[3.2] Gizelle's Classic Zombie, Spectre Auramancer 4 variations!

Hi my Ingamename is Gizelle introducing my build for Summoner:

The Auramancer
The Auramancer is basically a Summoner which goes most likely lowlife to activate alot of helpfull auras to enhance your offensive and defensive aspects with active buffs. You can candidate as an Aurabot with insane single target dps or as a solo mapper.

This is the most fun build of PoE i ever had.

To catch my stream its www.twitch.tv/cptzacsparow

The idea behind this build is actually pretty simple:

You want to have an army? This is smth for you! (like Diablo2!)
You want to make other players your Minions? You're right here!
You like fragile playing? well xD
You like to overcap each resistance without even having serious res on gear? ye me also ;3

It's pretty cheap yet very efficient:
Progress with this Build each season

Lv. 88 on Domination (Classic)
Lv. 86 on Ambush (Classic)
Lv. 84 on Rampage (Classic)
Lv. 83 on Talisman (Classic)
Lv. 92 on Perandus IGN: Gizemperor (Classic)
Lv. 92 on Prophecy IGN: EmpathicGizelle (Classic)
Lv. 94 on Essence IGN: EssentialGizelle (Classic)
Lv. 95 on Breach IGN: BrokenGizelle (SRS)
Lv. 91 on Legacy IGN: LegendaryGizelle (SRS)
Lv. 90 on Harbinger IGN: GizelleTheHarbinger (Skelly Mages)
Lv. 95 on Bestiary IGN GizelleTheBeast (Melee Skelly)

Current Char (SoftCore) https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/killerkampfkeks/characters/GizelleTheBeast

The danger awaits you, playing carefully. We are going to use the Low Life Mechanic, meaning we are reserving our life to a minimum to enhance our allies, Minions and Party Member.
To make sure you dont get One-Shot by chaos damage, since it is penetrating the Energy Shield and goes directly for life, we are going to need Chaos Resistance on our gear or a Shavronne's Wrapping. Make sure to aim for +135 TOTAL on gear, since Chaos Resistance isn't an Elemental Resistance it can't be lowered by Curses. (Map Mods, beside -XX all max resistance, this includes Chaos)
Also since the Fall of the Oriath update Mind over Matter got a good buff. It now protects our Life (not Energy Shield) 30% of all damage dealt to our life (mainly Chaos) is being dealt to our Mana instead. This makes going Low-Life without a Shavronne's Wrapping even saver.

I show you 4 variations of the build, but there are way more.
Feel free to modify it to fit your personal needs.
These are the 4 which i have personally played.
The number of Minions varying whether you're using Midnight Bargain or Ephemeral Edge
Or Bones of Ullr or Rare Boots.

The 12 Aura Necromancer (Classic)

This version uses 12 Auras:

and Luxury
11. Leer Cast
12. Dying Breath
Utilizing Violent Dead

The slam attack causes AoE damage and the reduced cooldown make sure those slams are consistend with each attack.

Following Minions:
9-10 Zombies
3-4 Spectre
1 Stone Golem
1 Animated Guardian

Important Stuff
The 9 Aura Necromancer (SRS)

This version uses 9 Auras:

Following Minions:
9-10 Zombie
3-4 Spectre
1 Stone Golem
20 Summon Raging Spirits
Utilizing Unending Hunger

Those jewel will activate Soul Eater on your spectre, which means they get a buff per defeated enemy which increases physical damage reduction and attack / cast speed by i think 4% per stack. they also get bigger in appearance.
Important Stuff

10 Aura Mage Skelly Necromancer

For this one i think we can use some different Aura's

Following Minions:
9-10 Zombies
3-4 Spectre
10 Skeleton Mages

These jewel will convert our Skeleton Warrior into Skeleton Mages, which are using a Projectile Spell, i don't know how those spells are called but i name them Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt and Lightning Bolt

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/N7AFMZi3
Important Stuff

To scale the best out of the Skelly Mages i went full Elemental, converting the physical damage of the zombies to lightning damage. Also elemental weakness improves the zombie damage, allows them to shock.
The projectile weakness allows the skels and spectre to pierce through enemies, increasing clearspeed, also adding damage.
8 Aura Melee Skeleton // Current One

Build uses 8 auras only and thanks to the Ascendancy revamp in 3.2 im using melee Skeleton only.
Because the Zombies didnt deal as much damage and blocked the melee Skeletons i retired the Zombies. i couldn't find a Fitting use of the spectre other than Utility because the Skeleton damage surpasses the Million mark.
so i got free Gem Slots in the gear which is pretty big.
We use following auras.

for ourselves.we are going to use this gem

for following gems or auras. The gems effect is that the Auras won't affect ourselves thus we don't get the Aura buff Icon but dont worry, your minions will thank you

I went Shavronnes with this build specifically to kill shaper, and i noticed running curses wont help you with shaper at all. therefore i use some fewer curses to greatly enhance the survivabilty on the build.
The links for the Skeleton will be the following, Swap out Melee Splash for Melee Physical Damage if you want for single target DPS

Only 4l Accessable cause u want the Auras in the Chest

up to 6L possible



6L Map

6L Shaper

for mobility

and if we might take some damage i chose
the Vaal Discipline isn't triggered, but benefits off the Increased Duration Support gem.
Try to look for those Jewels, i recommend 4 To Dust but not necessairy

Midnight Bargain has Increased Skeleton Movement Speed but reserves 30% of Life.

With the Ephemeral Edge u get like 30% Life and you are able to put a 35% aura on a Blood Magic gem so you run like 4 auras on Life. Also has pretty high increased maximum Energy Shield. Besides that its a melee weapon capable of using Shield Charge to get around.

To enhance minion speed, DPS we are going to use a gem synergy typical for summoner

Ascendancy would be
Normal: Invoker
Cruel: Bone Sculpture
Merciless: Commander of Darkness
Uber: Puppet Master

My PoB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/WeBAcgLR
Character Profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/killerkampfkeks/characters/GizelleTheBeast


You command your Minions by using Attacks/Casts to an area where your cursor is located, the Minions have an Aggro Radius around your targeted area and will move there to attack enemies inside this radius.

You will spam the Rejuvenation Totem in order to heal your Minions and sustain incoming Chaos Damage. Desecrate to create corpses and finally Offering to buff your Minions well. Convocation to relocate your Minions to yourself to burst down near threads or "allied cannot die totems"
DPS Calculation, comming soon

Kill All :D
Leveling advice

Get this item asap its cheap (1c) and link zombies with speed and damage

Also create a templar and play until you get the rejuvenation totem, buy an Amber Amulet and a Heavy Belt to get the early strength for the totem.
Keep it up all time so you can see its benefits on lategame.

Get Midnight Bargain asap its also pretty cheap (1-3c)

Use SRS with melee splash, pretty much auto-pilots you to merciless.

As soon as you get lvl 68 you setup all your aura gems and decide between srs and classic version.

Until 68 u can do everything with selffound stuff. beside the shield. After that you HAVE to buy high Energy shield equipment with much Chaos Resistance (27 at least each, 5x27=135)
Leveling Skill Tree

59 points

We get the reservation first over the effectiviness since the auras have to level up first to be really efficient, we can have more auras ;3
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Nice build
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thanks ;D
What did you do for bandits?
What did you do for bandits?

updated thanks bud! ;D

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