[3.1] Spirit Offering Righteous Fire

Hi, I made this wonky build during 3.1. It focuses on abusing Unearth and Spirit Offering's lack of cooldown, procc'ing it as often as possible to generate a barrier. Given that the bonus ES is based on your healthpool, you'll want to scale your HP the most you can. Having this large total effective health pool makes Righteous Fire a great candidate for its damage outlet. In terms of map flexibility, this build will be able to run just about the same mods as your generic Righteous Fire build (so you can't run No Regen, less recovery, and -max resists). The clearspeed is decent enough, but nowhere near as good as map clearing builds achieve. This build shines the most at boss killing due to how tanky it gets from spamming spirit offering, which should allow you to tank a vast amount of content.





I apologize about my terrible gameplay. It was 6:30AM and I was extremely tired, I just wanted to get it over with. I died 4 times, the first death was me just trying to facetank his frostbolts. I tried facetanking his beam but disengaged quickly. I felt cheated by the one death in the start of phase 2 since he always does his bullet hell move as soon as it starts. This time he walked around and warped into his slam, this is why you see me walk up to Zana and wait. The other two deaths were just me being a tired scrub. That said, I dislike Shield Charge, as weird as that sounds.

My Gear

My gear isn't entirely perfect. If you can pick your base, you should go with either ES for an extra buffer while channeling (and slightly more damage), or Armour to further prevent physical damage spikes (or both). The build should be able to achieve 9-10k life by levels 95-100.

Replacements & Explanations

Although arguably not the best in slot, it's a cheap endgame weapon, letting us get up to 145% increased minion damage. It lets us bypass the need for an expensive Righteous Fire damage helm enchant by using a Bone Helmet. Its only downside is the high amount of dexterity required. A top end 155-175 burning damage would be ideal.

A good burning damage sceptre will be good enough until you can afford the claw.

Belly of the beast is the best in slot you should look up to.

Since a 6 link is necessary for the build to work, you can start off with a Tabula Rasa.

Upgrading to a 6 link with decent ilvl, and tossing a Shrieking Essence of Greed will net you a very good body armour to wear while you save up for a Belly.

Most of your jewels should look like this, but you may need some dexterity in some of them to wield The Scourge.

High life is all you need for your abyss jewel. Added cold/lightnign damage to spells will help you trigger Elemental Equilibrium. Might as well get some dexterity here.

These should be the only unique items worth getting. Curse in a flask is great since it saves you the hassle of getting a curse elsewhere given that they're only really relevant while clearing. Dying Sun gives you the 2 final corpses from Unearth to hit your cap of 9. However, I've only barely gotten this item, which means you can get away with a regular Ruby Flask throughout. I'd suggest carrying an instant life flask and a fast potion of going fast. The last flask slot can be either a Sulphur or Basalt.

Animate Guardian

The main objective in gearing your Animate Guardian is keeping him alive so he can debuff targets with his double Dyadus. Given that Animate Guardian already has an enormous HP base, items with % increased life are your best bet. Try not to spend more than 1c per slot.

6L Chest

4L Gloves

4L Helm

4L Boots

3L Weapon

3L Shield

Unset Rings

This is the setup that I have found to work the best for me. It sadly requires two Unset rings, denying me 60 flat life from Coral Rings

You can play around with the links if you want,

is definitely an option, and you can also use
instead of a 2nd Unearth setup in your cwdt to save slots, but Desecrate has a 3 second cooldown, so it won't feel as reliable.

Passive Tree



I leveled using Poet's Pen with Unearth in one wand, and Bodyswap/Volatile Dead in the other. It was a fun experience, and very effective for leveling, but got old very quickly. I'm not sure what the best way to level casters is currently, possibly frostbolt totems? Either way, you can just level as a generic caster until you can equip Rise of the Phoenix.

You can start playing the build once you have this and your first Ascendancy. This is the order in which you want to get your Ascendancies:

I will include common questions and doubts here.

I wanted to push this character to 95 originally, but lost the will to do so. I've grown to hate using Righteous Fire as your clear AND single target since the area coverage isn't amazing, making it so you have to walk over every single mob. This build doesn't exactly have the quickest movement speed either, and juggling Increased Area of Effect and Concentrated Effect all day is a special kind of hell. I'm probably the only idiot to say this, but I also particularly dislike Shield Charge. I know I don't have a good amount of attack speed, but it still feels extremely clunky or unnatural to me. I will continue to experiment with Heartbound Loop on a side, but I think I want to move to a different character.

Heartbound Loop
Initial Concept

Further Testing

It saddens me to say that this build concept will never work smoothly. By tinkering with cooldown recovery and layering reduced and less duration, sustaining the loop at 220ms was achieved. Despite this, strong ground effects as well as skeletons being hit within their 220 milisecond lifespan still manage to deny the loop from carrying on, which means you would always have to be weary and recast an initial skeleton accordingly. Even if I did get an increased cooldown recovery belt, that would only drop it down to 200ms. It was extremely fun to test this, despite the huge money sink. I would love to believe I'm mistaken, so please do let me know if you have any ideas to bypass the issue.


Passive tree

Feel free to contact me @OfferingNerfIncoming
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I never played a RF build so I am not sure how it works but I think your unearth combo is a little too much.

IIRC unearth can only absorb 8 corpses max. With volley, GMP and LMP you are creating 24 corpses. So you should be fine with getting rid of one support gem.

Great idea BTW

myself and a few others have been tinkering with spirit offering. My league character is an Aegis tank with spirit offering (essentially double aegis).

Anyways, you invest heavily into skeletons (lots of jewels and a cwdt setup, as well as 2 x heartbound loop).

Why not use insanity weapons (spectral spirits). you would need two shields and two weapons, but you could drop one haertbound loop and gain 7 jewels. Just weapon swap back and fourth.

For reference (these video's were done by fellow players and not me):



Nice work so far, its awesome to see people getting so creative!
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Cool idea mate. Looking forward to see a more viable solution to this ;).
DreamScythe wrote:
Why not use insanity weapons (spectral spirits). you would need two shields and two weapons, but you could drop one haertbound loop and gain 7 jewels. Just weapon swap back and fourth.

Yeah, I've played around with Cast on Weapon Swap setups before and this was the first thing that came to mind. I'm not very keen on those builds though since my hands end up hurting way too much after just a couple maps. It should work perfectly well for that kind of build though, since the biggest issue for those builds (ever since the vaal pact change) was that you wanted to use level 20 cwdt gems to deal decent damage, and doing so required taking over 3000 damage. You could use two heartbound loops and two essence weapons on each set so that swapping deals 4200 damage to you before mitigation (6x700). With the right speccing, you could gain around 3k es per swap, so that would let you spam freely.

H463N wrote:
IIRC unearth can only absorb 8 corpses max. With volley, GMP and LMP you are creating 24 corpses. So you should be fine with getting rid of one support gem.

Unearth only creates 1 corpse normally, Gmp grants 4, Lmp Grants 2, Volley grants 2. That's 9. Unearth can create up to a maximum of 10 corpses, but Spirit offering can consume up to 9. That's why this is the best way to go about this setup.
Small update, if you reduce your skeleton duration to .60 seconds (127% reduced duration rather than 128%) and then use

you will drop your skeleton duration down to .30, (.31 with level 20, .36 with level 1). Having 20% quality will let you drop 1 To Dust jewel. Doing this increases your ES recovery drastically (133%)
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Build Guide Updated.
Tested increased cooldown recovery from boots.

Included a video with an additional excel spreadsheet regarding heartbound loop as well as my conclusion to the concept and its flaws.
Hi, any regards considering the 3.2 offering nerf, might still be possible to do it, or did it get hit hard?

thanks in advance

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