1.350 million dps tooltip [2.3] The Dashing Duelist: ~ DW Crit Sword Build - Lacerate / Dual Strike

Prophecy changes!

2.3 Notes

Duelist: Still the best way to start the build for a newer player or someone wanting lots of extra neato effects like bleed, poison, maim, etc. Outmatch and Outlast on the Gladiator tree is even better, providing extra damage and reduced damage taken at max charges, which are easy to keep up with either Cleave or LACERATE!!!, and bleeds are even easier to stack on. Painforged will be your 7th and 8th points, but I don't think the 40% will be consistent, as you will get hit. More testing required. Champion is better than before, because now you can get both First to Strike AND Inspirational, as well as getting Fortitude. Great new option for those wanting a tankier build.

Marauder: Will be my choice this league. With the changes to Pain Reaver and Cloaked in Savagery (CiS went from 20/20 inc damage/speed to 50/25), and being able to get Aspect of Carnage also, the damage is insane, and the mechanics of Cloaked in Savagery will be fun as hell. This will be squishier of course, but you can leech back up very quickly and maintain huge damage bonuses. Too much fun not to try.

Shadow: Call me crazy, but with the Noxious Strike and Toxic Delivery buff, there is now substantial damage to be gained here, and will be much more interesting than Assassinate. Deadly Infusion takes priority, but now you can take either Assassinate or Toxic Delivery for your 5-8 points. 20% extra chaos damage is huge, and the double damage on poison and bleed crits is pretty big too, and the dot stacking mechanics is much more interesting and more versatile than Assassinate.

The build still kicks ass in both PvE and PvP, but now it is even more versatile and more powerful than ever before.

This build is mobile as hell, hits hard and fast, and gets away faster. Uses swords, the most versatile weapon in the game. Great for PvP and PvE with minor changes. Swords are still the best weapon in the game. I tried a dagger Reave build last league and got bored very quickly, and now with 2.2, daggers got shit on anyway. Crit is still very very strong. Dual Wielding is still more effective and more fun than shields. Abyssus is still my main helm in PvP, and Rat's Nest is still best for PvE. Maligaro's Virtuosity are still my gloves of choice, though Shadow's and Dust is also an equal choice. Atziri's Step is still the best pair of boots if you can get resists elsewhere. The build still hits hard as shit, clears very fast and makes most other builds seem like NPC's with their slow robotic movements.

2.2 Notes

I no longer have any desire to go all the way out to the Marauder crit cluster to Disembowling. This has always been the weak part of the build and was there to fill my need for MOAR CRIT CHANCE despite my better judgment. We eliminate those points and will have more dps and toughness elsewhere. The crit chance is more than made up by the new and improved Increased Critical Strikes gem, which grants 108% increased crit chance at level 20 with 20 quality AND grants 1.9% LOCAL CRIT to your skill, which is goddamn amazing. I love this gem so much.

Ascendancy subclasses:
Ascendancy Classes!

This is where it gets REALLY interesting. This build is viable with Duelist, Shadow, Marauder, and Ranger, and my preference goes in that order.

For all classes except Duelist, use Reave instead of Cleave for PvE.

Ranger will have near perma-onslaught and even more powerful frenzy charges as the Raider, as well as one extra frenzy charge.

Marauder Berserker will have 40% MORE damage, which is more straight damage than any other class, but will take 10% more damage also, so it will be more ouch to an already squishy build. The 25% inc attack speed when hit is also very cool. You could also go for Cloaked in Savagery for the inc damage and attack speed AND 100% life leech when hit for 20% of your health or more, very cool mechanic also.

Shadow Assassin will have incredibly powerful power charges, granting local crit to each charge. I would suggst going for Toxic Delivery here instead of Ambush, because with full charges, you will be crit capped and the guaranteed crit on targets on full health will be redundant. You may not even want the crit chance gem anymore. Also, with your golem and other sources of damage, the chance your main attack will be the first thing to hit is pretty minimal, so the Ambush node will be rarely used to full effect. Assassin will have awesome dps in PvE, but it requires you to keep power charges maxed. I suggest getting the power charge from Alira and getting the power charge on the tree, then, if you can crit cap without the charge on the tree, drop it for Brutal Blade or nodes of your choice. I leveled and Assassin to 61, then decided it was less interesting than Gladiator, which I was leveling at the same time.

My choice for this league, because I think it has the most fun mechanics and for its strength in PvP, is the Gladiator Duelist. With this class, you will use Cleave.

The Outmatch and Outlast node grants frenzy charges on kill with main hand, and endurance charges on kill with offhand. With some testing, I was able to determine that both Cleave and Dual Strike will grant BOTH as the attack hits with both weapoons at once. The 25% rolls are separate, so you may get one, the other, neither, or both at once, but regardless, you can Cleave all day and will keep frenzy and endurance charges up. Reave, if used classically with a statstick offhand like Death's Hand, will only either grant frenzy or endurance charges, depending on what hand your sword is in. If you use 2 swords, your attack will always alternate, so while you will get either a frenzy or endurance charge on kill, you will never get both at once, which will lead to endurance charges dropping off, as the 25% will be half as effective. I still use Blood Rage, as the increased attack speed and the life leech is still very good, and using it gets me to 50% total frenzy charge generation, getting me to my max frenzy charges, which is currently 7, in only one or two packs when mapping.

The other nodes I love in this tree are the Gratuitous Violence and Blood in the Eyes nodes. Together, these grant 25% chance to bleed, 60% increased damage against bleeding enemies, 6% reduced damage taken from bleeding enemies, 30% chance to maim bleeding enemies, and when they die they fucking EXPLODE, as if they were hit with Infernal Blow, dealing 10% of their life to nearby enemies. There is nothing like watching a bleeding mob run into a nearby pack, die and blow up that pack. Just hiliarious. Bleed chance is VERY powerful (against mobs you're not one shotting), the bleed always deals 10% of the highest damage hit every second for 5 seconds total. When moving, the 10% is increased to 60%. That is a shit ton of extra damage. I did consider running a knockback gem, as the knockback counts as movement for the 60%, but it is not quite worth the link. Currently, I am running Heavy Strike in PvP for the 100% knockback chance and higher base damage. In PvE, mobs like to run around anyway, and if you have an archer or anyone else with knockback, you will make a very good team. Lastly, I fell in love with the Dirty Techniques cluster, which grants a total of increased bleed damage, increases duration from 5 to 5.5 seconds, increased bleed chance of 8%, and also grants 25% chance to poison on hit. 60% of that 85% is straight dot damage, which will benefit the poison damage. Now, not only do you have 33% chance to bleed, but 25% chance to poison once they're bleeding, and poison stacks. With 10 attack per second, give or take, you will bleed and poison everything basically immediately, dealing lots and lots of dot damage.


With that out of the way, let's talk about:
The Build

This build is designed for the Gladiator Duelist. For the others, instead of the Dirty Techniques cluster you will swap these for Brutal Blade or the shadow power charge or w/e you want.

We grab every power charge on the tree, some yummy Marauder and Scion life, Acrobatics, and some neato Shadow crit chance. Once you're sick of leveling and want to focus on PvP, or just don't think those 6 skill points required for those 3 frenzy charges on the tree are worth it anymore, feel free to place those 6 points elsewhere. If you solely want to PvP at 90+, you should also drop the endurance charge on the tree for Eagle Eye.

This is made a level 95 character still mapping with 7 frenzy charges and 4 endurance charges:

Level 95 Crit Sword PvE Build

For PvP at 95 without any tree charges:

Level 95 Crit Sword PvP Build

Next, we have the gear and links required to make the build shine:
Gear and Links

A rare chest with as much life and resists as possible is the easiest choice. If you can make a Lightning Coil or Belly of the Beast work with your resists, then go for it.

Your attack of choice is linked here. For Reave, simply make that red socket a green one. For endgame PvP, you need a total of 3 green sockets, to allow for the Block(and dodge) Chance Reduction gem.

The links go in order of importance:
Cleave/Reave/Dual Strike - Melee Damage - Multistrike - Faster Attacks - Increased Critical Strike Chance - Added Fire Damage/Reduce Enemy Block Chance Reduction

Swords are still the best. High crit chance and high multiplier are the best stats to look for, beyond just physical dps. Look for at least 7% local crit chance, 8% would be best. My favorite base is the Harpy Rapier, for the phenomenal 50% implicit crit multi.

This is where I stick my Hatred aura, Ice Golem, and Acestral Protector. These can go anywhere. Ancestral Protector is also new to this patch, and works as a decoy as well as extra damage on tough targets.

Lightning Strike is in the other sword. Lightning Strike is essential for the playstyle, granting you a very wide, very fast ranged attack. It gets much use in both PvP and PvE. It is your life saver against physical reflect mobs and packs you don't want to charge into to attack.

Rat's Nest in PvE is still the best helm of course, but Starkonja's Head is also a great choice, and it has the added benefit of 90+ life and costs maybe 2 chaos. Rat's nest has better all around stats though, so pick one up when you can find one for cheap. Mine was 42 chaos in Perandus SC.

This is also where I stick Blasphemy-Assassin's Mark for power charge generation. Assassin's Mark also grants increased crit chance and multi, and life and mana on kill, making it the best choice. Vulnerability is also viable, for the increased physical damage and the increased damage over time for our bleeds and poison, but Assassin's Mark is overall more beneficial.

Abyssus is my helm for PvP, as the dps gain outweighs the toughness loss, so you can hit hard and gtfo.

Maligaro's Virtuosity is still my glove item. Shadows and Dust is a very fun and viable alternative but is very expensive. It will not grant as much dps, but the mana leech saves you from having to get it on your jewelry, and the rampage tiers are fun as well.

Whirling BLades - Flicker Strike - Blood Magic - Fortify is placed here. A lot of people went Champion this league, and it is a solid but boring choice. I keep Fortify up nearly indefinitely with these two attacks, which kills the whole appeal of Champion having perma-Fortify in my opinion. Blood Magic here is required to whirl around the map fast as hell and never have to worry about stopping.

For Boots, get life and resists, don't worry about move speed, Whirling Blades is fast enough. If you can, get lots of strength too, more health and phys damage is always great.

On Standard, I was able to make use of Atziri's Step. These are the boots of choice if you can get your resists elsewhere.

Immortal Call is housed here and should be linked with Increased Duration and Cast When Damage Taken. My sockets are a bit disorganized right now :/ I like to keep CWDT at 62 for a high life threshold. With Cleave granting us Endurance Charges, your IC will be over a second, which is plenty for me to gtfo of danger... usually.

Throw Leap Slam somewhere in there. It doesn't need to be on BM, but it is essential for situational mobility.

For the belt, get a good rustic sash with life and resists, and inc ele damage if possible. Strength is always welcome too.

For rings, the priority is to fill your resists. Extra life, phys damage, multiplier, or attack speed is great as well, in that general order.

And lastly, the amulet should NOT be used for life or resists, if it has some, fine, but this is to fill your massive intelligence requirements, and for dps, specifically large amounts of accuracy, multiplier and/or added x-x phys damage.

My PSC ammy is kinda shitty right now, so I will also link my legacy ammy on standard:

And of course:
The Bandits

Oak for life.

Oak for phys OR Kraityn for attack speed. This league I chose Kraityn, as I will be prioritizing crit multiplier over attack speed on my weapon, so attack speed will take a hit.

Kraityn for frenzy charge, unless you're going Assassin, then take the power charge from Alira.

And some silly pics:

First of all, I want to applaud GGG for gradually taking us away from tooltip dps being so relevant. It was never ever accurate, but it remained a focal point for builds and characters. Now, there are so many great mechanics in this game that influences your character's effectiveness. For this build, you will run Assassin's Mark on Blasphemy which will grant extra crit chance and crit damage. You will also be bleeding and poisoning everything, which will be a very large portion of total damage, and you will deal 60% increased damage to anything currently bleeding, which should be near 100% uptime.

Regardless, the guide feels empty without these. These are tooltips for Cleave at level 89 in PSC.

Cleave DPS in town

With Hatred and Ice Golem

With Hatred, Ice Golem, 7 frenzy charges and 3 power charges (typical dps in map)

Same as above, with flasks popped (Atziri's and Silver) and Ancestral Protector

With Abyssus, just for shits :)


Without endurance charges up

With 3 endurance charges up

And finally, some goddamn

Rare Necropolis Map

Atziri Kill (1st attempt in PSC, not the most organized video :/ )

Merc Izaro for shits
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ill duel you

ign: shmear

level 78 blender
DutchRudder wrote:
ill duel you

ign: shmear

level 78 blender

Sweet, I will try to catch you tomorrow.

Went undefeated today and hit 72 and 50k dps on DS, updated gear.
Mas bumpers.
Nicely done mate!Build looks fun and awasome.Keep up!
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/417287 - Poutsos Flicker Nuke Shadow
Poutsos wrote:
Nicely done mate!Build looks fun and awasome.Keep up!

First real comment, yay!
i really like this!!
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The only thing i dont know is why u dont use life leech

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