3.0 iemukot's Max Block Mirror Arrow - Shaper viable

This is Pure Life based, High Regen, Max Block/Max Spell Block, decent Single target DPS build.

Build Features:
- 6.2K Life
- 550+ Life regen
- 75/75 Block
- about 300k DPS per minion (max 4 minions at the same time)

Build Achievements:
- Normal Atziri: easy
- Uber Atziri: maybe viable (I killed vaal and trio, but died at last stage...)
- Uber Labyrinth: viable (against Full Charged Izaro)
- All of T1 ~ T15 Map: easy
- Guardians: viable
- Shaper: viable (3rd phase)
- Hall of Grandmasters: viable
- Vaal Temple: viable

Pros and Cons

- high survivability from max block, high life, high regen and minion as a decoy
- decent single target DPS

- not cheap (2 x 6L, 5-off color chest, some expensive uniques)
- not so fast map clearing speed (average or a bit slow)

Key Uniques

100% accuracy is very good damage boost for minions and we don't care about reflect damage.

For reducing mana reservation (Wrath + Anger + Clarity).
+2 aura gem is also nice.
Labyrinth Enchantment, "Bone Offering +9% Block Chance" helps to achieve max block chance.

This quiver is necessary for max block.
corrupt implicit, "Additional an arrow" is also important (because we don't use LMP/GMP).

For spell block.

To use staff block nodes as bow nodes.
(place on the top of Resolute Technique)

Recommended Uniques

This build requires HUGE dex, but takes a few dex nodes in tree. you can get over 100+ dex with this jewel (place on the bottom of Mind Over Matter).

7L Mirror Arrow! projectile piercing is large boost for clear speed. but very difficult to get ideal color (BBBGGR).

for bleed immunity.
very useful for PvP, Vaal Temple and Hall of Grandmasters.

Passive Tree, Bandits and Gods

Passive Tree (import this url on Path of Building):
https://pastebin.com/wXVwt9qm (3.2)

kill all

Tukohama and Lunaris



- Weapon/Body Armour: Mirror/Blink Arrow - Minion Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage - Elemental Focus - Faster Attacks
- Helmet: Anger - Wrath - Generosity / Vaal Grace
- Boots: Rain of Arrow or Split Arrow - Curse on Hit - Projectile Weakness - Elemental Weakness
- Hands: Cast When Damage Taken(Lv14) - Descrate(Lv17) - Bone Offering (Lv17) - Molten Shell (Lv17) or Enfeeble (Lv17)
- Unset ring (1 or 2): Clarity (Lv1) (for Commander of Darkness) / Decoy Totem (for Shaper / Minotaur)

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