Duelist Builds List - 3.0 Archive

Here you'll find the 3.0 and some 2.6 Builds.

Other Melee Builds
Blade Flurry: [3.0] Bleed-Explo Blocker Gladiator Bladeflurry
Blade Flurry: [3.0][HC] Beginner Blade Flurry / Block / Leech / Bleed
Blade Flurry: [2.6] Sword&Shield Slayer Crit Flurry
Blade Flurry: [3.0] The Bringer of Leech - Blade Flurry League Starter
Blade Flurry: [3.0] Glad Vampire: Bleed Flurry Brutality (Fast + Lab + HotG + T16 + Shaper + Uber Atziri)
Blade Flurry: [3.0][Slayer] Dual-sword Crit Flurry - Endgame map cruiser (no bleed/chaos) (Guardian/Shaper/Uber)
Blade Flurry: [3.0] Gladiator Bloison Flurry - Explode Them All! - Low Budget Build for BF Lovers
Blade Flurry: [3.0] The Immortal Gladiator (Max block, 48k armor, 46% spell dodge, 6k+ life, 760k DPS)
Blade Flurry: [3.0] "Screw Magic" Pure Phys Max Block Explosive Bleed Blade Flurry Glad
Blade Flurry: [3.0] PANZER TANK Gladiator Max Block 78/78 Crit Varunastra Aegis 2 Curse, UberAtziri/Shaper/Chayula Dead.
Cleave: [3.0] Explosive Cleave Gladiator
Cleave: [2.6] Varunastra Cleave Slayer
Cleave: [3.0] - CLEAVER GLADIATOR -
Cleave: [3.0] A Simple Cleaver (Beginner friendly, SSF-viable, Much Explanation)
Cyclone: [3.0] Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone (Very Cheap. Easy Uber Lab Full Key Runs)
Cyclone: [2.6] Retaliation Gladiator
Cyclone: [3.0] Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone | FULL VIDEO BUILD GUIDE NOW UP! | 100% Pure Phys | All Content
Cyclone: [3.0]French Translation - Cyclone physical / bleeding
Cyclone: [3.0] League starter, Budget Slayer Cyclone for all contents
Cyclone: [3.0] Slayer for us plebs. Leaguestarter and Uber Lab farmer.
Double Strike: [3.0] DOUBLE STRIKE (T15 maps/LAB/Atziri)
Dual Strike: [2.6] More 250 000 DPS Dual strike Gladiator - t15 fast farmer
Dual Strike: [3.0] Dual Strike Gladiator - 6k+ life, VP / Maxblock / 1mln+ FLdps / With a plot twist!
Dual Strike: [3.0] Dual Strike Crit Slayer using Thrusting Swords
Earthquake: [2.6] Norse's Earthquake Slayer / Budget Viable / Guardian & Shaper Farmable
Earthquake: [2.6] 3xCurse - 60% quality each - Disfvaour BleedinquakePoisonSlayer
Earthquake: [3.0]The Lazy Gladiator (Hidden potential max block + bleed leaguestarter)
Earthquake: [3.0] Aegis bleeder Gladiator. Watch the world turn red.
Flickerstrike: [3.0] Crit Flicker Slayer, CI/Lifebased
Flickerstrike: [2.6] Rattle Retch - Flicker Slayer *1.6 mil DPS, no Crit, no Double Dips*
Flickerstrike: [3.0] Burn Baby Burn: Oro's Flicker + Self-proc Vaal Molten Shell Slayer
Flickerstrike: 3.0 | Lvl. 100 | Ramp up! Terminus Physical Flicker Strike! Perfect for Harbinger League!
Frost Blades: [3.0] Frosty Duelist - Dual Varunastra Frost Blades Champion
Generic: [3.0] Gladiator 1H+Aegis Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer +a BoR version
Generic: [3.0] Unstoppable Gladiator 78% Max Block/Spells
Generic: [3.0] Vision of the Divine - A Dual Wield Crit Dagger Gladiator Build - Various Skills possible
Generic: [3.0] Lightning Slayer General 2H (Any Skill/Charged Dash)
Glacial hammer: [3.0] Glacial Hammer Gladiator
Heavy Strike: [3.0] Tidebreaker Heavy Strike Stunner Build
Heavy Strike: [2.6] Kaulder’s Flaming Sword Build
Ice Crash: [2.6] Crit Facebreaker Ice Crash (up to 1millon deeps, freezes everything*)
Ice Crash: [3.0] Unwavering Gladiator, Ice Crash, SSF Friendly and End Game Viable.
Infernal Blow: [2.6] Infernal Blow - Great and cheap SSF league starter - t15 farmer
Lacerate: [2.6] Bloodrayne Gladiator - Lacerate Build
Lacerate: [2.6] Cospri's Forge Lacerate Slayer - Fast clearspeed - Farming Shaper, Guardians, Uber Atziri
Lacerate: [2.6] BoR Wings of Entropy block TANK (perfect Lab farmer)
Lacerate: [2.6] Into the Void, Slayer Viper Strike/Lacerate, Chaos Poison Ming Starforge.
Lacerate: [2.6] Gladiators prepare! For the lacerate of ages! (cheap)
Lacerate: [2.6] Starforge Lacerate - Becoming Master of the Universe (on a budget)
Lacerate: [3.0]Bugdet UberLabFarmer - Lacerate Slayer
Lacerate: [2.6]Kondo's Lacerate Slayer - Cheap, Effective, and Eclectic!
Lacerate: [2.6] MF Lacerate Slayer - IIR/IIQ (300+/25+)
Lacerate / generic 2H: [3.0] Demi's Bloison Leech 2H RT Slayer! FlyingPurplePeople
Lacerate: [3.0] Slayer DW edition - crit Lacerate/BF - Guardians/Shaper/Uber/Lab
Molten Strike: [2.6] Well-dressed Posh Duelist - probably the most useless build that works
Reave: [3.0] "The Overseer" || Reave/Summoner Gladiator || Focused on Speaker's Wreath + On-Kill Mechanics
Sunder: [2.6] TheFuFuu´s DoTiator SunderBomber (HC,cheap,Tanky,100k+ dmg and sexy AF ((detailed))
Sunder: [2.6/3.0] 3 AURA RT 220k DPS DUELIST SLAYER SUNDER! **Cheap/Beginner Friendly**
Sunder: [3.0]90% Elemental Conversion Sunder Slayer
Sunder: [3.0] Basic Block Bleed Sunder/EQ Gladiator
Sunder: [3.0] Bleed Sunder Gladiator [Max Block/Spell Block - Beginner Friendly]
Sunder: [3.0] 260k+ Sunder Gladiator (Budget friendly!)
Sunder: [3.0] MoM bleeding sunder Gladiator, 200k+, any map mod, T16, uberLab
Sunder: [3.0] The INVINCIBLE Sunder/Cleave Gladiator: Safe/Cheap (~10c), does all content, and fast mapping
Sunder: [3.0] SSF DW Sunder Bleed Slayer\Gladiator - From Hillock to Shaper on a Tabula
Sunder: [[3.0] League Starter WoE Sunder Slayer / U-Lab Speed Crusher / Mapper / High Damage Mitigation
Sweep: [2.6/3.0][HC] Exedy's Crit Sweep Champion with staff
Sweep: [3.0] SWEEP or DIE [cheap, beginner friendly, huge AOE, deathless Atziri >300k dps]
Wild Strike: [2.6] Wild Strike Gladiator

Explosive Arrow: [3.0] Explosive Arrow Slayer (Shaper-Capable)
Tornado Shot: [3.0]||| Retch - SLArcher ||| - Slayer Bow Archer
Tornado Shot: [3.0] Bleeding Split Arrow Gladiator (with Explosions) || Budget, Tanky, Insane Clear
Tornado Shot: [3.0] The Harbinger | Phys Tornado Shot

Blade Vortex: [3.0] welfare friendly 100% convert freezerburn BV champion
Blade Vortex: [3.0] Battlecookie's MaxBlock IW BV Gladiator [BeginnerFriendly, Cheap, UberLab, Shaper, Guardians]
Essence Drain: [3.0] 125k ED DoT champ (Uber, Shaper, HoG etc. viable)
Scorching Ray: [2.6]CI Champion Scorching ray Build
Derwish/Minions: [2.6] The Dancing Baron - The Baron/Tri elemental Dancing Dervish/Rampage/SRS Summoner
Dark Pact: [3.0] HC Dark Pact Slayer (8-9k Life, Under 100c, No Vaal Pact, Bisco Viable)
Derwish / Totems: [3.0] The Dancing Ancestral Fister - Doryani's Fist/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/Ancestral Totems (4)
Righteous Fire: [3.0] Leech-based RF+Obliteration Slayer <ExtremelyCheap> Guardians/Uber Lab/Shaper

Aura Bot: [2.6] Champbot: Champion Support
Aura Bot: [3.0] Support Champion Bard
Warchief Totems: [3.0] Lifting's Uber Lab Pure Phys Warchief Totems!

Cast while Channeling
Blade Flurry: [2.6] BEEFY'S ANIMATE WEAPON CHAMPION - "Wolf Pack" - Dual Scourge
Blade Flurry: [2.6] Toxic Aegis - CwC Chaos Flurry Gladiator

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