hey guys this is my first guide .
this is a dual wield melee phy dmg build with inclusion of righteous fire.
this build was created just to do righteous fire build using melee weapons without rise of the phoniex shield.NOT DPS INTENDED.this build is made just for fun/experiment purpose.

the core items for this build

1.dual wield-to maximize dmg since investing more points in regen nodes
-to increase the level of grace/hatred to maximise offense/defense
2.belly of beast-maximize life since investing more points in regen nodes
3.blood dance-the hero of this build

the difference between the other builds and this build is:
1.this build is different
2.in other build after achieving 100 points ppl invest in dps/life nodes.in this build we invest in regen nodes

this tree is for 6l belly plus alpha howl
passive tree
105 points


113 points (completed build)


the lightning coil combo(just an option )u get 104int from passives remaining get from items

106 points


111 points


to run purity u need 155 int thats why these int passives.

1.atleast u need 5l chest .no need belly/coil/alpha
2.200 dps weapon
3.dual doryani catlyst
passive tree
107 points


112 points


if u wanna use dual doryani catalyst replace axe/sword passive with mace passive near mara

gem links
boots-bloodmagic,faster attacks,whirlwind blade,frenzy
gloves -cwdt setup
head-reduced mana(lvl20),grace,hatred,purity of fire
weapon-righteous fire,increased aoe lvl6,increased burning dmg
-cwdt,warlord curse
chest-6l-dual strike,melee splash,multistrike,bloodmagic,lifeleech,melee phy dmg
-5l-molten strike,multistrike,bloodmagic,lifeleech,weapon ele dmg/melee phy dmg

bandit-help oak,oak,kraityn.

my gears lvel 79

offense -dual strike 15k+ at monster low life(35%) dps is 90k,rf-2840(no burn gem) at low life 11360.so at monsters low life we do 101360 dps
defense-40 dmg reduction,at 6 frenzy it can reach 50 dmg reduction
videos -sorry guys am playing in mobile so cant upload.other players if u try this build u can post it.

luxury items-corrupted plus frenzy,lvl 21purity of fire.
corruption is not needed .since this is re spec char a,d i dint help kraityn i bought this amy for 10c

this build can be done as duelist(dps),mara(life)},ranger(more armor),scion(plus 10 life)

this is not a simple right click build.its a thrilling build
if there is a discipline aura in ur party dont turn on righteous fire,u will become regen tank

these builds are mainly intended for players who want something fun from melee resolute builds

how this build works
to outregen the degen.we need 18%life regen if we dont use the phoniex shield and should have taken the max fire resist passive from mara tree

we get 12.5 from tree,6 frenzy charges.so we r getting free regen for .4%.

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