[3.2] Gizelle's Classic Zombie, Spectre Auramancer 4 variations!

So, haven't played since the release of act 4, PC problems and no PC friends, but I managed to get an XBone group of myself and five friends, all entirely new running tornado shot ranger, elemental blade vortex templar, crit freeze pulse templar, and two TBA. I like the idea of running an auramancer build to help out but dont wanna aurabot, was wondering which of the three variations here you'd recommend for a full party and if you had any quick tips for this build mid to late game?
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What are your ideas around the Pantheon choices for this build?
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RaPsKa wrote:
What are your ideas around the Pantheon choices for this build?

id say abberath for reduced ignite duration and unaffected by burning ground seems very good. also if you dont have the presence yet you should consider brine king
can this build work fine in a Guardian variation? whit yes can u make that variaton?
Possibly a silly question unless I'm missing something, but how are you running 3 curses? Are you using 2 Doedre's Damning rings?
Someone have a skill tree updated for this build?

I like this build!

GJ mate
Would you still recommend the SRS variation of the build currently?

Tempted to drop some exalted on a United in Dream and Chayula's :p
so with the 3.1 skeleton buffs where do we think we can go from here? Summoners are getting a LOT of love this xpac and it seems like sekeleton swarms might be the way to go. Can we maybe drop spectres and go 4 link skeleton archers alongside our mages and zombies? the new unearth skill looks like it could give us another offensive tool if they skeleton archers don't overlap with our caster ones.
Had a pure aurabot that I converted to this build cuz I liked the idea of being able to solo as well! Just one question, for the 12 aura setup, you need a level 3+ enlighten somewhere in there to fit all the auras it seems. I've tried having different combinations of auras in victario's and prism but I can't seem to get enough mana for my last aura. Any ideas?
This is my favorite Necro build; I'd love to hear an update! I'm thinking of giving it a shot in Bestiary here soon.
You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

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