[3.6] Rasgeroth's Puff Dragon. Uber Elder viable, Ignite+Ar.Brand Ele. (Igni= F.ball, Inci, F.blast)

Thanks so much Scorage, great answers!
Hello Mr Scorage thanks for the awesome build.

Right now Im playing this build and having so much fun. I had a Koam's lying around so Im using koams version without a damage source. but still Incinerate is more than enough for most content. Right now Im 76. Did uber at 70 pretty easy. But now I have a small problem.

With small mana and medium life pool. I found myself dying too quickly when Im surrended. I tried using CWDT-Immortal call since we generating endurance charges it really saves my ass big time. Had to remove Vaal RF but I dont even need the extra damage; maybe later in bosses.

Do you recommend swaping flammabily with enfeeble for an extra defence layer ?

And since I dont know much about ignite mechanics. When you ignite and enemy and after you trigger Ele Overload, does that ignite gets the buff or do I need to apply a new one ?

Overall great and awesome build. I love channeling spells they are not meta builds but def more fun for me :D have a nice day !
Semi-new player here - I've been enjoying this build a lot so far, but I'm struggling to figure out what each piece of listed gear (aside from ST lathi, malachai's artifice, and emberwake) is supposed to achieve in the meta of the build (specifically the belly of the beast wyrmscale). If you could provide some clarity I'd super appreciate it!
Hey there! Already posted few weeks ago. I just want to thank you again for the build which learned me a lot of things!
I killed my first ever shaper, elder, and uberelder this week <3 (I struggled to get that uber elder kill but managed to get it ater 10 attempts).

I managed to clean alone HoGM as well which I'm really proud of.

Definitely a good build even if one may consider it a bit weak on damage mitigation.
Preparing for 3.6.

For the very much required explanation for my disappearance: I'm a couples therapist, and had a nice surge of new clients, mostly working people so my streaming hours were the time they were free to have sessions. I do like streaming and preparing videos so far, but it was a decision between work that pays and a work I'm building up on my free time.

I'll be returning on 3.6, now that the process is completed with 2 of those new clients and 1 drop out, so I got some free time again. And yes, sadly, prioritization of all this won't change for the foreseeble future. While I responded to private messages or comments on my videos as that is easy to do, preparing new guides or videos are about 5-6 hours of process with my upload speed, so they had to go. (4 megabits. Best version I can get is 5, and that requires me to change ISP for almost no benefits. Perks of living in the middle east, people.)

So far, self cast received ES leech, and a lot of mana cost reduction. As of tonight, path of building still does not have the numbers for the new skills.
But for now, with the 3.5 calculations, ES version of the build still has same Fireball ignite numbers, and about 800K Shaper DPS for incinerate without flasks. Keep in mind that Incinerate received some extra AOE as well. All of this is with current gem options as well.

I've got 2 options prepared, and will post them here when the numbers are official, so keep an eye out for this post on sunday.
As a preview: A pure ignite build with Beeacon of Ruin, Fireball/Incinerate with Malevolence + Anger, or,
The current build tuned for ES leech, with Aspect of the Spider.

So far, going ES is a bit expensive as expected, and I'll have to do some play testing as ES to see if Emberwake can be cut from that version.

Currently, Fireball and Incinerate look very bright for the future of this build, and Brand received some hits but it is not enough to make us drop it as we are not fully focused Brand build. (Brand will lose some damage, but ignite from Fireball is enough to compensate.) I'll look for ways to make Flameblast more viable for this build, but if all fails, I have a Flameblast focused Inquisitor ready to go and you'll be able to check that one out once season hits.
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3.6 Update is here, for the ES version, the variations section has the talent tree and leveling details as well.

The self cast changes are still great, even though they are not exactly what I hoped them to be.
I am trying to build something similar and i found your build, it looks very well done, i am enjoying the play style so far. I am going ES and i am unsure about 2 thing: 1 is it worth to go low life? The main advantage of ll seems to be more spell dmg that applies only on the Hit dmg, does that scale the burning well enough? I had the intention of going CI if i find decent es Gear. 2 what do you recommend for recovering es? Leech seems promising but most of our dmg come from the burning not the spell Hit wich is the one that actually leeches. Is the dmg enough for a satisfactory leech?

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