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A1c3 wrote:
Hi, i changed the build for 5ex in this league 3.5, because some items got rly expensive =( and now im stick to t11 and lower maps bosses are insane to up from t9 and vs the new masters in the t11+ map i have no chance, can u overlook and say what im missing =(`?
Nevermind i switched to bladevortex iqq this here i still unplayable in betrayal after investing 8ex>.>

For Betrayal encounters, the upcoming patch notes will help as it will normalize the damage a bit:

Improved Betrayal encounters by reducing damage dealt by most Syndicate members, improving skill signalling, reducing Syndicate member damage bonuses from some items, reducing skill off-screening, cleaning up residual objects to reduce clutter and reducing additional monster spawns in Fortification encounters.

As for kissmequick replying, it looks like he's under probation from the forum at the moment. I hope he's allowed to come back soon and so he can rock out betrayal, though.
spent a lot of money on the gear and im slow as fuck
literal turtle movespeed
3k health with a tonne of jewels
i'll see if build gets better with lvl 80 but i highly dobubt it
Le Mankey Face amirite guise :---------------------------------------)
Viable ?
Hey guys, is this build still viable? Would be nice to know :)
I'd like to know too whether it's still viable - i can tell it's no where near as budget (Goldwryms are like 1.8ex now and all that)
PshychozPath wrote:
I'd like to know too whether it's still viable - i can tell it's no where near as budget (Goldwryms are like 1.8ex now and all that)

As a mid-budget, low map farmer, I think it's still viable... just started looking at it earlier today, but I don't think too much has changed.

Lightpoacher is more expensive because Abyss isn't a Zana mod this league.
Goldwyrm is more expensive because of the IIQ nerfs to Sadima/etc in 3.5, I think. Goldwyrm got to keep it's IIQ, but drop rate was reduced.

The scaling on Betrayal encounters, and other factors, might make it hard to farm red maps like was suggested in 3.3/3.4, but if you just want extra loot while farming Doctor Cards in Burial Chambers or something, this seems like a viable alternative to the more expensive Windripper builds, still, I think... I hope so, anyway...

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