[3.6] Rasgeroth's Puff Dragon. Uber Elder viable, Ignite+Ar.Brand Ele. (Igni= F.ball, Inci, F.blast)


Hello there, my name is Rasgeroth and I'm addicted to Path of Exile. (Wait a minute, I think that was the introduction for something else. Oh well...)

I've been playing the game ever since the Perandus League, and was itching to test the new ignite with the coming of the Incursion League. So far, I can say that it surpassed my expectations.
Ever since I was a toddler, I loved to watch things burn. (Hold on again, something definitely sounds wrong when I read that sentence out loud.)
Ever since I was a boy, I loved to watch things burn. (Phew, fixed.) Finally with the new league, I can live out my pyromaniac dreams, and the new Incinerate feels amazing in that regard. I started the league with this build, and got up to shaper without any problems.

Other than this build, I've got a bunch of goodies waiting around in my standard league roster, and I am a newbie streamer. You can take a look at my profile with Path of Building, and watch me baby rage about lag spikes right here:


For those who like to watch a guide and can't be arsed to read it, no worries, I got you covered right here:

Build Guide

And here's the Betrayal League Update:

Shaper Kill

The guide here will be focused on the more offensive but fragile Aspect of the Spider version, but if you like, you can check the Mind over Matter version in the variations as well.

3.6 CHANGES: Armageddon Brand received a slight nerf, thought it doesn't affect this build too much because we do not focus purely on Brand damage. Fireball buff and Flameblast buffs are helpful, and ES version of the build now has ES leech available. Overall, great stuff for us self-casters.

For the Energy Shield version, the details will be in Variatons section. While I would have loved if the spell leech was also available for life version, it is not yet so. Life version is still viable, and the guide for it remains the same.

Oh, and I totally shortened Ignite to Igni on purpose. I know what it stands for. Yea, the build also feels like using that too!


Short version? You burn stuff.
Long version? You try to control your twitching eye, at least make an attempt to stop your body from trembling, disregard the advice given to you by your psychiatrist, start giggling like maddened schoolgirl, and THEN you burn stuff.

The build works on a simple premise, you puff, puff and then pass. The joy spreads, people get high. Here's an example:

Puffs are visible via the nice little crown that appears on top of you, so you know when it is time to pass.

Here are two other examples on tougher opponents.

Here's the one that deserves an explanation.

Explanation is simple. I got waaaaaaaaaaaay too excited to kill him for the first time in the season. He's low, lower than cull range. (I can work a culling strike gem in btw. I will in future kills.) I thought one more good release and he'll be down, and I thought I was outside that Beam. I wasn't. Go back in, he is waiting for me to sneeze on him, I do, but he also sneezes on me and I don't care about it. GUESS WHAT?! Yea, dead again.

Though you see, this ridiculous kill also emphasizes the strengths of the build. Notice how I spread out the orbs? The ignite does enough damage to push him into phases, and you can take your time when being chased by an Orb. You can write your name with them if you want to. I rush in face first, die expectedly, and yet ignite can still finish him off.

You can also count my portals, the first death was at the end of phase one, he moved for a slam, Zana moved for being teleported out. I thought "Oh, phase change" and stopped running. Turns out Shaper is no procrastinator, and finishes what he starts before doing something else.

Betrayal League:

While it is the Brand that gets them down quickly, it feels somewhat embarassing and great at the same time to take Uber Elder down from an Ignite from a random Vaal Fireball that hit him. To my defense, it is my overall 10th Uber Elder kill, and first time without Triple-Purity Auras running Necromancer. Obviously I gotta practice that fight some more, but a kill is a kill and clears the build as "Uber Elder Capable."


The build stacks ignites via double Emberwake,(3 ignites total) while it does reduce per second ignite damage, it will overall add up to 30% more ignite damage, depending on how much time you had for puffing.

How does Ignite stacking work, you might ask? Let me save you the trip to pathofexile wiki. All ignites stack. Every single one of them, as in each stage damage for incinerate ignites, it will stack. Every release of incinerate, that always ignites, will also stack. Only the highest damaging ignite you get on your target ticks though. (+1 from Emberwake, 2 if you choose to wear two.) Since your ignites last about 8 seconds (13 with 2 Emberwakes), it is easy to stack 2-3 fully released incinerate ignites on bosses. For the rest, you don't need the damage, they die fast enough. 1 Full release is enough to kill rares and rogue exiles, so you can just burn and move on.

In the Incursion version, I've sacrificed movement speed for more effective HP, but if you are itching for speed, you can check out the fireball variation, in the versions section. Fireball is the better map clearer, while Incinerate lets you sustain better, and facetank most of the smaller attacks. Large one shots however, are to be avoided in all versions.

In my latest (Betrayal) version, I've squeezed in an Aspect of the Spider instead of the Mind over Matter. Aspect adds quite a lot to the damage, while providing hinder and thus, safety. With the buffs to Flame Dash, I do not need a Lightning Warp with the build atm.

You can swap Vaal Fireball for Incinerate at anytime, anywhere. Just keep in mind, Incinerate is the better boss killer, and Fireball is the faster map clearer.

Budget wise, my version takes a fair amount of currency to build, but there are some things you can do. Only mandatory items are

I've opted for:
in Incursion and
in Betrayal.

There was no change for the build in Delve season compared to Incursion, so I kept it on bench during that season. For the Synthesis season, the main changes are for the ES version of the build. Life version received no changes, and it is still viable.

In my last version, I'm using a Belly of the Beast to keep my secondary 6L, Fireball as my ignite source. This can also be Flameblast or Incinerate, depending which skill you like the most. If Magma Orb scaled with ignite just as well, it would be an option too. This way, I'm optimizing the Armageddon Brand as a heavy hitting single target, with Ignite burning things away along the way.

Also, with the new changes to Flame Dash, I no longer feel the need for Lightning Warp, and keep Dash linked to Orb of Storms to increase my Arcane Surge uptime. The option ofc, will still remain for those who prefer the spell.


  • Can deal with almost all map mods. While cannot leech is technically doable, it usually isn't worth the pain to deal with.
  • Ignite Proliferation. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Does the same to enemies, but they will deny it.
  • Damage over time build, so you can fire & forget most of the time, and watch your flames spread like the disease you won't admit you have.
  • Durable, versatile self-caster. Oh yeah, it is a self cast build.
  • Decent league starter. Handles all content well. Cheap to start things off, and proliferates into a burning monster when some currency is spent on it. (Mainly just a Fire Impresence.)
  • Corpses are your allies. The ignite on corpses can still proliferate, turning any enemy you kill into a fire trap. You can release once on any strongbox that is guarded with a stream of monsters, and laugh as they spawn into their doom.

  • This is not the fastest build. Mind over Matter version especially sacrifices movement speed for better defense. Flame Dash is decent, but it isn't Lightning Warp.
  • Self cast build, not for everyone.
  • Requires knowledge about how to avoid about a billion ways this game attempts to kill you with, so not the most newcomer friendly build.
  • Good at dealing damage but isn't a champion when it comes to receiving it. Depending on your skill choices, playstyle varies slightly.


You are a Witch that burns all, so do it. Kill all of them. Even the pretty one, Kraityn.

Major God: Soul of the Brine King. Helps avoiding stun-locks.
Minor God: Soul of Shakari. Poison immunity, helps protect your mana pool for the MoM version as well.

In order of importance:

Paragon of Calamity: This is a self cast build that relies on leech to sustain itself. Without the 0.5% leech from here, (Mr. Garrison Voice) "you will have a bad time, m'kay?" Plus, the defence is good, and reflect immunity is always welcome.

Pendulum of Destruction: Area of effect buff helps Incinerate reach further, in case you want to keep your distance. Elemental damage is what it is. Overall, not as useless as it seems.

Mastermind of Discord: Herald helps a bit with the ignite damage, not as much as Beacon of Ruin perhaps, but it helps with overall dps a lot since Incinerate channeled DPS is nothing to scoff at. Plus, this is a build about spreading fire and I'll take every fire spready thing I can, dammit!

Liege of the Primordial: You need some cast speed for Incinerate to work properly, so it is easy to get a bunch from a buffed Lightning Golem. And this allows your golems to become immune to elemental damage, letting them survive, making sure you have your free Elemental Equilibrium from the lightning golem is up at all times.

Why no Beacon of Ruin on an ignite build then? Simple. Ignite Proliferation gem gives further reach than the ascendancy, and it also one of the best gems to increase your ignite damage. Searing Touch also gives it a +2 level compared to Swift Affliction, making it a better choice. While it is more damage to keep both the gem and the ascendancy together, that way you are forced to lose Reflect Immunity, and I rather not. Don't want to give the game yet another way to hurt me. Plus, since you also have to lose the Liege to get the Beacon, keep in mind that longer the Golem inside the Malachai's Artifice survives, higher the damage you deal.


Current Gear:

Here's my gear in Betrayal League. Keep in mind, that horrible Uber Kill was done without the Aspect of the Spider, using this:

Though have to admit that the Aspect really adds QoL to the build, along with a lot of damage ofc.
THE URN MAKES OUR IGNITES BLACK INSTEAD OF RED!!! I don't care one bit, even if it said "you do half damage", I would still use it. Oh, wait, it doesn't. It increases our damage, AND keeps the HP bar full during mapping or Delve? GET ONE! NOW!

Incursion League Gear (First Version, No access to Aspects.):

Make note that Atziri's Promise is also useful but not much, since the main issue is the mana sustain. Wise Oak helps with the damage a bit, main reason I have it though is for the defensive bonus, since I have the perfect resists for it. (All three are the same.)
One flask is entirely up to you, I usually use a curse immunity Amethyst Flask. It gets swapped for a Ignite immunity basalt for Enslaver fights, for example.


This is your budget version for increased Elemental Damage. Get 3 of them.
Rare jewels for the remainder of your jewel sockets. Get the needed Dex or Resists, and know that you won't need much of them.

While best option is to get %Fire Damage, %Maximum Life, %Burning Damage on all jewel slots, (It matches Spectrums if rolled 16% FD and 20% BD, letting you stack even more life.) 4th roll of the jewel is Damage Over Time, or Cast Speed. Though if you are rich enough to get enough number of jewels with those rolls (5 of them), you probably also have the cash to buy Path of Exile back from Tencent anyway. All hail you.

Gloves: Commandment of Inferno, Reflection or Flames
Boots: Life & Mana Regen would help you against damage over time if you can proc it, but the best option is Life & Mana Leech since it lets you run Hexproof maps without care. For most damage, Fire Damage on Kill enchant works the best, since it increases your total ignite numbers.
Helmet: % Incinerate Damage for the Incinerate, Armageddon Brand Fire Penetration or Activation Frequency for the Brand. Flameblast damage for the Flameblast. Those are your options if you went with Beacon of Ruin. For everyone else with Liege of the Primordial, 150% Lightning Golem Buff Effectiveness is the best enchant for all 3 skills. (About 15% increased cast speed.)

Pick any Ignite/Damage Source combination you want. Pick different spells, but Incinerate can act as both if you have the patience to mix-mash the releases and the channeled DPS. Ignite, then slam them hard with the Damage Source. If you have the Kaom's Heart, just pick the Ignite Source and watch things burn. If you don't want the Armageddon Brand, don't forget to remove the Runebinder cluster and get more life/jewel sockets.

Incinerate/Fireball/Flameblast/Armageddon Brand:(Ignite Source)
In order of importance: Combustion, Ignite Proliferation, Deadly Ailments, Burning Damage, Immolate.
You want damage over time on your damage over time, basicly. Talents + Gems = 100+ Chance of igniting, so you never worry about it.

Incinerate/Flameblast/Armageddon Brand:(Damage Source)
In order of importance: Immolate, Elemental Focus, Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction, Combustion.
This is for the times you want things extra dead. Combustion can be switched with a Faster Casting if you prefer it.

For Incinerate and Flameblast, go for the Infusion gem instead of Controlled Destruction. It gives you a lot of defense, and also increases the damage from your ignite source with 10% more.

Orb of Storms:
In order of importance: Increased Critical Strikes, Arcane Surge (LVL 7), Increased Duration.
Your main utility spell, as it is with most Elemental Overload builds. It procs your node, and surge cast speed boost is godly for incinerate. Mana regen is good with Mind Over Matter, and duration eases the need to refresh the buff.

Alternate: Orb of Storms, Increased Critical Strikes, Arcane Surge (LVL 7), Flame Dash. If you move Flame Dash here, you free up a gem slot for culling strike through your golems. Turns out you can make use of one. Dash and Orb both activate the surge, removing the need for Increased Duration.

Important: Once you have enough cast speed, Increased Critical Strikes becomes optional as the Orb will strike fast enough to keep the EO active even without it. If you wish, you can place Culling Strike instead of Crit. Dash and Orb should both be linked to the Arcane Surge to keep the buff active at all times.

Mana Reserve:
Herald of Ash, Blasphemy, Flammability, Anger. Until you get your Watcher's Eye for the Anger life leech, Flammability is secondary, main required curse is Warlord's Mark. Helps increase physical damage mitigation via Endurance Charges, and lets you sustain Incinerate, and also sustains you via the leech. Anger and Warlord's Mark are interchangeable, depending on if you have a Watcher's Eye or not.
Alternate: Blasphemy, Flammability, Vitality, Herald of Ash: This version lets you drop the second curse to leech via using a Watcher's Eye for the leech from Vitality. Don't use it without the jewel. Adds more regen, and the three points from the second curse can be placed on the Brand cluster near Witch's starting area.

Golems, Movement:
Lightning Golem, Flame Golem, Flame Dash. The better Golem is Lightning, so prioritize it until you get the ascendancy for the second one. Lightning Golem will be placed in the Malachai's Artifice, reducing the fire resist of anything it touches by a whopping 50%. You want to make Shaper/Elder very, very vulnerable to fire? Yes, yes you can. (Combustion from your ignite source also reduces this by a further 20%.)

If you wish, you can drop Liege of the Primordial, get the Shaper of Desolation and use 3 link Lightning Warp (+Swift Affliction Level 1, and Less Duration.) along with an unlinked Lightning Golem. Keep in mind that this way, you'll cast Lightning Golem as many times as you might cast Incinerate, as it will die to the slightest breeze. Plus, it is really not recommended to lose uptime on the Elemental Equilibrium effect it provides.

  • Cannot Leech: You need to be patient, make use of the Hybrid flask, and take your time with the map. You can't sustain Incinerate or Flameblast without the mana leech, so if you can, just reroll the mod.
  • Monsters Avoid Elemental Ailments: You will lose some DPS, but remember that you have very high cast speed, and an incinerate that ignites 100% of the time for each cast. Some of your ignites will stick, even at 90% avoidance. Best solution is to skip releasing on 8th stack, but instead keep on channeling your incinerate on to the boss's face. That way, you make sure you at least get 2-3 max incinerate stack ignites, instead of 2-3 release wave ignites.
  • Cannot Regen: You are a leech based build, keep your enemies close and happy farming. (Within blasphemy range, but not too close, they bite.)
  • Elemental Reflect: You are immune. Enjoy the privelage.
  • Physical Reflect: Pretend you are hurt just to piss off your friends who can't do these maps? Otherwise, why am I even listing this?
  • Hexproof: Like I said before, you need the mana leech. Bad. So, either get a nice little enchant on your boots, or reroll the mod. The enchant is enough to sustain you the entire map, though be careful with the map boss. Some of them are lone wolves.
  • Your girlfriend leaving you: Keep the pain inside, try not to cry. There are other fish in the sea. Take comfort in knowing that I understand you. If you want to leave the thread after such a horrible joke, I understand you too.

From the start, go for Mind Over Matter, and complete the cluster. After that, most important node is Elemental Overload. Then you get your regen and life in order, before heading straight for damage nodes.
IMPORTANT: Use Elemental Proliferation until you get Ignite Proliferation. You can start spreading flames even before you get Incinerate, via Fireball.
Early levels:

Then you go for damage, like all out maaaan, and try to balance it out with more life nodes when you need them.
Level 60:

Then you move on to collect the rest of the life nodes, along with the utility. (Jewels, second curse.) Impresence requires level 64, so it is unimportant to get the second curse up until then.
Level 80:
From here, you are almost complete. Rest of the nodes are more utility along with more life. The build caps out at LVL 94, after that point, if you are willing to go, you can go for the curse effectiveness nodes or the Arsonist cluster at the Marauder area.

Level 90:
Up to this part, was the core for the build. The Shaper node and the jewel socket after it are your last and most optional nodes. Depending on your choices, you can get either the Channeling skill cluster or the Brand cluster to complete the build.

Level 94:

Level 100:

Ranged focus, Fireball Main:
Path of Building for a faster map clearer using Fireball.

As I said earlier, Fireball is the faster mapper, since it does not need to stack for better ignite damage. By dropping Emberwakes, you lose on total ignite damage, but gain speed due to faster burn. Pyres are there to push that damage even further. This version is better when kiting, as you can't spam Fireball, or spamming it isn't worth it due to damage not scaling as well as Incinerate does. Though I'll happily admit Vaal Fireball looks great, awesome, and about 239 more adjectives that describe jaw dropping beauty. It refreshes fast, turns incursions into a mush, and makes you cackle with glee in breaches.

This version drops Warlord's Mark for Despair. This lets you keep your distance at all times, hence my emphasis on kiting.
Also notice that Ascendancies are altered in this version, as it plays as a "Fire and run for your life!" type of character. Ignite Proliferation is dropped for Swift Affliction, though it isn't the gigantic dps difference so you can keep it if you like the proliferation reach it provides.
A lvl 1 Immortal Call is added to the chest armor because no Mind Over Matter means those porcupines may cause some bad surprises.
The full set for the Lightning Warp is present for you teleporting needs. If you are compulsive about such a thing, go with this version.
Anger replaces Herald of Ash, as the ascendancy that utilizes the latter is not present, and the fire leech from the Jewel is mandatory so you can drop Warlord's Mark.
Thus, this version makes up the price difference with the mandatory Watcher's Eye.

Overall, the two builds do the same thing, burn your enemies and let you watch as they scream. That is the reason why I'm not separating them, and listing this variation in this thread. My current incinerate version is more durable, but this one is faster if you absolutely have to go fast. Other things I've said about the build still holds for this one too. Happy burning out there, Exile.

Screw Defense, I want to BURN!
https://pastebin.com/pMK2UuLS The Glass Cannon version that uses Yoke of Suffering to amplify the ignite damage, with current equipment. This version feels fastest in terms of mapping, but also feels the most squishy.

I've moved around some talents, mainly removed Mind over Matter and Deep Thoughts that goes along with it. The mana nodes for the jewel connected to "Shaper" node are swapped with the life regen ones. Second curse is dropped as the build no longer relies on Warlord's Mark for life leech. Thoese three points are moved to Combat stamina to increase regen, armor and a bit of life, to reduce the effects of losing Mind Over Matter. Lastly, Amplify is dropped, for a total of 8 points that are freed. Those are spent on Breath of Lightning, and the jewel socket below it. A Fireborn Jewel is placed in the socket to turn all of the lightning damage into fire damage, while keeping the chance to shock.
A Yoke of Suffering takes the place of Impresence in order to Shock enemies. For maximum effect, Liege of Primordial and Paragon of Calamity is dropped for Beacon of Ruin. This version loses Elemental Reflect immunity, but gains more and more ignite damage through Ruin and the ability to shock effectively.
To deal with the loss of leech through Warlord's Mark, you need a Watcher's Eye that gives % fire damage leeched as life while affected by Anger. To deal with mana leech, you need a Shaper glove that gives "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 15 Mana Leech." and place your Orb of Storms along with Curse on Hit, Flammability and Increased Critical Strikes in it. Anger is placed next to Herald of Ash. Flame Dash is linked to Arcane Surge, to keep the buff when needed.

I've played the last days of Incursion league with this version, leveled the flashback league with this version. It is a smooth, fast leveling and mapping experience.

Low Life, Energy Shield. (High cost, high rewards.)
So you wanted to get an Anger life leech Watcher's Eye for 1 EX, but got Presence of Chayula for 4 EX instead? No worries, simple mistake, we still have a home for you here.
Pastebin for Energy Shield version.

Zealot's Oath and Shaper notable passive are all optional, so they are there for 94+ levels.
Divine Judgement and the jewel socket next to it are your last needed nodes, so at level 90, you can have the socket and complete the build.

There are no massive changes for this version, other than it being ES ofc, the links and gems are pretty much the same. We are still using a Searing Touch, but Emberwakes got cut in order to increase our effective hit points. (Belly of the Beast or Kaom's Heart pack too much of a punch in terms of life, so no life rings are easy to squeeze in.)

Otherwise, baseline lowlife gear are all here, Presence of Chayula, Shavronne's, Vertex etc. I've also cut Grand Spectrums for rare jewels to increase total ES, but then realized that I can get more sockets. Since I've reserved the build for my second character this season, it is still in theorycraft mode, but I think I crafted the rare items in the build in a more reachable way. (T2-T4 rolls)

The Pastebin in the link is focused on Fireball/Incinerate version. For the Armageddon Brand version, all you need to move are Singular Focus and Enigmatic Reach clusters to their respective Brand clusters, Runebinder and Explosive Runes.

The advantage of Incinerate version is the Infusion support gem, 8% free physical damage reduction while channeling, so with Soul of Tukohama and Singular Focus, you get 20% reduction without any flasks or armor rolls on your belt.

Depending on how good your gear is, the total ES pool can reach quite high in this version, so it is a bit better suited to receive damage, especially with Incinerate and Infusion. The downside is the loss of our ignite stacks, but it is manageable.

Leveling ES:
Most important piece you need is an Eye of Chayula. It is cheap, and accessible early, and prevents you from getting stun-locked to death every 20 seconds.
Early levels:
Level 60:
Here you should have enough refund points to fix your tree, and we can remove some stuff we took to ease our leveling process.

Level 80:

Level 90:

Level 94: (Full Complete)

Level 100: (A.K.A. "How did you get here with nerfed pure breachstones?")

To be honest, Shaper node and Zealot's Oath are all about smooth Labyrinth runs, and not much else. Those 6 extra points are there for you to experiment with. While I do love some regen, Path of Savant or Fire Walker through Arcanist's Dominion are also very good options as well.

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Continue to puff man,
Nice interesting build gonna try when I get enough resource in this league.
I like the build a lot, impressed to see emberwakes being moderately useful.

Some of the blue colors are really hard to read/see on the default forum background. Would you give any thought to a realmender, it's comparable damage and just kinda fun. Also cute job on getting resistances even.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
Swapped around colors. Now it's 50% more rainbows!

About Realmender, it yields around 2% more ignite damage due to gems getting another level. Immolate scales like crazy, so another level helps, and does increase overall DPS.

Though I'd say it isn't high enough to make me consider the change, it is certainly viable, but I like the extra cast speed. Most of my Elder fights so far involved stacking ignites and avoiding the spam. Lack of ability to channel and sit still makes Realmender less useful compared to the extra cast speed of the Searing Touch, though by no means the build is sitting around critical thresholds of damage over time or cast speed. So use whichever you like.
skills tree (non PoB)?
YES I support the game, NO I don't agree with many GGG decisions

Lab still sucks balls.

I miss Zana already.
Miazga wrote:
skills tree (non PoB)?

You can check the entire progression in the leveling section. There is a LVL 90 and LVL 95 passive tree via poe.planner there.
Gratz for your first guide. Your build definitely looks interesting and I loved the humour throughout out the guide.

Keep it going bro!

\-.-/ \m/
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Updated gear, gem links. Oh, and added the Shaper kill. Kind of the reason for gem links change, as you can see. Burn on through, exiles.
Is incinerate Hit and ignite proccing at the same time exactly ?
Kenshiro069 wrote:
Is incinerate Hit and ignite proccing at the same time exactly ?

Well I don't completely understand the question, so I'll explain everything.

Incinerate has 116% ignite chance in this build. Each hit will proc an ignite at the time it hits. Though since the build is about release wave, the ignites from the previous ticks (Stage 7 and 8 for example) gets your Immolate all revved up, and your release leaves a big ignite when it hits. After that you can start stacking the release waves. (Up to 3 total, ignite last about 12 seconds.) When the release waves are all stacked up, they will also override your lesser ignites, damage wise. (Lesser ignites will continue to exist on your target, they just won't deal any damage. They should be keeping the enemy "ignited" for the purposes of your gems and talents though.)

I hope this covers it.

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