##The ultimate endgame PsC ReAver 290kdps 75/75block 95%crit)vilage ruin easy, uber down ##

so i've built a self designed reaver crit tank gladiator this league( perandus soft core)

if you don't want to read here's a basic mapping setup showcase:
Village ruin t12 alch'd double boss facetank( 10sec kill), item,passive showcase from 45s, and some clearing, and random beyond boss too:

- very high aoe and aoe DPS ( very powerful clear speed)
- very high single target dps( effective and fast boss killing)
- very tanky ( 75/75block, high reduction, high life, max resists, insta leech, stun immune)
/stun immunity: never stops leeching
- 3way power charge gaining( offscreen GMP ST with 95% crit, reckoning pcoc( pcharge on block ), whirling+pcoc)
- can do most of the considered" very hard "map mods: even things like eleref+phy ref, triple curse, double bosses,no regen etc.
- can be first build in league, can be budget, but of course that comes with lower stats(mainly lower DPS).

- you need to invest in expensive items to make it powerful
- cannot do some mods ( no leech, -maxres+eleref combo(
- i'm usually rerolling temp chains, even though it's doable, but very slow and annoying. sometimes can kill you too, due to shit maneuverability.
- vulnerability+crit mod+ rare mob with " powerful crits" mod can be problematic on t12 or higher maps. awareness adviced, because can get 1shot.

my items:

importanc of certain items:
shield: you need a high block shield. 30%+ is a must. other important stats to look for: 1k+ eva, 90+hp, and resists
dagger: for temporary league, bino's is best price/performance choice, but if you have money a 350+pdps 8.5+crit is the best ofc.
chest: lot of choices: rare trires arm/eva/hp, or belly, daresso's etc. i found belly the best.
rings: diamond rings with high accuracy,flat phy, life resists, maybe ele flat.
amu: high accuracy,flat phy, crit,life, maybe multi or ele flat.
gloves: acuity, or maligaro's, or shadows&dust
boots: trires,30%movspeed,life
helm: rat's nest witch 8% reave enchant is the basolute best

my lvl 95 passive tree:

Depending if you can get Acuity, or not: take either gratiotous violence for clear speed, bleeding, and dmg, or outmatch outlast for vaal pact version to generate frenzy charges.

Each version should get the 100% spell block nod.

kill all(passive)
alira(power charge)

gem links:
6link: reave-wed-PTL-melee phy-multi-conc/aoe |||| DS-wed-ptl-melee phy-multi-crit dmg
4link: ST-GMP-Faster Proj-Pcoc
3link: reckoning-pcoc-assasin mark
4link: blood rage-inc dur-tempest shield-vaal haste
4link: whirling-pcoc-faster att- fortify
3link: herald ash- hatred- ice golem

my lvl 95 stat screenshots:
Offensive stats:
Aoe setup:

conc eff setup:

double strike single target

Defensive stats:

village ruin t12 double boss facetank 10sec kill:

alluryng abyss double vaal kill:

- other vids coming soon

budget section:
-not much difference, just use maligaro instead of acuity and use any 5link with life/eva/arm or corrupted 6l with same stats.
- you should reduce your DPS with unstating from the dagger nods up in right corner( " Flaying")
and take vaal pact from that 4 nods.
- you should unstat " gratiotous violence" and stat into "outmatch , outlast" for frenzy charges in ascendancy tree. will loose DPS,clear speed, bleed effect, not big deal.

Uber atziri
possible to do with the build,i will add videos later, but not adviced to count on " running it " out of std without mirror dagger. in perandus i've managed to do it twice out of 4 mortal sets with current gear which is posted above.
tried to record boss kills for proof , but having technical issues with geforce experience, managed to record vaal kill, and screenshot trio kill, but cost me 2 crashes, tryed screenshot atziri kill with"ptr scr", but returned only black screen, so will try to use some other application and upload trio fight,atziri fight soon.

double vaal kill:
trio finished screenshot:
drops so far: vertex, life splendour
from 4 try(2fail)

thx for reading, if u decide to try it, have fun.
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Will try this out....btw

Bandits ? also what did you pick for your ascendancy
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Logisticz wrote:
Will try this out....btw

Bandits ? also what did you pick for your ascendancy

Ohh yeah good thing u mention i forgot that... added both of those now in separate sections

bandits are: oak(+40life),kill all(passive),alira(powercharge)

you can see the ascendancy in the skill tree it's gladiator. take the 100%spellblock nod and " gratuitous violence" if you can get atziri's acuity and use blood rage for frenzy charges. if you can't, take " outmatch and outlast" for frenzy charges and take vaal pact for leech.

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I am currently using a MB aegis Juggernaut. Was looking to try something different with reave. I'm gonna give this a try. Will come back with a feedback after is geared up.

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