[3.2] Mjölner Elementalist - Mapping build

*added 3.2 update/thoughts at the bottom*


Character: Shieldmaiden_Abyss - Abyss League (public. feel free to import into PoB)
Character: TheLightInWhichWeBurn (Inquisitor)- Bestiary League (public. feel free to import into PoB)

I put this build together as a character that could clear maps quickly. I wanted to make a build using Mjolner since I had never played a build which featured it. I also wanted to use the new impulsa's Broken Heart chest and this pairing made a lot of sense.

This build uses Shield Charge to move around the map, and Cyclone to hit with the weapon which will proc the spells you place in the mace. Damage is scaled using Esh's Mirror as well as buffs from Wrath, Innervate and Herald of Thunder.

This build stacks chance to shock, Shock duration and Shock effectiveness through passives and unique items.

I consider this build to be very modular. Since We don't aim to tackle end-game bosses, we are afforded a lot of flexibility with regards to our passives and gear selection (you can even play this as an Inquisitor).


Shock is a non-damage ailment which debuffs its target with "increased damage taken" from all sources.
The base duration of shock is 2 seconds.

The 'increased damage taken' debuff is capped at 50% when the target takes 10% of their life from a single hit of lightning damage (which has to also shock - the debuff is applied after the hit has been calculated).

Increasing shock effectiveness lowers the threshold of damage required to apply the debuff cap of 50% increased damage taken. Example: having 100% shock effectiveness would only require a hit to deal 5% of the target's max life to apply the maximum debuff of 50% increased damage taken.

Regarding damage calculations, Shock's 'Increased damage taken' is only additive with other sources of 'increased damage taken' - meaning if shock is the only source of this debuff in your build then it is effectively treated as multiplicative and thus read as 'more damage taken'.


Video Guide & Discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttTZp_vsigc
T12 Racecourse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xr22jeHjhA


Leveling will be the trickiest part of this build. The unique items require you to be 68+ as well as have 412 Strength and 300 Intelligence. If you're going to follow my passive tree as your means of leveling; I HIGHLY recommend you do all your pathing FIRST. Simply pick up all of your attribute nodes and life nodes as you level - once that is done, you'll be well positioned to pick up the juicier nodes in the higher levels. You will also want to level as a spell caster if you do follow the tree.

However, my recommendation is that you either level using an Abberath's Hooves leveling guide, or a Poet's Pen leveling build. Once you've finished leveling in Blood Aqueducts, you respec into my passive tree and put on the gear for this build.

Abberath's leveling guide by CuteDog_: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAx4oDAM4io
Poet's Pen Build by Engineering Eternity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Vwx1sF1BA


Kill all for 2 passives
If playing a crit version; Help Alira



Here is the skeleton of the tree for this build; It only requires level ~78 or so. You're free to customize your play style with the remaining points as you level towards 90 and beyond.

From this tree you can pick up:
-An extra curse with Whispers of Doom
-Crit nodes
-Power and/or Endurance Charges
-Additional Ele damage nodes with the large wheel left of the Templar area.
-Additional jewel sockets
-Additional life nodes
-Additional resist nodes
-Pathing over to Scion for Harrier and attack speed

The choices are really up to you depending on what spells you want to use in the Mjolner and what gear you want to wear. I've even used intuitive leap to grab the charge generation behind conduit just to try it out.

Paragon of Calamity - Life Leach and ele reflect immunity. Grab first
Pendulum of Destrution- Grab second
Mastermind of Discord - lightning pen. Grab third
Liege of the Primordial - Bit of a 3.2 nerf for us. Grab last



(gloves are crafted with Essence of Insanity)


(depending on future availability)

Other gear slots will round out your attribute and resist requirements as well as fill any other damage/utility you want. The following are suggestions only, feel free to use what you want:


New shaper affixes to look out for on Rares:

-Items and gems have 5-10% reduced attribute requirements (ilvl 68+)
-Items and gems have 11-15% reduced attribute requirements (ilvl 75+)
-(0.3-0.5)% of Lightning Damage leeched as life (ilvl 68+)
-(4-6)% increased movement Speed (ilvl 68+)
-(7-8)% increased movement speed (ilvl 84+)
-(6–9)% increased Attributes (ilvl 68+)
-(10–12)% increased Attributes (ilvl 75+)
-Damage Penetrates (4–7)% Elemental Resistances (ilvl 68+)
-Damage Penetrates (8–10)% Elemental Resistances (ilvl 82+)
-(3–6)% chance to gain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Kill (ilvl 68+) (if you want charge gen)
-(7–10)% chance to gain a Power, Frenzy or Endurance Charge on Kill (ilvl 75+)(if you want charge gen)

-(20–25)% increased Spell Damage (ilvl 68+)
-(26–30)% increased Spell Damage (ilvl 75+)
-(31–35)% increased Spell Damage (ilvl 82+)
-(10–15)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance (ilvl 68+) (if playing crit)
-(16–20)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance (ilvl 75+) (if playing crit)
-(21–25)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance (ilvl 80+) (if playing crit)
-Adds (9–12) to (48–52) Lightning Damage to Spells and Attacks (ilvl 68+)
-Adds (13–16) to (56–60) Lightning Damage to Spells and Attacks (ilvl 75+)
-(8–12) Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells (ilvl 68+)
-(13–15) Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells (ilvl 75+)
-Grants Level 22 Herald of Thunder Skill (ilvl 68+) (if you want to free up a gem)
-Adds (3–7) to (34–38) Lightning Damage against Shocked Enemies | (4–6)% chance to Shock
-Adds (6–10) to (41–45) Lightning Damage against Shocked Enemies | (7–10)% chance to Shock
-Curse Enemies with Level 8 Assassin's Mark on Hit (ilvl 75+) (if playing crit/have 2nd curse)
-Curse Enemies with Level 12 Assassin's Mark on Hit (ilvl 80+) (if playing crit/have 2nd curse)

Gems & Jewels

Mjölner: Controlled Destruction - Arc - Shock Nova

This gem setup is completely up to you. Feel free to play with whichever lightning spells you want. Feel free to also try a single spell with two supports.

Inpulsa's Broken Heart: Cyclone - Faster Attacks - Additional Accuracy - Mana Leech - Fortify

I like cyclone as it allows me to keep moving while killing packs. You can substitute with another attack if you like. Just a 5L is needed. A 6L does not increase your damage in this build so don't spend for it. Blind is also a good support as well but I just use a Stibnite flask.

Lightpoacher:: Innervate Support, Physical to Lightning, Added Lightning (not necessary)

Insanity Crafted Gloves: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks

CWDT Setup: Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

Curse Aura: Blasphemy Support - Conductivity

Remaining Gems which require no links:
Vaal Breach (you may have to cut inc duration or added lightning gems to fit into your gear)
Frost Bomb (used to proc Mastermind of Discord ascendancy prior to 3.2 - no longer the case. You can remove this completely)
Flame Golem (sub for Ice Golem if playing Crit)
Lightning Golem
Herald of Lighting

Added flexibility when you're gearing. Jewels will allow you to fix your resists/attributes. Pick up life and damage/speed to fill out the rest.

3.2 Updates

I did level this build to 90 in 3.2 as an Inquisitor (crit).
Character: TheLightInWhichWeBurn - Bestiary League (public. feel free to import into PoB)

I had intended to update this guide for 3.2 but honestly, I don't recommend this build without Vaal Breach. In Bestiary League the only way it seems you can obtain this skill gem is through the Blood Alter recipe "Create a Random Gem with 15%-20% Quality". It is in very low supply 2 weeks into the league and VERY expensive. The lack of Vaal Breach makes killing map bosses much more difficult - The fights a much longer, you do not maintain Esh stacks and you risk dying. If you want to forego killing map bosses then there's no problem.

Impulsa's also ruins the league mechanic of capturing beasts. Everything explodes so you either have to tip toe around rare beasts or use Necro nets a lot.

Lightpoacher is still fine post "nerf". A Faster Proj gem pretty much puts the range back to normal. Innervate buff uptime is still always rolling with this helm so it still performs how it was intended for this build.

Some noteworthy Unique items to aide the build are the new fated Magnate belts (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Magnate) - One has a lot of STR/DEX and the other has STR/INT - so if you want an easy way to pick up your STR/DEX/INT attributes, those belts are an OK option as they also have a good amount of all res. Probably not a 'final build' option but a good starter item to get you mapping.

Finally, I've been playing with the new ring:
- it was the idea behind the name of my character. The ignite damage seems fine - most mobs die instantly anyway but for tougher mobs this ring behaves quite like Esh's Mirror so for bosses it's not great outside of that 4 second window. Also it is probably not ideal for an Elementalist since they focus less on crit and thus the chance to Ignite would be much lower.
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makes a mjollnir build. is nice enough to tell me what section of the listing to put it under. Kappa.
Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
I've played this build for 2 leagues now; Once as Elementalist and once as Inquisitor.

Really, the biggest difference between the two Ascendancies is the Elementalit's ability to run ele reflect maps. Both options clear maps quickly so it comes down to personal choice. Maps are still ridiculously expensive/tedious to maintain at times (relative to 3.0 and earlier) so I personally feel better about the ability to run ele reflect/unID'd maps.

The notable change for Elementalist in 3.2 is the new way Mastermind of Discord works - We now gain the 25% lightning Penetration while affected by Herald of Thunder. Gone are the days of using a Cold skill to proc that penetration buff. So that's a nice change. Some other Ascendancy nodes were altered a bit in 3.2 but not enough to change which nodes we take.
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So I have been a casual player for a while now, this is the first league I get pretty into and actually start doing end game stuff. I fell in love with the look of this build, the way the skills work and the look of the skills is amazing. I currently have a discharge Mjolner build, but this looks even cooler. Is it possible to make this do end game? What changes would you recommend if trying to push higher content with it and not just fast mapping? Thanks again.

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