[{3.5}] - [Clarity_Bot's] 15+2 Victario's Influence Aurabot

Updating the Guide to 3.5 since i am also playing this league c:

TL;DR Crap
I've been running a support Aurabot since before Prophecy and just now felt like my aurabot was complete. It specializes in running all maps, all mods and dealing with everything from Poison on hit to Desecrated Ground. This build can be cheap at the beginning but only goes up in price due to United in Dream. Requiring 0 Enlightens until you get United in Dream.

Twitch - wwww.twitch.tv/Aesthiore

My Progress- Betrayal League

My Aurabots points of interest(to me xD)!
Best Thing About Aurabots
While everyone works their butts off killing things, you just loot, loot, move and loot.
Public parties always look for aurabots or welcome them in their mapping groups so it's perfect since you spend no currency on rolling maps out or putting on map mods while your atlas continues to complete itself.

Commander of Darkness
30% increased Damage to you and Allies affected by your auras
Auras you Cast grant 3% increased Attack and Cast Speed to you and Allies
You and Allies affected by your Auras have +20% to all Elemental Resistances

Animate Guardian
You use a Leer Cast and Dying Breath all the time as the helmet/weapon.
Aside from these two^ you can use whatever other pieces you want, preferably with life to keep your guardian from dying. You can also remove the gem for specific boss fights that you think it may die on.

Victario's Influence
^Means this is definitely NOT for Hardcore.
+1 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
Socketed Gems have 30% reduced Mana Reservation
Socketed Gems are Supported by level 30 Generosity
^Due to these two lines, an unlinked 6 Socketed Victario's is all you need!
(20-40)% increased Area of Effect of Aura Skills
(10-15)% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras you Cast

Energy From Within
Because this Jewel is so expensive at the moment, you can suffice with just an Energy Shield jewel and not bother with the life nodes near the spots that i have that jewel in. Until it starts dropping in price.

Watcher's Eye
This is a fun Jewel to have, personally using it for immunity to Shock and Ignite so i'm completely immune to all status ailments.

Gluttony of Elements(Optional)
Grants level 10 Gluttony of Elements Skill
(Casts a temporary aura that causes taking elemental damage to heal you and nearby allies instead.)

immune to poison
Capture Terror of the Infinite Drifts in Desert Spring Map
(Just have someone help you run it white and have them kill the boss for you, otherwise using an Essence of Delirium which only costs 3chaos at the moment will net you the same effect. When you get the Immune to Poison from the Pantheon, remember to switch to Steppan Eards.

Coruscating Elixir
It's quite easy to get by with only 3 Coruscating Elixir's)
These flasks allow us to make sure Chaos damage doesn't bypass ES.

Passive Tree

[3.1] Passive Tree
(Note: I couldn't get PoEURL to shorten, just be aware that the aura nodes on the top left are moved to the other side of the line, same general area though)

Levelling Guide
The goal here is to acquire the aura nodes early, move through the tree to gain Str/Dex/Int and then go back for the jewel slots. Since Victario's is only level 52, you should highly consider getting it as early as you can.

Aim to get Normal Lab done ASAP to get Commander of Darkness

As for levelling skills i recommend going damage skills until Normal Lab is done and then you can continue on or start using Minions. I personally used Freeze Pulse > Arc > Winter Orb this league.

My True Endgame Setup
(NOTICE)My setup is my preferences for what i want to run and how i want to run them, You can easily swap United in Dream out for a Ephemeral Edge for more ES(The +1 Victario's and +1 Prism Guardian are definitely not required).

(Note:Empowering Auras can alter the amount of reservation, so depending on how many Auras you have empowered, mana reservation may change. Adjust it with a Level 1 Clarity and minimizing the amount of Auras you want Empowered)

Conqueror's Efficiency
Conqueror's Potency
Energy From Within
Watcher's Eye

Alternate Items:
Blood of Corruption(Gluttony of Elements) instead of Eye/Presence of Chayula
Ephemeral Edge instead of the United in Dream
Soul of Shakari Pantheon instead of Essence of Delirium Boots


Swap to this for Elemental damage bosses(Perfectly fine as a starting necklace),

Lab Enchants
Lab Enchants are NOT required! It's just if you want to run a higher level clarity or United in Dream.

My Current Enchant is 15% Reduced Haste Mana Reservation which feels like the most common one and by far the best one to get since it's applied to haste which is in the prism guardian.

15% reduced Anger Mana Reservation
15% reduced Haste Mana Reservation
15% reduced Determination Mana Reservation
15% reduced Grace Mana Reservation
15% reduced Hatred Mana Reservation
15% reduced Wrath Mana Reservation

Kill all 3! Simple, Right?

Gem Setup!
Pretty straightforward and in the items listed above but i'll post them here in text for you guys!

Generosity/Enlighten/Purity of Lightning/Purity of Ice

(Victario's Influence is irreplaceable)
(Note:If you want to use an Empower you'll need a 4link/6socket Victario's, You want Anger/Wrath/Hatred in the colors.)
Determination/Wrath/Anger/Hatred/Grace/(Empower(Isn't Required but end-build is ideal!))

Increased Duration / Vaal Clarity / Vaal Haste / Vaal Discipline

Generosity / Purity of Elements / Purity of Fire / Enlighten

Unset Ring(s)
Stone Golem / Animate Guardian / Body Swap

If Ephemeral Edge - Shield Charge / Faster Attacks / War Banner
If United in Dream - Shield Charge / Faster Attacks / Generosity OR War Banner

Haste / Discipline / Vitality

Alternate Gem Setup(Purites not on Generosity, No United in Dream, Highly effective League Starter)


Purity of Elements / Purity of Lightning / Purity of Ice / Purity of Fire

(Victario's Influence is irreplaceable)
(Note:Same thing, 4link/6socket at the very least if you want an Empower)
Determination/Wrath/Anger/Hatred/Grace/(Empower Isn't Required but end-build is ideal!))

Bodyswap / Less Duration / Lightning Warp OR Flame Dash / Faster Casting

Arctic Armor / War Banner / Stone Golem / FREE Slot

If Ephemeral Edge - Shield Charge / Faster Attacks / FREE Slot
If United in Dream - Shield Charge / Faster Attacks / Generosity OR War Banner

Vaal Haste / Vaal Discipline / Vitality

Again, Hope you all enjoy the build, Whether you're scrubbing it up in Standard or playing the new Leagues! I'll keep this guide up to date as needed.

Thank you all for your time!

Thank you to those who helped me with these videos!
Sorry for any frame drops, PC isn't the best, also, my OBS was the easiest way to record.

Rare Shaped Racecourse with Lvl75 Vaal Fireball Elementalist(IGN:Magnet)

Rare Gorge(Poison on Hit) with Lvl88 Warchief(IGN:Heegalhagenflak)

Rare Shaped Coves - Lvl92 Signal Shot Ranger(IGN:Roush)

Shaper run with Signal Shot (Crit_O_Rama)


[2.6]Character Stats+Auras Active

[2.6]Rupenus - Burning Arrow Dps(LMP)

Rupenus wrote:

5.75M BA Dps, i didnt use any flasks to buff it further. we could make it 8m maybe with flasks? i
the most crazy DPS buff auramancer i've ever seen. (zoom in to see the numbers)

[2.6] Lvl82 Berserker(SpinningCycle)



[2.6] Lvl28 Marauder(I_made_a_mistake) (Cleave)

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intresting build..tho seems you be using flask all the time or know when you encounter chaos damage..isnt that a bit of a hassle to do all the time? (reason i ask is my necro is lvl 94 and dead hurts :) )

i use a shav armor so thats solves my problem but the new stats on victario's armor it tempting now..

Victario's Influence: Now is supported by Level 30 Generosity. Reduced Reservation Cost of Socketed Gems increased to 30%. No longer has 10-20% Increased Radius of Aura skills. Now has 20-40% Increased Aura Area of Effect.

reservation now at 30% so that could do away with enlighten 4 maby(makes it a lot cheaper)
Last edited by tntkiller on Mar 2, 2017, 6:00:19 AM
@Tntkiller, Yeah absolutely, the 10% increase on all of the 50% aura's that i prioritize putting in the chest will more than likely allow for all the Enlightens to be downgraded to either level 3 or level 2!

Aside from that, we'd also have a larger luxury in terms of item slots since we would be able to put another gem inside the chest piece removing the 21/20 generosity. So more than likely will put Purity of Elements or if we're daring a vaal skill, possibly a second vaal haste to eat up that 30 generosity!

I use flask from time to time, you get to understand what mobs are in what zones, aside from that people will kill things extremely fast especially with how common bow builds are now. So technically, the only thing you need to watch out for is Caustic arrow and maybe assassination chaos snakes xD. Aside from that, flasking becomes second nature in a sense, it's 6 seconds in a non-temporal chains map but that 6 seconds is a long time.
Seems very interesting indeed. I am looking for an Aurabot to play with in the new league.

1) Will you release a video showcasing the build in action?
2) I suggest you release the passive skill tree using PoePlanner, which is already updated to 2.6.

Thank you!
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Hi there im new in supporting builds, so i have some questions:
1. Do you manage to cap your resistances as i see that you put all the auras on generosity support?
2. Now with 30lvl generosity integrated on the armor how you will rework the setup?
3. Isn't it better to keep the determination, grace, discipline auras w/o generosity so we can get more defense (how about Iron Reflexes) ? Or the losses for the party is too big w/o generosity ?

I'll post a video although the fps may not be too great.
Thanks for the heads up, i'll path up a passive tree and post it in a few minutes!


1)My resistances are capped, also due to this build using
we don't need as much fire resistance since that flask is nearly up all the time.

2)The Aura's in the chest piece won't change, aside from possibly putting purity of elements or one of the main purities in it.

3)It can be done with the new Victario's, Determination/Grace are 50% reservations at the beginning so that's why they're in there since Victario's will give them a pretty hefty reduction. Discipline/Vitality/Haste are outside of generosity since they're in the prism guardian, they're the 3 main auras that will affect you.

3a)You can most definitely get Iron Reflexes but will have to sacrifice some ES nodes to do so. I never path'd for it because with Determination/Grace on generosity it would've been a fairly mild waste.
Last edited by Rangaeki_Break on Mar 3, 2017, 12:50:02 PM
So why do we opt out of a alphas howl? out of curiosity.

also as stated are we using the chaos bypass flasks like candy or only on assuming chaos dmg?

i really like victarios but as i played a necrobot using shav's last league and i do see potential for this to be stronger i see way to many possibilities for this to die. due to the possibility of chaos dmg getting through
The Alpha's is still completely an option however the extra mana reserve is unneeded, i currently run all the auras including a level 18 clarity with about 80 life left unreserved which is enough when my clarity hits level 20. You can absolutely use an Alpha's early but you will be left with quite a bit of unreserved life. My apologies i should've stated that instead of swapping out the Alpha's completely.

Furthermore, aside from it looking a bit tacky with a bunch of life refilling, due to Coriscating Elixir removing all but 1 of your current life and use of the blood magic node which makes your skills use life instead of mana it'll stop your ES from recharging. Because you need to be at full Hp to recharge. So the lower life you have the less time you'll need to wait for your es recharge to start.

You can use it like candy since the flask nodes i go into extend the duration allowing you a bit more flexibility with them. You can chain them fairly well as long as your party can clear at a decent pace which shouldn't be hard with a Necrobot.

Chaos damage is just something to get used to.

Two things will happen with this build. You'll either get used to which maps have which chaos damage mobs or get used to just flasking since with 4 of them at 6 seconds per charge and 2 drinks per flask which give us quite a bit of time, more than enough to continue doing the map and refilling flasks.
thanks for the reply. i think ill stick to the safer option of shav's BUT i like how min maxing this is. you're pushing the limits of necro aura's and i can see this being extremely powerful, ill check back in on this for reference in 3.0 if we get any other uniques or gems that may influence the build in a way id be more happy to use.

10/10 though, good job :3
Last edited by kilianshaw on Mar 5, 2017, 3:19:19 PM
Very much appreciated and thank you for the interest!

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