[DISCONTINUED?][3.4] The Enchantress - Cast On Ignite Elementalist

Status: Suspended. BUT... only for this version. Chieftain version (UE viable): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNh8Xrje9xY

Delve Update #1:
Gear: End of Act 4

Delve Update #2:
Gear: Before Mapping

Delve Update #3:
Gear: Low Level Mapping (White/Yellow Maps)

Delve Update #4/5-ish:
Gear: High Level Mapping (Red Maps)

I did clear some T15 maps, namely Lava Lake, Basilica, Reef and Carcass, yet neither of them were comfortable to run with this gear except for Lava Lake. I will upgrade at some point, but I'm currently deciding if it's worth it, since I'm running 3 different characters and each of them needs upgrades.

Delve FAQ or Upcoming Questions
My apologies, should have thought of that. Here's some info you might want regarding the Scion version and how to play with it.
I want to start as Scion but have no idea how.
Level 11
Level 30
Level 55
After Merc Lab

You start with the Witch Ascendancy, starting out from Scion to travel to Elemental Overload, and after Merciless Lab you get to disconnect from the Scion start and spend the points on Life. The Slayer Ascendancy will be last, right after you finish Uber Lab.

(Load the trees in Path of Building, the official tree planner does not work yet.)

Ngamahu's Sign is too expensive, is there a substitute?

Yes, to my surprise the early league supply was very low and thus the rings were super expensive. It's starting to settle down now, but here's what I've been using to make up for it:

Paid 1 alch each and I ended up doing this at some point.

Eye of Innocence is currently super expensive and hard to get. What to do?
Because the amulet only drops from Phoenix, this can take a while.

It would be a lot more comfortable to run the build with said amulet, but for early league it works just fine if you leave your CWDT setups at lvl 1-4.

That's what I'm doing right now while farming white and yellow maps. It's not the most practical and a lot slower than normal, but it works. This is the same when delving in the mines.

In the meantime, just farm some currency and progress the mines as far as you can, doing Chaos recipe and whatnot to later have enough currency to buy the amulet.

This league start was a lot more rough than usual, I admit. Weird, but ok.

How do you leech with no Life Leech?
Disintegrator's Siphoning charges grant 0.2% generic Life Leech per charge. And Atziri's Promise also helps a bit.

I cannot tank monsters in the dark as anticipated?
This one also came as a surprise to me. It seems that monsters are unaffected altogether, much to my disappointent. I expected it would be the way Divine Shrines work, but that is not the case. However, generic Life Gain on hit does work, as proven by Cybil's Paw. So, in order to tank the monsters as planned, you will need the Watcher's Eye jewel.

3.4 PoB Exclusive Update below:

Elementalist version: https://pastebin.com/PDGrupVk
Ascendant version: https://pastebin.com/jWc7GVkM

Pros and Cons breakdown:
(Both use lvl 92 and the same gear and skills)

  • Gets a LOT of free Penetration, thus slightly more damage.
  • Is prone to Reflect, thus can't run those maps without a work-around.
  • Needs extra Dex.
  • Gets free Chill on mobs.

  • Completely immune to Reflect of any kind.
  • Has Overleech, thus getting another free "regen" on top.
  • Comes with Culling Strike but doesn't get as much Penetration, thus slightly lower damage.
  • More flexible: can run 2 Curse auras with corrupted amulet. Less damage but better survivability with Enfeeble and Temp Chains/Elemental Weakness.
  • Needs to grab Reduced Mana Reserved nodes.

Other builds you might like:
Hank the Tank, my Uber Lab farmer
Dancing Duo Scion

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: DO NOT use Inpulsa's Broken Heart! I repeat, DO NOT! I had to stop using it because of constant game, instance or Incursion crashes when I hit large packs of mobs. Since I shock every single enemy and they all explode at the same time, coupled with my shitload of Ignites, the game would crash a lot of maps (sometimes they were completely gone) and it cost me several good rooms I needed to complete because the game would either "freeze" for the timer to run out or it would crash. DO NOT use Inpulsa's Broken Heart!
Case in point

While it doesn't happen all the time, it happens often enough for me to decide to not use it. Too many T16 maps and Incursions lost to this. Enough is enough. It's a shame, really. I actually like the item because it has very nice defensive utility. But I cannot use it for a consistent mapping experience.

Welcome, Exile!

This is a new iteration from an old build I made back in 2016. What you are looking at here is a Cast On Ignite/Cast When Damage Taken Elementalist wielding the new Elder staff Disintegrator and spamming a variety of spells to cause destruction and death everywhere.

If you want to have fun while walking similar to an auto-bomber build but being a lot tankier, then this is the right build for you. I’ve successfully completed various red maps from all tiers, also double boss maps, and even Guardians.

Cost breakdown of necessary gear (current one):
  • 5L/6S staff: ~20-40 chaos
  • Helmet (not Elder): ~1-2 chaos
  • 6L Chest (corrupted): ~15-20 chaos
  • Boots (non-corrupted): ~1-2 chaos
  • Belt (Elder): ~1-5 chaos
  • Rings: ~1-2c each
  • Amulet: ~1 chaos
  • Gloves (not Shaped): ~1-2 chaos
  • Watcher's Eye (Vitality Life on Hit): ~40-45 chaos
  • Rare jewels (max Life, chance to ignite): ~1-5 chaos

Total: ~110 chaos

Build Features

+ Very flashy and colorful
+ Looks even better with all the different MTX
+ 6k+ Life
+ 6 Endurance charges
+ 100% chance to ignite
+ Tons of spell casts per second
+ Mostly automatic
+ Decent damage and clear speed
+ Explosive
+ Fun


- Negative modifiers to Life Recovery and No-Regen maps
- High Physical/Chaos damage
- Ailment avoidance for enemies
- Starving for sockets
- Reflect (read more in: Advanced Strategies)
- Annoying to level
- Silence
- Lightning Thorns
- Cannot run Atziri/Uber Atziri

General Build Information

The build thrives with tons of Ignites, so the ideal chance to ignite is 100%. You should aim to get a global 90%+ chance to ensure that the build is working properly.

As the chance to ignite rate goes down, it will mess up the Life Gain and ramp-up time and drastically decrease the overall build stability.

The build does have a ramp-up time because that's just how it works. It will keep ramping up during longer fights until it hits its maximum stage.

This only happens during tough encounters such as Guardians of the Void and other red tier map bosses. This is meant to be this way.

Anything that isn't tough enough to withstand will die from single casts and reset the ramp-up timer.
Build effectiveness increases with map tier as it will take fewer hits to reach maximum stage due to higher monster base damage.

The build is somewhat susceptible to Physical damage, so make sure to try and always have Endurance charges up.

Most builds have no Chaos resistance; however, due to the abundance of additional Chaos damage that has been introduced over the years, the Chaos resistance Life wheel + Atziri's Promise make sure you don't take too much damage.

Disintegrator gives a large portion of base Physical damage to spells, generic Leech and minor PDR (Physical Damage Reduction).

It also grants extra Chaos damage which synergizes well with Atziri's Promise's Leech effect.
The degeneration effect is mitigated with Endurance charges and some Life Regeneration.

You will want a 5L/6S and NOT a 6L staff. This is because Blade Vortex is supposed to be self-cast to get and maintain Siphoning charges (Enduring Cry also helps).

Why Elementalist?

Honestly, it's partially because I love the Witch and partially because Elementalist is actually awesome. 25% reduced Herald Mana Reservation, 25% increased effect of Heralds and 25% Penetration for each associated element.

Then there's the new Beacon of Ruin... it just fits with the build itself, really. I'm casting a cascade of elemental spells - using Elementalist is a no-brainer thematic-wise.

And to be fair, I'm always drawn more towards the path nobody takes and I try to make it work. Also, the Witch has awesome one-liners. She may be a bit cray cray, but she's always been my favorite. "Oops, clumsy me!" ;)


The basic concept is that you stack a lot of chance to ignite and use Eye of Innocence to damage yourself with Fire damage to trigger your Cast When Damage Taken setups. This has been known for a long time now, but like I said, this build was originally designed back in 2016 just after Eye of Innocence was introduced to the game.

In combination with Ngamahu’s Sign the build inflicts a lot of Ignites to both damage yourself as well as regain some Life per Ignite. With a Fire resistance of 76% you’ll end up taking 24 Fire damage per Ignite. So, this mechanic is used to reduce the damage threshold required to proc high level Cast When Damage Taken setups, meaning that monsters will need to hit you for less before any spells are cast. This does not eliminate that part completely.

Due to the sheer amount of Ignites we inflict, we get insane amounts of Life gained per second, especially noticeable when encountering large packs of monsters where you barely even see your Life jumping. This also means that we can facetank most enemies, even Guardians. "Old Vaal Pact" in its pseudo instant Leech form, albeit it at a certain cost.

We achieve this high chance to ignite from double Ngamahu’s Sign, 7 chance to ignite jewels, passives, Eye of Innocence and Gang’s Momentum.


  • Ngamahu’s Sign: sum(2) = 20%; á 10% each
  • Jewels: sum(7) = 35%; á 5% each
  • Eye of Innocence: 10%
  • Gang’s Momentum: 15%
  • Passives: sum(2) = 10%; á 5% each
  • Ascendancy: sum(2) = 10%; á 5% each

Total: 100%

Blade Vortex is used to start the cycle by igniting enemies to proc the low level Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) setup (or just get hit by a mob). In order to gain and maintain Siphoning charges, you must cast the spell every so often. Channeling skills do not work, only on the initial cast.

This low level CWDT setup will also provide the corpses needed for Cremation, Detonate Dead and Volatile Dead. Note: There's currently a visual bug with DD. It never goes on cooldown in the skillbar and is hard to spot, but it does trigger as far as I can tell.

It is important to note that we don't rely on the corpse explosion here, so the only damage part that matters is the spell damage caused by these spells.

Because of its low level, the Cast When Damage Taken will go off at least twice before any of the big ones are triggered, thus ensuring that Unearth will have its maximum corpse count (10) present. If a single hit big enough to trigger both CWDT damages you, then this may cause some problems.

Per average high level CWDT proc: Cremation consumes 1, Detonate Dead consumes 1 and Volatile Dead consumes 3-4 corpses (total: 5-7).

Unearth is linked to Greater Multiple Projectiles (GMP) for additional projectiles. This way it can reach the corpse limit within 2 casts (10 max, 5 per cast).

For Ball Lightning, the additional projectiles from GMP will also affect it, increasing area coverage and possible hit rate, especially against moving targets.

With a global chance to ignite of 100% you ensure that every single hit from each spell cast by Cast When Damage Taken will both trigger Eye of Innocence's damage taken and Ngamahu's Sign's Life Gain on Ignite.

This synergy is very important and should make clear why it's necessary to reach 100% chance to Ignite in order to maintain the cycles. As mentioned above, the lower your chance to ignite gets, the worse the overall build performance becomes.

This is because it will take you longer to proc casts, you will miss Life Gain, take more damage overall and the self-damaging cycles will be fewer per second, limiting your overall damage output. The worst possible map roll you could get would be less Life Recovery and ailment avoidance for enemies, both at once. I tried it, it's just so, so bad. Avoid at all costs.

Normally it wouldn't be possible for this build to work with all the different spells, even with 100% chance to ignite, because by default only Fire damage can ignite.

However, Ngamahu's Sign gives global added Fire damage, albeit very little, and this will cause every single spell to ignite because they all deal a small amount of additional Fire damage. In any case, if you are wielding Disintegrator, then it won't matter because Herald of Ash would add Fire damage and the staff itself grants flat Physical damage.

The Ignites themselves don't matter here, so the small amounts of Fire damage shouldn't bother you. It is important to note that Ignites don't stack by default, but an enemy can be ignited over and over but only the strongest Ignite will ever deal damage.

Since we only re-ignite with each hit and don't rely on it for damage, we don't need to stack Ignites anyway. No need for Emberwake is what I'm saying (it got nerfed anyway).

Eye of Innocence is a great item that makes this whole build even possible at this level. You can technically do this without it, but it doesn't work on its own and requires you to be hit by enemies all the time (unless you use other specific items).

The reason why the amulet is superior to let's say Gluttony belt, is because the belt requires you to use a skill like Cyclone and spells won't be able to proc the cycles themselves.

Because the spells we proc can ignite by themselves, thus triggering the amulet's on-hit effect, the procced spells can actively contribute to said spell casts.

Important Information

Same copies of a spell share a global cooldown that cannot be bypassed and is shared across all your CWDT setups using the same spell.

However, one would usually bypass this problem by using different levels of the same spell (e.g. lvl 12, lvl 16 and lvl 20 Firestorm), since the damage required to proc different levels of a spell would depend on the level of the CWDT that supports it.

BUT, and here's the critical point, IF a single hit is big enough to proc a lower AND higher level Cast When Damage Taken at the same time, it will only cast one (depending on socket order: Main hand > Amulet > Helm > Off hand > Body armour > Gloves > Boots).

Another problem was that, if you'd take the damage needed to proc a higher CWDT (same spell) but within the 250 ms cooldown, you'd basically skip casts in the sense of you'd need to take more damage than needed to have it proc.

Silence is every CWDT build's... uh... silent killer. No, really. Silence mutes all your spells, including CWDT procs. Since we rely on spells to survive and deal damage, getting the corruption "You are immune to Silence" is really useful.

Always carry a flask of Warding to remove Curses (Silence is a Curse), otherwise you'll die. Problem with Silence though, is the fact that you won't notice it right away and can end up dying because of it.

The (new) Beacon of Ruin

Any amount of damage that can shock or chill will do so because Beacon of Ruin applies first, as confirmed by Mark_GGG. That is part of the reason why Elementalist is pretty good again. A new set of tools that brings her power level in line with other Ascendancies.

Normally, you'd need to meet certain thresholds for this to even take effect, but the new Beacon of Ruin automatically sets the threshold to the minimum values, causing you to inflict these ailments regardless of whether or not you actually deal enough damage.

However, if a hit would cause more than 20% Shock, then this takes effect normally, same goes for 10% Chill. This allows you to reliably and constantly shock and chill enemies, even with low damage, which would otherwise not be possible to do.

Source #1: here
Source #2: here

Why I took Barbarism despite using Eye of Innocence

Answer is simple: I've done it before. No, really. With Eye of Innocence you can reduce your Fire resistance to cause more self-damage, or you can use it to augment your build. Since Fire damage is something you encounter very often, getting that +1% max resistance is valuable.

I did the math - the extra damage I would take is not worth the tradeoff. There are far scarier things out there, like Detonate Dead and Volatile Flameblood. Also, picking it up is efficient as far as Life goes. I need that Endurance charge anyway.

Advanced Strategies

Applying logic here, there's a way around Reflect maps. If you have a second set of identical gems, you can level them all to required level 44 (read: required level, not spell level), then a level 4 CWDT is the optimum for all spells we are using.

Level 4 is low enough to proc more frequently but not deal too low damage and, because the maximum level of our spells that can be supported is level 44 and every single spell does have a level 44 level threshold, there are no "wasted levels".

To elaborate, if I say level the CWDT to level 5, it could support up to level 46 spells. But then there's the case of Cremation and Volatile Dead. If I level up the former, it goes from level 44 to 46, but Volatile Dead will go to level 47. Hence why the optimum lowest level here is level 44.

Using this as a baseline, we can now run Reflect maps without any issues because our damage is low enough to not kill ourselves, but at the same time high enough to still easily kill enemies.

I have tested the level 4 CWDT even in a Chimera map and it took me of course way longer to complete, but it was definitely doable.

Then there's the part why I use Taste of Hate instead of a Basalt flask. Thing is, we are using the Disintegrator, which adds base Physical damage to our spells. This means that we can benefit from Taste of Hate 3 times: We get added Cold damage, shift Physical damage taken and it's a Sapphire flask, meaning we also get max Cold resistance. This makes this flask extremely important for this build, more important than any other flask we are using.

I no longer use Immortal Call as I previously always did. I now see it as a waste of sockets, not to mention with its long cooldown and low duration it becomes quite useless without any Supports.

Instead, this time around I invested into Endurance charges and a Taste of Hate to deal with heavy Physical damage and the degeneration caused by the staff itself.

Path of Building

Path of Building code: Make sure to read NOTES!


Passive tree: finished @95

How to level (Quick Guide)

(When I mention a Life wheel's name, then fill out the entire wheel unless otherwise specified.)

Start out with Occultist's Dominion and grab Heart and Soul.

Travel to the left to grab Quick Recovery, then upwards to Elemental Overload.

Now travel through the crit nodes to Cruel Preparation, then keep moving left to Purity of Flesh.

Grab Light of Divinity and Elementalist (passive, not Ascendancy).

Travel through Discipline and Training to Sanctity.

Now move down and grab Combat Stamina and then move left to Tireless.

Travel upwards to Devotion and then left to Celestial Judgement and Celestial Punishment.

Now travel down and grab Barbarism and take the +2 Endurance charges.

You should now be around level 50. If you need Dex, allocate 1 or 2 of the big +30 nodes.

Grab all 2 pointer Jewel sockets (total: 5). You should now be around level 60. Example Tree

This is the part where you want Jewels to get ready to fight Kitava.

Fill out the rest of the tree as shown in the final passive tree, with your main focus being the Scion Life wheel and the remaining Jewel sockets.

Gear and Skills

I leveled with a Tabula Rasa, Fireball + Elemental Proliferation + Combustion. You can use other skills if you like, it matters very little.

At level 28 you can finally equip Ngamahu's Sign - you'll instantly recognize the bonus Life sustain.

You will be fine with this until the end of Act 4. After you defeat Malachai, you will be able to buy Cast When Damage Taken from the vendor. Or you can mule it with another character.

You will then need a cheap 5L staff (I bought one for like 1c) and 4 links on the rest of your gear.

Craft the staff with Orb of Transmutation to turn it magic, then spam Alteration Orbs on it until you hit a good roll of "Adds X to Y damage to Spells". This will do fine until much later.

Now socket the CWDT setups as described in the Gems section.

Keep the levels of your Cast When Damage Taken gems at 1 and 4. The one in the weapon stays at level 1 (lvl 38), the rest should be leveled to 4 (lvl 44). Keep track of your spell level requirements, as an overleveled spell will not be cast by the CWDT gem. The spell's level itself is irrelevant to this rule, only the level requirement of a spell is used.

Before you get to Kitava, you should already have at least 5 sockets to fill with chance to ignite Jewels.

Once you reach level 68, the real fun starts. You can now equip Eye of Innocence. You'll immediately notice how easy it becomes to clear the screen now. Automatic casting is pretty fun!

Level 4 CWDT will be fine until you hit yellow maps (T6+). This is where you will notice the lack of damage.

After you get to like Tier 5 maps, you should really start leveling up your CWDT gems or else it'll be a struggle without Disintegrator. Once again, keep track of the gem levels and DO NOT level them up if they go over the level of your CWDT. Sometimes it takes time before your gems level up.

Pro tip: CWDT levels in 2 level intervals until lvl 64, then it levels by 1.

Every second level you should be able to level up all of your spells. Level 67 and beyond will take some time though, meaning your spells might be on hold for a while before your CWDT level up. DO NOT left-click them, you may right-click them to skip until later, just don't forget to level them up.

Ascendancy (in order)

  • Pendulum of Destruction
  • Mastermind of Discord
  • Shaper of Desolation
  • Beacon of Ruin


  • Kill all (+2 Passives)


Major God
Lunaris (fully upgraded)

Minor God
Ralakesh (fully upgraded)

Gem Setups

Weapon 6S/5L

Cast When Damage Taken (1)
Firestorm (8)
Ball Lightning (4)
Greater Multiple Projectiles

Unlinked: Blade Vortex


Cast When Damage Taken (20)
Volatile Dead
Storm Call


Cast When Damage Taken (20)
Shock Nova
Ice Nova
Glacial Cascade
Detonate Dead


Cast When Damage Taken (20)
Arctic Breath


Herald of Ash
Herald of Thunder
Herald of Ice

Modifiers and Spell Scaling
(Please take note that these modifiers are weighted based on the assumption that you wield the Disintegrator and not any other weapons.)

You can take a look at percentages when you check the Calcs tab in Path of Building. Select a skill and then look at the hit damage numbers. Each portion of damage shows the percentage of its contribution to your total damage.

Modifiers that you want on your equipment (in order of magnitude):

- Spell damage:
Scales all parts of your spells that can be modified by Spell damage. This includes the flat Physical damage provided by Disintegrator. This modifier has typically higher values and is easier to get.

- Generic damage:
Scales all parts of your spells, even secondary damage (Detonate Dead's corpse explosion, for instance). However, these are rather hard to get and often only provide low to medium high values.

- Elemental damage:
Scales all parts of your spells that are either Fire, Cold or Lightning damage (even secondary). Since we use a lot of Elemental spells with added damage, their base damage will scale multiple times in this case.

- Physical damage:
Disintegrator adds a lot of flat Physical base damage to our spells (which also scales the Fire damage provided by Herald of Ash and the Chaos damage from Atziri's Promise). Depending on damage effectiveness of each spell, this can be more than you realize.

- Chaos damage:
Disintegrator also adds a lot of base Chaos damage via Siphoning charges, and we also use Atziri's Promise (scales twice in our case: flat Physical and flat Elemental), thus this makes up a large portion of our base damage.

- Area damage:
Most of our spells deal area damage, so that scales very good as well. This will also scale the secondary (corpse) explosion damage from spells such as Detonate Dead or Cremation.

- Fire damage:
Because we use a lot of heavy hitting Fire spells, and we also make use of Physical damage and added damage, Fire damage still makes up a large portion of our base damage. However, I'd say it's a tie with Cold damage.

- Cold damage:
Same thing as Fire damage. Heavy hitters as well, this makes it a tie between the two.

- Projectile damage:
We use Projectile spells that actually scale quite well. However, those are few in comparison and thus land on the bottom side of the scaling table.

- Lightning damage:
We do use 4 Lightning spells that deal decent damage but the added damage provided by Herald of Thunder and their base damage in general is not that much - this makes it the modifier of least importance.

Selecting the right Spells for the Job

Every single skill has been carefully selected to meet a bunch of criteria. They must have decent single target damage, provide pack clearing (or aid with it) and so on.

One of those criteria was returns vs investment paired with reliability. How much of the attribute do I need, how well does it scale, what are its positive properties? Each spell was weighted against each other and then arranged in the appropriate sockets.

For example, Bladefall would have been a great choice, but it needs 155 DEX to be used and it's Physical, thus it was disqualified. I don't scale Physical spells, I only make use of the added damage from Disintegrator, that's it.

Now, before you tell me how bad Arc is for single target, let me remind you that it can hit up to 8 enemies per cast and it can chain to the same target again if there is more than one enemy. The clearing advantage and reliability outweighed its drawback.

Asking the right Questions

When you make a build, you gotta keep in mind a few things, namely:

* Who will play the build?
* Who is your target audience?
* How easy is it to copy the build?
* What content can it do?
* What content do you want it to do?

These questions were important in my case, not only because I mainly wanted the build to be interesting and entertaining, but also because I wanted it to be attainable. Getting 5 blue sockets on a Belly of the Beast is unreasonable. That kind of stuff.

This would also influence what spells were used with what equipment, so if I deemed a spell's socket color to be a problem, I would consider other options and use alternatives if available. Luckily, this part of the build was less of a pain to deal with.

Then I also had to bear in mind my target audience. I like to keep my builds simple so that nearly everyone can enjoy them. Given the autonomous nature of the build, the finished product was very well built for my target audience.

However, some parts of the build - namely leveling - can very much frustrate anyone, but that's a drawback that comes with CWDT and that I cannot change. Keeping track of the levels is... tedious, even for me. But your patience is rewarded in the end.

I have very high standards when it comes to my builds. If a build cannot clear at least tier 15 maps, then I usually consider it not worth my time. Same thing for this build. Good thing I already played several iterations, so I had something to work with.

As you might have noticed, I take build crafting very seriously and it sometimes can be a tedious process, given how many iterations I try before I settle with one and how much time I invest in total. Sometimes I develop a build over months, observing balance changes and refining it.

You also might have noticed that a lot of passion flowed into this build. Well, it is my favorite build of all time and it's been a passion project ever since the first try. Everyone has their iconic build somehow.

Why I stayed away from certain Spells this time

Possibly one of the main "complaints" I will get is why I didn't use Magma Orb or Freezing Pulse. Because why wouldn't I, their base damage is so high, right? That is totally correct. The reason why I didn't is very simple: they are unreliable.

Magma Orb needs to bounce to deal damage and it's rather slow. Freezing Pulse loses damage as it travels. Both are great spells at their core, but they provide little to no use for my intents and purposes. My main purpose: reliability.

Selecting the right Projectile Spells for the Gloves

That decision was actually fairly easy. I looked at all the Projectile spells and just compared their properties. I chose Fireball, Frostbolt and Arctic Breath because:

* Fireball: Long travel distance, fast speed, high base damage, explodes on impact.

* Frostbolt: Long travel distance, medium speed, high base damage, pierces all targets.

* Arctic Breath: Long travel distance, fast speed, high base damage, explodes on impact and creates Chilled Ground.

Basically, each one of the spells provides solid single target as well as AoE coverage. Nice stuff.

Selecting the right Area Spells for the Helmet

This actually took me some time and I switched things around several times. Just like above, let me list the benefits again:

* Storm Call: High base damage, scales twice, area damage, burst potential.

* Volatile Dead: High base damage, seeks out enemies, burst potential.

* Cremation: High base damage, scales twice, high hit rate, sustained damage.

I tried several other spells, among them Arctic Breath and Vortex, and ultimately settled with those three. Arctic Breath also scales twice, but Cremation and Volatile Dead scale better overall. Vortex consumes Frostbolts, so that was a no-go.

Basically, each one of these spells contributes to high single target burst damage. Very effective.

All other Spells

Each spell socketed in the Body Armour serves one purpose (aside from dealing damage): AoE coverage.

Every single one of them has some sort of clearing ability while still affecting nearby targets. There's not much else to say here.

Gear Requirements

You will absolutely need these 2 items (no way around it):

They make up the core of the build - they ensure that the build functions at all and enable that mechanic in the first place.

You will also need an Elder belt with lvl 22 Enduring Cry mod to generate Endurance charges:

Disintegrator is optional, you can play without it, but I highly recommend to get it.

Gear that you want (my Standard character)

Basically, you want to get as many Elder/Shaper pieces as you can sustain and as many possible good rolls as you can get. A high Life Elder chest is really good to have.

Taste of Hate is really important because it scales 3 times in this build:

Flat Physical damage from Disintegrator gives added Cold damage, we shift some Physical damage to Cold and it raises the max Cold resistance. Very, veeeeery good flask for this build. But... expensive.

Current gear (Incursion)

What I started with (Incursion)

Rare Staff vs Disintegrator

Here's the thing. Disintegrator provides so much base Physical damage to Spells that it's really hard for any other rare Shaped staff to compete.

You'd need high tier Spell Damage mods with high tier added damage AND the double damage mod AND some penetration to even gain a minor DPS advantage (until you obtain more Siphoning charges). I mean, it's so miniscule that it's not even remotely worth it. The cost to craft such a staff would be more than unreasonable in comparison.

On top of that, the only advantage you could get would be global chance to ignite, so it would ease up on jewel mods, but that's basically it.

You'd lose Life Leech (unless you got the Watcher's Eye mod), some minor PDR (5-8%), BUT you would not have to deal with the degen.

I've "crafted" such a staff for you to swap out and see for yourself. If you are able to make one, then go ahead and use it. Otherwise just use the Disintegrator.

Why I no longer use Razor of the Seventh Sun

Razor of the Seventh Sun grants double the amount of Recovery as Ngamahu's Sign, but it basically provides no damage and is a one-handed weapon.

With the introduction of Watcher's Eye jewels and their special mods we now have the option to use Vitality to make up for it and thus we can now wield another 6S weapon.

When using CWDT, you always have to remember that you will be needing an extra socket for the gem.
So, I need corpses, this means CWDT + Unearth + GMP = 1 Razor full.

Of course, I could skip the corpse spells, but I would be stupid if I did. They are really strong and fun to play with. They. Must. Stay! :)

Build Cost and Alternatives/Budget Options & Items Breakdown

Both the original and my most recent Hipster Elementalist (pure Firestorm) version were rather budget, and they both suck in comparison.

This alternative take is going back to the roots, proving to be more deadly and more efficient, but it comes at a higher cost/investment.

The core rare items will not be cheap to aquire, be it through crafting or buying, so if you are looking for budget options, then stick to the Hipster version.

The jewels should have at least 4% chance to ignite roll and ideally come with Life and damage rolls.

The core unique items will be cheap to aquire as their drop rates are common and their usage in builds is limited. The exception to this is the Disintegrator staff, but even that is getting cheaper by the day.

If you cannot aquire a Disintegrator or have troubles getting proper jewels, then you can craft a Shaped staff with global chance to ignite or use the Ashcaller unique wand.

In the case of the latter, you will need to shift gems around and wear a shield (Rathpith Globe is a cheap option) or dual wield the wand. In either case, your damage loss will be significant.

Another good option for the chest slot could be Carcass Jack, Cloak of Flame (for leveling) or a corrupted rare.

If you are on a budget, then a 4/5L chest will also suffice, although losing 1 or 2 spells is in fact a noticeable drop in damage, though nothing that will break the build.

If you are on a super duper tight budget, then you can just use a Tabula Rasa instead. But this should only be your last option, as it only provides linked sockets and nothing else.

It would be better to just use a high Life 4/5L chest instead. Having the extra spells is no good when you are dead. The roughly 500+ HP loss isn't justified in such a case.

Choosing the right Item Bases/Tools

You have to understand that item socket colors are weighted based on their attribute requirements. STR items have a high chance to roll red sockets, high INT blue sockets, high DEX green sockets. Then there are hybrids that have different weighting.

However, what I'm getting at is that you need to consider what sockets you require and what the chances are of rolling those colors on the item bases. Getting 5 or even 6 blue sockets on a high STR item will be near impossible.

This is why I used a hybrid DEX/INT Body Armour due to the odd socket coloring (1R 4B 1G), where it's likely to achieve those colors within a few chromatics.

Use the Vorici Calculator to get an estimate: https://siveran.github.io/calc.html
To know what mods can spawn on item bases, use this site: poeaffix.net

DPS Breakdown

(These are estimates and should not be taken as fact.)

These calculations use the average hit and a single cast per second to estimate sustained damage output. For Volatile Dead and Cremation I adjusted the numbers to account for multiple hits.

I can also account for the 34.8% (20% base + 74% Shock Effect for Shock Nova) increased damage taken from Shock.

We have a global 25%-ish chance to shock (Shock Nova has 45% chance); with all the spells going off, this will be up constantly (highest Shock takes priority). The Shock duration is presumably 2 seconds, as is by default.

348k + 34.8% = ~469k

Now, that's considering a SINGLE cast per second and no flasks active, which in reality is rather unlikely depending on content you face, but it's supposed to be kept reasonable. From my experiences you'll get about 2 casts per second on average if the fight's going smoothly.

I estimate the build to have anywhere between 400k and 800k DPS. It's really hard to say for sure, given all the (random) variables, but I'd claim for this to be a reasonable number, even though the range of that seems a bit obscure. Although I'd stick with the lower number for reference.

Sure, this isn't a top meta 20 million DPS Shaper deletion build, but it's a fairly solid number that is high enough to clear endgame content with. I'm more looking for what brings me the most fun instead of straight up raw DPS.

Skill Hit Rate and Life Gain/Damage Taken per Second Calculations

(These are estimates and should not be taken as fact. Some skills hit multiple times or get additional hits from secondary effects.)

Skill | Hit Rate
BV 7.5
UE 4
BL 20
FS 24
SC 4
VD 20
CM 16
SN 8
IN 4
GC 8
Arc 4
DD 8
FB 4
FBt 4
AB 4
Total: 139.5 hits/sec = theoretical maximum possible hits the build could produce in an optimal situation

@24 dmg taken/hit:
3348 dmg taken/sec

@80 Life gained/hit:
11160 Life gained/sec

- 3348
7812 Life gained on Hit
+ 696 Life Regen
+ 1421 Life Leech
- 600 Degen
9329 HP/sec

CWDT Calculations using Bladefall

(These are calculations based on a previous setup and I'm too lazy to fully update it, but it still demonstrates my point anyway.)

(The values below do not account for mitigation or crowd control effects such as Chill or similar.)

Damage taken per second (hit rate * dmg/hit): 109 * 24.00 = 3348.00 self-inflicted combined
Damage taken per second (enemy hit * APS): 3076 * 1.00 = 3076.00 for Chimera 6424.00
Damage taken per second (enemy hit * APS): 3761 * 1.75 = 6581.75 for Phoenix 9929.75
Damage taken per second (enemy hit * APS): 4913 * 1.60 = 7860.80 for Hydra 11208.80
Damage taken per second (enemy hit * APS): 4943 * 1.75 = 8650.25 for Minotaur 11998.25
Damage taken per second (enemy hit * APS): 5689 * 1.75 = 9955.75 for Shaper 13303.75

Bladefall Level 5 gem: 86-129: 107.5 avg dmg
Bladefall Level 18 gem: 315-473: 394.0 avg dmg
Bladefall Level 20 gem: 380-570: 475.0 avg dmg

CWDT Level 2 gem: 66% less: 36.55 avg dmg * 4 = 146.2
CWDT Level 16 gem: 6% less: 370.36 avg dmg
CWDT Level 20 gem: 6% more: 503.50 avg dmg

CWDT Level 2 gem: 583 damage taken
CWDT Level 16 gem: 2394 damage taken
CWDT Level 20 gem: 3272 damage taken

Max procs/sec: 4

583 * 4 = 2332 damage taken: 1 target needed (assuming it doesn't hit you, which won't happen anyways)
3272 * 4 = 13088 damage taken: 5-6 targets needed (assuming they don't hit you, which won't happen anyways)

Even if the proc rate of the level 5 spell is 4x as high (max/sec), the damage is roughly 71% lower than a single proc per second from a level 20 spell.

Even if the spell level was adjusted to the max self-damage per second possible, a single cast per second of a level 16 gem still deals roughly 61% more damage than 4 casts per second of a level 5 gem.


Even if it'd take 3 whole seconds of full damage cycles to cast a single level 20 spell, the damage would still be roughly 13% more than 12 casts (4x/s x 3s) of the level 5 gem. This is not accounting for additional more multipliers or any other damage increases.

Basically, what I'm saying is it doesn't pay off to use low level CWDT setups as it's usually done - that is, if you want maximum damage instead of maximum procs per second.

Thanks for checking out my build! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions and if you have any questions or something is unclear, feel free to ask me. But please post your questions in this thread, as this makes it easier to avoid repeating myself.
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
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Incredibly creative.
— need some pastebin, whatever it is
— shaped beach looks a bit low dps \ what about endgame?
Last edited by hwat on Nov 27, 2017, 3:41:12 PM
hwat wrote:
Incredibly creative.
— need some pastebin, whatever it is
— shaped beach looks a bit low dps \ what about endgame?

I can provide the PoB link once I get final gear. Life is going to be 7.1k+ at lvl 94. Once I reach that point I will attempt Guardians.

I just uploaded a twinned T15 Abyss. Go check it out :)

Basically, you are trading damage for self-sustain and reliability.
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hello , I d like to ask if this can be play as first charactor or solo self found?
or any way to sustain without the sword?
Thank you very much for that build.
I am thinking of trying it in 3.1, but as chieftain. Did you ever thought about it?

Metalempress wrote:
hello , I d like to ask if this can be play as first charactor or solo self found?
or any way to sustain without the sword?

You need the sword and the amulet. So, no. Not really suitable as league starter or for SSF.

roman007 wrote:
Thank you very much for that build.
I am thinking of trying it in 3.1, but as chieftain. Did you ever thought about it?

I like Elementalist. Reflect becomes a non-issue. You can practically build this on any character if needed.
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
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Top tier guide my dude. Ill be rolling this probably 2nd or third character this league. Had me laughing a lot!
Ddg wrote:
Top tier guide my dude. Ill be rolling this probably 2nd or third character this league. Had me laughing a lot!

Haha :D
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚
Thanks for your build, it looks awesome !!
I'm currently leveling a starter build firestorm witch and will modify my tree to match yours later (just a few points to change).
I started buying weapons, ring, amulet and helmet listed as mandatory items but the "taste of hate" flask is really expensive can i play your build effeciently without it?
Mezh wrote:
but the "taste of hate" flask is really expensive can i play your build effeciently without it?

You don't need Taste of Hate. I only use it for phys mitigation. Entirely optional.
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
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