[3.2] Life/ES/MoM Molten Strike Elementalist : Mind of the Council - Soul Tether [Shaper Down]

This build is based on this helm :

I got it with the enchant mid-league for 70c and wanted to build something around it. To abuse "Recover 3% of Maximum Mana when you Shock an Enemy", we'll go Elementalist for guaranteed chance to shock, even on Boss.

However, you can't use MoM with ES so you need some Life to get some synergy with the helm. That's why we go

This item allows us to go hybrid, and leech both Life and ES.

The aim of this build is doing end-game Mapping/Bossing. I've done everything in the game with it besides Uber Elder and Hall of the Grandmaster.

Now, what is this build capable of :


- Pretty tanky, Up to 10k eHP
- 120k dmg per ball on Molten Strike, unshocked (Elementalist shocks for 20% more dmg)
- Up to 81% Cold Res 79% Lightning Res
- Can do everything in the game up to Shaper, didn't try Uber Elder
- Decent budget for what it does
- Can do Bossing and Mapping
- Unusual Witch Build


- Isn't top clearspeed
- Leveling isn't that easy, you'll have to respec.
- Unique dependant

If you don't want to read the rest, i'll leave a PoB link here.

PoB Link

The character xXx_Knackyballz_xXx on my profile is exactly the PoB file.


At lv90

We want MoM,Elemental Overload and Point Blank so we got straight for these. Then we go for Vaal Pact, Winter Spirit, and all the Life and ES on the way. The tree is pretty linear, just aim these big keystones.


Whole Gear:

Details :


As we want to use MoM, the Soul Taker let us attack even if we are out of mana. There are many other choices to get more damage, but you'll have to get rid of the MoM route.


We just use a regular ES shield with Life and Ele.Res. Pick your best !


As explained before Mind of the Council is our core item. The enchant might be hard to get, but nobody use that base for molten strike, so you might get lucky !


Here, you can use anything that gives you HP,Ele.Res, and ES. It just depends of your Life/ES goals. I wanted to get 5k Life 5K ES, so i took Atziri's Slendor ES form :

The ideal piece of gear here is a Shaper Chest with lot's of ES, Life and %Physical Damage Taken as Lightning Damage as it comboes with Mind of the council, but good luck getting one...


As we want to kill Shaper and the likes, we don't like stuns. That's why i picked Kaom's roots. If you don't need Unwavering Stance, just get rare boots with Ele.Res Life and ES.


We go melee attacker, so 2-socket Tombfist are BiS. You can get a good rare here, but i think even 1-socket ones are better.


Here we just want Life ES and Ele.Res. Opals are BiS, but getting those with good rolls is pricy, so we get things like that :

Any Ele.Dmg and Accuracy is really nice too.


Same as rings. I have Aspect of the spider on this one because i wanted something Bestiary-Themed, but it's not required at all.


We use Taste of Hate as physical mitigation, Wise Oak to get Ele.Pen, and the rest for Ailments.
You can do pretty much what you want here. I didn't felt the need of a life flask, you can get one if you want.


On the Abyss ones, you want life/ES, Att.Sp and FlatEleDmg. On the regular ones, you want Att.spe. You can get a Watcher's Eye with ES on hit when affected by Discipline, Phys to Lightning when affected by Purity of Lightning


You can look at the links in the Gear Section, but i'll do a recap here

Main Skill : Molten Strike

We have up to 5k ES before our life, so we can use damage on full life. We don't use Elemental Focus because we want to get Ele.Ailment from our ascendecy.

Bossing : Molten Strike - Ancestrall Call - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Conc.Effect - Added Cold Damage - Damage on full life

Mapping : Molten Strike - Ancestrall Call - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Inc.Effect/Inc.Rarity - Added Cold Damage - Damage on full life



As we go Cold Damage, we use Herald of Ice. This, combined with our Ascency gives us 30% dmg. Then we go Purity of lightning to combo with Mind of the Council. Last, we go Discipline to get flat ES.

For Bossing, Ancestrall Protector is really nice, and for mapping, Blood Rage gives us frenzies and attack speed.


Bandit :
Kill all

Pantheon :
We are very weak to Chaos/DoTs so i'll go for Arakaali and Shakari but Solaris and Shakari is better for SHaper and the likes.

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Interesting, so the Blood Rage doesn't take away your energy shield?
Shaper Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2252008
It does, but you leech a lot, so you are almost full when going into packs. I don't recommend using it when doing the hardest content as you want to keep around 9k HP+ES pool at all time, but it definitely helps when you are mapping. It's up to you in the end.

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