[3.18] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner-friendly Caster

I've made a full POB guide that includes an improved version of this build. Sadly I won't have the time to update this guide any time soon, so please just follow the instructions within this POB: https://pastebin.com/qMmKksb6


Welcome to my Arc guide!

It's aimed at new players who want a spellcaster that's simple to play and easy to gear while being able to experience most content, without getting their first experience with this game tainted by an absolutely broken build that teaches them nothing about enemy mechanics.

This guide has quite a history. Many people have followed it over the years and opinions range from "the most fun I had in this game" to "the worst thing ever", depending on when they've played it.

That's because the build had to be changed completely with almost every patch, which didn't always work out. This means that all comments until page 2036 aren't relevant to the current setup!

If you have any questions, please ask them in the help section within my Discord channel!

I also stream daily at twitch.tv/enki91!

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/iSd40YuN
(Read the Notes inside to set it up properly!)
Requires the Path of Building Community Fork



Shaper (full run)
176% Quantity Maze of the Minotaur

I'll record new videos with the updated endgame setup whenever I find some time!


Pros & Cons

+ low gear requirements make it a good starter
+ easy to play, Arc autotargets and chains between enemies
+ Endgame Setup is tanky and has Stun-/Elemental Ailment Immunity
- mediocre damage potential until upgrading to the endgame setup
- single target damage can't compete with most meta builds
- Golems can die and leave you weaker for 4 seconds


Main Mechanics

Elemental Overload

Elemental Overload is a keystone that disables your Critical Strike Multiplier in exchange for a conditional 40% more Elemental Damage multiplier. This is applied to your skill for 8 seconds upon landing a critical strike, but doesn't affect your other skills. It only requires around 15-20% crit chance to be effective, which allows you to invest more into other stats instead of crit.

It pairs well with the "Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky" Lightning Mastery. Lucky means that your damage gets rolled twice and the higher value is taken. This helps countering the massive Lightning damage range that is usually it's biggest weakness, and makes your damage feel more consistent. Hits on the low end can still happen, but are far less likely.

Attribute Stacking

Stacking attributes is done to gain a massive bonus from specific modifiers. Those attributes are Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. The entire character is built around them, normally focussing on a single attribute while the others are just high enough to meet requirements.

This build however stacks all of them after getting the Crystallised Omniscience amulet. Infact, it doesn't even matter which attribute it is, as the amulet converts them all to the same attribute.


Act 1-10 Progression


This part contains everything you need to know about the build while getting through the acts.
If you're new, I recommend checking out my Beginner Tips and Act Progression guides.



‣ You'll only get one gem as quest reward. If there are multiple gems from the same quest listed below, you have to buy the others from the currency vendor in that acts town.

‣ Your auras and golems don't need to be actively on your skill bar. You can activate them and then unbind them, or bind them to your secondary skillbar by holding CTRL.

‣ Set Arc, Orb of Storms, Flame Dash, Wave of Conviction and Conductivity to Always Attack without Moving. You can find this option at the top when left-clicking the skill on your skillbar.

Orb of Storms, Wave of Conviction and Conductivity help with tougher enemies.

‣ Once you link Onslaught to Orb of Storms, cast it onto monsters to gain the buff.

‣ After getting your hideout and unlocking recipes starting in late Act 2, use your Crafting Bench to add Resistances, Life, Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Strength or Dexterity to your gear.

‣ Wear a Heavy Belt and Jade Amulet for early attribute requirements.

‣ Equip two Rune Daggers, ideally with 50% Global Crit Chance implicits to help out with Elemental Overload procs.

‣ Use the recipes below to enhance your Rune Daggers, once at Level 8 and again at Level 20. Later on you might find some upgrades or Essences of Torment or -Woe to craft them.



Sell all listed parts together to any vendor, the resulting item will be shown before confirming.

Weapon with "Adds (1-2) to (21-22) Lightning Damage to Spells" (Level 8)
Magic-rarity Rune Dagger + Normal-rarity Topaz Ring + Orb of Alteration

Weapon with "Adds (1-4) to (46-49) Lightning Damage to Spells" (Level 20)
Magic-rarity Rune Dagger + Rare-rarity Topaz Ring + Orb of Alteration

Topaz Ring
Iron Ring + Dexterity Skill Gem


Passive Tree Goals

Act 1 | Act 2 | Act 3 | Act 4 | Act 5 | Act 6 | Act 7 | Act 8 | Act 9 | Act 10



Kill Kraityn | Kill Alira | Kill Oak

to gain 2 Passive Skill Points from Eramir in the Forest Encampment


Gem Progression

Freezing Pulse (Enemy at the Gate, Act 1) -> Arc (The Siren's Cadence, Act 1)
+ Arcane Surge (Twilight Strand, Act 1) -> Lightning Penetration (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3)
+ Added Lightning Damage (The Caged Brute, Act 1) -> Inspiration (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3)
+ Spell Echo (The Eternal Nightmare, Act 4)

Orb of Storms (Breaking Some Eggs, Act 1)
+ Power Charge on Critical (Sharp and Cruel, Act 2)
+ Culling Strike (Sharp and Cruel, Act 2)
+ Onslaught (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3)

Frostblink (Breaking Some Eggs, Act 1) -> Flame Dash (The Caged Brute)
+ Steelskin (Breaking Some Eggs, Act 1) -> Molten Shell (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3)
+ Increased Duration (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3)
+ Arcane Surge (Enemy at the Gate, Act 1) keep it Level 3!

The gems below can be socketed wherever you have space without being linked!

Clarity (The Caged Brute, Act 1)

Herald of Thunder (Intruders in Black, Act 2) -> Wrath (Lost in Love, Act 3)

Determination (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3) after getting Sovereignty & Reservation Mastery

Defiance Banner (A Fixture of Fate, Act 3) after getting Sovereignty & Reservation Mastery

Summon Lightning Golem (Breaking the Seal, Act 4)

Summon Stone Golem (Breaking the Seal, Act 4) after getting Liege of the Primordial

Summon Flame Golem (Breaking the Seal, Act 4) after getting Golem Commander

Summon Chaos Golem (Breaking the Seal, Act 4) after getting Elemancer

Wave of Conviction (Intruders in Black, Act 2)

Conductivity (Lost in Love, Act 3)


Flask Progression

Life Flask
Life Flask -> Diamond Flask (The Silver Locket, Act 7)
Mana Flask -> Granite Flask (The Key to Freedom, Act 5)
Mana Flask -> Quicksilver Flask (The Great White Beast, Act 2)
Quicksilver Flask (Mercy Mission, Act 1)

Get Basalt Flask (Safe Passage, Act 10) for later!


Passives & Ascendancy



Regular: Level 75 | Level 85 | Level 93 - Finished Build | Level 100

Level 85+ requires a Large Cluster Jewel, keep using Infused Flesh until you have it.

To do the starter nodes change, put points into the three +10 Intelligence nodes first, then use six of your quest respec points to remove the Cast Speed and Elemental Damage nodes.



Crackling Speed - Non-Projectile Chaining Lightning Skills Chain +1 times
Heart of Thunder - Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky
Divine Judgement - 40% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments
Deep Thoughts - Clarity has 100% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency
Sovereignty - 15% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
Champion of the Cause - Auras from your Skills have 15% increased Effect on you
Devotion - 10% increased maximum Life & 10% reduced Life Recovery Rate
Cruel Preparation - +50 to maximum Life


Liege of the Primordial (Normal Labyrinth)
Lets you summon another golem, increases their buff effect by 100% and most importantly, makes them automatically get resummoned 4 seconds after they die. While resummoning manually is faster, this is nice to have for situations where doing so would put you into danger.

Elemancer (Cruel Labyrinth)
Makes golems completely immune to elemental damage, lets you summon yet another golem and raises their buff effect by 25% per golem, which results in another 100% with this build.

Mastermind of Discord (Merciless Labyrinth)
Adds another -25% to any exposure you apply for massive resistance reduction and gives some mana sustain if you've applied exposure within the last 4 seconds.

Bastion of Elements (Eternal Labyrinth)
Makes you immune to elemental damage reflection and grants Primal Aegis. This buff takes elemental damage from hits until it's depleted, then recharges if you don't take elemental damage from hits within 5 seconds. Its hitpool is 75 multiplied by the amount of allocated notables.


Gem Setup


Main Skill

Arc is a lightning spell that autotargets enemies if casted into their approximate direction and chains between them. Unlike most other skills that chain, it needs to chain to two different enemies before it can chain back to the same enemy again, which means an enemy can be hit multiple times by a single cast under the right circumstances. Each time it chains, it also releases another damaging bolt to a nearby enemy to help with clearspeed.

The amount of times it can chain depends mostly on its gem level, but can also be increased through other sources such as the Lightning Mastery we use. Lastly, the skill gets a 15% more damage multiplier for each remaining chain to improve its single target damage, e.g. if it can chain 10 times but only hits a single enemy, that hit will get a 150% more damage multiplier.

A Level 21 Arc corruption is one of the first endgame investments you should focus on.

Spell Echo adds a massive cast speed multiplier at the cost of some damage and makes each cast of the linked spell repeat without spending its skill cost.

Anomalous Spell Echo is a good upgrade for more cast speed, Awakened Spell Echo isn't worth it.

Lightning Penetration reduces the enemies lightning resistance by its listed value and can even bring it down into negative values.

Awakened Lightning Penetration is a good damage upgrade. If you invest enough for the Crystallised Omniscience setup, use Arcane Surge for its damage multiplier instead.

Inspiration reduces the linked skills cost and makes you gain an Inspiration Charge when spending mana with it. These Inspiration Charges grant a more elemental damage multiplier and increased crit chance per charge and have a limit of 5. The charges are lost after reaching the treshold of mana spent listed on the gem, but are back up quickly with this builds cast speed.

Anomalous Inspiration can be used to gain additional crit chance for Elemental Overload procs.

Added Lightning Damage adds a flat amount of lightning damage that gets multiplied by 1.2 through Arcs damage effectiveness.

Awakened Added Lightning Damage is a very strong endgame upgrade that doesn't just add more lightning damage, but at Level 5 also increases Arcs level by one for another damage increase.

Cruelty adds a more damage multiplier, the Cruelty buff doesn't matter here.

Anomalous Cruelty is another upgrade that gives you some crit chance.



Orb of Storms is an AoE lightning spell that creates a stationary orb on your position upon cast. This orb periodically releases damaging bolts onto enemies within its AoE and creates additional bolts if you use a lightning skill inside the orb. The orb disappears after a certain amount of bolts and is being replaced if you cast it again. In this build it's used for the following buffs.

Power Charge of Critical lets you gain Power Charges through crit strikes with the linked skill. These charges increase your crit chance to help you gain Elemental Overload with Arc.

Onslaught grants you the Onslaught buff upon kill or hitting a unique enemy with the linked skill. This is great for mobility and gives you a great damage increase for Arc.

Anomalous Onslaught is an option to gain more Onslaught duration.

Culling Strike instantly kills enemies with 10% or less life left. This doesn't just let you kill bosses faster, but also helps with gaining Onslaught while clearing maps.

Divergent Culling Strike heals 2% of your life upon culling. While that's not gonna help much during most bossfights, it's a nice upgrade for mapping.


Golem Buffs

These gems don't have to be linked to each other!

While golems can deal damage, this build only focusses on the buffs they grant. The golems used are Summon Lightning Golem for cast speed, Summon Chaos Golem for physical damage reduction, Summon Flame Golem for damage and Summon Stone Golem for life regeneration.

Their Anomalous versions are great upgrades to maximize their buff effect.


Guard & Movement

Vaal Molten Shell grants two skills, the regular Molten Shell and its buffed up Vaal version.
Both grant Armour and an additional hitpool based on your total Armour for a duration.

The Vaal version requires souls to be used, which are primarily gained by killing monsters or at certain thresholds during bossfights. After being used, it goes into Soul Gain Prevention for some time during which it can't be charged up for another use.

Flame Dash is a movement skill with three charges that replenish after a cooldown, casts instantly and allows you to cross gaps. It also prevents taking damage from damaging ground effects while dashing through them, which is very helpful in many endgame bossfights.

Arcane Surge grants the Arcane Surge buff for 4 seconds upon spending enough mana with the linked skill, which grants a spell damage multiplier and mana regeneration.. Keep it at Level 3 to instantly gain it with a single use of the linked skills.

Divergent Arcane Surge can be used to add another 2 seconds to its buff duration.

Increased Duration simply increases the linked skills and Arcane Surges buff duration.


Auras #1

Auras reserve some of your mana to grant various stats. There are two setups listed here, start with the first one and then switch to the other once you have all the needed stuff.

Wrath grants a lightning damage multiplier, Determination grants armour and a multiplier for it.

Wave of Conviction is a physical spell that converts 25% of its damage to fire and lightning damage respectively and applies 15% exposure for the highest elemental damage it deals. Adding some Lightning Damage to Spells together with lightning damage passives assures that this will be lightning exposure. Keep this gem at Level 1 to avoid dying to physical damage reflection.

It will eventually be replaced by an Eldritch Implicit on your gloves.

Conductivity is a hex curse that lowers enemies lightning resistance and adds +25% chance to be shocked for a significant damage increase.

It will eventually be replaced by a suffix on your ring.

After you've finished the Level 85 Passive Tree, got the equipment to replace the two gems above and the Enlighten mentioned below, you can use this setup instead.

Wrath and Determination remain, Purity of Elements is the new addition that grants you elemental resistances and more importantly makes you immune to all elemental ailments. This is insanely strong for endgame content!

You need a Level 3 Enlighten to be able to fit Purity of Elements in, which reduces the mana reservation cost of linked skills.


Auras #2

These gems don't have to be linked to each other!

Clarity grants mana regeneration to help with skill cost sustain.

Defiance Banner reserves mana to carry a banner that grants increased armour and evasion and reduces the crit chance of nearby enemies. If placed, it grants a bigger effect for those and taunts nearby enemies while also lowering their damage by 15%.


Gear & Flasks


The build starts out as a basic caster. For your first set of gear, all you need to focus on is having a good amount of Life on each piece while getting enough Elemental Resistances to cap them at 75%. Your damage gets covered by a unique weapon and getting Cast Speed on your jewelry.

Once you've progressed deep into your atlas and have acquired more currency, you want to upgrade your gear to use another aura and the Annihilating Light staff to push into endgame. Wave of Conviction and Conductivity are being replaced by modifiers on your items for an easier playstyle, and to make space for Purity of Elements to gain Elemental Ailment Immunity.

If you like the build enough to go all out on it, you can upgrade to Crystallised Omniscience on a high budget. This requires a completely new set of gear - while Life and Armour are still needed, you now want lots of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence instead of Elemental Resistances.

The section below shows what stats to aim for in each slot and for each budget.



Agnerod West is a great staff to start mapping with. It has lots of damage stats, is usually cheap and you don't even need to link its sockets, just getting it to six sockets to fit all gems is enough.

If you can't get your hands on one, look out for a staff with atleast three out of 80%+ Spell Damage or Lightning Damage, +2 to Level of all Lightning Spell Skill Gems, Adds 1 to 150+ Lightning Damage to Spells and 20%+ Cast Speed.

The Annihilating Light is your endgame staff to upgrade to. It simply triples your damage, but of course that comes with a downside - your Elemental Resistances get reduced by a substantial amount. You want this value to be as close to 60% as possible when buying this staff.

To give you an example: With a Level 20 Purity of Elements and a 60% roll on your staff, it would take another 176% to each Elemental Resistance to reach 80% for Brass Dome.

The tripled damage is not shown in your tooltip DPS, so while it may look like a downgrade at first, you'll notice just how good this staff is while playing the game.

Since this is your endgame weapon, it's also worth to farm the Harvest Enchantment below.

On a very high budget, get an Annihilating Light with Cast Speed corruption.

Harvest Enchantment: Grants 1% increased Elemental Damage per 2% Quality


Body Armour

You can start with a Tabula Rasa, a unique body armour that only has six linked white sockets, or a rare body armour with atleast five links, 70+ Life and Resistances on an Energy Shield base to have an easier time with getting the right colors for your Arc setup.

Brass Dome is your endgame body armour. It offers a huge increase in survivability by giving you tons of Armour and raising your maximum Elemental Resistances by up to 5%, while also making you take no extra damage from Critical Strikes. The loss of Life is made up for by this.

Your Brass Dome doesn't need any links, only six sockets to fit your Golems, Clarity and Defiance Banner in. Arc goes into your Staff at this point.

On a very high budget, get a Brass Dome with +5% to all maximum Elemental Resistances and either a +1% to all maximum Resistances or 50% increased Damage corruption.



Your first helmet should be an Armour base with 70+ Life and Resistances, don't bother with an Enchantment or Eldritch Implicits at this point.

For endgame, you want to craft a helmet with those same stats, the right Enchantment and a total of atleast 15% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills, which together with a Level 3 Enlighten and the Level 85 Passive Tree goal allows you to fit Purity of Elements in.

Start with a helmet base with the Arc Chains an additional Time Enchantment, then use Shrieking or Deafening Essences of Loathing until you get 70+ Life and an open suffix to craft a Resistance, or 30%+ Resistance and an open prefix to craft Life. The remaining Mana Reservation Efficiency comes from the Eldritch Implicits obtained through Eldritch Ichors.

If you upgrade to Crystallised Omniscience, use a Black Sun Crest. This helmet increases your Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence by up to 15%, and each of those gets converted to increase your Omniscience instead. It also raises the level of socketed gems by 1, which your Determination + Wrath + Purity of Elements + Enlighten setup greatly benefits from.

Eldritch Implicits: The Searing Exarch offers damage increases through Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells or #% increased Cast Speed. More important is the Eater of Worlds' #% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills for the reasons mentioned above.

Enchantment: Arc Chains an additional Time



Start with Armour base gloves with 70+ Life and Resistances.

For endgame, all you need is the same with more Resistances to use Annihilating Light, then roll for the Eldritch Implicits below to gain more damage and throw out Wave of Conviction.

If you upgrade to Crystallised Omniscience, aim for an Armour base with 70+ Life and atleast 40+ to two out of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.

Eldritch Implicits: The Searing Exarch has #% chance to Unnerve Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit to aim for while the Eater of Worlds has Inflict Lightning Exposure on Hit, applying -#% to Lightning Resistance, which replaces Wave of Conviction.



Go for Armour base boots with 20%+ Movement Speed, 70+ Life and Resistances first.

For endgame, you once again just need the same with more Resistances and then work on getting the Enchantment and Eldritch Implicits below.

If you upgrade to Crystallised Omniscience, aim for an Armour base with 20%+ Movement Speed, 70+ Life and atleast 40+ to two out of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.

Eldritch Implicits: The Searing Exarch offers #% increased Action Speed to speed up anything you do. The Eater of Worlds implicit to go for is #% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate of Travel Skills, which makes your Flame Dash more useful.

Enchantment: Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently



Start with 50+ Life, 20+ Dexterity and +1 to Level of all Lightning Skill Gems.

For Endgame, you want to add some more damage stats to this. Those can be #% increased Spell/Lightning Damage, #% increased Cast Speed, Damage Penetrates #% Elemental/Lightning Resistance or +1 to Level of all Skill Gems. If needed, you can also add some Resistances to use Annihilating Light.

Crystallised Omniscience is a high budget option for anyone that wants to push the build even further. It's very expensive, but can easily triple your damage output with the right setup.

Once you get it, it becomes the core of your build and requires you to adjust your gear around it. The amulet converts all your Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, including any #% increased modifiers to a new attribute called Omniscience and adds them together. While Omniscience itself doesn't do anything, the amulet has modifiers that interact with it.

You gain 1% Elemental Resistance Penetration and 1% to all Elemental Resistances for every 10 Omniscience you have. This quickly becomes a massive damage increase that allows you to replace the Lightning Penetration support gem for Arcane Surge, and helps to counter the Elemental Resistance Reduction from Annihilating Light. The amulet also allows you to meet attribute requirements for your gear and gems with up to 25% of your Omniscience instead.

This amulet only drops from the Searing Exarch and can be farmed.

Anointment: Ash, Frost and Storm (Endgame Amulet); Charisma (Crystallised Omniscience)



Start with any rings with 50+ Life, Resistances and some Cast Speed.

For endgame, replace the Cast Speed with more Resistances to use Annihilating Light. One ring needs Curse Enemies with Conductivity on Hit to throw out the Conductivity gem and free up its socket. Ideally you want these on Amethyst Ring bases to gain lots of Chaos Resistance.

If the Resistances are at 30%+ each, it's worth using Prismatic Catalysts to maximize them.

If you upgrade to Crystallised Omniscience, aim for 50+ Life and atleast 40+ to two out of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence on Amethyst Rings, with one of them having Curse Enemies with Conductivity on Hit.

Catalysts: Prismatic Catalyst (Endgame Rings); Intrinsic Catalyst (Crystallised Omniscience)



Your first belt only needs 80+ Life and Resistances, ideally on a Leather Belt base.

For endgame, get 80+ Life, 40+ Mana and lots of Resistances on a Stygian Vise. This allows you to socket a Hypnotic Eye Jewel, aim for Life, Dexterity and Lightning Damage.

The mana is needed to smooth out your sustain and can technically be on any gear.

If you upgrade to Crystallised Omniscience, get any Synthesized Belt base with 13-15% increased Strength, -Dexterity or -Intelligence and use either Sorrow- or Spite Essences until you hit 70+ Life and 40+ Strength.

Catalysts: Prismatic Catalyst (Endgame Belt); Intrinsic Catalyst (Crystallised Omniscience)



These are socketed into Basic Jewel Sockets within your passive skill tree. I recommend to have Life on all of them, then add as many of the other listed stats as you can afford.

Jewel Affixes

#% increased Cast Speed with Lightning Skills
#% increased Attack and Cast Speed
#% increased Cast Speed
# to # Added Spell Lightning Damage while wielding a Two Handed Weapon
Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells
#% increased Spell Damage while wielding a Staff
#% increased Lightning Damage
#% increased Spell Damage
#% increased Damage
+# to Strength
+# to Dexterity
+# to Intelligence
#% to Chaos Resistance

Watcher's Eye is an optional choice that has some life and up to three aura-related affixes. Good choices for this build are:

Watcher's Eye Affixes

#% increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath
#% increased Critical Strike Chance while affected by Wrath
Damage Penetrates #% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath
#% to Chaos Resistance while affected by Purity of Elements
+# to Armour while affected by Determination
#% additional Physical Damage Reduction while affected by Determination


Cluster Jewels

These are socketed into Large Jewel Socket at the outline of the passive tree.

This build only needs a Large Cluster Jewel. It has to be Lightning Damage based and ideally has 8-9 added Passives. The important notable to go for is Doryani's Lesson, this gives you Life Leech and lets you respec Infused Flesh.

A good addition is Overshock to get improve your shocks, and with that your single target damage. Inspired Oppression, Prismatic Heart and Thunderstruck are alright too. The third notable at the back doesn't matter and is just needed to push the two useful notables to the front.

Doryani's Lesson should ideally be the left or right notable when socketed, if it's at the back it costs you two additional passive points to get. You can check the notable order by importing or recreating the Large Cluster Jewel in Path of Building.


Before crafting any of these flasks, use an Orb of Scouring to make them normal-rarity and then use 4 Glassblower's Baubles to raise their quality to 20%!


Divine Life Flask

A Divine Life Flask is great for instant healing when your life goes below 50%. For that, aim for any reduced Amount Recovered/Instant Recovery when on Low Life prefix and add of Sealing with the Menagerie to remove Bleed and Corrupted Blood.

Later on upgrade to a similar flask with a higher tier Grants Immunity to Bleeding.. suffix.


Diamond Flask

This flask increases your crit chance. Get any Increased Duration prefix and add of the Deer with the Menagerie to remove Chill and Freeze.

Once you're elemental ailment immune, replace the suffix with any Cast Speed suffix.

Bottled Faith is a high budget option. It creates a large Consecrated Ground that makes enemies standing on it take more damage and adds crit chance against them.


Granite Flask

This flask grants a lot of armour. Get any Increased Duration prefix once again and add of the Conger with the Menagerie to remove Shock.

Once you're elemental ailment immune, replace the suffix with any increased Armour.. suffix to gain an even bigger Vaal Molten Shell effect.


Basalt Flask

This flask gives a huge armour multiplier and should be used in conjuction with the Granite Flask. Since it consumes 40 charges, aim for a prefix that either adds Maximum Charges or reduced Charges per use and add of the Urchin with the Menagerie to remove Ignite.

Once you're elemental ailment immune, replace the suffix with any Immunity to Poison.. suffix.


Quicksilver Flask

This flask grants additional movement speed for better mobility. Go for any increased Duration or reduced Duration/increased Effect prefix with any increased Movement Speed.. suffix.

The Quicksilver Flask from the Mercy Mission quest can't roll Movement Speed suffixes!

Upgrade Order

‣ Beginner Gear
‣ Flasks
‣ Jewels
‣ Level 21 Arc
‣ Large Cluster Jewel
‣ 5L Annihilating Light
‣ Endgame Gear
‣ Level 3 Enlighten
‣ Watcher's Eye
‣ Awakened Gems
‣ Alternative Quality Gems
‣ 6L Annihilating Light
‣ Omniscience Setup
‣ Bottled Faith


Playstyle & Pantheon



Before you enter any map, check if all your auras are activated and all golems are summoned.

Mapping itself is pretty straightforward with this build. Arc has a fairly good range and can kill enemies before they get close to you. Keep your Diamond Flask up and if you want, you can also try to snipe some enemies with Orb of Storms to gain Onslaught for more speed.

The most important thing is to keep moving! Standing still for too long is a death sentence in this game, so try to get into a rhytm of casting a few Arcs and move. Use Flame Dash and your Quicksilver Flask to reposition or move between enemies.

If you expect to take lots of damage, such as from a Metamorph, Archnemesis or similar, use your Granite- and Basalt Flask and then Vaal Molten Shell to be safe.

Recommended stats for endgame content
‣ 4.5k Life
‣ Brass Dome
‣ Purity of Elements
‣ 5L+ Annihilating Light
‣ Level 21 Arc



Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
Pretty risky and annoying, skip this.

Players cannot inflict Exposure
Massive damage loss, don't couple it with other mods that make enemies tankier.

Monsters' skills Chain 2 additional times
Can be risky with some projectile-based monsters, especially if there's a lot of damage mods on the map. Soul of Lunaris with its last upgrade prevents projectiles to chain to you, but doesn't prevent any secondary effects these may cause that could still kill you.



Start any bossfights with placing Orb of Storms upon them, then use your Diamond Flask and burst them down with Arc. Make sure to refresh Orb of Storms when needed to keep buffs up. If you stand behind the boss and only move away for AoE skills, you'll be fine.

If you expect to take a lot of damage and can't move away or just want to burst them down, use your Granite- and Basalt Flask and then Vaal Molten Shell to be safe.


Soul of Arakaali (Major Pantheon)
Its default effect reduces the damage over time you take. All upgrades are worth getting to recover your life faster after taking damage over time, gain some Chaos Resistance towards it and make debuffs affecting you expire faster.

Soul of Shakari (Minor Pantheon)
Its default effect limits the amount of poison stacks that can be inflicted upon you to 3 and halves their duration. Its upgrade reduces the chaos damage you take, with an additional reduction for chaos damage over time while on Caustic Ground.


Other Guides

Lowlife Bane Occultist
CI Dominating Blow Guardian
Ancestral Warchief Chieftain
Molten Strike Champion


Thanks for reading! Hope you like the build and have a nice day!
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Can you dual wield fishing rods? Do you think you could get the fastest cast speed lightning warp with two fishing rods or with a +3 lightning 22% cast staff?
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I like the concept of Arc. It reminds of the old days in another game :)
After reading your guide i have some questions.

Is it possible to play this as EB + CoD build? (im sure its possible, but do you think its worth it? With all auras running, my mana pool would be reduced by a lot...)
Im not very rich and CoD is probably the only good item i have, thats why im asking :P

I would have to safe currency for a long time to buy both, catalyst and invitation. Thats why i hope i can use a rare belt to gain some extra life, mana and res + a wand with 1% leech from catharina.

Is 1% leech enough with and without Vaal Pact? Can Vaalpact really safe me vs reflect mobs? (i never used this node, so i have no idea)

Would be nice to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas
Zentr0x wrote:
Hi, i came back after some time to try the game again, and i somehow stumbled into your thread.

I like the concept of Arc. It reminds of the old days in another game :)
After reading your guide i have some questions.

Is it possible to play this as EB + CoD build? (im sure its possible, but do you think its worth it? With all auras running, my mana pool would be reduced by a lot...)
Im not very rich and CoD is probably the only good item i have, thats why im asking :P

I would have to safe currency for a long time to buy both, catalyst and invitation. Thats why i hope i can use a rare belt to gain some extra life, mana and res + a wand with 1% leech from catharina.

Is 1% leech enough with and without Vaal Pact? Can Vaalpact really safe me vs reflect mobs? (i never used this node, so i have no idea)

Would be nice to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas

Hi, and Merry Christmas!

CoD will be possible, but you'll have to drop one aura, either PoL or HoI, i'd recommend dropping the ladder.

VP does save you against reflect, especially when combined with the maxres of PoL and popping your Topaz flask. With only 1% leech it gets kinda funky though, i would in the meantime replace Empower with Life Leech until you can afford the Catalyst/Invitation setup.
Thx for the fast reply,
i will go with the LL Gem, should make it much easier to find a cheap Wand with decent stats.
When i drop HoI, i can replace it with Arctic Armor and i wont need an unset ring for know. Gives me more choices for this slot.
Suddenly this build is affordable, for me ;)

thx again!
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Nice guide!

I want to ask you a question: what's your opinion on apep's rage?
Chrispherto wrote:
Nice guide!

I want to ask you a question: what's your opinion on apep's rage?

Apeps is great, but not for this build. The mana cost jumps to 170 mana/cast which is simply unsustainable. DPS is at 38.5k fully charged and it's bit less exposure to reflect, but yeah, the mana cost.
You tried with Pledge? If so how much dps you got? Nice Build btw!
funkeherkules wrote:
You tried with Pledge? If so how much dps you got? Nice Build btw!

Thanks! Unfortunately i do not have a Pledge of Hands to hand, so i can't test it, but it's most likely beaten out by dual Catalyst.

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