[3.3 HC | Video Guide] Melee Skeletons/Zombies Hybrid Summoner | bosskiller | tons of damage

First of all i would like to mention that i want to avoid text of walls in this guide, so let's start.
English isn't my native language.

Video Guide:
[Video Guide] Skelemancer Build GUIDE

feel free to ask questions and leave Feedback for improvements!!!

The Guide also includes gameplay footage:
[3.3 HC | Video Guide] Skelemancer Build GUIDE

more vids soon.

Twitch Shaarq --> if u wanna see some live action.

Current gear:

Gear in general:

This build is using many uniques.
We are hybrid and get ES over strength stacking. Geofri’s Crest and Shapers Touch Gloves make it possible. On top of that we get life leech form our zombies if we reach at least 1000 strength. And that’s not even enough, strength stacking also gives us more zombies, which means more phys reduction and more leech…

With the Keystone Ghost Reaver Life leech applies to ES instead and combined with Zealot’s Oath, which we get over Geofri’s Chest, we reach insane amounts of ES regen.

So mandatory uniques are Baron, Geofri’s Crest, Shaper’s Touch, and Efficient Training and Brawn jewels. You basically use this jewels to reach 1000 strength as soon as possible, so the amount of this jewels depends on rest of your gear.

Highly recommended items are Atramentis, which solves all your Int and Dex issues, and a Midnight Bargain which gives you a high amount of minion speed ,damage and extra minions!
Due the fact we stack strength we get a pretty good life pool even though we don’t invest that much in life nodes on tree. So Midnight bargains downside, reserving 30% life, doesn’t hurt us that much.
On other slots just look for affixes such as high es rolls, strength chaos res and resistances!

6 link
Summon Skeletons - Minion Damage - Melee Pyhs - Brutality - Melee Splash / Multistrike - Faster Attacks

4 Link
Raise Zombie - Fortify - Maim - Minion Life

4 Link
CwdT - Immortal Call - Inc. Duration - Flesh Offering

Decoy totem, Haste, Discipline, Flame Dash and Desecrate

i used remaining slots for leveling gems, but you can also setup an animate guardian setup f.e.!

For leveling i used Srs and Zombies until you can run Cruel Ascendancy for Bone Sculptor.
After that use Summon Skeleton instead of Srs.
Leveling with the character was a breeze, i used a tabula, preferably corrupted with +1…. one big thing is also baron helmet at lvl26.

The Ascendancy Class of choice for this build is Necromancer.

Go for Invoker first, then Bone Sculptor!
Bone Sculptor includes basically everything to get your melee skellies going, before this node i’d recommend leveling with srs and zombies, but more on that later.

After Merciless Labyrinth grab Commander of Darkness, especially the 20 all res node while auras are active make this node really juicy.
But to be honest, if you have access to big boy gear and don’t have to bother with resistances anymore, i would pick up mistress of sacrifice instead
And last but not least Flesh binder, it gives you so much phys mitigation. I’m sitting at 34% atm, it’s so juicy, with granite up i get 50%.
Overall zombies are really important in this build. they provide you with energy shield leech and maim enemies for your skellies, it’s just great!

Order is Invoker - Bone Sculptor - Commander of Darkness - Flesh binder

tree 94

Bandits: kill all
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I made it to 90 with this build, and still going. It's pretty damn slow, not gonna lie, but it's also sooo tanky. I'm not a HC player, but I had fun leveling this character up. I managed to kill atziri for the first time in hc as well. It was damn easy, no close calls whatsoever.
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nvm sry
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IS shapers touch mandatory? cant obtain one
aaand RIP
Hardcore 4 life
yes, it is
Maybe I just don't see it - but what are you doing against chaos dmg? You are neither CI nor have any mod that applies chaos dmg to es instead of life, or? Doesn't it eat away your life?
Maybe I just don't see it - but what are you doing against chaos dmg? You are neither CI nor have any mod that applies chaos dmg to es instead of life, or? Doesn't it eat away your life?

I've been running this build this event and haven't really found it to be a problem. Chaos damage sources are fairly rare and I always have 14 zombies, 13 skeletons, a golem, and three spectres between me and the enemy; when I occasionally get hit by some chaos damage it's not in significant enough quantities to be dangerous.
Any updates for Betrayal?

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