[3.2] Dip's Super tanky Clearspeed focused Solar Guards - current lvl 97 [BHC]


If you're looking for a very tanky, fast clearspeed endgame viable map character, you've come to the right place!

I will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding the build at www.twitch.tv/diperino
if my stream is down you can try to PM me ingame @dip_wtbsixlinkvismortis

The focus of this build is to achieve near maximum clearspeed for spectres while prioritizing tankiness above all else.
I have never played a build with such insane defenses while clearing maps so fast.

Can easily farm t16 maps with pretty crazy mods





+ Budget friendly (only vis mortis 5L)
+ good clearspeed
+ borderline immortal with some investment
+ can run quantity if you want to sacrifice some defense
+ Can do all map bosses
+ Can do red Elder


- Having to resummon spectres if u fuck up can be annoying, takes about 5 minutes to run oba's.
- Indoor maps can be tedious when your spectres dont go around the corner/into the next room. and you need to either use convo, or keep moving until they leash to you.
- Can´t do many vorici missions.


Before you get an amulet with +1 you can use Doedre's damning, or you can grab the +1 curse node on the skilltree, and skip the mana reservation nodes until you get the +1 amulet.
In that case you should run a Ruby+Topaz flask and Temporal chains+Enfeeble.



Ascendancy Points:
Normal lab: Invoker.
Cruel lab: Soul Weaver
Merc lab: Commander of Darkness
Uber lab: Flesh Binder

Bandits:Kill all



I don't take Mind over matter simply because dual curse blasphemy is a much stronger defense, it signifigantly reduces the amount of damage you recieve way past the amount of ehp u can achieve with MoM.
I grab mana reservation nodes in order to run 2 blasphemies + Purity. Purity of Fire is ideal, only reason i run purity of ice is beacuse i got a cheap Watcher's eye for it.
everything else is pretty standard.


Aim for abyss jewels with:
40+ life
any minion damage.



Path of Building



5L - Raise spectre - GMP - Pierce - Minion damage - Spell echo
6L - Raise spectre - GMP - Pierce - Minion damage - Spell echo - Ele focus

CWDT Setup

Immortal call

Mobility Setup

Shield charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Flame Dash to go over terrain

Aura Setup

Blasphemy - Temp chains - Enfeeble
Purity of Fire


Stone Golem

Animate Guardian
Leer cast - Dying Breath - Zahndethus' Cassock - Victario's Flight - Southbound


Buy a Tabula Rasa, Wanderlust, Goldrim, The baron and Atziri's foible
Make sure you start leveling a desecrate as soon as you can.
When you reach lvl 28 I recommend asking someone with solar guards to let you desecrate in their hideout and you can use Solar guards from then on, just resummon them in higher zones as you progress, keep an eye on your max level corpses from desecrate and max level spectres from Raise Spectre.

When you get baron, put SRS + Minion damage + Melee splash + Added fire
and put Spectres into your tabula
Happy grinding!


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Looks neat!
I've seen it in action. How can you farm high tiers all the time so easly
Thanks, just in time for my first character HC! Looks very good, Solar Guard's beam is probably one of my favorite spells in the game :D
Thanks, just in time for my first character HC! Looks very good, Solar Guard's beam is probably one of my favorite spells in the game :D

Cool! If you ever need any assistance (build help or boss kills even) ingame feel free to message me @Dip_wtbsixlinkvismortis
Thank you for writing this amazing guide, I come back from two years break and it helps me a lot to get back to HC and have a build that does not cost much to start.
Nice video youtube too.

Thanks for teach me.

I will come posted after the leveling to give my feelings thank you in any case!
Very nice build, thanks for sharing it.

What do you think of using "The Scourge" instead of "Brightbeak"?
anars wrote:
Very nice build, thanks for sharing it.

What do you think of using "The Scourge" instead of "Brightbeak"?

"Brightbeak" for Map Clear (because of high attack speed) and "The Scourge" for end game bosses (because of the damage)
probably a stupid question... if i bought a scourage for boss DPS, is it as simple as switching weps during the fight for more damage? bc it didnt seem like the spectres were doing more. or am I supposed to physically use the claw while my spectres fire in the background? thanks otherwise--great build
Hello. Nice build guide.

The only thing I am wondering is, if I don't have any friends who use Solar Guards, how do I get them myself?
Or, what do you recommend I use instead of the Solar Guards, until I get access to them?

Other than that, no questions yet.
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