[3.2] 10 Curse Wildstrike WormCurser

A very silly build about curses, making good on the 20% Increased Damage Per Curse On Enemy from the Doedre's Scorn circlet and the "increased damage with hits and ailments" effect from Malediction. We hit pretty great DPS even with bad gear (calculations here would have to be done by hand due to Path of Building not calculating the number of curses + malediction correctly and I am too friggin lazy for that).

We scale elemental and physical damage on the tree, making use of Malediction's often-forgotten "non-chaos damage as extra chaos" to print money. Use Doedre's Skin for the free 6 curses, 2 from your Blasphemy setup, and 2 from Ball Lightning + Curse on Hit. Doedre's Scorn then provides 200% increased damage with hits and ailments, and whenever you kill an enemy affected by your 10 curses, your DPS skyrockets thanks to Malediction's "for each curse on that enemy..." effect. As such, bosses without adds can be a problem, but throw down your Doedre's Effigy and blast some good ol' worms from the Writhing Jar with your Ball Lightning + Curse setup to get your damage rolling. Alternatively, Vaal Breach can solve the same problem if you have far too much chest hair.

-Decently survivable (easy ~6.5k EHP on bad gear, stun immune as long as you have ES)
-Cheap to start (all uniques are dirt cheap save Windshriek, which is inflated right now because of being new)
-Scales very well with investment

-Leveling is a bit of a puzzle
-Not a tier 1 build by any means
-Clearing is kinda meh, bosses without adds can be irritating


Weapon: Get anything with good pDPS. Dreadbeak is a good unique until you can get a high pDPS Jewelled Foil, but really, anything will do.

Doedre's Scorn Lunaris Circlet. Core of the build, the reason for the season. Get 20% increased damage per curse, everything else doesn't matter.
Doedre's Skin. Core. This is how you get 6 free curses.
Doedre's Damning Paua Ring. +1 curses.
Windshriek Reinforced Greaves. +1 curses, free elemental damage!
Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask is a nice DPS boost and leech to boot.
The Writhing Jar Hallowed Hybrid Flask is used to proc Malediction's passive during fights with bosses who don't summon adds.

Further gear:
Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask is expensive but will add a lot of damage.
Vessel of Vinktar Topaz Flask is much like Taste of Hate for this build.

Gem Setup

In Doedre's Scorn: Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Temporal Chains - Summon Lightning Golem
In Doedre's Skin: Assassin's Mark - Elemental Weakness - Despair - Poacher's Mark - Flammability - Punishment
4L: Ball Lightning - Curse on Hit - Frostbite - Conductivity
Weapon: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Weapon 2: Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) - Immortal Call (level 3) - Increased Duration Support

Finish out your resists with a few dual-res jewels. From there, grab %life/ES, attack speed, and phys damage. I'd avoid %increased damage despite how good is usually is simply because you get so much of that from Doedre's Scorn, thus greatly reducing its stacking effectiveness on jewels.

Path of Building link, using cheap gear

Forgive the skill section mess, PoB does not deal with Doedre's Skin well.

Other potential "real builds"

The tricky part with running this many curses is finding skills that can make use of all of them. To make better use of the DoT and ailment boosts from the build, use Volkuur's Guidance gloves and an associated attack skill (perhaps Molten Strike, Frost Blades or even Lightning Strike). Drop the two elemental curses that no longer benefit you (shameful) by getting rid of the Damning ring and Windshriek and go for a 6L setup on your attack using a high pDPS two-handed sword.

Something I'm trying currently is a variation on this using Tornado Shot+Barrage: using a 6l bow, in my case Death's Opus along with Soul Strike and poison nodes, dropping the left side of the tree and the cold/lightning curses. Curses are thus blasphemy-enfeeble-temp chains in the helm, and assassin's - poacher's - proj weak - despair - flamm -ele weak in the chest. Will report back.

Feedback on how to "optimize" this travesty is most welcome, as are any questions (I.E. "Why, God?").

thenk you doedre for my life
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You should work on the quality of the guide, but it looks decent as far as build is concerned.
as the previous poster commented, it appears as if the guide graphic had more time invested then explaining and outlying all of the contents of said guide. I would hope to see it improve with greater distinction between elements, easier to find specific components, and perhaps some of the elements you posted using the forum item linking feature.

It's still a very interesting and fun guide, and I am happy to include it on the witch listings as is, as you have sufficiently cleared the minimum requirements I look for in approval of submissions... originality and it actually being...a guide.

Just keep in mind that newer players primarily look for guides to follow, so consider that perspective when writing and laying out the elements. Try to make it easy to follow for them.

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