SC/HC/Atziri Viable- Jack of Varunastra ~50k dps and super tanky w/ Reave

Hey guys this is my very first POE build so all input is always welcome. I have played POE for more than 1700 hours but i've always followed builds by other people. Starting this season i decided to not look up any builds and to try to make something on my own. After reading the patch notes i came across this sword called Varunastra and as i read it my jaw dropped. IT COUNTS AS EVERY MELEE WEAPON really!? I was sure it was going to cost a lot but to my surprise it was going for a measly few chaos. So i bought a really good one for 4 chaos, near perfect rolls. My mind was blown as how good this item is because it enables you to literally play with what ever gem you feel like using and also get what ever damage nodes you want. Then i knew that i had to make a build that uses this sword that opens up a whole new world.

Youtube video guide with Atziri run:

Skill tree:

Oak-40 health
Kill all- Passive Point
Oak-Endurance charge


Gem Links:


Reave 6L-

Reave 5L-

Reave 4L-

Any 4L slot item (CWDT tempest shield)-

Any 3L slot item (CWDT Enfeeble/Summon flame golem)-

Any 4L slot item (Enduring cry/Vaal haste/Vaal molten shell/increased duration)-

Any 4L slot item (Whirling blades)-

Any 3L item (Hated, Herald of ash, Molten shell)

Youtube video guide to come soon! Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any input or suggestions.

Dont forget to stop by my twitch channel and hang out or ask questions.
Please feel free to come by the twitch channel to ask questions or hang out.
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This looks really awesome, I'll give it a try xD just ripped, but I have a Varunastra lol
What bandits?
Good call, forgot about the bandits. Added it to the main post.
Please feel free to come by the twitch channel to ask questions or hang out.
Just took down normal Atziri with very little problems. This is my very first time ive ever done her and i was able to complete her 7 times last night. It was glorious. Having a high spell block chance is really nice because it allows for some mistakes if you are learning the fight. I had done some reading but its definitely a blast to play. I will be making a video guide this weekend for sure.

Also have a Bow CoC build in the works that does some mean DPS but im not sure how it would do on Atziri due to the massive AOE and mirror.

As always dont forget to hang out in the stream or ask any questions
Please feel free to come by the twitch channel to ask questions or hang out.
How did you level if I may ask hehe. Im leveling with reave and i'm having mana issues.
yea it has mama issues, but u can bipass them with mana gain on hit on any item, or just a belt with mana leech
Who cares...
I use elreon jewelry while leveling, its so busted. If you either search for elreon with rings and amulets or have elreon in your hide out. His jewelry reduces the mana cost anywhere from 4-8 per item. I made sure to pick up 2 rings and an amulet and it reduces the mana cost of all of my skills by 24 mana which means i can reserve all of my mana while leveling and have tons of damage from heralds.
Please feel free to come by the twitch channel to ask questions or hang out.
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what ascendencies are you going?

I was gonna ask the same question, i saw on your video guide that you took Gladiator and i can only guess from what you was telling after the atziri fight it must be something like this :

Am i right ?

EDIT : I checked your character on your profile and i saw what you took, almost what i've display except that you take Gratuitous Violence instead of Violent Retaliation.
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