[3.0] Ele Crit Burning Arrow (Hrimburn) VIDEO

This build guide is focussed on a Witch Elementalist using a bow dealing 100% elemental damage while having the benefit of 85%-100% reduced reflected elemental damage taken.

Short Video


Managing your reflect takes some effort, and might be doable for the occasional reflect rare while using a vinktars leech flask and the instant leech skill node called Vaal Pact.

Things change while playing in a party; Monster's life is increased and you now have the benefit of your party member's aura's that will sky rocket your damage.

So why bother with this anti ele reflect build?
"You can just reroll reflect maps or run them with a sextant mod!"
To have some fun, and to save orbs, I've opted to stockpile my ele reflect maps, and run them with this bow user. Try something new. On a side node; the 15% elemental reflect thorns buff from the racecourse map is completely nullified.

I wanted to test lots of different bow skills and most likely would end up with the known T1 PewPew: Lightning Arrow, Tornado Shot and Barrage.

I've started and sticked with Burning Arrow, loving it. Melting screens of monsters in T9-12 shaped maps.


Ignite & Hrimburn Unique Gloves

Burning Arrow converts 50% of physical damage to fire.
To reach 100% fire damage conversion, and thus being able to create bigger ignites, you'll need a source for an additional 50%.

I've chosen a different route:

Cold damage together with fire will count for the ignite damage.
Suddenly Hatred and a cursing herald of ice become options.

My reasoning was:
Since the corpse proliferation wasn't really working during initial testing (Beacon= 12 radius = tiny). I've chosen to forgo the corpse proliferation mechanic, and shatter corpses by doing cold damage. Chill and freeze would proliferate from living monsters beside ignite. This will provide a tremendous amount of safety to your character. Monsters will have a harder time reaching you.

To be able to ignite this build focusses on critical strikes that always ignite targets.

The ignite is further enhanced by:

Faster ignites will lower the duration, but increase the ignite DPS. Since we're not leaving corpses on the ground proliferating ignite, the downside of the shorter duration is not really felt.

and enhanced by:


lvl 91
5.8k life
60k dmg hideout tooltip
92% chance to hit
77% crit chance
525% crit Multi
no significant armour / evasion
0 power charges
5 frenzy charges
30% dodge
resists: 100%+ for elemental weakness maps.


Main life/mana leech will come in the form of:

2.0% life/ 0.4% mana Duelist leech nodes

and/or blood drinker & the shadow claw nodes 1.6 %life / 0.8% mana in the form of:

Further suplemented by:
Belt: 1% against chilled targets.
Boots: 0.6% life / 0.6% mana leech after kill. Note this is general leech, so herald of Ice and Thunder leech as well.

extra Notes:

a) The choice of bows is hard and can be confusing. First of all I'm using 2 bows for 2 setups. More about that in the boss killing section.

b) A rare bow will make you need the GMP gem. A Death's Opus unique bow has 2 extra projectiles. Together with the shapers flask you'll have anough at 5 arrows shot each burning arrow volley. It does have a different feel to the spread of arrows, it's something to get used too. In open maps firing 2 arrows less can be annoying. But that leaves a spot open for an attack speed gem. Death's Opus has less crit chance. If you love the fast attacks, go for death's, and if you like a bigger bang for your buck, go for a rare bow. In the land of the blind, one eye is king. Both bows will do just fine. If you do happen to go for Death's Opus and an attack speed gem, you can drop alot of attack speed on the tree for %life.

c) Since I was using a Kaom's chest, I got no room for setups like:
- Barrage / vaal burning arrow boss killing
- Scorching ray - spell totem - curse on hit.
I've picked up the skill node point blank. far away trash was never a problem, and it does give a nice chunk of extra damage on bosses and one shots rare monsters.
If you're using the same skill tree without the 500 life chest, you'll have alot less life. You can route your skill tree through more %life (the scion life wheel) to compensate for that. See the skill tree section.

d) Since half the damage dealt is cold, it would be ineffective to try invest into alot of %increased fire damage.

e) Alot of safety comes from frozen and chilled packs of monsters. With the increased AoE from the shaper flask and witch tree, the proliferations are the perfect size for spawning harbinger packs.

f) Getting more lightning damage on gear (or herald of thunder) might be good to get more shock proliferation going.

g) At 77% crit I didn't really need power charges since I'm using a crit flask. Might even be possible to drop the flask and go for 85%+ chance to crit with power charges. I've found the elemental weakness curse best overall, since I was running rare maps, encountering so many high resistance monsters because of the map mods. This level 91 character even dropped all power charge gain all together. I've used the assasin's mark, then swapped to the skill node Overcharged, and then nothing. If you're only running T1 clear speed maps like a shaped dunes, you'll be able to keep power charges up. Otherwise you'll just run out half the time, so you might just as well take half the crit chance in skill nodes that will supply you crit chance at all times.

h) Labyrinth Enchants: The 15% extra damage on the helm speaks for itself. Since so few players are using BA, it's rather cheap too. The gloves are hard to get. Lab runners do not mass enchant hrimburn gloves. They get better currency with enhcanting and selling more popular uniques. You'll probably have to enchant this one yourself. The fury enchant takes your bow as base damage while converting damage into fire it fits the build perfectly. There are other enchants that shoot out projectiles that are pretty good as well. These projectiles do serious damage and not only trigger on monster hit, but also when you're hit yourself. It fires 10 projectiles with an average damage of 10k for this character. I once grabbed my phone during play and got jumped by a pack of monsters. Unable to react myself, the fury triggered when I got hit and annihilated the pack with a crit. Yes, it's that strong. Leech on boots is really good and thus expensive.

When starting to look for the right enchants, start with the helm, then boots and last gloves.

P.S. I've made this character mid harbinger league. The currency needed to acquire similar gear might be too costly for some. Keep in mind with a 20% quality burning arrow gem and the unique gloves + belt + sudden ignite jewel; you're good to go kill some monsters!

Tree & Pantheon

Tree- 109 pnt -lvl90 Alira Lioneye'sFall(claw nodes)-159% life
giving 5.8k life and 77% crit 525 multi with a 60k tooltip

Extra Notes:

This character is trying hard to get more resistances on gear to drop Alira and get 2 skill points to be able to respec some skill nodes to reach the scion life wheel. When you route there you'll pickup alot of strength that you'll no longer need on gear; more free suffixes for resistances.

a) Vaal Pact is optional. Increased leech rate (claw leech and optional duelist leech) goes fast anough for the t9-12 maps im currently running. For the highest content you'll be needing vaal pact. If you use lioneye's fall, and path through vaal pact, take the extra dagger and claw nodes into consideration: 4 pnts = 20% acc 16% dmg and 40% crit 20% multi.

b) Power / Frenzy charge generation's I've taking under consideration:

- Inuitive Leap uniq jewel taking the skill node: Overcharged. This works fine in open maps with high clear speed. If you're killing slow, or picking up alot of loot, your charges will run out. With power charges your crit chance will approach 90% enabling you to drop the crit flask for another one. Always consider cost-gains when using icebite support gem. The only gain from this jewel will be the occasional 3 power (120 crit) and endurance charges + 6% life at the cost of 2 points. On the other hand you could have a rare jewel with 7% life,8 bow attack and 15% crit. the 2 leftover points could be put in 20% crit chance nodes. Then you'll have an always active 55% crit chance versus 120. Scrap the endurance charges versus bow attackspeed and you'll have rather balanced options.

- Ice bite support gem. With 5+ frenzy charges this does as much damage as the added cold gem. I've really come to like the ice bite gem. With anough frenzy charges the cold damage can scale pretty high. You only need one pack to max out your frenzy charges.

- Curses: Assasin's mark & Poacher's Mark. In hexproof maps you're kinda nerfed hard.

-Bloodrage: 15-20% attack speed and frenzy charges gained is pretty good. You'll have to live with the fact you're degenning and cannot make use of the physical attack life leech.

c) Piercing 2 additional targets from the tree seems good anough. No need to wear pierce boots or use the gem. After alot of testing I've noticed you can skip these 3 skill nodes and use a quiver with 1 target pierced as well.

d) Point blank is for boss killing. Far away trash is never a problem, they'll still die , even with 50% less damage.

e) If you do not posses the lioneye's fall jewel, you can take the duelist leech nodes.


Is a nice option, since golems (2) heralds (1-3), Shaper of desolation (have to fact check this one) count as buffs. 6 buffs with a perfect jewel 5-12 amount to 30-72 fire damage. There is no shortage of taking damage in the tree though. I've skipped out on alot; Heavy draw for example.

g) As a crit build, I can advice you not to neglect accuracy. Keep your chance to hit at 90%+.

If you do not have the chest with 500 life called Kaom's Heart (or want a tankier version). You'd be wise to route the skill tree through the scion life wheel:

Tree-115 pnt Evasion Dodge Alira VaalPact - Lioneye'sFall with 212% life
giving roughly 6.5-7k life with 30k tooltip and 60% crit and 490% multi)

Tree-114 pnt Armor IronReflex Alira with 221% life

The glasscannon tree with a really high (90+) level character could reach the scion life wheel end-game, going all around and dropping some damage.

Tree-115 pnt BanditKillAll IntuitiveLeap2pnt LioneysFall DuelistAccuracy Scionwheel with 201% life

Soul of the brine king: Anti stun & Freeze

Minor:(2 options)
Tukohama (stationary phys & regen)
100% ele reflect reduced, with Sibyl's Ring.

Yugul (reflect)
85% ele reflect reduced, Without Sibyl's Ring.

Gem Setup

Rare bow:
1) BA
2) Crit CHANCE
3) GMP
4) Ice Bite (for frenzy generation)
5) Crit DMG *
6) WED *
* can be swapped for faster attacks or a damage gem like added cold. Crit DMG does not work on the ignite, but does help with extra shocks if you deal a little lightning damage.

Death's Opus
1) BA
2) Crit CHANCE
3) Faster Attacks
4) Ice Bite (for frenzy generation)
5) GMP (optional to swap added cold dmg for small hallways map or for a hard rolled map or boss fight)
6) WED

Gem setups are not set in stone. Pro tip: google "path of building" for a program that uploads your character from GGG for virtual tweaking. Quality of life and build design are not always readable from a screen with numbers, it's important to keep those in mind when designing your setup.

a) 3 projectiles during flask effect are not anough. GMP is really needed for that fast clear speed with a rare bow. Otherwise you'll have to use a bow with added arrows like Death's Opus. Death's Opus has 100% crit damage, so you might want to swap out increased crit damage as well.

b) If you can keep your vaal haste up, you might wanna drop faster attacks for some more damage.

c) there are plenty more options for slot 5/6. Some might do more damage on paper, but do not work that well in combination with crit / ignite damage / heralds etc.

d) Since you're near or total immune to reflect, and if you like offscreening, try faster projectiles in some open maps for the fun of it :)
You can go for Hatred & cursing Herald of Ice.
I like the option to take Herald of Thunder to have a better ability to spread shocks.

A more tankier version would drop Hatred for Grace.

You can also drop Hatred to be able to run all 3 heralds:
Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness
Herald of Ash - Increased Burning damage - swift affliction support

My testing setup included a Koam's chest. That starves alot of options for additional utility gems like:
Vaal Haste
Blink Arrow
CWDT - Immortal Call

LVL 92 Final Character

85% elemental reflect reduction:

100% elemental reflect reduction:

Tree-111 pnt BanditKillAll LioneysFall 198% life

7k life with 3x5 %life nodes left to take at scionwheel.
93% chance to hit
73% chance to crit
373% Multi (no ICD)
49.5k tooltip (with GMP)
resist over cap for elemental weakness maps.
for temporal chains maps I swap in faster attacks.
Thinking of changing crit flask to anti freeze for unid lootboxes.

Extra Info

Sources for reducing Elemental Reflect

a list of all sources:
50- The Elementalist's passive Paragon of Calamity grants reduced reflected elemental damage taken.
40- Sibyl's Lament grants reduced reflected elemental taken when equipped in the left ring slot.
10-The passive skill Master of Force grants reduced reflected physical damage damage taken.
10-The passive skills Ash, Frost and Storm and Primeval Force grants reduced reflected elemental damage taken.
25-Choosing The Pantheon power Soul of Yugul grants 25% reduced Reflected Damage Taken.

To reach 100% and thus immunity, you'll need to be elementalist and use the Sibyl's ring.

That might not be desirable since you'll get more power from a different ring.
Atleast this is an elemental attack build, so you'll be getting more out of it then a spell caster would.

For the last 10% you'll have to take a 10% skill node or the pantheon.

Min-Max: You can always opt to run regular maps with less reduction and/or swapping in the ring for your elemental reflect maps.

Boss Killing (Vaal Burning Arrow)

Vaal Burning Arrow (VBA) fire's "Mortar's" as in AoE explosions. 1 volley of arrows cannot "shot gun" as in all damage the same target. A volley of mortars however can damage the same target. When manually shot the arrows spread out and will not all hit the same target. When fired from a trap support gem, all arrows will hit the target. Multiple projectiles that can hit the same target are absolute murder.

I'm currently using Kaoms, a 0 socket chest, so I got no room for a vaal burning arrow setup.
However, there is the possibility to have it on the weapon swap. Vaal skills in the swap do not gather souls, so you'll have to swap it from the front (loose socket in gloves orso) to the back when it's full. When you arrive at the boss you can swap to the boss killing setup.

possibile links:
1) VBA- 2) TRAP

3) Rare bow -GMP
3) Death's Opus -DMG gem (with shaper's flask you fire 5 arrows instead of 9, but might still have abit more dmg besides giving a better applicant of shock.

extra options: Point blank (or from tree), WED, Conc effect, crit chance, fire pen, crit damage, phys proj, added cold, elemental focus etc etc

A 5L setup almost one shot a racecourt boss. 3 traps thrown at any T9-T12 boss will wreak havoc. A 6L will be needed for bigger bosses. Even if you cannot kill the boss outright, it still takes a big chunk of life out of them. It's especially handy in a fight that will start when you walk close to the boss. In that scenario you throw your traps in front of the boss, start the fight, and swap to regular BA after the bosses triggered the traps.

A map example: Vaults T12

When starting out, I've got the VBA in my boots, and the Vaal Haste in my weaponswap2 bow.
While clearing the map the VBA gem will be charged with 36 souls in no timne. I once started a map with a harbinger pack, and they got the VBA at 3 charges.
Then I stop at a safespot, and swap the VBA gem with Vaal haste.
I clear the rest of the map and use vaal haste now and then.
Arriving at the boss room I stand close to the boss, but I'm not activating the fight just yet.
I'm offscreening the blue pack of monsters, filling up my freny charges.
Next I swap to my weaponswap2.
I drink all my damage flasks: Crit / Taste of Hate (atzir's promise) / Dying sun.
I'm throwing 3 VBA traps on the spot where the boss will spawn.
Only then will I activate the boss.
*** BOOM ***
1+2 opus +4 GMP +2 dying sun = 9 Arrows.x3 traps = 27 arrows in tha face!
Quite capable of one shotting a vanilla mod boss. And if he's not dead, he's limping at 10% life.
Next you swap to your normal burning arrow setup to finish him off if needed.
and when you're back in your hide out, you swap the VBA and Vaal Haste again, rdy to begin your next map.

Extra notes:
a) You can also use a rare bow for your VBA setup.
b) Not all boss fights start in such a static scenario. It might get a little sketchy now and then.
c) If you swap your weapons before the traps are triggered, they are gone. no boomboom; bad for you :(
d) and sometimes you forgot to swap the gems, so you arrive at the boss with zero charges. oops.
e) The master trapper times his attack within the 2 second duration of the multi shock/ chill /ignite buff called Shaper of Desolation. Because of shock potential, elemental focus might not be worth putting in, although it has a bigger tooltip then increased critical strike chance.

Specializing in the Burn

While trying to specialize in the ignite proliferation I was doing zero cold damage. Leaving the corpses on the ground to proliferate their burns. Cold damage would freeze and shatter monsters, leaving no corpses and thus negating this mechanic.

After putting all my resourses into the ignite with for example:

The burns where doing anough damage to kill trash monsters in T9-12 maps. 15k-20k ignite tooltip. No problems there. I also took the ailment crit Multi node working at 250%+ (from 500%) damage multiplier on the ignite.

I encountered 2 major issues:
1) Monster would still be able to reach my squishy character. The AoE wasn't big anough. Even with the witch AoE nodes and Shaper flask there would always be monsters left alive. Elementalist proliferation gives 12 base radius. By giving up a gem slot for lvl 20 ignite proliferation support you can go 16 base radius, but that was still lacking too.
2) The boss wouldn't die fast anough, even with tooltip dps pretty much maxed out.
I did not have the resources left to put into the classic duo/tri curse and EE, Master of Discord to help speed that up (should've tried point blank). Without the nerfed double dipping and lowered resists, the biggest bad bosses where a no go.

Against better judgement I've tried and failed. The old days of burning your screen clean of monsters are gone. Boss burning might still be possible if you find a way to lower their resists by a 100 orso. A build without crit might have room for such investments and have a better chance of succeeding.

3.0 changes to double dipping

The ignite damage is no longer calculated by the damage done to a target.
It is calculated from a term called "Base Damage".
That means both your initial hit damage and the ignite damage are calculated before you even hit the target. Both can be increased by the same source (increased elemental damage for example) or separately (increased X type versus increased damage over time).

PROJECTILE damage no longer affects the ignite.
Yes we've lost a crapload of double dipping damage, but There's a small light in the darkness:
LMP & GMP modifier "Less Projectile Damage" only affects the initial hit and not the ignite.
In the past players would flee to extra projectile options (deaths opus, RotC, ranger, corrupted quivers) before putting in a GMP in a burn build.

AREA damage does not affect the ignite. (vaal burning arrow / herald of ash)

Before 3.0, Penetrate RESISTANCES would affect the ignite indirectly, since it buffed the initial hit. Now in 3.0 the calculations are split and thus penetrate will no longer affect the ignite. Ofcourse reduced/lowered resistances (by EE or curse etc) will still increase ignite damage.

The new WED; elemental damage with attacks does both increase the initial hit and the ignite.

Leveling Up

1) bow builds are heavily depended on damage gear,
2) There are no bow skill nodes near the witch starting area,

You'll be better off leveling up with spells and respec those points later on into the bow build.

I've opted to start with dual flameblast totems.

Things to do

-find out exact mechanics of sudden ignition in regards to prolif.

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I can tell you put a lot of work and thought into the build itself, and I definitely believe you're enjoying it. The build guide itself looks more like a WIP / Discussion post where the actual build and guide portions are rather hard to get through.

You might improve the guide by making categories for things that people would need to reference when they return to look at the guide. It reads much like a continued stream of consciousness at the moment.

I was a bit shocked at 144% increased life on tree. Even with a kaom's you're HP is only 5635. I wonder how the build feels for people who don't have one yet.

You go on to state that the bow lacks stats, and the quiver is great. And then we see your linked gear which uses neither. Not sure what leap of intuition you were thinking new players who want to try you build will make there.

I understand the usage of Dyadian Dawn (ignite speed is awesome), it may not be readily so apparent to others. Also, you mentioned Master of Force in your reflect section, but your tree doesn't include it. If it's for leveling and then removed later, it is not easy to follow.

You also still have a lot of damage left in cold. Is this because your only source of leech is on chilled targets(Belt)? Hard to follow on that one. I know you said you enjoy the boot leech, so I doubt it's for that reason. A Pyre ring here seems like an easy pickup for increased burning damage and converting more of your damage into fire for burns (also deals with things like porcupines). Only reason I can imagine you haven't swapped to a pyre yet is because you need lightning res so dearly.

I think the build is probably really solid and well rounded, just the presentation that could use some touching up for readability. PM me if you get around to some more organization and less WIP and I'll stick it on the list.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
Kwitch wrote:

PM me if you get around to some more organization and less WIP and I'll stick it on the list.


Thx for the critics, adjustments have been made.
added video
Why do you pick up dex passive point near jewel slot under acrobaics? Sudden ignition doesn't require that.
WorldatWar wrote:
Why do you pick up dex passive point near jewel slot under acrobaics? Sudden ignition doesn't require that.

Good eye, I completely forgot that change.

Wiki wrote:

These jewels grant improvements to a specific active skill if enough attribute points are allocatable within its radius. They do not need to be allocated.

GG, skill point gained :)
Why the claw skills? I can't figure that part out for the life of me.

AAAAAAAND... then I see the jewel you use. Thanks! lol
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Hello !

I really like your build. CAn you explain me how the cold damage from the unique glove contributes to the ignite damage? Do you think using Cold To Fire Gem will help ?
Hello, i know this build is 3.0 but it looks pretty interesting. Like you get 100% reduced elemental dmg reflected from the ascendancy, and some other stuff is buffed aswell.

Do you see it working in bestiary?

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