[3.0] CI Death Aura (Occultist)

CI Death Aura Occultist Guide for "Path of Exile 3.0.3" by: DemonicSlayer

With Additional Details: Provided by FlasherCatcher Thanks! :)


This build is not yet up to date with the minor changes that 3.1.0 has produced. Please note everything in this guide is still up to date and working with version 3.1 but there are yet minor changes i'd like to play with and see input before officially calling it 3.1 updated. Please report with evidence if you find anything that does or does not work with the build and I would be more then happy to add or remove any part of it to ensure this guide provides only working material! Please note the death aura skill does contain many bugs as for what works and what does not as the skill is fairly new. I am not currently working on this character in the abyss league so my knowledge of the mechanics as of 3.1 are a little in the dark.

Update: 12/24/2017

* Malachai Helm was removed from build as "Damage per attack" stat was said to be a "bugged" stat and does not apply to aura's dps.

Old Updates:


*Update: New gem combo has been discovered thanks to FlasherCatcher for this info. This will now require you to have 4 blue & 1 green in your armor plate IF you wish to use all working gems!

*Update: Added Current Stats for Character!


*Update: Non working link to t11 "Shaped Racecourse" Video has been fixed.

*Update: Added Pros & Cons


*Update: Added "New Gem Setup" to my in game character for testing!

*Update: Removed "Increased Area" from the base armor setup. Making it easier to obtain correct colors needed for armor. (Now Requires 3 Blue + 1 Green)

*Update: Adjusted Skill Gem Setup in gloves (Removed Cast when channel setup to make it more reliant on a single skill for more power)

*Update: Adjusted Stats to match with new setup: (See current stats)

*Update: Added Atziri Video.

*Update: Added Mao Kun Video.

*Update: Updated Skill Gems in Gloves (Again)


*Update: Added "Leveling up" Section as well as a few leveling tree demos. (This section will be upgraded further with more details in the future!)

*Update: Made adjustments to movement skill gems to apply what was shown in Most recent "Mao Kun" map run through. (See Skill Gems "Boots" section for these changes.)


*Update: Added New Possible Gem Combo for Death Aura.
*Update: Updated My Current Stats to match in game character.
*Update: Minor Updates & Spell/Grammar Corrections.


Pros & Cons:

* Although this character runs chaos inoculation it is quite tanky using occultist ascendancy.
* Clears early & end game mobs quickly and easily!
* Fun watching everything "POP" as you approach! :)
* Makes great Magic Find/Quantity Character

* Requires 180 Strength to equip armor on witch. This is not a super easy task.
* Armor Requires level 62. A series of skills will need to be used to level char to this point.
* Not a boss killer build! (Secondary skill are required for killing bosses)


Current Stats:


My Current Level: 96

Energy Shield: 6,896
Energy Shield Recharge P/S: 2,413.6
Energy Shield Regen P/S: 165.5 (Low)(WIP)

Death Aura Damage: 11,186 per second (Fully Buffed)

Resist: 75 Fire /75 Cold /76 Light /100 chaos (Max)


Required Items:


-The Death's Oath Body Armor will be required here as it gives you "Death's Aura" Skill


Other Items:


-Very useful as a secondary skill to aid in boss and certain rare kills. As well as providing additional DoT to your death aura.

-This item is useful as it will provide a great amount of chaos damage towards death aura.

(Bino's Kitchen Knife can be used as a cheap alternative if you cannot yet afford BOTC)

"ITEM REMOVED"- See Replacement

(A rare energy shield helm can be used to replace this item.)

-A rare ring set and amulet poisoned with an "Essence of envy" will be used with variable stats depending on your needs. (This can be pricey)
(Rare Resistance or Moonstone Rings can replace these until envy rings are available)

Belt, Boots and shield will be high quantity energy shield pieces to account for missing energy shield.


Jewels: (Chaos Damage, Increased DoT, Increased Area Damage, Increased Damage)


If you can find quad damage that's great! Double & Triple Damage Can be used as starters.




-Sulphur +40% Damage applies to Death Aura. (Staunching is obvious)

-This flask was added as an aid to atziri runs. (Kept dying to flameblast due to low es) This may be helpful for other conditions as well. (Not required)

- Witchfire is used due to DoT "Combines with Sulphur Flasks for "Ok" damage boost"

- 2x because I go zoom zoom. (These can be replaced to fit your play style) (Optional)


Skill Gems:



Concentrated Effect + Void Manipulation + Arcane Surge + Efficacy + Swift Affliction (NEW)

*Arcane Surge & Efficacy alone will do nothing, Must be paired for the effects to take place!
*Arcane Surge & Swift Affliction alone will do nothing, Must be paired for the effects to take place!

Gloves: (Level 22 Blight Skill)

Controlled Destruction + Void Manipulation + Increased Area of Effect + Efficacy

(You can play out this gem setup in any way that fit's to your liking.)



Blasphemy + Temporal Chains(or Enfeeble) + Vulnerability


Vaal Discipline + Increased Duration

(Vulnerability is used to aid in adding extra damage over time.)


Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 6) + Tempest Shield (Lvl 10) + Immortal Call (lvl 8) + Increased Duration

(Levels can be adjusted to your liking)


Shield Charge + Increased Attack Speed + Decay + Added Chaos Damage

(Testing this setup for possible speed clear option.) (Decay allows extra DOT to be inflicted while traveling through mobs to give you aura that extra kick & ability to continue killing without need of stopping.) (This method was demonstrated in most recent "Mao Kun" walk through.


Fire Golem- (Increased Damage)

(Pretty much required for added damage. I do not really recommend use of any other golems.)



Kill All!



Leveling this character:
- For leveling i started with the basic skills I use for pretty much every new build. Freeze Pulse + Arcane Surge (Low level things.) You can really start with whatever you wish to level with.
- Now because i wanted to build this tree from ground up (without having to respec a lot of points) I simply choose to run chaos skills early on. (The Majority of the early parts of the tree will consist of obtaining nothing but "Chaos Damage" & Damage over time" Passives as well as Es for defense.) SO there isn't a lot of space to squeeze anything else in without having to make a ton of changes later in.
- The majority of my leveling involved using Contagion & Essence Drain As well as Blight for bosses. (With chaos support gems).

Leveling Tree:(Not gonna post a lot of confusing trees but I will talk you through the beginning steps)
- For starters Ascend the Energy Shield Branch to "Deep Wisdom" & "Arcane Focus" notables.
- Continue Right from "Arcane Focus" until "arcane vision" is reached and ascend. >
- Grab "Atrophy" & "Growth and Decay"

(Progress at/around level 20)

- From "Atrophy" Descend and grab "Coldhearted Calculation" through "Fangs of the Viper"
- From "Fangs of the Viper" Go left & grab "Coordination" (Physical damage/Chaos Damage nodes at this point to the left of coordination on "Final Tree" can be ignored as these will only be used later on to add chaos damage to "Death Aura skill".)
- Descend from "Coordination" and Grab "Method to Madness"

(Progress at/around level 40)

- Now from the point where you ascended next to "Arcane Vision" you will now descend from that point down to "Foresight" & "leadership.
- Continue 2 points to your left passed "Foresight"
- Continue Upward 5 more points (Intelligence nodes)
- From there grab "Corruption" & Unnatural Calm" Notables.

(Progress at/around lvl 60-70)

- Continue Left from crossover point (Small Int Node), and travel to "Sovereignty".
- From this point you can now grab whispers of doom as well, allowing that second curse when you are ready for it.
- The remainder of the points will be used opening jewel sockets & collecting extra ES nodes to ensure you have enough ES for end game survival.
- Grab Physical/Chaos Nodes near "Coordination" at this point.
- Once you are able grab chaos inoculation and begin using it. (Around 4k-5k es to be safe)

(See End Game tree for full details on Jewel Socket Locations)

Ascendancy + End Game Skill Tree:


Normal Lab: Void Beacon-
*Nearby Enemies have -20% to Chaos Resistance
*Nearby Enemies have 25% reduced Life Regeneration rate

Cruel Lab: Wicked Ward-
*+100 to maximum Energy Shield
*Energy Shield Recharge is not interrupted by Damage if Recharge began Recently

Merciless Lab: Profane Bloom-
*Enemies you Curse take 10% increased Damage
*Cursed Enemies you Kill have a 20% chance to Explode, dealing a quarter of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage

Eternal Lab (Uber): Vile Bastion-
*0.5% of Energy Shield Regenerated per second for each Enemy you've Killed Recently
*Cannot Be Stunned while on Full Energy Shield


Full End Game Skill Tree:


Major- Soul of Lunaris (Physical Damage Reduction & Movement Speed near enemies)
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul (Physical damage Reduction when hit & Reduced Enemy Attack speed when attacked.)

Content Attempted:
T1-14 Maps (Cleared)
T15 Maps (Cleared)
T5/T10/T15 Beachhead Map (Cleared Deathless)
Normal Atziri (Cleared) (Still not deathless)

Gameplay Videos:

YouTube: Demonix Gaming
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keep in mind very few gems work with the armor
Last edited by Shikamaru420 on Sep 3, 2017, 6:05:31 PM
Shikamaru420 wrote:
For all, Efficacy/Swift Affliction DOES NOT WORK with death aura, as death aura is not a skill, it is an aura and is not able to be put on the skill bar, death aura does not have a duration of any kind. also, "increased effect of non curse auras you cast" does not do anything for death aura

Efficacy - supports any skill - death aura is NOT a skill, it is an automatic aura, it does not have a duration either. you are not able to cast death aura, therefor they will not work.

It absolutely is a Skill. Efficacy is bugged, is why it doesn't work right now.
Increased Effect never shows up for any Aura, but it does apply - this has been actually tested.

If you're going to spam the forum with information, at least get it right?
I absolutely LOVE the idea of this build!!

If only there was a way to make a life version viable.
Kade_wolf wrote:
I absolutely LOVE the idea of this build!!

If only there was a way to make a life version viable.

This will be my next project. I've seen people use trickster/Occultist as life builds but haven't tried it myself. It is possible though :)

YouTube: Demonix Gaming
I will absolutely play this as a life version. Especially if the clear speed can keep up with red maps! Screw bosses. It's trash that's good to farm ;)
Kade_wolf wrote:
I will absolutely play this as a life version. Especially if the clear speed can keep up with red maps! Screw bosses. It's trash that's good to farm ;)

The aura itself is quite weak vs bosses. Using Blight as a side skill though can make short life of bosses if equipped with correct supports. As soon as I get this one perfected I will begin work on a life variant (Possibly Trickster) and see what happens. ES version is actually pretty tanky when using occultist because of the ascendancy perks it provides.

YouTube: Demonix Gaming
Kade_wolf wrote:
I absolutely LOVE the idea of this build!!

If only there was a way to make a life version viable.

making a life ver is possible, it is more complicated though, you have to max chaos res and get a ton of life regen to make it work but it is possible
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Shikamaru420 wrote:
if it was bugged there would be hundreds of posts about it[..]

Not really. There's a whole lot of bugs that only get a few posts :/
What up.
Death's Aura is a Skill. Otherwise it wouldn't do anything. Fyi, even Default Attack is a Skill.
Last edited by Vipermagi on Sep 3, 2017, 9:44:31 AM
Viper is correct here, if you care about the accuracy of your guide.

I will add this to the builds listing, under the pretense that you will endeavor to improve the wording in the guide so that it serves this explicit purpose of informing and educating players, as the build itself is quite nice and well written.

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