Speedy Baroness

This build features the baron helm of course and is combined with the queens escape.

Currently I am level 91 and I can easily Uber ascend all day long without any issue carrying 1 or 2 people. Best part about this build, the zombies are not slow and the Spectres NEVER die!

However, this build has a few weaknesses too, as tanky as the spirit offering makes me... AOE elemental damage is dangerous as the minions can't handle it. Secondly, chaos damage is a problem in high tier maps and.. every strongbox, Highly suggest getting an anti-freeze flask for strongboxes, open and run tactics the best way to be sure you won't die.

Warning in leveling. I got one shot in merciless by the ice nova strongboxes.. Not enough resists/early HP to survive those. ^.^ Have fun otherwise. Clears maps in under 7 minutes(strands are a joke) You can take HUGE hits and it is a lot of fun most of the time. My deaths are all from testing survivability limits. I have to be careful on elemental weakness maps because of the low resists. Unable to cap chaos because of the requirement of str roll in every piece of gear to get to 1000 str without a talisman or more than 2 brawn jewels.

Leveling how to.
For leveling I suggest rushing to minion damage on the tree and grabbing mind over matter on the way as this will expedite your leveling.
BARON HELM requires level 28. use it right away.
Queens decree! requires level 27, use it right away, removes the need for minion speed gem, or makes minion seed gem hilarious.
Since we are a high str setup for leveling you can totally use
it'll speed you up a bit.

For leveling rush cast speed to summon SRS faster, head to str as, soon, as possible. you are a life based build..

Pros cons!

Pros; Fun, kills quickly, easy, cheap to build.
1000 str is 500 flat life and 200% melee physical damage which transfers to our sexy minions as well and the zombie life leech allows us to do no regen maps.
Highly suggest mind over matter and the CWDT setups, those were vital for uber lab. I was able to uber lab at level 74 with them. it was hard.. but I did it.

Cons: dies easily while leveling, resist are hard to get, str is hard to reach 1000 without talismans and brawn jewels.


This one goes in the str area** special note for the effecient training jewel.

Naturally this is another key item to build and I highly suggest grabbing a queens decree and making it a 6L with the socket colors you need.

There are 4 enchantment that I would love to see on this bad boy. Increased SRS duration is nice, increased SRS damage is best, increased golem buff effect would be fine and increased zombie life or damage would suffice as well. Hopefully that reduces the total number of uber runs we gotta do so we can proceed to just for fun uber runs. enchantment not needed at all.

For my amulet I just grabbed the highest str amulet that I could find, this beast even came with a resist.. resists are hard to come by with this setup.

Now these rings are epic rings however they only cost me 10c each at the time because str was just not the thing in the Hand of Wisdom and Action powerhouse day.

Str is key, the more we can get on gear the better.

These boots are another needed unique, I usually don't have so many required uniques but there is no other way around the 18% str buff.
Now, these gloves are amazing for this build and checkout the gem setup and I'll tell ya why.
I chose these flasks because the quicksilver allowed me to do oba's trove and then the mana flask allowed my mind over matter to absorb a TON of damage.

Passive Tree

Gem setup and explanation
Cast when damage taken level 7 + Desecrate level 12 + Spirit Offering level 12+ increased duration level 20. This setup is my PRIDE and joy it makes this build tankier than any other summoner I have ever played. When I take 1009 damage, spirit offering consumes the corpses that desecrate created and then grants me 1300-2500 energy shield(if there are extra corpses in the area it grants more ES). With the grant system.. this is just added, no regenerated, just flat given to your energy shield. The shaper's gloves themselves multiply the flat ES granted to give us these huge buffers.
Another layer of tanking. a 3L setup for CWDT level 1 and immortal call is always a great squishy trick. You can switch out convocation for purity of elements which helps with the resist issue. (i still have to run from chaos cloud boxes.. only the box version. skipped the overgrown shrine map as well)
I use convocation to move minions, ice nova to open boxes, and flame dash to move around. I ended up with arctic breath on CWDT because slowing enemies with chilled ground is always a great plan.
This sword is hard to color, use vorici bench with 3 blue garunteed until you get desired setup. with 3 red 3 blue the setup is summon raging spirits or summon skeltons+ melee physical damage + minion damage + physical to lightning support(100% physical was slowing me down on armoured maps) + melee splash. If you have to take anything out. Take out physical to lightning or even melee splash. the zombies splash just fine.
For the helm, put your stone golem here, the ideal setup is empower+stone golem+ minion life + raise zombie. my empower is not up to snuff, so i replaced it with minion damage while i level it.
In these sexy boots we have raise spectre, I start my login by going to the grand arena, raising 2 towering figments and 1 figment of destruction. The figment of destruction uses ground slam, the spectres hit so hard it clears small enemies like carrion swarm and mervail spawns.
The setup there is fortify for 20% more tankiness and damage once, minion damage, raise spectre minion life.
I never have to go back to summon these bad boys, they just don't die.. usually. (they tank Minotaur for me, wish they could taunt so i wouldn't have to run so much)

I do plan to make another similar build to this one using minion instability in 3.0 with the damage increases to zombies and skeletons.
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What Bandit you take?
Ah yes I forgot to mention I took passives.
I'm looking to switch to this build but i see that this char only has 433 strength, is this correct or am looking at something wrong ?
Importing his gear to PoB and copying the Skill tree, you get like 1050 strength.

Also, I am quite interested in this build, is it possible to comfortably do T14+ maps and maybe even Guardians / Shaper? What would be the way to upgrade?

Anyway, will try it out - really want a SRS-Summoner.
Is the figment of destruction a Big statue ??
In the gem setup you say desecrate should be level 12, but I think you mean level 11.
so you didn't take any body Armour...???

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