[3.2]Blink & Mirror Arrow Necromancer * Shaper down * Build of the Week * Deadeye version added*

dariidar wrote:
If you have trouble with Dex, you can use the Careful Planning jewel in the slot between Mind over Matter and Elemental Equilibrium. Should cost no more than a few alteration orbs even in a new league.

We don't really need immortal call. I used to use it until I tried Zombies and never turned back. Once you learn how to control them (Shift + move, or use attack skills to direct them) then they're far better than IC for tanking titty bitches, quill explosions, etc. Even spectres feel better than IC (see Grandmasters video)

Ah yea that's a good idea for that jewel, never thought of that. I am almost at merciless now and I found what worked best for me for leveling was storm cloud+a 3 link SRS with echo/multistrike. Basically with storm cloud you have enough attack speed to where you can put down both mirror arrow/blink arrow and still have time to spam 3-4 spirits before the cooldown is back up. Also the single target for this build was extremely good. Hopefully this build will take me all the way to a4 merciless and then I can just switch to lioneyes then.

^ That's the socket setup I used while leveling, seemed quite nice to me.

About immortal call, I don't think I would ever replace zombies, but I would consider replacing the dual curse setup for it. I'm personally not a huge fan of dual curse since it seems like the majority of the maps I roll are always "immune to curse", plus dual curse doesn't really matter much on white mobs, and for rares/bosses you can just manually curse them with ele weakness real quick. So you could have something like CWDT>Immortal Call>increased duriaton then split arrow in the 4th socket unlinked to proc EE. Then ele weakness/or proj weakness in the 6th socket of the bow/armor or unset ring. I will have to test what's better once I get to maps in the 1 month. It just seemed like when I watched your videos the majority of the huge spikes of damage you took could of been prevented by an immortal call, just with the way the build works of teleporting in front of a bunch of mobs seems dangerous to me.
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That's a great idea to use SRS. I've just been using Flame Totem in my own levelling setup so that there's less socket requirement, but if you have the spare sockets then SRS can definitely help with levelling. I was also thinking about Revenants for levelling.. even though I hate having to resummon spectres.

I also wonder if a hybrid bow/srs build could be effective: dual SRS totems in one 5L with blink/mirror arrow in a separate 5L. Might suffer from low cast speed, will have to test.

You're right that the dual curse becomes useless in curse immune maps, which I've also seen increasingly more often. And if we drop Whispers of Doom we will have spare skillpoints to travel to the Leadership notable which could give us a bit of dps anyways. I think the build works just fine (for PvE) with just EE and IC, especially for hardcore - but we also really need dual curse for things like Hall of Grandmasters (and someday, Uber). Do what works best for you!
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
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Hello, just found your funny build by build of the week.
Really like the alternative playstyle and use of zombies, glhf.

. Will a version of this build be hardcore viable, and even in the 1month hardcore event (Extra hardcore)?
- One could reduce the damage for more defence?
- Will the use of SRS instead of zombies reduce defence?
I feel like you went at least 500 energy shield too much.
Gloves could have been Minion Damage too.

This build will be just as hardcore viable as any normal Spectre or Zombie or SRS summoner build. I have not tried HC myself, but I am certain that with the right playstyle the build will be fine. You could use Arctic Armour instead of supporting your auras with Empower, use a Cast when damage taken + immortal call setup, equip a Rearguard quiver, and use the Alchemist nodes in the Witch area of skilltree.

While I'd like to try out a blink+mirror+SRS combo someday, I don't think you should replace Zombies. My 6 zombies have 13k life each, and they tank an enormous amount of damage for me. If you're looking to play hardcore, I recommend the build I described in the previous paragraph. In order to use SRS effectively you'd need to stand still and cast spirits, which is a bit more dangerous than simply casting Blink/Mirror and dodging things.


The mechanic of Mind over Matter makes your mana pool worth 30% of your eHP. If my life pool of 5200 is 70% of my EHP, then my mana pool must equal 2236 for the remaining 30%. If I only had 1700 ES or so, then the ES pool would only be effective against hits that dealt less than 5666 damage. But with my current pool of 2100 ES, it would be effective against hits that deal up to 7000 damage.

Yup, gloves could have been minion damage, but it was hard finding cheap gloves with +1 gems on them! Also, I need to corrupt Additional Curse or Minion Damage onto my amulet. Lots of room for improvement.
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293
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Really well written good guide. You took fairly complex subject matter and explained it even so n00bs could understand.
gratz on build of the week, well deserved.
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awesome build!
I was planning on doing a Poison Arrow build for the 1 month, although this build really looks awesome. Nice job!

How do you think it would fare compared to a PA-build? Would it be able to complete all the challenges?
Would it be able to complete all the challenges?

It better be able to, because it's what I'll be playing!

I've never played PA, but it seems that PA is a bit easier to set up - less required links/gems, etc.
However, once my build is all put together, it should have similar survivability and clearspeed to PA. Maybe slightly tankier against certain bosses thanks to the Zombie wall.
Mirror Arrow Summoner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1422529
Teleports Behind You: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123293

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