[3.2]Blink & Mirror Arrow Necromancer * Shaper down * Build of the Week * Deadeye version added*

3.2 Updates

This build is stronger than ever in 3.2. The update also introduced the ability to create a Deadeye version of this build. Deadeye will have very similar DPS to the Necromancer version. This is because Deadeye can summon 2x as many clones as Necromancer, although they have about 30% less damage and last for a shorter duration. Thanks to high attack speed and movespeed from Tailwind, Deadeye feels a lot faster while clearing maps. However, it is arguably a bit less defensive than Necromancer, and it's highly impractical to get Mind over Matter on the Deadeye version. Please see the Deadeye section below if interested in this variant. However, the majority of this guide will focus on leveling and gearing up a Necromancer summoner.
This is a softcore-tested summoner build that uses Mirror and Blink arrow clones to kill things. It utilizes the Lioneyes Glare unique bow and costs <5 chaos to progress through T10 maps. To get to endgame, the build requires two 5-linked items which requires an investment of 30-40 chaos. The build has "average" clearspeed, comparable to summon raging spirit summoners, but has above average boss fighting capabilities.

Offensive stats (calculated with Path of Building):
Single target DPS vs Shaper/Guardian: 136,000 x 4 clones
Map clearing DPS with GMP, against normal monsters: 167,000 x 4 clones
Your Tooltip (in-game) DPS does NOT accurately portray your Minions' DPS. The in-game tooltip merely displays the damage dealt when a clone spawns on top of an enemy.

Build Achievements
  • Build of the Week
  • Killed all endgame bosses, including Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardians, Atziri, and Uber labyrinth.
  • Defeated Hall of the Grandmasters
  • Cleared EVERY map mod: no-regen, reflect, -max res, you can do it all with this build.

Gameplay Videos

Skilltree / Path of Building links

Necromancer skilltree

Necromancer Path of Building

Bandit choice – Kill all
Ascendancy order - mistress of sacrifice > commander of darkness > spirit eater

Deadeye skilltree

Deadeye Path of Building

Bandit choice - Kill all
Ascendancy order - Gathering Winds > Fast and Deadly > Powerful Precision > Rupture

Gem Links
Gems listed in order of priority; if you do not have a 6-link, use the gems at the top of the list:
Blink/Mirror Arrow
Greater Multiple Projectiles (swap with Faster Attacks for single target)
Pierce (remove this gem once you get a Drillneck Quiver)
Minion Damage
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Elemental Focus
Added Lightning Damage

If you have difficulty getting all of the proper colored gem sockets in your bow, you can also use a Slower Projectiles gem.

Generosity + Anger+ Wrath
I also equip a level 1 Clarity aura, for extra bonuses from the Ascendancy node Commander of Darkness.

Curse/Elemental Equilibrium Application
Split Arrow + Curse On Hit + Projectile Weakness + Elemental Weakness


Summon Stone Golem
socket this in a Redblade Band ring if the Golem is dying too much.

Cast When Damage Taken + Unearth + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Spirit Offering
I have found that this setup provides great defenses. It allows you to recover a large portion of your ES pool every time you take >500 damage. Another option is to use Bone Offering for defenses, or Flesh Offering if you want more DPS.

Vaal Clarity + Increased Duration
Use this for maps that have no-regen mods.

Faster Casting + Flame Dash


Budget version with Victario's Influence

If you cannot afford a 6L chest or bow, but still want to get high DPS - then you can use Victario's Influence to push your DPS up. Use a helmet with Minion Damage support modifier for a pseudo-5Link, and try your best to get a 5L Lioneye's Glare. This gear setup works on both Necromancer and Deadeye builds.

Endgame Necromancer version

Gem links in this gear are not up to date, so please disregard the gems pictured above. This gear setup works best on a Necromancer build; Deadeyes will not be able to utilize ES body armour so well, so it is better to use Victario's Influence.

Mechanics: How can you make your Mirror/Blink Arrow minions stronger?
A good bow
I recommend Storm Cloud or Roth's Reach until level 66, then switch over to Lioneye's Glare. See rationalization for Lioneye's Glare in the FAQ section.

A good quiver
A quiver with Increased Projectile Damage or Increased Elemental Damage with Weapons will give increased damage to your clones. Flat physical or elemental damage on the quiver will benefit your minions as well. Quivers with increased critical strike chance or multiplier will benefit your clones, but since the clones have a low critical strike chance to begin with, it will not be very powerful. Drillneck’s damage to pierced enemies will also benefit your minions. For my build, I prefer Drillneck or any quiver with Pierce.

The only nodes in the skilltree which benefit your minions are nodes that have the word "Minion" in them. Nodes that do not affect your Mirror/Blink arrow clones include:
-Trap/Mine nodes
-Bow nodes
-Elemental damage nodes
-Critical strike chance/multiplier nodes
-Attack Speed nodes

Support gems
Any support gem that affects Minion Damage, Projectile damage, Elemental damage, or Attack damage will affect your minions.

The Trap Support gem will NOT increase your minions' damage, because the modifier only affects damage dealt by traps. However, the Multiple Traps and Cluster Traps gems WILL decrease your minions' damage, because they contain a general "Less" modifier which is not specific to Traps alone.

We will use flat damage from elemental auras to increase our dps. Wrath + Anger > Hatred. Use Generosity to multiply your auras' effectiveness. You can also use Empower or +gem levels to boost your auras' damage. Items which grant +gem levels for your auras include Alpha's Howl, Geofri's Crest, Voidbringer. You can also craft a Bone Helmet with an Essence of Delirium to get more aura levels.

Elemental Equilibrium
Wrath and Anger are supported by Generosity, which means that our player character deals 0 elemental damage. This is great, because if we get a ring/amulet/glove that deals at least 1 cold damage, we can apply Elemental Equilibrium on enemies and make them have -50 fire and lightning resist. This is a huge damage multiplier, and should never be left out of the build.

Elemental Weakness and Projectile Weakness. Can also use Temporal Chains or Enfeeble for defense.

Attack Speed
In patch 3.0, the attack speed cap of our clones has been removed. Since a lot of our damage comes from Wrath and Anger auras, it is a good idea to use fast bows – Lioneye’s Glare fits this role perfectly. You can also acquire a ton of attack speed through Flesh Offering, Vaal Haste, and Deadeye's Tailwind node.

Cooldown Reduction
This mod is currently available in Deadeye's ascendancy node, Fast and Deadly. You can also acquire cooldown reduction via The Flow Untethered belt, or a Shaped Belt.

10% more damage, not much else to say here. Use a Tombfist glove or Belt of the Deceiver.

How to level up
Level 7 skilltree
Level 20 skilltree
Level 30 skilltree
Level 40 skilltree
Level 55 skilltree
Level 66 skilltree
Level 66 skilltree (after switching to Lioneye's Glare)
Do NOT start using Mind over Matter with Eldritch Battery if you have less than 500 Energy Shield. You will always feel short on mana. Instead, just use Eldritch Battery without Mind over Matter until you acquire a high enough ES pool.

What skill gems do I use to level up?
After you kill Hillock, pick Freezing Pulse, Magma Orb, or Lightning Tendrils from Tarkleigh. Then, go to Nessa and in her second shop tab, purchase a Fire Trap gem. You are ready to begin!

After completing the Breaking Some Eggs quest, pick Summon Raging Spirit as your quest reward. Stick it into an armor socket; it's not strong enough to use just yet, but we will level it up as we travel. You can also purchase a Flame Totem gem from Nessa to help kill some baddies.

After you defeat Brutus, purchase a Melee Splash & Minion Damage support from Nessa. You are now ready to start casting SRS linked to Melee Splash. Continue using Fire Trap for supplemental damage. When you complete the Siren's Cadence quest, pick up Arc as well. You can use Arc to debuff enemies once you pick up the Elemental Equilibrium node on the skilltree.

Once you hit Act 3, make sure you grab the Hatred aura, and start using it along with the Generosity support gem. You should also get the Anger and Wrath auras, stick them into a spare gem socket somewhere, so that they can level up. You will need these two aura gems later on. Complete the Fixture of Fate quest in act 3 to gain access to all of the aforementioned gems.

Continue levelling up, using the Summon Raging Spirit + Melee Splash + Minion Damage gems. In act 4, acquire a Curse On Hit gem, and set up a 3-linked Arc + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness. This will allow your Arc to lower enemies' resistances considerably. You should also acquire the Summon Stone Golem gem and Spell Echo. You can use Spell Echo if you acquire a 4-link for your SRS.

As you progress through the game, the most important gems to keep levelling up are Anger and Wrath. Once you get to level 66 and acquire a Lioneye's Glare, add the following support gems as you can afford them:
Mirror/Blink Arrow - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce - Minion Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks

Then, allocate the Eldritch Battery keystone. With the Eldritch Battery keystone, you will have the ability to reserve 100% of your mana. Then, you can use the links Generosity - Wrath - Anger in order to superbuff your clones. Make sure you have the Generosity support gem linked to your auras, otherwise your auras will mess up the Elemental Equilibrium buff!

Make sure you also allocate the Zealot's Oath keystone. With a Stone Golem summoned, you should be able to easily sustain all of your mana costs - even as a Deadeye. Enduring Cry is also a good way to rapidly regain ES for casting minions.

What gear do I need while levelling up?
Gearing for SRS is very simple. All you need to look out for is items with as many linked sockets as possible, preferably Intelligence-based equipment. This kind of gear will greatly help your Summon Raging Spirit gem. You can also use Nycta's Lantern but it's not mandatory.

At level 66, you can use the trading website poe.trade to acquire the key unique item: Lioneye's Glare. It is usually very cheap, about 1 chaos or even less.
Other good items to help you meet your Dexterity requirement:
  • Careful Planning (socketed in the jewel socket near Mind over Matter
  • Leer Cast
  • Hyrri's Bite

All of those items are very cheap and provide a decent amount of dexterity for your build. This helps you meet Dex requirements to equip Lioneye's Glare.

Early on, you can use Victario's Influence body armour for a cheap DPS boost. (See "Budget version" in the "Gearing" section above.) Also try to acquire a Drillneck ASAP, as this allows you to drop the Pierce support gem in favor of a stronger support gem.

Blink/Mirror Traps - a different way to play

It is possible to use Blink/Mirror arrow socketed with the Trap/ Cluster trap support gems. The Trap support gem will not boost your clones' damage, but the Cluster trap support gem will reduce your clones' damage. This is due to the wording of both gems. The benefit of playing Blink/Mirror arrow traps is that you can spawn multiple clones in a split second. You also rely on the cooldown of Traps rather than the cooldown of blink/mirror arrow themselves. Blink/Mirror arrow traps work great on a budget, because you can use the unique Deerstalker boots as a pseudo-5linked item.

The following is the best version of blink/mirror arrow traps I have seen. It is made by user Thailesk. He uses several Hair Trigger jewels to reliably spawn clones, and the Tinkerskin chest helps him sustain energy shield and life. He has defeated Shaper with this setup. His DPS far exceeds mine, however he has a bit lower survivability and completely different playstyle.

Shaper run

Deadeye is similar in DPS to Necromancer, but clears maps a bit faster. However it is a bit more reliant on getting jewels with %inc minion damage. Deadeye cannot achieve high Energy Shield, so its defenses are simply 6k life + acrobatics + phase acrobatics. Below is my Deadeye in Bestiary, leveling guide to come in the future.

Path of Building

Why Lioneye’s Glare?
Lioneye’s Glare is good for several reasons:
1) No elemental damage. This means that we can reliably apply Elemental Equilibrium using Split Arrow.
2) High natural attack speed. This pairs remarkably well with flat added damage from Anger & Wrath auras.
3) Cannot miss. Comparing an average level 70 minion’s accuracy versus an average level 70 minion’s evasion, clones are likely to miss >70% of their attacks. Even if you got the strongest mirrored bow on standard, you probably could not match Lioneye’s DPS or reliability because you’d be missing almost 1/3 of your attacks.

Reach of the Council is a strong contender for Lioneye’s because it allows us to replace GMP with a stronger gem. However I still prefer Lioneye’s for clearspeed – if your minions can one-shot small mobs, missing attacks will slow down your mapping speed considerably.

Why don't you use Traps in your endgame gem configuration?
1) In order to work reliably, traps require Clever Construction, Hair Trigger jewels, or Sunblast + multiple Cheap Construction jewels. This requires a large skilltree investment compared to self-cast.
2) Traps have a delay time before triggering, which slows down your clearspeed.
3) Traps have a very similar cooldown as mirror/blink arrow. Aside from the initial burst potential of throwing out 3 sets of traps, the dps of trap builds is very similar to self-cast builds over a long period of time (i.e. in long bossfights).

Since self-cast requires less skilltree/gear investment, it can end up much tankier than trap builds but with similar dps.

Hardcore Viable?
I don't have the internet connection or patience for hardcore. That said, this build is just as hardcore viable as any classic summoner/SRS build.

-I learned of blink/mirror arrow traps via Naeblis720's thread and pneuma's thread, and highly recommend it as an early 5-link
-moonypony's thread inspired me to reoptimize the build with self-cast clones for endgame
-Luqas added me ingame to talk about Infractem/Drillneck and mirror arrow strategy
-Thailesk showed me some great innovations with Essence crafting, and blink/mirror arrow traps with Tinkerskin + Hair Trigger gems.
-insobyr, for pushing the build really damn far
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
Magma Orb Deadeye: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2736039
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I made something like this a long time ago in the Beyond league. Ever since then, this build has received a lot of buffs. I like that you came to the same conclusions I did about the build:

1. Lioneye's Glare is definitely the #1 bow for this build. People were running thicket bows.
2. Elemental Damage is the way to go. A lot of people pioneering the build shot for physical damage and Hatred.
2. Chain is mandatory the clones will all target the same target, making GMP/LMP by itself completely useless. Other people were using GMP/LMP with pierce or Infractem.

When I ran this build, the widespread way to do it was with traps. After watching your video, I very much prefer the way you did it. I found the traps to be too awkward to throw against fast moving mobs and the travel time made the build horrid to play in groups. Good job doing that.

Would Slower Projectiles out do Added Lightning Damage?

Yup, I pretty much put it all together once I created that DPS spreadsheet. It was from there that I realized the power of accuracy, and elemental equilibrium. The build can't be done with any bow that has ele damage on it, because then you won't be able to use Split Arrow to apply EE.

I used the trap method up till level 85 or so. Traps are still quite viable (and cheap) for up to ~75 maps. However, after that, it becomes very dangerous to approach enemies and throw traps. Furthermore, throwing a trap causes you to lose clearspeed because you have to wait for the minion to spawn.

A multi-trap minion deals 79% damage. If all 3 minions spawn, then the trap + multiple traps combination has granted you 79x3 = 237% damage. However, if we take out those 2 gems and put in 2 damage gems(approx 150% more damage each), you'd get 1.5*1.5 = roughly 225% more damage from 2 support gems. So you can see they're roughly the same amount of dps added - traps have the benefit of being able to spawn many at once, but theyre also a lot clunkier to use and get 3 minions to spawn. I too prefer the non-trap version and I've always died more often when using traps. This video definitely would not be possible with traps.

Anyways, back to your question. I like Slower Proj a lot for single target, but I found that I lost clearspeed while using it! Quality from Mirror Arrow + Chain gems gives us a ton of proj speed that allows us to offscreen packs , which is invaluable since our minions cannot move (this was changed in 2.0). Slower proj reduces your offscreen abilities and makes you recast your minions for every pack (which isn't hard, but results in slightly slower clearspeed)

Also, my spreadsheet says that Slower Proj gives me... 2% more damage than Added Lightning damage would.
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
Magma Orb Deadeye: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2736039
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I'm thinking to make this build on tempest, any recomendation?
I'll put in a levelling guide within the next week, I think. I'm a bit busy now that's all.

If you have zero funds to start with, I'd recommend against this build. If you have a handful of chaos, then the first things to get are Deerstalkers and a 5L. (Tabula is cool but for tempest I assume you want something tankier)

Also, I HIGHLY recommend getting a +1 arrow quiver. This quiver must not have any +fire or +lightning damage on it. Such quivers cost as little as 20 chaos to multiple exalts in Warbands, I'm not sure how much it is in Tempest.

While levelling, use Storm Cloud + minion damage + gmp + chain. Refer to the Gem Links section of the guide to see what gem setups I recommend for your level of gearing. I don't recommend trying the build until you can equip Deerstalkers; use Flame Totem/Fire Trap/Tendrils until you can get to that level.

Once you obtain two 5-links you will ditch Deerstalkers altogether and stop using Trap setups.

I wish you luck, never had the balls to try HC. However, I think that my build has adequate defenses and if you play right, you just might survive.
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
Magma Orb Deadeye: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2736039
Bone offering and not flesh offering. Why?

Also, thoughts on Alpha's Howl?
How to make a build: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/510084
Current guides: N/A
Last edited by Kirielis on Sep 12, 2015, 2:01:24 AM
If you check the "How do you make your minions stronger?" section, you will see a quick blurb on attack speed.

MIRROR ARROW ATTACK SPEED IS CAPPED!! You cannot make them attack more than 10 times in 5.7 seconds. Try it with Flesh Offering, try it with Vaal Haste, Haste, minion nodes, Faster Attacks, Quill Rain, faster quivers, whatever. You cannot make them attack faster than 10 times/5.7 seconds. My mirrors are capped on attack speed, so I don't need Flesh Offering.

Bone offering also keeps my zombie wall alive longer against hard bosses (Malformation Piety, Academy, etc)

Alpha's Howl is amazing. Unfortunately it means that your zombies will have less health. If I were to use Alpha's Howl, I would change the tree to path to Acrobatics and grab Charisma instead of Influence. I would focus more on Evasion gear (and probably grab Bronn's Lithe) instead of EB/MoM. yes, if you can afford Alpha's Howl, it's a great addition to the build.
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
Magma Orb Deadeye: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2736039
Hi i Play the exakt same build.
Only Differenz is:

I skip add light. And link it with blink arrow. So you need1 6 link for using both skills.
2. I Use the free 5 link for iceshot link with gmp and curse on hit.
Tempchains and chilled ground is huge and you need no Ring with cold damage to proc EE.

and on bossfights i skip chain for increased duration. You can summon 3mirrow arrows and 2 blink arrows at the same time


What about bandits?
Bandits are Oak, kill all, and kill all (Or Oak if you like using Enduring Cry. Havent made up my mind on that)

@ukord awesome!! I tried that setup and it allows you to have an extra 4-link. You could use that 4-link for spectres or animate guardian or even more clones (Deerstalker)
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
Magma Orb Deadeye: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2736039

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