[3.3] Oxymoron's Frostfire burning arrow (1,14 Mill Shaper DPS) - LastUpdate-26June2018

Last updated @ 26/June-2018
Path of building, which is used in this guide, can be downloaded this link

1.0 Introduction

Before we look at the build, i first have to give credits to the inspiration for this build.

- Credit goes to Toanek on Youtube.

- The build uses the reworked Vaal burning arrow (VBA) skill gem, where Burning arrow (BA) will be our main source of damage and VBA will be used to spike the damage when needed.

- The build is an Elementalist, with focus on using the ignite component of Burning Arrow as damage source

- In general the build works 90% like the one made by Toanek, with slight variations that allowed me to do it cheaper.

- All listed damages are taken from the Path of Building Calculator, multiplied by 2, due to Sudden Ignition Jewel.

- All damage listed is sustained damage, as in what we can expect to output consistently

- All damage is calculated against Shaper

- Main difference from Toanek's build
- - Double golem instead of triple
- - Ele. DMG reflect immune (this version)
- - Use of Lightpoacher and Bubonic Trail

2.0 Skill section

2.1-Used_Skills Main damage, Single target [1.14 Mill DPS], socketed in main hand - 3G2R1B
Vaal Burning Arrow - Hypothermia - Deadly Ailments - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Burning Damage - Combustion

Calculated without frenzy charges active, since i find it unlikely that we will generate much of that fighting Shaper Main damage, Clear V1 [0,77 Mill DPS], socketed in main hand - 3G2R1B
Vaal Burning Arrow - Hypothermia - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Burning Damage - Combustion

Calculated with frenzy charges active. Main damage, Clear V2 [0,45 Mill DPS], socketed in main hand - 3G2R1B
Vaal Burning Arrow - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Burning Damage - Combustion

Calculated with frenzy charges active.

2.1.2 Golems, socketed in helmet - 1G1R
Summon Ice Golem - Summon Stone Golem - Abyss Jewel - Abyss Jewel

2.1.3 Immortal Call, socketed in boots 2R
Cast when damage taken LVL 2 - Immortal call LVL 4 - Abyss Jewel - Abyss Jewel

2.1.4 Auras and movement, socketed in gloves 2G2B
Wrath - Herald of Thunder - Blink Arrow - Blood Rage

2.2-Explanation,Skills Achieves the highest possible DPS for single target, great for bosses.

(Vaal) Burning Arrow gives us the ignite component, more ignite damage
Combustion is used to have a higher chance of ignite, more fire damage which scales the ignite, while also reducing the fire resistance of enemies.
Elemental Damage with Attacks simply scales the initial hit damage from which the ignite is calculated
Burning Damage increases the ignite damage
Hypothermia increases ignite damage, freeze chance, chill chance, ignite damage increase.
It gets a bit funky with hypothermia though, cause the gem itself states "...more cold damage over time" and this doesn't directly tie in within ignite damage, but by using Hrimburn which allows our cold damage to ignite, the stat becomes beneficial for the build.
Deadly Ailments increases ignite damage Mid (T7)-> High (T15) tier map clear variant.
Changes from
Deadly Ailments is swapped with Greater Multiple projectiles
I personally use this variant a lot, especially since i have managed to get better and better gear. Low (T1)-> Mid (T7) tier map clear variant.
Changes from
Hypothermia is swapped with Mirage Archer
I used this a lot in the start and while leveling, cause it's basically an auto aim, although slower, it usually registers mobs entering your screen slightly faster than you, giving you a sort of heads-up on enemy direction.
The damage with this setup should be more than adequate to deal with lower tier maps, but once the mobs start hitting harder and having a higher life pool, you might wanna swap to

Regardsless of what variant you choose to run, the colors on the sockets don't change, so feel free to experiment with what feels the best for you.

Summon Ice Golem is used for the accuracy that it gives, one could arque to go for the Summon Flame Golem as it gives 20% increased damage, which is huge, but the build is already lacking a bit in hit rate, so i opted for the ice golem. The golem can be changed to meet your needs, as it isn't build essential, aside from the fact that you at least need to run two golems, to gain the advantage from the Ascendacy.
Summon Stone Golem is used for reducing the degen effect caused by Blood Rage

Is just a classic Immortal setup, to negate getting shotgunned by mobs.

Wrath is used give us additional lightning damage, thus a bigger hit for the ignite.
You can't use Hatred since it grants "% of physical damage as extra cold damage" and for this build to work we do no physical damage, this will be expanded upon in the mechanics sections
Herald of Thunder i prefer to use this, since it can strike down small destructibles in the game and thus works as a pseudo increased quantity.
But damage-wise Herald of ice is better.
Blink Arrow our movement ability
Blood Rage allows us to leech on attack, but more importantly, it gives us frenzy charges which gives us more damage (+4% MORE damage per charge)

3.0 Gear section

This build makes use of two uniques which gives us some interesting mechanics and allows the build to exist.

Mandatory uniques for the build are:


Stormfire is taking for its unique modifier that allows our lightning damage to ignite. The other modifiers are nice, but not build-enabling.


Hrimburn is taken for the unique modifier of cold damage can ignite.

Among the nice gear, we find gear that just makes the build better, both in damage and in health.

Kaom's Heart

A lot of life and increased fire damage, both stats are definitely usable.

Dyadian Dawn

More leech, resistance, ignited enemies burn faster! (more DPS) since the ignite happens over a shorter amount of time without changing the amount of ignite damage.
100,00 DPS for 4 seconds = 400 damage
153,84 DPS for 2,6 seconds = 400 damage

The Taming

Increased elemental damage, loads of resistance! and most importantly 20% increased damage PER freeze, shock and ignite on enemy, and we can do all 3?!

Sudden Ignition

A jewel that single handled "doubles" our DPS by the additional ignite

Nuro's Harp

A no physical damage bow, with cold damage.

Bubonic Trail

Increased max. life, 10% increased damage and two abyssal jewel sockets (more damage)


resistance, life recovery, two abyssal jewel socket (more damage)

Soul Catcher

A good flask for using VBA into bosses for a huge ignite hit, mind the "cannot gain mana during effect" component of it

Witchfire Brew

a good flask to increase the damage of both VBA and BA, plus the lvl 21 despair curse aura during effect is great


Aside from using the Sudden ignition jewel, we are looking for Searching Eye Jewel
We are looking for the jewel with (in order of priority).:
1. Adds # to # Cold damage to bow attacks
2. Adds # to # Cold damage to attacks
3. Adds # to # Lightning damage to bow attacks
4. Adds # to # Lightning damage to attacks
5. +# to maximum life
5. +#% to all elemental resistance
6. +#% to X-Resistance and Y-Resistance

For reference here is one of my abyssal jewels

Please note that the jewel can't roll all those modifiers, for the combination of modifiers it can roll, use Path of Building craft item window or go to Poe Affix

I've chosen to include alternatives to some of the items that i am using, that you can use untill you save up enough currency to buy it.

Before we dive into the alternatives, i will add that the build works wonders once you are able to get burning arrow and it can be done in a variety ways

Among the alternatives to some of the most expensive items we find.
Berek's Pass

The ring is only slightly subpar to the taming in terms of damage, the taming is mainly an end game item and i used berek's pass for two weeks or something before i had enough to buy the taming. Bereks pass will do just fine, though the taming is far superior in terms of resistance which we will need.


A good bow in general but we take it for the "arrows pierce all targets" component


Great boots, that can help you drop the infractem, since it has "Projectiles pierce 5 additional targets, while you have phasing" + "You have phasing if you've killed recently"
Additionally the boots can roll up to 50 dexterity, which is much needed in the build.

Xoph's Nurture

A great bow to use before going for elemental equilibrium, plus the life recovery isn't bad at all.

A small section about leveling gear.
Honestly there isn't much to say about.
Its the usual get a Tabula Rasa and level with that until you got a 5-linked bow, preferably one of those mentioned in 3.5 Alternative

4.0 Skill tree section
Path of exile official skill tree tool
Path of Building skill tree and for those that can't be arsed to open a new tab and just wanna copy/paste, https://pastebin.com/J3vfuMfZ

For this i really recommend using Path of building, since i can't be arsed to do multiple trees.
Path of building has the option of managing multiple trees within the same build.
Path of Building skill tree and for those that can't be arsed to open a new tab and just wanna copy/paste, https://pastebin.com/J3vfuMfZ


1. Shaper of Desolation, the confluxes are nice buffs, but really just a stepping to
2. Beacon of Ruin, our ignite now proliferates! (in normal English, shit now spreads) plus more ignite damage
3. Paragon of Calamity, immunity to elemental reflected damage is so sweet!
4. Liege of the Primordial, allows the double golem setup, plus a bit more damage.

5.0 Mechanics

Oh boy, this is gonna be a bit of a wall of text, more than it already is, but i will do my best to limit it and otherwise shrink it down.
I will list the different mechanics with no particular order of importance, so please make sure to read through them all, if you wish to understand the build.

1. Burning arrow (BA) is used due to its ignite component aswell as the chance to ignite component

2. By having no physical damage to our stats, the conversion inherent in BA is circumvented
(0 Phys.DMG * 0,5 Conv.Rate = 0 Conv.DMG)

3. With no fire damage being dealt on hit (click "hit" to read about hit mechanics) we can proc Elemental Equilibrium for cold or lightning damage (both types exist in our build) thus reducing the enemies fire resistance giving the ignite more damage.

3.1 Additionally Hrimburn and Stormfire allow Cold and Lightning damage, respectively, to ignite, increasing the hit damage from which the ignite is calculated.

4. With Beacon of Ruin the ignite spreads to other nearby enemies, a great tool for killing packs

4.1 Ignite works like "enemy is inflicted with ignite for 100 damage per second, then after 2 seconds it is inflicted with ignite for 50 damage per second. The outcome will be 400 damage over 4 seconds followed by 100 damage over 2 seconds"

4.2 Because of sudden ignition, we can apply 2 ignites, somewhat doubling our DPS

5. By having little to no critical strike chance, we take Elemental Overload in the skill tree, with little to no penalty, since the chance of making a crit ignite is nearly non-existent

6. Blood rage generates frenzy charges while passively damaging ourselves, but with the inherent leech from it combined with the stone golem regeneration buff, we are able to limit the damage over time from Blood rage, thus being able to sustain it.

6.0 Additional notes

1.1 The build can run all mods, some are just a bit harder/tiresome than others and should in general just be avoided due to inconvenience

1.2 These mods are, no regeneration and monsters have #% to avoid ailments

1.3 The build has no issues with reflect, we do no physical damage and we can't take elemetal reflected damage

2. For the love of god, don't ever use a quiver or anything with physical damage or fire damage, it will mess with the Elemental Equilibrium proc and greatly reduce the damage

3. I will check the thread every now and then, but i honestly don't think i will maintain the build.

4. if you are in doubt whether an item is an upgrade or not, test it in path of building

4.1 Like really, learn to use Path of Building, it's an amazing tool

5. Path of building does NOT calculate the extra ignite from Sudden Ignition

6. If you are having dexterity issues, which i had a lot of, use the Voidwalker boots, they are great and the Bubonic trail boots are just for more abyssal sockets, thus more damage.

7. I did a cold version cause cold damage is more steady than lightning damage, even though lightning damage has a higher damage potential

7.1 Also the cold variant is cheaper, since the Incursion League 3.3 reworked Arc and everyone is playing arc of some sort and messing around with lightning jewels

8. Toanek's original build has more HP than mine, while mine has more damage, but mind you, his jewels all have HP to them

8.1 With enough currency, this build should be able to match the HP and out-DPS his build

8.2 If you can get a Hrimburn corrupted with "+2 to level of socketed aura gems" and "Curse enemies with level 12 Despair on hit" hit me up, i will buy those fucking gloves

9. The quiver can be what ever you like, but i recommend a rare something with ressitance, "#% increased elemental damage with attack skills", maximum life and dexterity.

9.1 Look at my quiver for reference

10. The helmet can also use a rare if wanted, agian go for resistance and maximum life, perhaps even a crafted "#% increased elemental damage with attack skills"

11. I won't upload videos of the build

12. I haven't done shaper, uber-atziri or uber-elder

12.1 The build prob. can, but i dont have enough experience with elder, nor have i ever spawned uber-elder. Haven't been to shaper either and haven't tried uber-atziri.

12.2 Can do Uber-lab

12.3 Look at Toaneks videos for the build, it is very much the same.

13. Ingame whispers will be ignored as in going to my ignore list

14. The Path of Building defaults to the 100 points version, make sure to swap it to the default version, to see my build and skill tree

15. A good poe.trade search filter LINK

16. It is possible to get higher DPS through lighting jewel, but they are also more expensive, hence why i did my cold variant

17. If you cant get a 2 abyssal socket Lightpoacher or Bubonic Trail, single socket will do just fine.

17.1 For single abyssal socket, add minion life to golems and increased duration to the Immortal call.

18. "Why are you using both Stormfire and Hrimburn", cause it allows us to use both the cold and lightning damage modifiers on jewels, thus increasing our damage potential.

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Last bumped on Sep 13, 2018, 9:33:39 AM
can teach me ply this build :3 teacher :D
Anyone know if there is a build like this that doesn't need the crazy expensive abyss jewels?
Trying this build right now, pretty fun so far.

Having defensive problems around lvl 80. Got through merc lab...have 5k life/capped res - how do you stay alive? No evasion or armor, just a little cwdt setup?

I have played plenty of bow builds - just most use some sort of evasion or acro/phase acro.

Not giving up, just unsure of how to progress to lvl 90 with getting splatted all the time?
A jewel with blind on hit has helped a bunch. Tight situations still cause deaths and a flashback event might not be the best situation for this guy, yet I am getting better and i am about to hit 82.

Still going!
I was theory crafting this build with Sacrificial Heart and Hyrri's Demise. The taming can be very expensive. I think you likely would want to prioritize Kaom's before Taming. Keep a ring slot open instead for dexterity and resists. I also took Mastermind of Discord instead of Paragon of calamity, and reserved all of the heralds with wrath, Sovereignty notable let me achieve this.
Last edited by Senenleigh360 on Aug 21, 2018, 2:22:23 PM
Senenleigh360 wrote:
I was theory crafting this build with Sacrificial Heart and Hyrri's Demise. The taming can be very expensive. I think you likely would want to prioritize Kaom's before Taming. Keep a ring slot open instead for dexterity and resists. I also took Mastermind of Discord instead of Paragon of calamity, and reserved all of the heralds with wrath, Sovereignty notable let me achieve this.

I found that buying the divination cards was a much cheaper way to get Kaoms. Getting Kaom's is a HUGE priority! Most will use tabula before Kaom's and you end up needing the extra life very soon.

Bereks pass works great until you can afford the taming. The divination card Hunter's Reward seems like the best way to get the taming. Hunter's Reward drops in low maps such as Grotto and Underground River. They have been selling for around an ex, so just 3ex for the taming if you can get lucky with the card prices.

Hyrri's Demise has fire damage and will mess with elemental equilibrium - just get a good rare quiver with lost of cold and lightning damage on it. This was something that I wished the OP would have gone over in more detail, elemental equilibrium. You need lightning and cold on jewels as well - I have been testing ee on this build and it works very well. Of course, you could skip elemental equilibrium altogether in favor of using Sacrificial Heart and Hyrri's Demise - an interesting option!

Mastermind of discord vs. Paragon of calamity means you loose the little bit of elemental life leech, the ability to ignore reflect and extra defense. The build is low on defense, not sure if I would drop mastermind, would have to test it out. Having all of the heralds + wrath with mastermind seems nice in theory, if you try it out let me know!

I am lvl 86 right now and have just picked up the two abyssal socket bubonic trail boots. The last piece I need is the Taming ring. The build is very fun! I ignite everything and the mobs die quickly. Vaal burning arrow deals with the bosses as it procs a very strong ignite, yet if I do not have a charge they go down quickly either way. I have not been switching gems for bosses and have just left GMP in as well. I need to get uber lab trials done and will get another nice dps boost once I do the uber lab.

If I were to ever play this build again I would use a decoy totem until my ignite dps worked, would have made life much easier.
anyone have a updated PoB link? the one on the post seems to only have 80 skill points, thanks

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