(1.2) Archzin's EB+Arctic Armour Tanky 1H + Shield End game Reave Duelist (with Video))

Hello all,

The title says it all. It's an experimental build that runs using a synergy of defensive skills+ passive to make a unique tanky melee build. It's not a cheap or starter friendly build but it's not an expensive build either - Items may cost 10 ex maximum if purchased, that too when u reach end game (after level 65).

EDIT: After searching through forums and reddit extensively, i can safely say that this is the first & only pure melee build to equip & sustain a Lvl 20 Arctic Armour in conjunction with nearly 7K evasion+ 4K Armour+ 38% spell block + 79-80% Max resist with good DPS (currently 18K+) while using relatively easy to get decent gears and most of all, fully end game capable tanky build.

The idea of this build is to run:

1. Eldrich Battery passive + lots of Mana Regen to use max level Arctic Armour.

2. High Mana regen means u never run out of mana for using any skill. That also means u will never need a Soul Taker with this build.

3. Combo of Armour + Evasion where evasion helps you evade hit, but amour with help of AA makes sure that if u get hit, u will take a lot less damage.

4. Using Saffele's Frame to overcap Elemental resist to 79/80 + atleast 30%-40% spell block.

As of now, i am level 80 and can honestly state that this build is very tanky and DPS is not bad either.

Items required:

Must have Unique Items

Although i am using 1H Sword, but any weapon can be used with little tweaking in passives.
350+ Dps is must. 300+ Physical DPS is important for 2% life leech from physical damage

High Armour or High Armour + Some Evasion with 95 Life + elemental Resistance.

Armour or Ar/Ev with 70+ life, Attack Speed, 2% Life leech (don't require if u have it on any ring or amulet) & Elemental Resistances

Armour or Ar/EV with 80+ life & elemental Resistances, Movement speed is not important as we will use Leap slam or Whirling Blades for movement.

Rings & Amulets
70+Life, Mana, Energy Shield, Mana Regen, Elemental Resistances + 2%Life leech. Additional Armour, Attack Speed, Evasion also helps

24% Physical Damage Rustic Sash with 90+ life, Elemental resistance. Additional Armour, mana, Chaos Res, Energy Shield are just Bonuses

Important stats that are must:

Some Chaos Resists
Life leech
Dexterity (this build surprisingly runs short of Dexterity considering the fact that it's a duelist build)
Mana Leech - not mandatory
Attack speed
Block Chance
Flat Physical Damage

Some of the above stats can be added by the Masters.

Gem Setup

Chest -
5L = Reave/ Cleave + MultiStrike + Melee Physical Damage + Faster Attacks + Concentrated Effect
for 6L throw in whatever u prefer or have socket for [Added Fire Damage/ Life gain on Hit/ Melee Damage on Full life]

4L = Reduced Mana + Grace + Hatred + Herald of Ash/ ics

CWDT setup 1 = CWDT (LvL1) + Enduring Cry + Enfeeble
CWDT setup 2 = CWDT (LvL20) + Molten Shell (Lvl20)+ Immortal Call (LvL 20) + Increased Duration (LvL 20)

3L Setup = Reduced mana + blood Magic + Clarity = all Lvl 20

(U can Swap Herald of Ash/Ice for Clarity if not comfortable with reserving life.)

and Last of all, don't forget a gem slot for Arctic Armour (Max Lvl)

My Gears:

Passive tree Guideline:

20 Points

40 Points

60 Points

80 Points

100 Points

110 Points

Current Passives (Lvl 82):

Oak + Skill + Skill

Masters: Vagan + Haku + Elron + any of your preference.

This is not a very detailed guide. I am still experimenting and pushing this build. So far i have done LvL 74 maps with ease apart from a few mods like : -max Res, Low or No Regen, Blood Magic. And i won't recommend multiple projectile + vulnerability mod for some map bosses like Graveyard/ Necropolis Merveil, Maze Vaal etc.

Your suggestion, comments, questions are most welcome. I will post a detailed guide with explanations, leveling process if players find this interesting.

Thanks for reading patiently and excuse me for my poor English.
Cheers all.

Note: 08-10-14: Added Passive distribution Guideline. upto 110 points.
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More video to be added.

vs Merciless Dominus without sipping a single drop of health potion :P
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Hey, i was looking for a new build and this one looks really nice can u post a more detailed guide
plictisit23 wrote:
Hey, i was looking for a new build and this one looks really nice can u post a more detailed guide


Sorry for late reply as i was toying with a dual wield Cleave/ Reave Templar build recently.

I will try to post a more detailed guide soon. Meanwhile, if u have any questions, plz let me know.

Hello, This is good build!
MMMMore skill tree plz~
MarinnHo wrote:
Hello, This is good build!
MMMMore skill tree plz~

Buried under heavy work load :( . Will update more details within a day or two. Happy grinding.
Did you think to try with this build with a Carcass Jack ?

I am experimenting your build with it and I think it balances well the Conc effect (less AOE) and add a little bit of damage. Also, it gives you more mana with Eldritch battery.

Of course there is some drawbacks. I have a little less life and a lot less armour than a good rolled chest. You have to also consider your resists.
But in the end I win some clear speed with the boost of AOE and more important, I found it more fun :)

Btw, I spend some points just to take Iron Reflexes and the Dex nodes on the way.
As you said, this build curiously lacks of dex.

Ty and Gl
IGN : Zakam

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