[2.2] ✮ The Maximum Mitigation MoM Tank ✮ RT 2H Sweep/Heavy Strike

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This build guide is in progress, but I'm trying to continually tweaking it so check back occasionally for updates!

  • March 4th, 2016: General guide was created
  • April 2nd, 2016: Leveling section added

This 2h melee build centers around stacking multiple forms of mitigation to survive and overcome even the biggest threats of Wraeclast - even while beeing in melee range all the time. If you want to enjoy playing a true melee build in high endgame maps and stand strong against the toughest bosses in the game - then this might be the guide for you!

By spending a decent amount of passive points to enable MoM this build utilizes the Gladiator Ascendancy to more than compensate for that damage loss. This character specializes in bleeding enemies to make them explode when slayn which results in a devestating gore explosion while you are tearing through monsters.

This build evolves around the key item Atziris Disfavour and its 100% bleeding effect on hit. While Sweep is used for AoE and general map clearing this build makes use of a heavily supported Heavy strike setup to stun and deal heavy single target damage when needed. Leap slam is the movement skill of choice for getting around quickly.
By heavily focusing on flask recovery this build can utilize both life flasks and utility flasks to greatly further fortify its over all survivability


Doing them if there is interest for it - now enjoying Perandus League to much, no time to make videos :^)


Apex of Sacrifice

  • Comming Soon


  • Comming Soon




  • -x% of damage taken gained as mana when hit:
    This mod is key to make Mind over Matter a really powerfull mitigation mechanic. With this mod MoM becomes a damage absorbtion mechanic applying to all damage sources that hit (it doesn't work on DoT effects, keep that in mind!) x% of damage taken gained as mana when hit always applys before damage is taken; regardless if your mana pool is empty when you take a hit you will always absorb incoming damage. When you reach 30% Mind over Matter will absorb 30% if incoming damage.

  • Mana + Strength focus on non unique gear slots:
    Besides scaling %mana on your tree you need to get as much flat mana as possible on your non unique gear pieces to get a huge pool since we want to use Hatred (50% mana reserved) to scale our damage further. Strength is a very good stat for this build since it scales flat life and melee physical damage even further.

  • Weapon choice:
    You actually only need a weapon with the bleeding on hit mod (level 7 Vagan mod); Atziris Disfavour is an endgame option if you want to use 2h axes. A 500 DPS 2h weapon with vegan mod would be a nice budget option. Atziri's Disfavour is nearly equivalent to a mirror worthy 2h physical axe with master crafted bleeding mod for this build so i would highly recomend you to get one.


  • Amulett:
    The amulett slot is used to gain the corrupted mod x% of damage taken gained as mana on hit - so a unique amulett is preferd to get it. Bloodgrip is a really nice option. It provides flat physical damage, life and 100% increased life recoverd from flasks. Combined with a Belly Of The Beast your life flasks will provide insane recovery. The amulett helps greatly against bleed which is very usefull in endgame
  • Rings:
    Same as the amulett slot you want this specific corruption. Kaom's Sign is a great unique for this build if you want to achieve truely maximum mitigation. +1 endurance charge, life gain on hit (%life leech on the legacy version) and some strength are great additions to this build. You can also go for rare rings with life/resist/flat physical if you want but those are usually harder to get and much more expensive
  • Chest Armour:
    Our pathing in the passive tree lacks %life so the best option here is Belly Of The Beast. If you can cap your resists the unique chest gives more life than any rare chest out there for this build - at level 90-92 you will be able to reach 6k life with it. If you can't cap out your resists go for a armour or armour/evasion based rare chest instead.
  • Belt:
    This is a very special item slot for this build. Look out for life, resists, strength and a -% flask charges used mod. This mod in conjunction with Arcane Chemistry will grant you an extra use out of your utility flasks and two extra uses out of your life flasks which is a very strong benefit. You also want to corrupt your belt for the +1 additional Endurance Charge for maximum mitigation. Reduced enemy stun treshhold is also a very usefull stat you can get here
  • Gloves/Helmet/Boots:
    You heavily want to focus on resists, strength, life and mana here. Gloves can get Attack speed which is very usefull. Movement speed on boots is recomended but not entirely necessary since you are leaping around all the time to get from pack to pack.

Gems are listed in order of importance.
Single-traget 4L/5L/6L

Heavy Strikes implicit "reduced enemy stun treshhold" can be further supported with Stun and Endurcance Charge on melee stun support gems as a 5l and a 6l option to maximize stun potential even on bosses. With this setup you are able to perma stun rare monsters and even some map bosses. Even an occasional stun on a boss is very noticeable. Since we are also scaling stun duration stun locking mobs is entirely possbile.
Stun is a very powerfull mechanic in PoE - be carefull while rolling maps with stun immunity since you are loosing one layer of your defenses!
AoE Setup 4L/5L/6L

Sweep is the choice of your AoE skill. Concentrated Effect and Faster Attacks are the choices for your 5l and 6l setup. Concentrated Effect lowers your over all AoE by a lot but amplifies your bleed effect greatly at the same time. But this isn't that bad because explosions of your Gratuitious Violance cover that lack of AoE greatly. If you don't like Concentrated Effect you can also use Added Fire instead. If you think you already have enough damage Blind will be a very solid defensive option.

Gratuitious Violance enhances your clear speed against large packs greatly.
Movement-skill 4L

Leapslam is great for moving around between packs, repositioning and generating Endurance Charges and the fortify buff.
Utility 4L

Rallying Cry with Increased duration lasts 17 seconds. You have to activly recast it before it runs out which shouldn't be hard at all. Blood Rage is used for it's Attack Speed buff, leech and generating Frenzy Charges.Enduring Cry is there for stun immune maps and for initial charge up.
Reckoning/Aura 4L

I personly like to use Vengance with Curse on Hit here to auto-curse and to keep the bleeding effect up against bosses all the time while Heavy Striking them to death. Also Hatred has to go anywhere.
Enfeeble (defensive) or even Punishment (offensive) would be solid choices for curses here. Do as you prefer.
Character Screens

Screenshots were taken with a level 80 charakter to reflect the viability at this point. This character has 5.5k effective health @ lvl 80 and is only picking life nodes and travel points on his way to 90 and above. This character is missing 2 jewel sockets at the time the screenshots are taken.

Please consider that "Bloodlust" isn't reflected in the tooltip. Actual DPS for Heavystrike would be ~50k (without flask buffs) and 88k (with flask buffs).
DPS tooltip values shown don't include the Gladiator buffs against bleeding enemies and without Punishment curse buff!





Ascendancy Skilltree

[Gratiutious Violence] --> [Blood in the Eyes] + [Outmatch and Outlast]

Why Gladiator? Because Gratuitious Violence and Blood in the Eyes are amazing for this build. Damage Reduction on bleeding enemys, a lot of damage and gore explosions which enhance clearspeed. Sadly we don't benefit from the 1h attack speed but this is a loss we have to take. Outmatch and Outlast don't benefit the build much but we have to points left to take it - it helps in generating Frenzy Charges and it is nice on no regen maps if you don't want to use Blood Rage.

I won't recomend taking Painforged. The 8% block that it provides are global and can be used with 2H weapons sure, but every time you block a stun animation is played. Since we don't have any stun recovery this could be fatal against hard content.

This build can be used with the Slayer Ascendancy if you really don't want to use the Gladiator Ascendancy. The above version uses 121 + 6 points @ L100 (with 2 non-passive quests). For tree progression, look in the "Leveling tips & Build progression" section. Please consider that <1% of players ever made it to level 100. Don't worry about getting to level 100, the build works fine @ level 80.

Notice: Every jewel socket except one should provide %life to the build and we are utilitzing Belly of the Beast. So don't get scared by the looking at the numbers - in endgame this build can achieve 209% increased maximum life in total on top of MoM.

Your general goal for the tree is mainly to collect melee phys nodes, Endurance Charges and the points to enable MoM. Some important passives are the 'Mind over Matter' and 'Resolute Technice" keystones, the 'Art of the Gladiator' noteable which makes so your armour doesn't hinder your movement speed anymore, the 'Vitality Void' notable for reliable leeching, and also the 'Executioner" cluster to gain a nice benefit against enemys at low life and additional stun duration. We are also opting to grab a reasonable amount of +% all resistances on the tree and our jewels to sacrifice those stats on gear slots.


  • Normal: +40 Life (Oak)
  • Cruel: +1 passive point (Eramir/kill all)
  • Merciless: +1 Endurance Charge (Oak)
Strengths & Weaknesses

  • High melee single-target damage
  • High melee AoE damage with additonal bleeding effect and AoE explosions
  • Build can be completed with only 4L/5L's
  • Very strong flasks due to increased recovery and reduced charges used
  • Insane true physical damage mitigation due to Endurance Charges/fortify/MoM/Blood in the Eyes
  • Insane elemental damage mitigation due to MoM/fortify/Blood in the Eyes
  • Very resiliant against burst damage and big hits
  • Able to to dangerous maps and map mods as melee build
  • Can do half/no regen without any problem
  • -max% resists map mod is a strength of this build due to how MoM works
  • Reflect is not an issue due to insane physical mitigation
  • In party play YOU are the one who tanks the boss
  • Fast active and interactive playstyle and very fun to play build
  • "Maximum Gore" fun enabled (extra gore/bleeding on hit/explosions)


  • Not a build for beginners
  • Relies heavily on your skill to keep buffs and charges up and utilizing your flasks
  • Requires some specific and somewhat expensive gear to enable MoM
  • Not a good starting build for new leagues
  • No "tier 1 clearspeed", only good clear speed (this is a true melee build after all)
  • "Nullifier" Nemesis Mod is very scary, the archnemesis of this build
Leveling tips & Build progression

Below are some leveling trees to help guide your way to the final L100 tree:

43 Points - End of Normal

Easy rolling here through standard 2h melee leveing. Switching from Groundslam to Sweep later on and then to Cyclone makes Normal a breeze.

63 Points - End of Cruel

At the end of Cruel your tree should look like this - try to rush Resolute Technique as soon as you can after you start Cruel. Then grab life and go to the Templar starting Area to get more life.

100 Points - Merciless Dried Lake and Maps

Fill out life, mana and jewel sockets, grab some attack speed and damage on the way as well as your last 2 Ascendacy passives. You can now grab Mind over Matter whenever you feel like but consider that you have to gear to support it! (you don't need perfect gear at the beginning for it to work don't worry).
If you are enjoying the build you can push it further and look at the level 100 tree to fill out the rest of the points while leveling.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Does this build require 6L?
  • A: No! This build can be done with nothing higher than 4L/5L's. Look in the gem section to see which gems are required/optional.

In Progress
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The skill tree link does not work, say it is an older version of the tree.
mac2monster wrote:
The skill tree link does not work, say it is an older version of the tree.

Tree should work fine now, thanks!
Leveling section added and guide updated!
4500 HP? Insanely tanky? Maaan... Say hi to caustic cloud zombies. It's more of a glass cannon
and I've only died 39 times. (c) Libbritania ( tokimeki ).
ZL0J wrote:
4500 HP? Insanely tanky? Maaan... Say hi to caustic cloud zombies. It's more of a glass cannon

This are only charakter lvl 80 screenshots which i have took for a reason - showcasing that the build is functioning at this point and you don't have to level that high only for making it work.
This is a MoM build with >1000 Mana unreserved - so this build has an effective pool of 5500 HP at only lvl 80 while missing only life nodes up to level 90 and higher (expected to be 6k pure life if you read the guide + 1000 mana unreserved) - if DoT chaos damage is a specific problem for you, you can always get chaos resist on your gear, chaos hit damage is mitigated by MoM, "pseudo chaos" resist if you want)

The goal was to showcase a build which utilizes multiple layers of mitigation and some cool MoM mechanics on top of it.
This build has more mitigation and effective HP than any 9k+ life generic EA build out there for comparison.

But it's ok, i don't mind if people arn't willing to read through a long guide and trying to understand a more complex build which isn't and most likely will never be meta. It also requires the player to play active and press multiple different buttons which takes a little more effort than just running/whiriing and right clicking :^)
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Do you like Punishment? im happy to finally see someone using it.

also, i know giving up an EC is a biiiig deal but have you considered an EssenceWurm for Hatred?

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