[2.2 / 2.3] [Video Build Guide] Mass Minion Maxblock Dominating Blow Gladiator [T15, 5ex, FUN!]

Note: The 2.3 Prophecy update has buffed this build offensively and defensively. We can now take the Violent Retaliation ascendancy node too and use the new 'Spirit Offering' spell together with Flesh Offering, which is both great for our defenses and offenses.

Welcome to the 2.2 / 2.3 revival of the

† † † The Undying, Mass Minions, Dominating Aegis-MaxBlock Gladiator † † †

CTRL + klick the image below for the full 2.2.2 Video Build Guide for this build:

With this build you will:

• have a VAST personal army of 80 and more, fully buffed, blood hungry minions!

• get 50-80k tooltip dps, plus TONS of damage from your vibrant, aura-buzzing minion army!

• the ability to stand in the middle of a group of T12+ mobs, not taking damage but block-crushing everything without even attacking!

...but most important:



How this build works

• With 90% increased skill effect duration from passives only, we are able to control enemy mobs for 40-80 second after killing them. A dominated mob sustains all his specific mods, such as the super strong monster auras, buffs and effects. These mods will in return work for us and support our whole army. So the stronger the mobs get, the stronger our army becomes! Both we and our army benifit greatly from our Hatred & Haste auras. And when we pop our lvl 20 Vaal Haste the real fun begins!

• While we chop up foes with 8 attacks per second, our Aegis Aurora shield replenishes 2% of our total armour value as Energy Shield per block. As we have up to 75% block chance, we proc this ES replenishment effect all the time, gaining us a full pool of ~4k life and ~600 ES at all time.
• We also deal ~2000 dps per block to all surrounding enemies by using Reckoning. Linking it with Curse on Hit and Warlord's Mark it both grands us a ton of life leech and constant endurance charges from mobs.
• We use two Cast When Damage Taken setups which both grant us defensive and offensive survivability. Firstly we recall ALL our minions to our current position when taking a total of 1000 damage. This greatly distracts enemies away from us. Simultaneously we summon a Stone or Chaos golem and trigger Immortal Call, which lasts up to 4 seconds (!) with out +% duration passives.
• Our second CWDT setup remains level 1. Whenever we take any hit of 530+ damage, we trigger both Desecrate and Flesh Offering. This grants our whole army 24% attack-, cast- and movement speed for 6 seconds.

This is how our block defenses look in action in a T10 map, when we not attack nor take any flasks:

Check this short introductional video for an overview of the gear, the character screen at level 80, the skill gem setup and ign playstyle. I will add a full commented build guide once 2.3 is out, as it is only 4 weeks from now.

The Pros & Cons

• Super fun and endgame viable
• Makes all the mobs work for you, summoners will be jealous
• Makes use of unique monster mechanics and gets stronger with the content
• Very tanky because of 70%+ block & spellblock, a huge minion meatshield, constant ES replenishment from Aegis Aurora, 2,7% life leech and 58% phys reduction (75% with Flask)
• Affordable gear and beginner friendly leveling
• Easy to play as most skills are trigger-automated by block
• Incredibly strong if you got legacy BoR, Aegis and/or Soul Taker
• Unique build you don't see often and that is no subject to balance nerfs
• It just looks cool as fuck

• Very graphic intense, as the minions eat your GPU for breakfast
• Not very party friendly for this reason
• It requires some time & dedication to perfect this build if you're new (speaking gems & gear)
• Hardcore viability is yet to be tested
• T14+ bosses require a certain kind of playstyle (hoarding minions)
• No tooltip dps fetish, as most of the damage comes from your minion army
• Pure PVE, forget about PVP and normal/uber Atziri
• It is still a melee build, so you won't be able to play it with one hand in your shorts

The Playstyle

Playing this build is pretty easy as we only got three usable skills: Dominating Blow, Leap Slam and Vaal Haste. Everything else is automated.

We usually Leap Slam into a group of mobs, hold the shift key to attack with Dom Blow in place and rotate until we converted all nearby enemies.

I prefer having my main attack (Dominating Blow) on the left mouse button and Leap Slam on the right. But it is completely up to you and just a personal choice I found convenient.

Our priority in T10+ maps is to convert rare (yellow) mobs first, as these often provide our whole army with strong monster auras. They also do a lot of damage due to Bringer of Rain, our linked gems and active auras. To kill rare mobs faster, use your Atziri's Promise Flask, Leap Slam onto the mob and pop Vaal Haste if you like. It will usually die in 1-3 seconds.

To fight bosses in T11 and higher maps, try to enter the fight with an army of at least 20-30 mobs. Then run towards the boss, leap on him for the curse, pop both your Basalt and Promise flask and Vaal Haste. Your minion army will follow you or be recalled once you take some damage. This build can handle most bosses until T13 pretty easy, there is just a few exceptions like the Village Ruin or Malformation bosses, but these are hard with most builds.

See the Videos at the end of the build guide for a detailed impression of the playstyle.

The Skill Gems

Note: The gems do not necessarily need to have quality, but it is quiete helpful, especially on Dominating Blow and Melee Splash! I recommend buying already leveled gems (with quality or without) while you level up. A level 19 or 20 Dominating blow with at least 14% quality is recommended. With level 70 is when you can switch from your leveling gear and passives to Dominating blow and your future gear (see leveling section below).


In Bringer of Rain:
Dominating Blow + Multistrike + Melee Splash + Poison

In Soul Taker:
Haste + Hatred + Vaal Haste

In Boots:
Reckoning + Leap Slam + Curse on Hit + Warlord's Mark

Note: You may switch Poison for Increased Duration, but be aware that 100+ minions might melt your GPU ;) also the poison stacks greatly because of our very fast attack speed - and our minions poison too. There are many options to play around with, another one is Weapon Elemental Damage.


In Gloves:
Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 7-8) + Convocation + Immortal Call + Stone / Chaos Golem / Spirit Offering

In Aegis Aurora:
Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1) + Desecrate (lvl 7) + Flesh Offering (lvl 8) / Spirit Offering

The Gear

This build can be equipped for under 5 exaltet in Softcore Perandus League. I will add the current item prices to all three items which are mendatory for this build.

Full Gear Overview

PS the body armour is just for cool looks (equip it before equipping BoR)

Weapon & Shield
Soul Taker and Aegis Aurora are both essential for this build. Without them it will not work as intended!

With Soul Taker we can still use all our melee attacks (Dom Blow, Leap Slam, X) even with zero Mana. Aegis will replenish 2% of our armour value to energy shield - per block. This gives us the ability to stand in the middle of a T10+ mob group, get a coffee and take literally no damage. It also provides with +5% max cold res, which is huge!

Fortunately for us these items are both pretty cheap to get.

• A 120%+ phys/22%+ IAS Soul Taker costs 15-35 chaos in Perandus. You should definitely try and get as close to 140%/25% as possible. It is not a very popular item atm so you will have it easy to find a good roll.

• As the stats on Aegis Aurora are not too imporant for the succes of this build, you can just grab a cheap one for 40-50c or 1ex. If you have a bigger budget I suggest going for a 15%/90% one for 1-2ex.


BoR is essential for this build too. It provides our Dominating Blow skill basically a 7L and its mechanics are pretty perfect for this build. It grants us a very essential +10-20 pure physical damage and benefits both us AND all our dominated minions with lvl 18 melee physical damage, lvl 12 faster attacks and a chance to blind enemies on hit. This means both a huge dps and survivability boost. Besides that it can provide decent life (+160) and some decent armour & es, which both count as armor as we use the Iron Reflexes passive.

• BoR is not very popular atm, so you can easily grab a 280% / 150+ roll for 15-30 chaos. Try to find one with a good enchantment. BIS enchantment would be "Increased Dominating Blow Duration" or -Damage.

Note: This build can theoretically be done without BoR, but it would be WAY more expensive as you'd need both a good helmet and a 6L armour. So in my opinion it's not worth it, as BoR gives us most of what we need for a small price. But let me know if you have a good idea for an alternative.

Gloves & Boots

I bought these for 15c. The prioritized stats on Gloves are:

+% Resists
+# Life
+% IAS
+# pure phys
+% life leech
+ total armour/EV value

These I stole from an old man for 12c. The prioritized stats on Boots are:

+% Resists
+% Life and/or total Energy shield value
+% movement speed
+# Int


Rings and amulets can be a bit tricky. We prioritize:

+% Resists
+# life
+# pure phys
+# high Int or Dex rolls, whatever you need
+% life leech
+% IAS

On the belt we want:

+% high resists (+100% total res or more)
+% chaos resist (try to aim for ~0% chaos res in merciless)
+# high life (75+)
+% physical damage implicit (alternative is resists or life)
+% reduced flask charges used is cool too

BIS belt is Headhunter (of course), if you can ever afford one. The monster auras it provides you are completely OP.


Jewels are the place to get some extra damage and stats that we don't have on gear. Such as Int, Dex or Resists. These are the ones I use:

Unique alternatives are Sacrificial Harvest for more Vaal Haste usage, or Inspired Learning for even more minion related fun - and in case you can't afford a Headhunter ;) Warlord's Reach is a super cheap alternative too as it gives a bit of damage and nice melee attack range.


Nice and simple. These can be either self-crafted or bought for some chaos. With the Basalt up and 3-4 full Endurance Charges we we got ~75% phys damage reduction. Atziri's Promise gives us 10-15k more dps and a lot of temporary leech.

Passives & Ascendancy

The Gladiator Ascendancy is great for this build, as it provides us with a lot of block chance, IAS and damage. As our minions distract mobs away from us most of the time, we benefit greatly from the +40% increased damage from Painforged (or +8% block when we got hit). Wit a total of 5 frenzy charges from Outmatch & Outlast, we can boost our damage and IAS again by a lot. Besides that we get 100% chance to block spells, from just one single node!

At Level 80

At level 80 we got all the essential nodes that we need to fully clear tier 12 maps in under 10 minutes. From there on it is a thing of personal choice and taste. You can either go more damage, more tankyness, or even more fun. Surprise me and post your own ideas :)

Tree lvl 80

At level 93 (final)

At level 93 I consider this tree finished. Since level 80 we skilled into more phys axe damage, two more endurance charges and some good life, armour and ES from the Templar area.

Tree lvl 93

You can check out my character here

Note: As of 2.3 I suggest getting the Violent Retaliation ascendancy node too, as it just works perfectly with our high block chance.

The Leveling Process

Leveling is pretty much identical to any common melee build, such a Earthquake or Infernal Blow! Buy a high damage 2H weapon for 1-2c and smash everything with Sunder and Leap Slam. Instead of taking any shield related notes I recommend taking nearby 2H phys damage or life nodes instead and respec these at level 70, when you can use all of your future gear. Level 70 is when you can start playing with Dominating Blow.

With the following Guides and Video tutorials from these great streamers, who provided me with many great ideas and laughs over the years, you can not go wrong in leveling this build. Thanks and shouts to LiftingNerd, ItsYoji and the man Bockwurst for the inspiration!





• Normal -> Help Oak for 40+ life
• Cruel -> Help Oak for 16% phys damage or kill all for +1 point
• Merciless -> Help Kraityn for +1 to max Frenzy Charges



I am currently level 80 with this build and doing well in maps up to T13. This build can do almost all mods, also hard ones like phys and ele reflect, no regen and minus res. It can not do Blood Magic and Temp Chains is a complete pain in the butt.

T13+ is already viable at level 80, but I need another 5-10 levels to farm it efficiently. In T13+ I might switch Poison out for Increased Duration, to have more minions in boss fights (Excavation bosses took me quite long to kill without any minions).

But have a look yourself :)

Full 2.2.2 Video Build Guide

Tier 10 Volcano w/ beyond

Tier 11 Academy w/ phys reflect

Tier 12 Shipyard w/ phys reflect

Tier 13 Excavation w/ ele reflect

I will add a full commented build guide once 2.3 is out, as it is only 4 weeks from now.

This build is still a 'work in progress' as Im only level 80. If you got ideas on gearing, skilling or playstyle, I would be very interested to hear them! Thanks for checking my build and feel free to ask questions :)

Have fun!
IGN @WirSchaffenDas_
IGN @WirSchaffenDas_
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What about running Dual Curse and picking up Curse effect? You could run Vulnerability to further up the damage of you and your summons?
builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1663570/
What about running Dual Curse and picking up Curse effect? You could run Vulnerability to further up the damage of you and your summons?

Good point, I actually used that in Standard and also searched for a fitting +1 curses amulet in PSC, but didn't find anything. Both Kaom's Sign and Windscream take away two very important gear slots and speccing into +1 curse via passives costs either life or damage. So it's difficult but maybe I can find a +1 amulet soon.
IGN @WirSchaffenDas_
Pretty Interesting, i'de do it if I had my Double Legacy BoR!
One of the most fun builds I've ever played before was a dom blow character, so i'm looking forward to making this, i just don't see myself getting an aegis during the 2 week race so it will have to wait till after it finishes.
Heya buddy, i love the concept!

Im playing on Prophecy HC atm, and i have a few questions.

You think its possible to run this build as a champion? Instead using Axe nodes, go for sword nodes and use the new Scaeva Sword+Shield with a Tabula Rasa? This would give us more 46% Global Defenses, and has a champion i would have full time Fortify for myself and my minions and bonus damange to 'em too.

Maybe i could reach max block using The Anvil+High Block Shield+Block Nodes?

Thanks and congratz this is an awesome build!
play this in hc why not hypothermia instead of poison and punishment instead or warlords much more effective
https://poe-ssf.herokuapp.com/. Join the fun.
SSF HC Legacy Witch Lvl 53
So, I'm enjoying the build. Definitely more fun than when I used dom blow way back when I started. However I just spent like 30 minutes mulling over passives, and researching block chance. I don't see how you're maxing block at 75%.

I've followed ur exact tree, and using same shield, I'm at 60%.

How are u getting MAXBLOCK?
Anybody out there?...
Yes? Hello can you hear me now?

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