[3.0] LowLife DP -Tri Aura -Selfcast for Clear, Skellies for Bosses. Guardians and Shaper down


This is a build iv been working on the last couple of weeks. The core idea of the build is to have a solid mapper and still have reliable Boss damage. This is my first build guide so bare with me. I will add more content to the guide as i progress the build.

T14 Map Clear (Shrine)

T15 Map Clear (Abyss)

T16 Maze of the Minotaur

Shaper Down


-Really good boss damage
-Fairly Tanky
-Good Mobility
-Decent Clearspeed
-3 Auras + Blasphemy
-Cheap to get going


-Can be expensive if you want to min/max
-Not the laziest of builds, more buttons to press then one.
-If you only want clearspeed, there are better builds
-Require some positional awareness for Totem/Skeletons
-Cant run Hexproof

Passive Tree

I helped Alira on the bandit quest for the Crit multi and resist. The mana regen is really useful when leveling aswell.


Skill gems


Main Link (In order of importance)

(For Endgame Bosses, switch in for Critical Strikes)

Skeletons (Placed in helmet with the "+2 to minion gems")

Blood Magic aura link (This puts us at 3% unreserved life)

Mobility (You can run Flame dash instead)

Wither Totem

Blasphemy - Warlords Mark (Inc AoE for when casting DP on skeletons, so we can stay at range if needed)

Ice Golem (For a more reliable Power Charge generation)

Haste (Together with Blasphemy-Warlords this puts us at 18% unreserved mana, which is enough to sustain DP spam. However getting some extra mana on gear can be good, it takes a second or two before the mana leech kicks in)

Current Gear


Chest: Shavronne's Wrappings to make Chaos damage not pypass Energy Shield.

Helm: We want +2 to minion gems, this boosts the life of the skeletons alot. Dark Pact Enchant would be really good, but our damage is just fine without it.

Belt: We want a essence crafted crystal belt with %minion life

Boots: ES / Resist / Movementspeed - Cast speed enchant is really nice

Gloves: ES / Resist

Rings/Amulet: We want to balance our resist and get as much ES and damage as possible. This is also a good place to get some dex/str if you miss it on other pieces.

Jewels: We run a From Dust Cobalt Jewel, which allows us to summon 6 skeletons with a single cast. On other jewels you want Spell damage/Crit multi/Minion Life/Area Damage/Chaos damage/Energy Shield, basically anything that boost our damage and survivability.


Rumis is not necessary, but you want to run a Granite Flask.


Defensive stats are without any Flasks/Endurance Charges

This is with Power Charges

Budget Variants


This is a good alternative until you can afford a Void Battery.

5-linked Chest

Dark Pact - Controlled Destruction - Spell Echo - Added Chaos - Void Manipulation

A Essence Crafted Crystal belt is best crafted yourself. The Essence "Of Fear" is fairly cheap, the only stat you want is ES, if you manage to get some resist thats just a bonus.


I tend to always run Soul Of the Brine King as major pantheon for the stun/freeze.

For the minor pantheon i run Soul of Tukohama for the physical migration when stationary.
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Howdy! Thanks for submitting your build guide to the main thread.

As it currently stands, it is a WIP, and as such typically WIP threads are not added. Some key idea areas to expand upon:

Stat priorities while leveling, any issues?,
Jewel considerations, perhaps link your own jewels?,
Lab enchants,
Gear alternatives (Beyond simply what you are wearing),
You mention players can choose to go hybrid or Life based, and eventually transition to low-life. Do you think you could give an estimate as to how many respec points this would cost, when using your leveling trees?
Some players like PathofBuilding links, if you care to supply one.
Strengths and Weaknesses of the build, from the perspective of someone who has played it significantly.
What map mods can the build run? What mods can it specifically not run?
Would you want to make a dedicated section for your support gem links, and explain in what order of priority each gem holds? Some players play on a 5 link for some time before finally upgrading to a 6 link. Would you consider Inc AoE during leveling, or does it feel good with just ICS?
Alternatives to Void batteries? I realize the build is mid tier expense, but would you recommend playing it prior to buying one?
Since you're running low-life, would you care to provide a link to a mana reservation calculator? I've prepared one for you considering your tree and current links.
A picture of your current Max ES/Mana values?
A picture of your defenses?

And then my own thoughts regarding the build itself:
Haste over Grace?
The inc. AoE for Warmark is interesting, but does it actually effect monsters that you hit with dark pact that would not otherwise be affected? Would you not instead prioritize something like a clarity?
If you could fit in frenzy charge production somewhere, would you?
Does Forbidden Power feel good enough for permanent Power Charge uptime?

Other thoughts you've had while playing the build?

Mind you, Not stating that the build is incomplete or speaking to it's ability, merely the current state of production. Of course remind me once you are satisfied with it's level of completeness. Really good start.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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Added more content, mostly to the "Gear", "Skill gem" and "Budget variant" sections. More to come.
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hi. nice build.
you take chaos iniculation?

No, i have not taken Chaos Inoculation, you could try it out tho, if you cant afford a Shavronne's Wrappings for the Low-Life version.
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Can i see your stats. thank you!
Added a stats section.
Thanks for build, im building with same gear and skill tree, but not enoghut mana? Tell me why? PlZ
And with Haste use mana reserve why do you have < 150 mana while i have > 500 mana :( help me!
Hey! I cant see your character so i dont really know what you are missing. Maybe if you "unhide" your characters i could take a look.

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