[3.2] Run little girl, run! - Waves Occultist Hybrid RF

Hello! This is a cheap leaguestarter that excels at mapping, especially in tight layouts like Haunted Mansion, Underground Sea or Waste pool.

This is not recommended for endgame bossing, but it can handle most things t15 and down (unless it has phases with no adds).

The build idea is to sustain RF by killing monsters and getting regen from the occultist node Vile Bastion.
This enables you to almost completely disregard regen in the passive tree, making it quite easy to reach 1800 life and 9000 energy shield without much investment in gear.

You sustain your lifepool versus chaos by using Shield Charge with Life Gain on Hit. I also run either life gained on kill either on the tree or on a piece of gear.

You can find me streaming the build at https://twitch.tv/wavesofgames or check out Aila (the original creator) at https://twitch.tv/aila831

Here is two examples clears of Shaped Underground Sea maps with shaper/elder influence and sextants.
Shaped Underground Sea (Elder Influence)
Shaped Underground Sea (Shaper Influence)


+Very Cheap
+Great clearspeed in tight maps
+No uberlab needed
+Looks amazing

-Can be stressful to play
-Need chaos resist
-Bosses with phases are hard (Desert Springs)
-Not beginner friendly
-If you use the RF celestial MTX you can't see anything


For leveling there are loads of options.

Up until level 12 you should use Freezing pulse and Fire trap. After that I'd recommend swapping to Firenova mine.

From here you have two choices. If you feel comfortable leveling as Rightous Fire then you swap into that on level 36 otherwise you can go into a Flameblast totem tree and respec some points later.

RF Leveling
This is not a recommended leveling build for newer players.

Profane Chemistry
Blasphemy + Poachers mark (For flask charges)
3 colossal life flasks (atleast one of them instant)
Normal Lab (Profane Bloom)

You can start using RF in act4 when you get stone golem. Relying on a colossal life flask to counteract the degen. Make sure you also have the profane Chemistry node.
Usually I do 3 life flasks (atleast one instant) and two quicksilvers). When your life increases and the degen becomes too hard to handle you need to roll a sapping prefix on your current flasks.

For Kitava in act5 you should use a stibnite during the heart phases.

Leveling Trees:

Flameblast Totems Trees:
28 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPNC
37 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPNH
73 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPNP

RF leveling:
37 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPNU
43 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPNZ
58 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPN0
94 point tree: http://poeurl.com/bPN4

Final tree

Without uber lab: http://poeurl.com/bPN7

With uber lab: http://poeurl.com/bPN5

When to make the switch to ES

Basically you can switch as long as you have merciless lab done and have atleast +40 chaos resist.

Get as much chaos resistance as you can (easy uniques are Broken crown and Mings heart).


I take Oak for this build. It's very efficient regen and phys mitigation. You can debate taking the two passive points but getting 1% regen and 2% physical mitigation is better than any two points you can take with my current pathing.


You will enjoy around 11k EHP.

We rely heavily on Vile Bastion regen aswell as Profane Bloom oneshotting packs for us.

The faster you can rush into a pack and get a couple of kills the safer you'll be.

In case of emergency and bossing I also run two vaal disciplines.

In the higher budget version we also get 3-6% es on kill from a shaped Vaal Regalia. This is a huge boost to survivability.


Minor Gods
There are quite a few options here. I started off using Tukohama and Abberaths but transitioned into Poison immunity.

Major Gods
Brine king is totally useless for us after the Occultist ascendancy rework.

Both Lunaris and Solaris is an option, but in the end I decided to go with Arakaali to not degen that heavily when moving between packs.


The combination of Righteous fire damage and Profane Bloom easily clears any packs.
You will struggle a bit on harder single target bosses, but I've safely cleared everything up to t15.

We use flat lightning or Cold damage on a piece of gear to proc Elemental Equilibrium on shield charge. Be sure to not get any flat fire damage anywhere (This is also the reason we don't use a Fire Impresence).


Occultist is mandatory for the node "Vile Bastion" that gives us 1% energy shield per kill (for 4 seconds).

Normal lab: Profane Bloom
Cruel Lab: Wicked Ward
Merci lab: Vile Bastion
Uber lab (optional): Malediction

For your normal lab you should grab Profane Bloom (if you are leveling as RF). This helps a ton with clear speed and damage.

If you are leveling as flameblast totems it does not matter in what order you grab the points.


Gloves: Righteous fire + Burning Damage + Concentrated effect + Elemental Focus (This can be socketed in the chest aswell if you don't have delirium gloves)
Helmet: Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Life Gain On Hit (Life Gain On Hit is used to recover life after we take chaos damage)
Shield: Blasphemy + Flammability + Flame Dash (If you have the expensive version with a Chaos Impresence you use despair here instead of flammability)
Weapon: Immortal Call + Cast when damage taken + Rallying Cry
Boots: Orb of Storms + Curse on hit + Despair + Increased Critical Strikes Support
Chest: Vaal Discipline + Vaal Discipline + Discipline + Increased Duration + Scorching Ray + Purity of Fire

If you increase the budget a bit and craft a pair of essence of delirium gloves you can use Increased Area instead of Concentrated effect.

You can also use two Unset rings to fit in some extra gems.


Budget/Starter Version

Weapon: Brightbeak (We don't need any damage and this is the best for clearspeed)
Helmet: Broken Crown (Gives us a huge amount of chaos resist and some decent ES)
Shield: Es and resists
Gloves: ES and resists
Amulet: Es and resists
Ring1: Ming's Heart (This and Broken Crown carries the early game chaos resist)
Ring2: Any rare ring with resists
Boots: Rainbowstride or a pair of badly rolled Sintreks are usually cheap
Belt: Bated Breath (Great source of damage and ES)

Expensive Gear Choices

Weapon: Brightbeak (We don't need any damage and this is the best for clearspeed)
Helmet: Elder Hubris crafted with Essence of Horror (Dream is to hit Concentrated Effect + Burning Damage + Less Duration)
Shield: Elder titanium spirit shield with +2 maximum fire resistance
Gloves: 200+ Es gloves with resists
Amulet: Chaos Impresence
Ring1: Chaos Resist, Elemental Resist, Energy shield
Ring2: Chaos Resist, Elemental Resist, Energy shield
Boots: Rare boots with high Energy shield, movement speed and Resist.
Belt: Biscos leash for clearspeed or a shaped crystal belt with Energy shield, % Maximum energy shield and Energy shield Recovery

Also craft Aspect of the Spider on any of the rare pieces. This can be run because of the free blasphemy from the Chaos Impresence.

My Gear

How do you survive vs chaos damage: Having 75% chaos resist is actually really safe. I've had no issues with chayula breaches or chaos focused bosses. Shield charge supported with Life Gain on Hit fills up your life pool quickly (as well as life gained on kill)

Special thanks
aila831 - For the initial idea
Paws - For the build guide template
Captain - For being a bully
Worldss - For showing me how slow RF can be as guardian
Ruz - Potato

Thank you for reading!
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Run little girl, run!

Very accurate title given the gameplay.

Nice build however!
beatiful build
from start to finish
FeelsBadMan :D
my wife left me
Why not shavs?
Fizecs wrote:
Why not shavs?

You can use a shavs version, but I see no real advantage to it unless you play it as a normal RF build (with regen).

The great thing about this version is that it requires nothing while freeing up points in the tree that would usually be allocated towards regen.

The %es on kill on the shaper chests gives you pretty crazy survivability while still keeping the build cheap as a leaguestarter.
Why are the leveling builds so wildly different from the PoB version? I know you swap, but that looks like a colossal amount of Regrets.
You gave credit to the original build creator, who have not themselves posted the build on the forums so that's a +1 from me.

I personally am curious about Beast Fur Shawl, if you care to chime in on that. The regen quotient for it is amazing, and having used it in the past for RF am aware that it makes up for itself in terms of damagetaken vs. recovery rate increase. The AoE alone would be PogChamp considering you are RF. 470 es vs. your 488, but with the loss of the es recovery on kill. Maybe for bossing without adds... Thoughts?

Overall great addition to the listing.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
So I ripped this build last night in a really stupid way not long after getting to maps. Like 79 or 80ish. Overall though, it felt awesome for clearing, but even like mid tier map bosses I ended up port cheesing because I degened so fast and was SOL after I used vaal disc. Is that how the build is? Or did I just not have enough damage?

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