[1.30 Video Guide]Ranger Smith-One Man Army Build! Blink Arrow/Mirror Arrow xD

RANGER SMITH: Be your own army!!

My friends wont play with me, so I'll be my own friends...just kidding......... im so lonely....

So ANYWAY, whats the idea behind this build?

To make a crap ton of clones and generally become agent smith in the final matrix movie.

How do we do that?

Increased skill duration+multiple ways to cast clones.

What's important to know about these skills to make the most of them?

The clones don't take any of your base stats, passive bonuses or global stats. They DO however come equipped with your bow and quiver. They ALSO scale on minion nodes.

Another important thing(thanks pneuma and others for making me realize this.) is the auras and running generosity, as well as scaling that damage/aura effectiveness as much as possible.

Mirror arrow can be cast both as normal, and as a trap linked to multiple traps. they do not share a cool down when setup this way.(you can also put blink arrow on traps)

and now, the meat and potatoes:

This build is really versatile. along with having multiple ways you can set up mirror/blink arrow, what you use to supplement them is open to a wide range of options.

The setup I prefer:

Two instances of mirror arrow, one self cast, one trap. one instance of blink arrow self cast.
The two self casts are five or six link, and the trap setup is in deerstalker with a four link, so essentially we have three five links.

Options for gearing:
The only gear that matters for your clones is your bow and your quiver.

The weapon setup I tested in standard:

apart from a super end game bow, this is probably the best phys dps you will get out of this build.

Other valid options:
High elemental damage bows.

You can easily use these to level/get into maps:

The thing is, with the minion damage we are getting in the tree, and the links that we use(minion damage/Weapon Ele Damage) any good bow base will do very well, so long as the dps is good, youre probably going to do well.

As for crit: The clones CAN crit...however with few ways to boost crit chance apart from gems and your bow quiver, it would require a very high roll on both. while you could link increased crit chance, it doesnt seem worth it to me to pursue from the testing i have done so far. Honestly, the build still worked, it just didnt add anything or do anything better, and in many cases performed slower clear speed wise.

Other gear is where the options REALLY begin to open up, however. As long as resistances are decent(read:they do not need to be capped necessarily) you should be relatively safe. Magic find is an awesome option, as minion kills calculate off your IIQ/IIR.

Of course you can always go for flat defense, a belly works out nicely in this build.

We get a lot of %health from our tree, so health on your gear will make you VERY tanky.

Another option to consider is going ES low life and running multiple auras that way, boosting by a large degree your damage output.(i seriously need to test this, as it may make the build atziri viable....but i am poor.) The reason this works out so nicely, is that minions will only visually take on your current health, however they have their own health pool. Meaning that they will still spawn at full health.

Gem Setups:

The links are:
Blink Arrow>weapon elemental damage>Lesser Multiple Projectiles>Increased Duration>Added Lightning Damage
Mirror Arrow>weapon elemental damage>Greater Multiple Projectiles>Increased Duration>Faster Attacks
Mirror Arrow>Trap>Multiple Traps>Lesser Multiple Projectiles

Auras(in Alpha's Howl)
generosity>hatred/anger>wrath>reduced mana

CWDT setup:
CWDT>Greater Multiple Projectiles>Fireball>Arctic Breath
CWDT>enduring cry>immortal call>increased duration
any CWDT setup youd like, really

Dual Curse setup:
Curse on Hit>Split arrow/Barrage/tornado shot/rain of arrows>ele weakness>vulnerability/projectile weakness

Conduit/Charge battery setup:
Frenzy>Curse on Hit>Warlords>Mark>Assassin's Mark

Magic find setup:
Arc/tornado shot/split arrow/rain of arrows>Culling strike>Increased Item Quantity>Increased Item Rarity

Basically you have one four link that you can play with is what it comes down to.

Other Skills worth mentioning:

Convocation- VERY handy for boss fights/single target damage, as well as positioning for use with minion instability, etc. pull all your clones to you and watch them shotgun anything near you to death.

Animate Guardian- With all the minion and increased duration nodes that were getting in the tree, this is a natural companion piece to make use of all those worthless white items.

Flesh Offering- Ridiculous damage boost.

Any summon spell, really.

I've tested with both herald of ash and thunder, and while they DO add base damage to the clones, the effects are not proc'd by the clones, so its not worth running them. I am currently running a CWDT setup for arctic breath and fireball, as the clones require constant casting to keep them doing high damage, and with CWDT procc'ing i can blink arrow into the middle and make good use of these spells, mainly for the utility of the freeze/frost ground and ignite.

My Gear:

Alpha's howl is BIG. I dont think its necessary for the build, but it CERTAINLY makes it shine. the +2 to auras as well as to generosity is verrrry nice.


obviously you dont need the removes freezing flask if you're running alpha's howl. a remove curses flask would be amazing, especially if you could roll flask effects for your minions.

also this works:

it always adds damage to the tooltip when activated HOWEVER, some caveats to note:

The clones that spawn before you drink the flask will not be affected, however any that spawn during the flasks duration will spawn with the added damage.

My current skill tree:

My planned skill tree:
at 80

fully spec'd

So using minion nodes for damage and health, and then taking minion instability for dealing with high damage/high life targets should net me the most bang for my buck, at least from what i can tell. I'm completely open to suggestions on the tree, as I feel like there may be something I'm missing that could really turn this build into something cool.

The other important thing to note about this tree is the increased skill duration. This is a big part of making this work well.

Curse on hit skill tree:

This is the dual curse setup skill tree for ranger.

Witch skill tree with dual curse:

Witch Version:


Scion skill tree with dual curse:



Leveling is Very Straightforward with this build.

Until You're able to use Mirror/Blink Arrow, I just leveled using rain of arrows for mobs and burning arrows for single targets. once you hit 24 you want to start hitting your minion damage nodes and getting your aura nodes. Then make your way into health/inc duration and lastly out of the templar area and into the witch tree.

For leveling all you need is deerstalker boots (should be pretty cheap in any league) and at least three three/four links.

leveling links:
Mirror Arrow>WeD>Minion Dmg>inc duration

Blink Arrow>WeD>Minion Dmg>inc duration

Mirror arrow>WeD>Multitrap>minion dmg(in deerstalker)

You could drop either inc duration or Weapon Elemental Damage, depending on your bow for leveling. if you have good elemental rolls, keep WeD in there. If you have a good phys bow, keep increased duration. If you have a four link, enjoy one of the easiest times leveling you'll ever have.


A lot of fun to play
Immune to reflect and corrupting blood
seriously its super safe
also its hilarious
is engaging to play/takes paying attention to how you chin skills
you pretty much dont care what you roll on maps. This build is super safe against most mods.
I still dont like running temp chains, and enfeeble is probably the worst for this build.
So versatile, you can do all sorts of crazy configurations.

takes paying attention to how you chain skills
not the most damaging build
if youre sloppy with your clones and chaining, you wont get the maximum out of this build, and you need to to make it competitive with other builds in terms of damage.
all builds cant be this awesome.

Here are some videos showing what the build can do:

Dom farm(old build with commentary)

Dom farm(new build with commentary)


Heres a video guide I made today and then through some testing made out of date before i could even publish it! but theres some funny stuff and it still is a good overview of the build in general.
(please note generosity and weapon elemental damage are not used in this version.)

(As well as a special treat involving Jangtzu and I with dom.)

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this build! All your feedback is super appreciated!

Appreciate you taking the time to check it out if you have, leave any critiques or feedback or questions below, and thanks for stopping by!

Also a quick shoutout to Pneuma who made a similar build for templar! Check it out here:

Special thanks:

My imaginary friend:

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What skills do the minions use? I have an open 5L in my Poison Arrow build, and am wondering if somehow one of these skills might be useful...but I would basically need to have them use Poison Arrow as well since the bow I use doesn't actually do any damage. But I don't have an understanding yet of how they work.
My Phys Crit Split Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/919885

My Poison Arrow Ranger Guide: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/806913
the minions use a basic attack, so they can be supported by anything that supports attack, like faster attacks phys proj dmg, minion dmg, gmp, lmp, im currently using gmp and lmp as well as faster attacks and phys proj dmg. im also using increased duration to keep them out longer so i can have more going.
updated gear and explanation of build. added some different skill gem setups.
Significant update to the build. Dominus kill video added. Please feel free to critique and leave feedback! we need more wacky builds! xD
Build has been updated and is 70% more awesome!(this is an arbitrary number...but it is more awesome.)
Awesome, good job on that!
IGN: Scordalia_
Looks like a fun build.

How about a Curse on Hit setup with Split Arrow? You're in the vicinity of Whispers of Doom anyway, so you could probably dual curse packs (I could see Punishment, Vulnerability, Projectile Weakness, Flammability or Temporal Chains working with the build) before you summon your army of clones.

Weapon Elemental Damage over PPAD could increase your damage output due to the larger % bonus and those elemental auras you're running. Did you try it out?
I have a large write-up on my templar variant and I've found some information to cross-pollinate. :D

Herald of Thunder/Ice do not give damage to the clones. It is purely a visual effect that the clones match your character. Can verify this by using a Crude Bow + no quiver/ammy/gloves/rings + Herald and watching damage effects on enemies. If they were doing Herald damage, you would see cold/lightning effects. Similarly, on crits you would see enemies frozen or shocked and they are not.

Your tree is great. Seems to be gelling on the same rough shape of duration + minion nodes + dex as mine and others. Similarly agreed that MI is a beast with these minions due to their ease of summoning and huge amount of base HP and "more minion damage". Easily the most under-rated powerful aspect of the build.

How do you deal with single targets (especially those that run around such as Piety, Tormented Spirits, several exiles)?

EDIT: Really wish I could get my hands on a Drillneck. Your clear speed looks much better than mine and Drillneck looks like the culprit (I'm also using Infractem/Wrath/Anger). :)
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Animate weapon also really benefits from your skill effect duration nodes/auras. I guess you're pretty full on sockets, but maybe an unset ring could be used. It's a fun utility move and makes mapping even more enjoyable when you can turn white items into an army.
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