Adra's FaceBreaker Ice Crash build. Atziri viable 40k+ dps 2.0

Hey, this is my first build so lets start with a bit of background.

I've been playing PoE for a good 2 years on and off, and even though my toon's lvls are not as high as they should be, I have a pretty good idea of what to do and what not to. Yes, I know my gear is terrible,but it works.

So, a bit of info about the build:
The build started out as a bit of a theory craft and the 40k dps considers 3 frenzy charges and a 950%+ Facebreaker.
The build can be completed for under 10ex, but for Atziri a bit more currency will be required for the 6l

* High Block Chance ( can go up to 75% if you use a Lioneye's Remorse shield)
* Lightning Coil gives both dps, and damage mitigation
* can use Blood Rage to make dps go a lot higher
* Atziri Viable
* Lots of Jewel sockets to fill in any gaps.
* Takes advantage of Reckoning



* Reflect can hurt if you don't have Atziri flask on.
* Can get randomly 1 shotted if the block fails
* Possible need to invest points into resists since there are lots of uniques in the build
* hasn't got fast walking speed
* can get surrounded by adds and cause rips if you're not careful

The build focuses on facebreakers for 2 reasons:

*High dps
*Hitting with fists just looks amazing

This one uses all points to show the scenario of killing all in cruel and merciless on a lvl 100 toon.

*Early game 1-30 : Pick up tetsudo, don't need to pick up jewels yet

*31-50 : Go forward to the Ranger area, pick up all nodes that are there, can go down to wisdom of the glade and beef if need stats

*51-70 : make way to Scion&Maruder, doesn't matter which one you prioritise, go for the main block chance nodes first. You aren't required to take the shield defences nodes but they are very helpful if you decide to get a lioneye's remorse.

*71+ Life cluster needs to be completed and picking up the final nodes, can exchange for damage and the resists on marauder side of tree if its needed.


Normal -OAK
Cruel- OAK/Kill all
Merciless-KILL all/Frenzy charge for dps

My current gear at lvl 79


Abyssus is not needed, but provides a lot of flat phys damage and crit.
alternative helms :

*Rat's nest - Higher attack speed, probably won't need to use faster attacks on ice crash,
*Alpha's howl - Auras are just amazing, also gives freeze immunity, has a cool art.
*A decent rare helm with life and res.

Either of these helms will also enable you to not use a Lightning Coil, as you will not take as much damage from Abyssus


*Daresso's defiance - Endurance charges are plain amazing, its easy to get the right links with it, its a lot cheaper than a coil, Onslaught is just overpowered since Ice Crash attacks are not fast at all
*Carcass Jack - Increased aoe that mitigates Conc Effect and gives resists+life.


*Great Old One's ward - Block chance, added physical damage,attack speed, life,
*Lioneye's remorse - A LOT of armor, block chance. I don't reccomend it because you will be VERY slow.
*rare shield is also good if you master craft phys dmg, can fill in resists and increase HP


Rare boots, tri res, mov speed, hp. The usual.


The Build uses Ice Crash as the main skill, as it has very nice AoE, is cold damage, and looks lovely
The links I like to use are

Ice Crash

Ice Crash-Life Leech-Blood Magic-Fortify-Faster attacks- Concentrated effect on 6l
Ice Crash-Life Leech-Blood Magic-Fortify-Faster attacks on 5l
Ice Crash-Fortify-Blood Magic-Life leech on 4l
Ice Crash-Fortify-Blood Magic on 3l


Reckoning-Added cold Damage-Melee Phys-Blind on 4l
Reckoning-Added Cold Damage-Melee phys on 3l
Reckoning-Melee Phys on 2l

Cyclone -
it isn't needed, I only use it to fill up the slot and change up the constant Ice crashing, it has less dps but can help when you need to move through a pack

Cyclone-Fortify-Melee Physical Damage-Blood Magic on 4l
Cyclone-Fortify-Blood Magic on 3l
Cyclone-Blood Magic on 2l


With the nerf of Reduced Mana, we can run 1 aura and 2 hatreds.
Personally, I reccomend
Lots more dps, synergises well with ice crash
Herald Of Ash
Overkill dmg deals a lot of damage and destroys packs instantly with ice crash
Herald Of thunder
This is needed if you want a curse or two for frenzy charges or whatever,isn't needed though


I won't be able to make videos just yet since my PC isn't very good but when I upgrade I will update this section

TOOLTIPS(All with auras but no frenzy charges)


Spoiler - The resists aren't maxed out but I am gonna pick up a resist node, my jewellry is also not very good, this is in merciless - Reckoning, same thing to be honest,dps, constant activations, and blind. - Not much hp just yet since I'm not done with all the hp nodes and my gear isn't optimised, might switch out shield for a rare to get more hp.

Offensive skills
Spoiler - Ice Crash no frenzy charges on 5l, with 6l it goes up to around 30-35k since Conc Effect op. Frenzy charges also affect this damage a lot. - Cyclone no frenzy charges on a 4l, its not the main skill, but the damage is still easily viable to clear maps up to around 75 with no problems as long as you use vengeance and reckoning.

ATZIRI Recommended with a 6l only

The usual atziri tactic goes,
Vaal= kill first one as fast as you can then take time with 2nd one

Trio= Simple because of block chance,kill ranger first, other than that its pretty much irrelevant for the other two since either won't be hitting you

Atziri= Adds phase is easy,since ice crash aoe is good. have some kind of fast attacking axe/hammer to leap slam and dash away from the fireblasts on 2nd weapon slot, a Saffel's frame is also very useful, can probably withstand 1 of the fireblasts but need flask. Use Atziri's promise to negate the reflect and get a bit more dps.Switch weapon slots between phases and don't facetank fireblasts if possible. Pop flasks for storm call if surrounded.

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Title says Atziri viable, guide says recommended with a 6l only, so what now?
So does vengeance work with unarmed? I thought they changed the skill back in the day. I'm using a similar build with 6-linked chest and I really think LL gem is not needed in non-reflect maps. Blood rage will take care of any leeching problems.
IGN: Gruthuk
Rockdogz wrote:
So does vengeance work with unarmed?

No, vengeance does not work with unarmed. It hasn't worked with unarmed for a very long time.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
I guess you missed that there are actually rare items in this game...
To explain what i mean:
You are using this unique shield... yeah its good for face breakers... BUT you are using a really, really bad amulet at the same time. You could get LOT better Damage and Defense if you would jsut get a Amulet with a good Phys roll and get a RARE shield with Life, Resist and Armour.

Then, the "Alternativ Helmet" section in your guide. That was where is stopped reading because thats just ridiculous.

A RATS NEST in a Facebreaker build? Like.. really? For the Attack speed???

Have you EVER heard about rare helmets.. like the one that are golden and not brown/orange?

Then: Links. You are seriously not using Melee Physical Damage? Like.. what the hell?
Plz don´t write guides for well known and not that hard to pull off skills/items if you don´t have a clue how to do it.

Using Vengeance even if it does not work unarmed...

Current Builds:
All in one Thread until i make new Guides
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