baron 16 Zombies/Skeletons Shaper/Uber Elder
NEC [3.3] The Queen of Summoners - Flame Golem - TV Spectre's -Uber Atziri / Uber Elder
NEC [3.3] Popcorn Skeleton bomber (Minion instability Earendel's Embrace)
NEC [3.3] Shaarq's Melee Skeletons/Zombies Hybrid Summoner
NEC [3.2] Dip's Super tanky Clearspeed focused Solar Guards
NEC [3.2] AkumaNoTsubasa's Skeleton Mages / Spectres - Guardians/Uber lab
NEC [3.2] Torchbearer's Off-Screen Summoner [Command 90 Minions]
NEC [3.2] MrBones Wild Ride ✮ Dancing Dervish Melee Skeleton Summoner
DUO [3.2] The Phantasmal -- Necromancer/Occultist Summoner Guide
NEC [3.3] Zombiemancer - High Survivability - End Game Viable
NEC [3.0] The Lazy Minion Commander - Budget Friendly - Heartbound Loop Offerings
NEC [3.3] Suicide Squad - minion instability zombie necromancer
NEC [3.0] Spectral Gods: Lasers! (Spectre Clear Speed Focused)
NEC [3.0] Explosive Auto-Summoner Version 2 (Life)
NEC [3.0] Dead Reckoning Skeleton Mage Necromancer
NEC [3.0] LL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Guardian Farmer - Have T16 Spectres WHENEVER you want
NEC [3.0] Skeleton Mage build. 7 aura necromancer can solo endgame maps and support party play
NEC [3.2] The Skeleton Queen (12 skeletons / 60 seconds / over 250% minion damage)
NEC [3.0] Gizelle's Classic Zombie, Spectre Auramancer 3 variations
NEC [3.0] Necromancer - Uzyol's shaper kill build
NEC [3.0] Necro SRS Self-found ZERO budget Build
NEC [3.3] Huy’s OG Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer Guide: The Druid!
NEC [3.0] The Scourge { SRS }
NEC [3.0] Speedy Baroness
NEC [3.1] Necro Baron SRS/Zombies Build (MoM/EB)
NEC [3.0] 10 Auras, LL AW/SRS Necromancer [Budget Friendly!]
NEC [3.3] Clooney_is_best_Batman's Animate Weapon Bowmancer
NEC [3.3] Dancing Duo Necromancer, Uber elder - Shaper
DUO [3.2] Notwisted's Chained Necro Hybrid. OG build
OCC [3.2] The Dancing Mystic - Chaos Degen Summoner
ELE [3.2] Now SEVEN Golem D-Curse "BROmancer"
NEC [3.2] The Dancing Duo - Dancing Dervish/Duo, Spectres, Atziri
NEC [3.0] Flame Golem 101 - Complete Guide To Golemancy, All Bosses Down, High DPS & Defense
NEC [3.3] Cartwheels on Ice (Golems) ❅ Shaper-viable meme build
ELE [3.3] Lightning Golem Crescendo ♫ All Content / HC Focused
NEC [3.0] Dancing Dominatrix - The Dancing Dervish / DB Melee Necromancer
NEC [3.0] 5 Flavors of Golems - Shaper, Uber Atziri and more!

ELE [3.3] Oxymoron's Frostfire burning arrow
ELE [3.0] Ele Crit Burning Arrow
OCC [3.0] Kuraku's Caustic Occultist
OCC [3.0] Lolth, Lady of Chaos (Caustic Arrow Hybrid Life/ES)
ELE [3.3] FunRoom's Ignite Elemental Hit
ELE [3.3] The PIG's Pen - Elemental Hit w/ Poets Pen
OCC [3.2] CI Wandcultist - Guardians/Shaper
ELE [3.2] il00minadi's BOW ELEMENTALIST- Lightning Arrow/Barrage
NEC [3.0] iemukot's Max Block Mirror Arrow
NEC [3.2] [3.2]Blink & Mirror Arrow Necromancer * Shaper down * Build of the Week * Deadeye version added
ELE [3.3] KissMeQuick's Elementalist MF Power Siphon & Currency Guide
NEC [3.0] The Ethereal Speaker - Necromancer Null's Summoner

ALL [3.0] The Azure Knight (Flurry/Frost Blades/Multi-class/Budget/Crit/Life/Conversion) Shaper/Uber
NEC [3.2] Marinxar's "Behold my army" general summoner
ELE [3.3] kroIya's Elemental Hit 'the way it's meant to be played'
OCC [3.3] HoWAbout Molten Strike Occultist - T16/Shaper/UberElder
ELE [3.2] Life/ES/MoM Molten Strike Elementalist - Shaper
NEC [3.1] iemukot's Molten Strike Necromancer
ELE [3.1] Inferno Sprinkler Knight: Face melting dps.
ELE [3.3] KissMeQuick's Freeze Spectral Throw - Shaper/Uber Elder
ELE [3.2] Spikes and Balls Diplomacy: Elementalist Ngamahu's flame Sunder
OCC [3.3] "The Bane Brigade" | Viper Strike/Poison Summoner Hybrid
NEC [3.0] pieceofsoap's Hybrid Viper Strike Necromancer
OCC [3.2] 10 Curse Wildstrike WormCurser

ELE [3.3] The Enchantress - Disintegrator Cast On Ignite Triple Herald Elementalist

OCC [3.2] Nyisz's nerfing exile, Massive endgame cursebot, 8-11 curses
NEC [3.2] Necro/Scion Victario's Influence Zealot's Oath Aurabot - 11 auras 2 curses
NEC [3.1] Support Aurabot 13 Auras Elemental DPS Boost
NEC [3.2] Demi's TheBitterLemon, Victario's Max DPS Auramancer // 13 Auras + Triple Curses
NEC [3.1] Clarity_Bot's 14 Auramancer Bot (Low Expense, Strong Auras) Victario's Influence
NEC [3.1] SRS LL Auramancer in-depth guide

ARCHIVED BUILDS: 2.4 - Present
2.4 - Present

1.0 - 2.4 Builds
Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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Q: Where has my build guide gone?
All build guides were archived to the old builds list produced by Bada_Bing or myself. He retired from the position of maintaining the Witch builds list, and I took up the responsibility. If you would like your build re-added, ensure it is updated for the current game patch.

Q: Why not just have all of the builds listed here?
These forums have a 15,000 character limit. By the time builds are formatted for readability, their entire url input, and the divider tags... there really isn't room for all of the builds in a single post. There shouldn't be an issue with fitting all of the builds in a single post really. I plan to talk to the poeurl.com people and inquire as to if they wouldn't mind me using their system to cut down on character usage.

Q: Why is my build guide not Exactly listed as I typed it in my comment?
I always admired Bada_Bing's builds listing pages simply because they were easy to read, I could find exactly what I wanted very quickly, and I could see where builds didn't already exist which gave me ideas for making my own builds. For this reason, I have endeavoured to force very basic formatting for all of the guides listed here. It's basically just the [version number].

Q: Why don't you want silly 'for fun' builds posted here?
Certain builds are definitely entertaining and worth spreading. I'm all about wormblaster BotW videos and fun and creative mechanical builds. These pages however are build guides for newer and old players alike to try something out that should be considered tempered and tested to function properly. I will add builds that don't exactly fit this requirement if you ask nicely.

Q: I don't like what I named my build anymore and I want to change it!
No worries, however in order to change it, I merely ask that you pm me the name and link to it, as well as have the actual build guide reflect this new change. I would like consistency between naming schemes and URL titles. No one likes accidentally stepping into the old build-guide switcharoo

Q: Why don't you take on other build pages as well?
I had not considered it yet as Witch is the class I am most competent in playing and I believed myself able to filter actual builds from bait and switch. I will discuss it a bit with Bada_Bing and see what he would like me to do on that topic.

11/29/16 - Recovered all of the builds that were inherently [2.4] compliant.
9/15/17 - pruned 2.6 builds, only 3.0 builds are listed at this point.
10/29/17 - Removed all claims of budget/EHP/DPS from build titles. Moving forward, these will not be permitted as identifying markers for naming syntax.

I feel it is appropriate to thank Bada_Bing for selflessly upkeeping most of the build guide listings for The Past Three Years prior to my taking this task on. I used his page perhaps hundreds of times, and I know it was the go-to for most of the players on my friend's list. Without it, I likely would not have been exposed to so many interesting and fun parts of the game. From one player to another, thank you for all that you provided myself and the community for so long. I am sure most of us feel the same.
Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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Thanks for maintaining. Should be stickied.

[2.5] Necronomicon / Raise Spectre Monster Info basic infos for classic summoners
NEC [2.5] Spectral Gods: Goat Simulator Classic Summoner

both build/guides are ready for [2.5]. Patch notes did not change things much.
Necronomicon: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1617098
Build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/409940
Summoner Dischord: https://discord.gg/XwWdSUa
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zhoukon
Maybe PM a mod or something to get this stickified?
And probably need to poke the other list authors afterwards to update their Witch list links.
Edit: you're missing links to the other build lists! They were all nice and interconnected previously.

Anyways, awesome job on this, and well done and thank you to bada_bing!
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thanks, great job. much appreciated
Aklyon wrote:
Maybe PM a mod or something to get this stickified?
And probably need to poke the other list authors afterwards to update their Witch list links.
Edit: you're missing links to the other build lists! They were all nice and interconnected previously.

Anyways, awesome job on this, and well done and thank you to bada_bing!

How could i forget the telephone-style list at the top to navigate to all of the other builds! A very important feature, ty.
Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
Hey Kwitch
thank you for taking over the witch build list ;)
I've updated my Flameblast Guide and also changed the title.
Link to my Guide.


[2.5] CI Ignite Flameblast by Waldgaist - very good starting Build and decent Shaper farmer
[2.5] Necronomicon / Raise Spectre Monster Info basic infos for classic summoners
[2.5] Spectral Gods: Goat Simulator Classic Summoner

Mostly just typographic updates, and a title re-work. Also added the navigation back to the top, and notified other curators of the new page. If/When you ever see a typo or broken link etc, please do not hesitate to inform me.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
Hey! Here is my first theorycraft. It focus on ignite proliferation as an elementalist with some core uniques and interesting mechanics.
[Theorycraft] [2.5] Hipster Broliferator - Burning Arrow Elementalist!
Thank you for your dedication, I wish you as much patience as possible. :)

If you need any help, let me know.

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