[3.4] KissMeQuick's MF Power Siphon & Currency Guide | 100% IIQ 50% IIR | 70% IIQ up to T17 | Budget


The goal of this build was to have a setup that could farm and level as fast as possible to gear / level up for my Witch Spectral Throw build for Uber Elder while not missing out on Incursions & juicy money with running Poorjoy's.
I also didn't want to spend 40 EX on a Windripper setup nor anything else seemed adequate enough so I made my own MF build that is one of the cheapest out there while still having very high IIQ( Increased Item Quantity) and can be used for leveling as well!

I leveled from level 91 to 94 solo with 3 random deaths that were simply me being a softcore player while doing 10 T16 Guardians which I didn't die to even once. I managed to collect half of my Mirror of Kalandra money within 2 days by only mapping.


💲 - Very nice & smooth gameplay - I used to hate MF builds but running this was very pleasurable

💲 - 3 EX for a complete build or 4.5 EX with 2 Inspired Learnings

💲 - 100% / 70% / 62% Increased Item Quantity

💲 - Able to run all map mods( Even cannot leech) except Elemental Reflect

💲 - Very safe & fast mapping

💲 - Can farm up to T16 and do all Guardians deathless

💲 - Able to run level 83 Temples without any problems

💲 - Possible to do Shaper

💲 - Freeze everyone

💲 - 200% Movement Speed (+ 2 Inspired Learnings)

💲 - You can now talk in Global chat 3 how Kinetic Blast is dogshit and Vaal Power Siphon is the real deal

- Low HP

- Needs some skill / patience to kill Guardians



Shaper T17

Shaper kill with 70% IIQ, exactly the same gear and points as the original build. First try, died 2x.

Some why my recording software does not like Power Siphon and the videos are a little bit laggy at some points and slower than usually, sorry for that!

Rare T16 Hydra


Has extra lightning damage and still using my 4400 HP setup.

Rare Shaped Burials T8 + Shrine T13 + Reef T15


Some of my typical map runs with backtracking and everything.

Rare Dark Forest T14 - 100% IIQ 50% IIR version

Casual run, slightly slower than usually.





Best in slot by far! Even if there are higher DPS wands for 10+ EX, they still can't have as much attack speed as a Piscators and with corruption it can go up to 23%.


I prefer Lycosidae a lot more than any other shield because you also hit mobs off the screen that you might not usually attack and kill them, while without it the extra mobs might be missed. I believe it compensates for the lacking quantity.


Cool shield and increases your IIQ! I would grab it if I'd be running more low tier maps such as Burials or Lair or whatever you want below T13.


The main purpose of this helmet is to have Abyssal sockets and resistances. Helmet enchant is up to you but best would be Power Siphon damage.


You may buy this unlinked as well and 5L it yourself, a very easy task! Keep in mind that Jeweller's Touch does not work with it.
The chest itself simply provides a lot of damage to a level where I'd say it's a 6.5L while the defenses are awesome and it provides only 200 HP less than a Belly of the Beast.


Simply used to get elemental resistances and if needed, Strength.


Best in slot quantity boots.


Best in slot quantity gloves.


You do not want to change this ring for anything as this provides a lot of resistances + the life gained for each enemy hit is instant, meaning that you have basically old Vaal Pact while mapping! This also allows you to not pick up a mana leech node.


Spinefuses are by far the best quantity amulets in the game right now and beacuse of Incursions, they are also very cheap.

Very basic and cheap stuff, you may use an Atziri's Promise if you're not interested in balancing your resistances for Wise Oak but I somehow managed to get it super easily and sticked with it because of it.

I suggest copying all other flask affixes exactly as I have except for curse where "Reduced charges used" would be better.

When you map, you mostly want to play with 3 fingers on Quicksilver, Silver & Diamond flask and somewhat spam them. You should use life flask when you need it and Wise Oak when you're against a Boss / Unique / Strong rare.



Body - Vaal Power Siphon

Weapon 1 - Curse with Herald of Thunder

Offhand - Herald of Ice & Frost Bomb

Helmet - Haste & Blood Rage

Boots - Phase Run & Vaal Haste

Gloves - CWDT Setup

One jewel to cap / balance resistances. You can take two if really needed.

Two optional Inspired Learnings. They stack and are totally worth it!

Abyss Jewels for some damage and HP.




It's literally worse than a

Biscos = No stats, real quantity is garbage, costs 4 EX
Spinefuse = Has stats, better quantity than Biscos, cost me 10C

Do not buy any other quantity ring since Thief's Torment gives you such a massive defensive boost with + life on hit.

Do not take only damage( Abyss) jewels since we're low on life and it will bite you back later.

Do not spam your life and Wise Oak flasks, these are for special occasions only and if you don't have them up, you're quite likely to die

Do not do only 1 map constantly as you're prone to burning out quite quick with it. Choose 2-4 maps at least that you run and swap them up constantly. I personally have around 10 maps that I run often.

Don't buy unnecessarily high damage Abyss jewels if you can't afford them. 1 damage affix + 35 life is more than enough.



Bandit: Alira




Vaal Power Siphon

Your main attacking skill is Power Siphon that should be from Vaal Power Siphon skill gem. Power Siphon is a super high potential wander skill that off screens and shoot multiple projectiles, the fact that it generates extra projectiles and power charges makes the build multiple EX cheaper and more comfortable.
Vaal Power siphon is simply a better Power Siphon that attacks all targets, you should use this skill when you are surrounded by mobs, like here


Or if you want to do some extra damage to a boss or when random monsters are attacking you while you are killing the boss.

Herald of Thunder

Herald of Thunder simply boosts our damage and curses enemies with Poacher's Mark which allows us to gain 100% more flask charges so we would be able to spam flasks a lot more. It also will generate us Frenzy charges allowing us to spam Phase Run without being worried that we lose too much Frenzy charges.

Herald of Ice

Herald of Ice works exactly like Herald of Thunder but we instead get only more Frenzy charges for the same use.

Haste & Vaal Haste

Haste and Vaal Haste are not linked because Vaal Haste is linked with Increased Duration which increases the mana reservation by 10% which is too much.
Both skill give us more movement and attack speed but Vaal Haste is 1.5x stronger and lasts for a few seconds. I use Vaal Haste when I know that I have time to kill the boss or finish a phase quick. As an example I use it after Hydra has flied off once or when I'm in the second phase of the Temple boss since it's more dangerous.

Frost Bomb

Frost Bomb simply debuffs the enemies cold resistance by -25% and stops their regen. Good for bossing and strong monsters!

Blood Rage

Blood Rage gives us some extra leech which isn't really necessary but nice, we also get more Frenzy charges and attack speed which is the most important part.

Phase Run

Phase Run is essentially like a movement skill for us. You should use it when you know that you are about to travel some distances. As an example when you backtrack or when you start a map. Phase Run uses Frenzy charges to extend it's duration, which we have around 50 - 70% chance of getting per kill.

Phase run also makes you less visible for monsters, meaning that speed boosting into a huge pack or being gunned down from far away is very unlikely if you have it on.

Cast When Damage Taken

This makes it using our Lightning Golem a lot more comfortable since we don't ever have to cast it ourselves again. Immortal Call & Molten Shell add a lot of defences to us, Molten Shell is a lot stronger than you might believe since it also blocks elemental damage which Immortal Call doesn't.


Health & Energy Shield

The character runs on roughly 4000 - 5500 HP which might sound low but really isn't since we kill stuff off screen and Freeze most of the bosses / uniques. Detonate dead can't kill us since we shatter all enemies and somehow Ice Nova and Volatile don't kill us either.
If you feel like you are having trouble surviving, drop some damage nodes and take health nodes or farm lower maps until you level up a bit since we get a lot of health from levels as well!
Remember that Strength also gives you life. 2 Strength = 1 life, so having +40 STR on your item will give you +20 flat health!

You have around 500 Energy Shield for you to use which generally does not matter but you may use it if you start boss fights. Energy shield drains as the first thing if you use Blood Rage so you can activate your Blood Rage after the boss has hit you once.


Your main source of damage comes from elemental damage which is focused on cold damage but since lightning damage also has a lot of penetration with our Herald and has higher numbers, it's also a very viable source of damage!

Tier list of damage mods for jewels / rares:

T1 - Crit multi, cold damage, Critical Strike chance on weapon
T2 - Lightning damage, attack speed, projectile damage, increased weapon elemental damage
T3 - Increased lightning / cold damage, increased critical strike chance


Your #1 goal in defenses should always be maxing your resistances and if you can have them all above 75% and at the same level of overcapped, you can use Wise Oak fully which gives you an additional 10% reduced damage for every element which is massive! Your tools to cap resistances are belt, jewels and amulet. You should also try to get as possible high elemental resistances on Thief's Torment and Lightpoacher.




I do not suggest this version if you are low level or want to do T16 maps since killing Guardians with it is a lot harder than with the original version. You can do i83 temples quite easily tho and I completed two with bosses without problems.

I will provide only PoB and items for this build as this is not something that you can run below level 90 and I would suggest this version if you're looking to skip bosses and farm low red or lower maps and have already acquired enough currency to run this build as it's slightly more expensive as well.

You also could / should make some sacrifices in some pieces of gear to not overpay for a single percentage of quantity. Best example being Talisman. I bought 10% just because I wanted to prove a concept with 100% IIQ.

If you want to do bosses, the best option is to remove Inspired Learnings with Abyssal Jewels.


Half of the items are the same as the original build and I'll drop only items that I've swapped with some comments.


Lower's your movement speed but gives you more drops, one of the biggest changes in the build and this is what makes you a lot weaker than the normal build.
You should buy this chest already linked as it's almost always cheaper than way. When you recolour it, you should aim towards at least 2 green and 2 blue socket or 3 green and 1 blue socket. 2 Blue sockets would have increased critical strikes.


BiS Quantity belt in terms of returns but gives you no stats. You can replace it with Bisco's Leash if you wish.


Needed more res since Stygian Vise was removed but also wanted to get 10% quantity. With HP it's cost would be even higher.


Needed a helmet with as high HP as possible and since I was lacking lightning and fire resistance, these stats as well. The HP can go up somewhere 160+ with Strength and better rolls.


There are some minor passive tree and gem links changes. For the most part it stays the same as the original build.

The DPS is higher than listed because of shock and other cool stuff. If it's hard for you to get your resistances capped, you may use more jewels with resistances as well.

Level 94 PoB: https://pastebin.com/zaDWZStk



You can choose whatever build / path to level to maps yourself. Top options would be Poet's Pen / Sunder / Rain of Arrows or anything with a bow.

You do not have to copy this 1 to 1. Here's my somewhat skill tree on how I progressed with Lightning Arrow, including Power Siphon progression after reaching maps.:


20 points: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAMAAA5IEZYWvyL0JpUnqSsKVEdUrlVLXfJh4mwLfdJ_xow2kyeexKa-34o=

40 points: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAMAAAW1CIkOSBEvEZYWvxqNIvQmlSepKwo2PTfUUUdUR1SuVUtbJl1oXfJh4mKsbAtsjH3Sf8Z_-4w2jb-TJ5UFmvGdqp7Epr60xcLsyqnfiutj

60 points: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAMCAAW1Bx4IiQ5IES8Rlha_Go0i9CP2JpUnqSsKMHwx-jY9N9Q51ElRTZJRR1RHVK5VS1smXWhd8mHiYqxremwLbIxv8nb3fdJ_K3_Gf_uMNo19jbmNv5MnlQWVLprxnaqexKCfpr6xfLTFwuzD5si_yqnUI9-K62PtP_DV_W4=

80 points( Switch to Wand and Power Siphoon): https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAMCAAW1CPQRLxR1FSAWvxm0Go0i9CP2JP0mlSoLKwos6S2DMHw2PTfUOrNGUkd-TZJQQlFHUzVUrlVLVvpbJluvXfJeRWHiYqxlTWpDaoxremwIbAtsjG0ZcFJ3133Sfyt_-4azidOMNo19jbmNv5D6kvOTJ5zEnaqhL6TCsXy0xbVItyK86r02voq-p8Lsw-bIv9Qj2-fdDd9t34rl5udU62PtP_GK-uv8TP1u_94=

100 points: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAMCAAUtBbUI9BEvFHUVIBa_GbQajSL0I_Yk_SaVKgsrCizpLYMuUzB8Nj031DqzQzFEDUZSR35NklBCUUdTNVSuVUtW-lsmW69d8l5FYeJirGVNakNqjGt6bAhsC2yMbRlwUnTtdct313rvfXV90n8rf_uGs4nTjDaNfY1-jbmNv5D6kvOTJ5zEnaqhL6TCsXy0xbVItyK3trvjvOq9Nr6KvqfC7MPmxKLIv8jw02_TftQj2sHb590N323fiuXm51TqYutj7T_vevGK9qP66_xM_W7-uv_e

121 points: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAMCAAUtBbUHHgj0CpsM8g5IES8RlhR1FSAWvxm0Go0i9CP2JP0mlSoLKwos6S2DLlMwfDY9N9Q6sz7PQzFEDUZSRwZHfklRTZJRR1SuVUtW-lsmW69d8l5FYeJirGVNakNqjGt6bAhsC2yMbRlwUnTtdct313jreu99dX3Sfyt_xn_7hrOJ04w2jX2Nfo25jb-Q-pLzkyeVLpzEnaqhL6TCpcunNKiiqvixfLTFtUi3Ire2u-O86r02vea-ir6nwdjC7MPmxKLIv8jMyPDTb9N-1CPawdvn3Q3fbd9v34rl5ucK51TqYutj7T_veu-P8NXxivaj9vz66_xM_W7-uv_e

The Power Siphon tree might have missed some points, not 100% sure. If you're not sure either, check from PoB link after.

If you don't have currency to buy uniques, picking up rares constantly and IDing them is enough as well.

Items I did Act 1 with

> Tabula Rasa - Body
> Lochtonial Caress - Gloves
> Wanderlust - Boots
> Meginord's Girdle - Belt
> Karui Ward - Amulet
> Silverbranch - Bow
> Two Quicksilver flasks
> One Silver flask
> One HP Flask
> One hybrid flask
> Everything else was random

At level 28 I switched to Doomfletch and bought a proper rare quiver as well.
At level 40 I bought Doomfletch's Prism and Drillneck quiver. If you don't have currency to buy DoomFletch's Prism, it's completely fine and you can experiment with other higher level bows as well.

After finishing Act 5, all that I did was simply buy enough random and rare gear to keep my resistances capped at 75% while trying to have max life on gear as well to not die constantly. I swapped off nearly all uniques that I bought in the beginning except Meginord's Girdle, Doomfletch & Drillneck.

Your playstyle should be simply running all the time and shooting once every 5 seconds or so to proc your Mirage Archer so you would get free XP while you run. I personally was not underleveled til Act 6 and I was only running from start til end, did not stop for a moment to kill any normal mobs. For most bosses during Act 6-10 I did try to level up before engaging the fight to not lose XP if it was above 15%.

You may have to buy some skill gems from other players.
I cared only about 3 skills, my Heralds and main skill.


Herald of Ice
Herald of Thunder

Lightning Arrow gem priority was:

Lightning Arrow - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Elemental Focus

For some bosses I switched Greater Multiple Projectiles with a random damage gem, you may choose yourself which one you prefer.



First of all you need to choose a good item filter. I am already rich, so I am using the most strict one with extra strictness added from myself since picking up things below 0.5C isn't worth anymore.


I generally update my filter 3x per league and do my first acts without it.


If you want to make money with mapping, you have to have a strategy set place what you'll do and what you think will feel most comfortable.

You should have atlas at least on 50+ completion and suggested 100+ so you could get enough maps back from your runs and possible even 2 tiers higher maps. I generally have around 100 - 120.


I generally start off with completing all white tiers, then do as many yellow tiers as I have available to me right now but mostly too lazy to complete them all and instead do Uber Elder for my third sextant.
Three sextants is what you should be aiming for mostly as it's the easiest to achieve short term and also is what most high tier maps can be equipped with.

You also should have maps available that are expensive and remove maps that aren't expensive and you don't run.

Tier 11 example:

Spider Forest - Sell
Primordial Pool - Sell
Lair - Use
Shaped Wharf - Use
Rest - Removed


You should carefully choose which maps you want to run that have good mob density and good divination cards. Wiki or Poe.Ninja can help you in choosing divination cards. I run 6 red tier maps and 1 yellow tier map for divination cards but as an example, while popular I don't like Primordial Pool and Spider Forest although they might profit well.
I also never run something like Burial Chambers since I like being rewarded more constantly and having too long breaks between profit can be exhausting mentally and financially.


You should always chisel and alch red maps, no matter what. Always make them white before doing so.
You should always run maps with sextants, first you should use the sextants and then roll the maps since you don't know what you'll get from sextants.

My #1 thing that I look when rolling maps are extra mobs from "Extra rare monsters", "Extra magic monsters", "Additional Rogues" and "Double Bosses" since:

MonsterMagic = 200% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster
MonsterMagic = 600% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster

MonsterRare = 1000% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster
MonsterRare = 1400% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster

MonsterUnique = 2850% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster
MonsterUnique = 1000% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster

These numbers are also the reason why Bisco's is not worth it and why I often do bosses and use Warbands / Anarchy.
On top of all these numbers, Rare & Unique monsters have a chance to drop 2 tiers higher maps and Magic monsters have a chance to drop 1 tier higher maps. Same goes for item levels.

> If you get a high quantity map and you already have prophecies or Abysses / Breaches from sextants, you should use Abyss or Breach.
> If you have a low quantity map, you should use Anarchy or Warbands.
> If you have a super good all around map, you should make sure that you have extra mobs / chests prophecies and use Atziri fragments since they give +5% quantity.
> If you get a decent 85+% quantity map without anything special which higher tier is okay for you to run or sell( Dark Forest T14 to Reef T15), you should Vaal it. Spider Forest T11 upgrading to T12 Castle Ruins would be bad.



These are all methods that I generally do all together while mapping when I am on my money making period for a few days every league when I farm Mirrors.
You might not find your method / style / item immediately but if you do notice something interesting, you should give it a shot.


Flipping items is all about buying items from others cheaper and then selling them to other players for more currency. I generally do not simply buy and sell, I usually divine / craft / annul rare items.
I am well versed in majority of the items, hence I flip almost everything in the game. If you're really good at ES elemental rings, you should set up an instant notification with settings that you think that people are selling with without researching on the item price. As an example belts having high life, high STR, one T1 resistance but has an open suffix to have another elemental resistance crafted which you can do and then sell for 3x more money.


I personally hate doing small trades so I flip only big currencies. As an example In Abyss I was flipping Remnant of Corruptions with buying price of 5 for 15C and sold for 5 for 20C constantly, giving me a profit of 2.5C per trade. I always carried 100C of currency with me during maps so I wouldn't have to run to stash to make the trade.
Before you start flipping currencies, you should check which price is changing right now. As an example a few days ago Master Sextants were 4C each but sold for 4.5C, so they were very flippable but now their price is stable and the profit margins aren't as big.

With higher tier currencies you have to be careful to not get price fixed with the ratios. This happens a lot with Mirrors and Exalts.


This method was what made me my first 20 EX / day in Harbinger when I started playing. The idea of this is to use your Silver Coins as efficiently as possible and hope that you get a good prophecy that you could sell for good money.
For this method you have to do at least an hour of research what costs a lot and where you can dump your bad prophecies as quick as possible or run maps a bit if you get a stack of good map prophecies. If you master this method, you will always make a MINIMUM of 3x your money back as long as you do it efficiently and as long as Silver's price is 4 for 1 chaos.
This method does not work as well early league since people aren't buying Masters / Map / Challenge completion prophecies while late league it's a gold mine. As an example early league "Gracious Master" sells for 1C, currently 7C, late league for 12C.



My skill tree at level 91 was something like this which is + 500 life.


You can ignore almost all damage nodes if you are lower level since our base damage is already very high.
Here's a level 76 tree that has 4500 life.


If your goal is to level safely you also must play safely and avoid any overbuffed bosses or some bosses in higher tier maps, including Temple Apex boss which for any build can be deadly because of it's weird damage spikes and barely telegraphed attacks.

When I was leveling from 91 > 94, I did mostly T11 - T14 maps and didn't do bosses on maps above T12 ever except for Hydra which is a skill fight, that I rolled for no crazy mods and didn't die to.
Elder T16 maps are also an option if you want T16 maps for temples which have mostly easy bosses, like Elder Grotto.

It is faster and smarter for you to level in maps solo after level 90 if you run them constantly than it is to sit in Poorjoys.
I leveled from 91 > 94 within 1 day of mapping and would have continued but I wanted to do Temple Apex. You may very well stop leveling earlier as well.




You want to start off Incursions with checking out what layout it is and then decide on which you take. Once you have decided which boss you might want to kill, you step in and see which layout it is during your grace period. If it's really open with stairs, you might get shot down by projectiles and you have to dash away quick. If it's simply open you might want to open with 2 Vaal Power Siphons to kill everyone quick. If it's really closed then you might want to kill some monsters first to get some Inspired Learning stacks or more time.

If you don't like either of the Incursion options, take the less dangerous boss to kill but none of them really are a problem since you freeze them all.

The general strategy to kill bosses is get some normal mob kills first, then frost bomb and Vaal Haste yourself, shoot the boss and if he starts to use a skill, go behind him.
If it's something like a corruption boss and he started his skill, just kill a few mobs in other rooms and come back until it's over.

You also may skip Incursions if you're running an extremely dangerous map that you were not planning to kill a boss on. The same Incursion bosses will be in your next map as well!

Rooms, from best to worst( first tier):

1. Surveyor's Study
2. Storage Room
3. Vault
4. Sacrificial Chamber
5. Shrine of Empowerment
6. Barracks
7. Explosives Room
8. Corruption Chamber
9. Splinter Research Lab
10. Workshop

Rest are completely irrelevant.


You always want to do AT LEAST ONE T16 map( even when I was leveling) to get a level 83 temple for best drops and profit. I generally run 1 Hydra and then just do whatever maps I wanted. Although if you do 1 T16 and 10 T5s, you might get a lower level.

When you enter the Temple, try to kill as many mobs as possible as they have a chance to drop a T16 map which is the main thing that I hunt for. Killing Temple monsters is also very easy with this build, including the Temple uniques. I always at least 75% clear all rooms and kill most of the bosses. Started doing that after from same Temple I got a Bisco's and Wise Oak drop from uniques. Might be a coincidence, might be not :P

Explosives room is also actually very good since it has a lot of barrels which have items in them, basically like another mini Storage Room + explosives.

If you are leveling, I do not suggest doing Temple Apex boss since it has very weird damage spikes and hard to read skills. I personally avoided all Apexes until I finished leveling.

Some chill mapping looping music (:

Bazinga Boyz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFCDk0JVanU

Cool Cruisers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROBeb6a5_Hw

Smooth Sailors - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnS7PSZ1gUU



Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
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I've posted the guide already to not lose progress but updating right now. Everything essential is up already and if you want you can start with it already (:

All text and videos should be done within the next 6 hours or so.

Added 2 videos

Rare T16 Hydra


Rare Shaped Burials T8 + Shrine T13 + Reef T15

Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
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Nice gonna try this build now. Assuming you gonna add this stuff but is priority on abyss jewels cold damage or lightning damage? or does it not matter which you choose cuz i have a bunch of lightning dmg jewels wondering if they would be alright still
Spliffor wrote:
Nice gonna try this build now. Assuming you gonna add this stuff but is priority on abyss jewels cold damage or lightning damage? or does it not matter which you choose cuz i have a bunch of lightning dmg jewels wondering if they would be alright still

Both are equally somewhat as good but you should prioritize cold since it helps with freezing. I'm currently trying to record some stuff but since the build kills everything instantly, my computer is melting when recording. Power siphon effect + 2x Herald + elemental ailments effect on 100 mobs is too much for good quality videos :X
Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506

Spent the day trying to setup this build and i'm about done right now.

The hardest was balancing the resistances had to buy the weird belt which ended up screwing me up later because I needed 3 strength more for the gloves setup. Bought a jewel with all stats for it guess I could've scoured the glove gem setup to 19 or 18? But I didn't think of that first.

Any tips of something I missed or something to improve upon gems/jewels etc? I picked up the Surgeon's Silver Flask what do you think about it?

Also i'm not sure which skill points to leave out since i'm 91 at the moment

Also I think ur level 100 pob link is broken


Feels really smooth to map with this character so far. I feel like i'm really struggling with bosses who are fast and deal high phys dmg though.

Should I just skip some of the hard bosses in t13+ ? I got rekt by the acid lakes boss allthough it was a vaaled map just to test out the build

Wondering how you would go about doing bosses like minotaur guardian since being in melee range seems dangerous and kiting seems hard since you lose dmg with Point Blank. Not sure how much it affects you if you stand far away but you definitely notice the less dmg

Overall I think i'm gonne love this build but I need to get used to how to play it and how to deal with some bosses if I should stand in melee range or not etc

Extremely ironic for this build.. Dropped this the 2nd map I did and first time ever in PoE I drop it lmao..
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Spliffor wrote:

Overall I think i'm gonne love this build but I need to get used to how to play it and how to deal with some bosses if I should stand in melee range or not etc

Extremely ironic for this build.. Dropped this the 2nd map I did and first time ever in PoE I drop it lmao..

Weirdly Acid Lakes bosses were my favorite since I could just spam them down.

I am currently adding sections for bosses and everything but generally you want to play like an assassin which is kind of ironic since this Witch build is the most assassin like boss killer I've ever played.

You phase run to a boss / unique > Let it attack > Move behind as close melee range as possible and gun it down like I did in the videos with Incursion bosses and Hydra.

When choosing bosses you have to get some experience on what you want to do and what not. As an example T15 Sunken City boss just swaps phases all the time and deals 0 damage overall while T14 Dark Forest boss can shotgun you down with the AOE channel spell.

With Minotaur and Chimera you just simply have to kite which is very easy with our high movement speed. They will just constantly keep teleporting and killing the golem. Might be tedious but has to be done. Phoenix / Hydra are generally melee range and Chimera / Mino are long range.

Temple Apex boss has really high close range damage so I do a short period of time damage in melee range with Vaal Haste and then just back off and take a sip of coffee til it's over.


You can just take a +30 STR node as well since it's around 70% of what a life node would give.
Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
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Nice build bro works awesome
Added a lot more text everywhere, got only money making left (:
Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
Wouldnt we reserve 100% mana with 2 heralds and haste?
H_Espenhein wrote:
Wouldnt we reserve 100% mana with 2 heralds and haste?

Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506

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