Nerfing exile, Massive endgame cursebot. Video availible


Hello all!
This build is created for nerf monsters, becouse GGG did not do it :D
This is a massive endgame cursebot, with high survivability.

Video section, friend's twitch, build in action



The build is Occultist.
Perfect choice. We can apply curses to hexproof enemies, we can gain an additional curse,and some curse effect, what is important to be effective.

Bandit reward: Kill all for passive points

Pros / Con

+Higher survivability, then any other aurabot
+More flexible, just swap curses for different builds, reservation allways the same amount
+Works well with a regular aura support. You don't need to leave the party, if it has an aura support.
+Fun to play
+Chaos and stun immune, without Presence of Chayula
+HC viable, and good league starter
+Do not need 6link
-For endgame its expensive, (around 8-10 exalted orbs)
-Your friends will hate you when you stop this build

Required items

Budget/alternative gear

You can use any rare amulet what you find, instead of Star of Wraeclast
If you can't afford Windshriek, you can use Windscream (Windshriek is the fated version of Windscream. You can obtain it by prophecy)

Mechanics, item explanation
we can add 9 or 10 curses.
In tree,as a regular aurabot, we need reduced mana reservation nodes, and instead of aura effect nodes we will add curse effect nodes.

We run 4 curses that means we need get 3 additional curses. One we can get from Occultist's ascendancy and one from skill tree. So we need only add 1 item with "enemies can have an additional curse" mod.

I chose these boots becouse we want area effect for our curses. And there we have the additional curse, what we needed

This has the mod "socketed curse gems ignoring curse limit" that means with 6socketed Doedre's skin you can add 6 curses by placing Doedre's effigy, no matter how much curse enemies have.
However, it has a reduced curse effect drawback, so you need watch out that roll.

My Gear

Also must have for bosses


How to level the build

First of all you need to grab witch :D
Afterwards, level with freezing pulse, or your preferred spell.
We will be CI, so it's up to you, you will respec later or not. I levelled like CI from the start, only few respec needed when I started mapping.
At level 65 you can use Doedre's skin. Before you use blasphemy support gem to have curses. Heretic Veil for 67 level. After that you can drop blasphemy support. Playing this build smoother, then an aurabot, becouse of massive temporal chains, and enfeeble effect.

Gem setup and playstyle


Just move the mouse cursor over the sockets, to see what gem inside.

You don't need 6l chest basically, to play this build, unless you are using empower and enhance!!!!

If you have at least 5link chest, use enhance, Temporal Chains, Enfeeble, Elemental weaknes, becouse these curses gain much power from quality. Other sockets are optional.

Optional, use curses as you wish. I recommend Assasin's mark and Conductivity/Flammability/Vulnerablility, you can also swap warlord's mark.

The staff is 4link enough to put frost bomb (reducing enemies' cold resistance), increased duration, decoy totem, reduced mana.

For defensives, you can use cast when damage taken, frost wall combo also.

Vaal Haste, Vaal discipline, Increased duration.

Passive tree (lvl94)

Enchant you want

Enfeeble or Temporal Chains curse effect on helmet.
Regen on boots
Gloves never mind

Other informations

The character is currently lvl94 on standard
if you have questions, feel free to PM me.
My account is public, you can check my skill tree, and current gears


Sceptics will say, bosses have 60%-80% reduced curse effect. I say I can support Über Atziri, Shaper, Elder T15, all 4 guardians if my partner is good. They told me positive feedback, and I couldn't imagine this build can go this far. Hope you will enjoy it :)
T15 Carcass Boss:

Special Thanks to:

They helped me a lot to upgrade this build.
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Hello! I am interested in adding this build guide to the listings. However, as of this time, I cannot due to the following reasons:

It must be updated to the current major version, and be an actual build guide. Links to your skill tree and gear is not a build guide.

I believe you have an interesting and new support build to add to the community, and I look forward to seeing it expanded to the point where it can be called a guide, more than an item showcase and a 'look at my character' comment.

Hot Flashes:
Shocking EleHit:
I believe you have an interesting and new support build to add to the community, and I look forward to seeing it expanded to the point where it can be called a guide, more than an item showcase and a 'look at my character' comment.

I will rework the guide :D my first guide I think. I'm not really good at it. Suggestions are welcome.
Updated build guide. If any features missing, let me know
as per your request via PM, i've gone ahead and looked over the build to review what changes you made and properly assess everything. The build looks good, and the guide is far better. I'm adding it to the listing.

However, I do have some comments for you which may be of interest.

I've made a Path of Building link for the build, as your character sheet on the website does not currently match up with what your guide shows, which could be confusing to some players trying to follow along. Feel free to use it if you wish:

To this I have added a special line edit to your doedre's skin that reads 'socketed gems reserve no mana'. Because you are not reserving these, rather you are placing the effigy to cast them in an area. This fixes PoB's incorrect mana reservation issue for the purposes of assessing the build.

I noticed you have 36 mana with enlighten level 3, and without enlighten at all you still have 12. That's enough to cast your flame dash, but obviously not illusory warp (19 mana cost). I have not used Doedre's Skin personally, so I cannot say for certain, but I believe Summon Doedre's Effigy has no mana cost requirement. Therefore, it is quite possible that enlighten doesn't really do anything in the build besides increase the cost.

Reaching 9260 ES as a support is interesting, and a 10 curse support is pretty neat. I think you may want to consider running at least 1 'damage' aura as an alternative somewhere. Only for the purposes of supporting your party if they are very fast/efficient clearing speed focused. Placing effigy, movement, and no real movement speed mods means you would have a hard time keeping up with this build in some groups. If your group is patient, they could gain a lot from a cursebot for sure. With another support aura, they at least can keep you in range to benefit from you.

I looked through your curse setup and considered your choices for which curses to run, and I noticed you had prioritized things such as poacher's mark and projectile weakness over warlord's mark on the effigy or assassin's, and despair was something you swapped in your helm. I'm guessing your friend that you made this build alongside was a lighting arrow archer or something to that effect. You may consider grouping all of the curses you retain for swapping to for others to see 'ah, yes, these are the ones' somewhere. You obviously don't have to, more of a fashion/convenience choice. I think WarMark is probably higher priority for most groups than some of the others I've listed, but it appears as if you're self casting that for the moment.

And finally, you do have some open sockets, would you consider anything interesting such as a cast when damage taken, and then perhaps Immortal Call / Phase Run? I'm rather a fan of Phase Run in support setups.

Ascendencies don't really describe your choices, you can expand on that / order in which you choose to take them.

map mods you don't care to run? (likely no regen maps, others?)

alternative gearing for star of Wraeclast?

non-capped elemental resistances?

optimal enchants? Your non-stun boot one doesn't do anything for you since you deal 0 damage and never get credit for killing anything. And on that topic.... stun. kind of a serious drawback, how do you deal with it? (possibly run a kiara's determination)

By my count, your curse total is 9 (because empower in chest). Could be 10 if you dropped empower. Listing it as 9 for the time being on the listing.

that's mostly what I thought of for the time being. With the new league coming, i hope you continue to work to improve and update your guide. Maybe we'll see siphoning traps etc. added. Looks good amigo.

Hot Flashes:
Shocking EleHit:
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Hello there. When I'm at home,I will update. And will give answer all your questions. Thanks for suggestions. I will look forward for them.
Doedre's effigy has no mana cost.

Damage aura.
My personal thing is,when I created this build I didn't want to mix up
It's cursebot then use curses not any auras (except discipline, what I need).
If I join any party often meet with aura support, and I did not want be second support,what is unneccessary. This support class can be played coop with a regular aura support also. I just need to ask others to remove their curse auras.

I run enlighten for illusion warp,but it's not neccessary. I don't have flame dash. I have lvl3 enlighten for long,and it's not hard to obtain, even not expensive.
Keeping up with party. Flasks are enough mostly, but for some hyperspeed builds, i swap for offhand, as I mentioned in the guide,and shield charging. (Brightbeak+rare energy shield based shield.

I will add alternative gears and ascendancy explanation, and about enchant
Empty gem sockets needing setup tahts true. I dont have any ideas yet.

I also mentioned at Pro/contra that is the character is stun immune
Updated my items, my skill tra has been changed, and updated.
I made some screenshots, what I would like to add, but I dont know how, so please explain it :D
Thank you
I just ran a couple of maps with that build, and FUCK its hilarious! the game is completely broken with it! Can only recommend that support, every party should have one like that :D

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