[{3.5}] - [Clarity_Bot's] 15+2 Victario's Influence Aurabot

Hiya! Thanks for the awesome build guide, first time trying a support character and the adoration of the random parties I join is awesome :)

Any thoughts on squeezing an Aspect of the Spider into this set up? 5% damage taken per web stack, comes for free on Fenumus gloves which don't look too terrible stat wise. Also could chase it as a beast crafted mod on boots/gloves/belts perhaps? I am using the first pair of boots I essence crafted for poison, but with the pantheon maybe that can free it up.

Just converted to Blood Magic and am working out my flask instincts (the random one shots to chaos damage are dropping each day!), and saw other aura builds mention this spider nonsense in them as a possibility.
how the fu** can u equip alphas howl? i have only 83 dext :|
LuqiiThas_90 wrote:
how the fu** can u equip alphas howl? i have only 83 dext :|

D: dex nodes
hello, Im not intend to start an aurabot char now but Im interesting in Animate guardian. Can you help me out with these problems?
1. how to make my AG survive again t15, t16 and other end-game content if I cannot invest in any minion node on the tree. I can make space for AG + 1 support gem (probably minion life), maybe 2 but it hurt my other defend layer.
2. which item should I use to boost my damage and defend?

I may not need more damage so if possible please suggest a viable defend AG setup. Thanks!
Hey there,
thank you for this build, I plan on using it at the start of the new league :)
Though, with the changes to Vaal Gems, Vaal Clarity, Vaal Haste and Vaal Discipline will all give the normal version of their skills, too now. Can you please give suggestions on how to set up the gem linkings now and which Skills to add because of the possibly 3 free sockets now?

Thanks in advance!
Thoughts and updates on 3.3 please.

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