[2.6 ready] Bloodrayne Gladiator - Lacerate Build [Insane Clearspeed]

Hi, Reve here. I wanted to create an insane build which is capable of completing all the maps. I tested BV, EQ, totems, EK, CoC and many others and i still was not able to find any interest in any of those listed. In this league I am trying LACERATE! Check it out! :)


+ Very High Damage
+ Insane Clearspeed (!)
+ Capable of doing all map mods
+ Very High Attack Speed
+ Good Mobility
+ High Spell/Attack Block
+ Budget [~2,5ex for all items]
+ 20%/20lv Gems = Offscrean Clear = A Lots Of Fun :D
+ Very Safe
+ Auto Targetting


- Need Gem/Aura Modification To Run Ele/Phys Reflect and Blood Magic Mods (but it is still viable)
- Softcore Recommended

LEVELING GUIDE & TIPS - level by level

/notice: I'll add more tips in the future :)

START -> Level 1


/ACT 1:

* Hillock reward – get Cleave gem
- 8 level -> link Cleave + Added Fire Damage

Advice: Complete ‘Mercy Mission’ quest to get Quicksilver Flask – important! You have to do it before Ledge. If you roll ‘+extra charges’ or ‘+%movement speed’ to your qucksilver flask it will be nice.

Advice: Try to get ~70 dps 1h axe. If u got some currency u can buy double ‘The Screaming Eagle’ (req. lv 6) for few alts in poe.trade (additional movement speed in this axe can increase your progress).

* Brutus reward – get Leap Slam = more mobility
* Merveil reward – get Lacerate (only for level up this gem)

/ACT 2: [~11 level]

/ACT 3: [~21 level]

- 18 level -> link Cleave + Added Fire Damage + Faster Attack
- 18 level -> link Leap Slam + Faster Attack

/ACT 4: [~31 level]

Advice: If you get more money you can buy Lion’s Roar (req. lv 27) from poe.trade for ~20c. It’s a huge dps and defense boost. Additional knockback can save your life.

- 31 level -> buy Fortify -> link Leap Slam + Faster Attack + Fortify “Just jump to the enemies pack and get extra def and more dmg”


- 38 level -> buy Multistrike -> link Lacerate + Multistrike + Added Fire Damage + Increased AoE/Concentrated Effects (for bosses)


/ACT 1: [~39 level]

Advice: You earn level 39. It’s time to get ~130 dps axes.

/ACT2: [~42 level]

Advice: You got keystone ‘Iron Reflexes’. Try to equip Armor + Evasion items. Not only Arm or Eva.

/ACT3: [~46 level]

* after Gravicius kill – buy from Clarissa Ancestral Warchef (cost 1 Orb of Chance)

Advice: Now you can try to complete Normal Labyrinth. Map level – 33. Choose Gladiator + ‘Gratuitous Violence’ passive in ascendancy tree.

/ACT 4: [~52 level]


/ACT1: [~54 level]

/ACT2: [~57 level]

/ACT3: [~61 level]

/ACT 4: [~66 level]

* Just do 'An Indomitable Spirit' quest to get skill point and start mapping T1.

- 59 level -> you can equip Soul Taker – rolls in this item are not as important as you think

Advice: You can now reserve 100% mana (Hatred + Herald of Ash + Arctic Amor). But if you want to use golem/blood rage you should aquire 3L -> Blood Rage + Flame Golem + Blood Magic, because you have 0 mana.

- 65 level -> buy Jack, the Axe – rolls in this item are not as important as you think

Advice: Remember to get Resolute Technique keystone before.

- 67 level -> buy Bringer of Rain (minimum +150 HP roll)

Advice: BoR has supported gems inside: MPD, FA, Blind. Add to your BoR 4L -> Lacerate + Added Fire Damage + Multistrike + Inc AoE/Conc Effects. Blind are awesome with face-tanking bosses.

/Mapping [~63 level]

If you got low HP:

-> get ‘+7% max life’ in jews,
-> minimum +150 HP in your BoR,
-> remember about leap slam to get fortify buff,
-> lion’s roar + basalt flask || double lion’s roar || lion’s roar + taste of hate
-> try to get more hp from your items (~+70 hp on all items will be nice)

If you got low DPS:

-> '+% attack speed' on gloves
-> check your gem level (minimum 17lv)





In first Lab you choose Gladiator class with keystone:
Normal - Gratuitos Violence
Cruel - Outmatch and Outlast
Mercilles - Painforged
Uber - Versatile Combatant


Hatred - %Phys as Extra Cold DMG

Herald Of Ash - %Phys as Extra Fire DMG + Overkill DMG

Arctic Armour - More %Phys/Fire DEF + Additional Freez

Flame Golem - %increased DMG

Blood Rage - Genrate Frenzy Charge + More %Attack Speed

CWDT -> Immortal Call - Survival Immunity

CWDT -> Enfeeble - Surival Curse

Ancestral Warchief - (Boss Fight) +20k DPS, +%Melee Phys DMG When Totem is Activated

Fortify - +%Melee DMG, +DEF


Normal (help Oak) +HP
Cruel (help Krait) +%Attack Speed || OR || (help Oak) %Physical Damage for more explosive DMG
Merc (help Krait) +1 Frenzy Charge


*ad) You don't use Body Armour becouse of your helmet [Bringer of Rain]


*ad2) Replacement for Jack, the Axe is higher dps rare axe with Vagan lvl 7 Mod - cause bleeding on hit - crafting cost 2x divine orb

*ad3)I'm using 2xRoar flask, ToH is not required



Lacerate Setup (Bringer Of Rain)
Added Fire Damage
Increased Area of Effect

CWDT Setup

Mobility Setup
Faster Attacks
Leap Slam

Aura Setup
Arctic Armour
Herald of Ash

Buff Setup
Vaal Haste
Blood Magic
Blood Rage

Summon Flame Golem
Blood Magic



113/125 Completed [No boost, only self exploration]

Easy Colosseum Double Boss Kill!

Sorry about video quality ;(
Map level: 80
My level: 90


Gorge T13 mods:

+ Area has patches of burning ground
+ Area has inhibited by 2 additional rogue exiles
+ Player are cursed with enfeeble
+ Player are cursed with Elemental Weakness
+ Player have 60% less recovery of life, mana and energy shield
+ 80% minions lightning resistance


Map level: 80
My level: 90

Rigwald are one of the most powerfull bosses in Path Of Exile.

Lair T13 mods (Boss Fight):

+ 40% monster physical damage reduction
- 16% maximum player resistance
+ Player are cursed with vulnerability
+ Monster poison on hit







How to do:

Blood Magic: Remove your Hatred, Herald of Ash and Arctic Armour. Your dps will be lower, but you can do it without any problems.

Elemental Reflect - Ye, it hurts too. Not as hard as physical reflect, but this mod can kill you easly. Just remove Hatred, Herald of Ash, and remove gem: Added Fire Damage. Lower dps but you can do this mod without any problems.



Q: Are there any options if u dont want to go BoR?
A: I though about Abyssus + Chest of choice (Belly/LC/Carcas ect)

Q: Is it uber atziri/shaper viable?
A: It's very cheap build. When i created this build i tried to do character who can clear map T1-T15 as fast as possible. I earn ~30ex by fast clearing map so i can do any other build right now who can clear all bosses easly. I did't do Shaper yet, but uber atziri can die fast if you know tactics. Be careful on 4-Atziri part, just try to avoid mirror atziri.

Q: Where did you get enough INT?
A: If you don't get it from items, just take +30 int passives. You can get it from jewels -> items -> passives. Example tree with INT: Passive tree with INT nodes

Q: I just wonder how do you get to 42% block chance ?
A: I thought that it was additional flask effect.

Q: Help Krait on cruel for %phy dmg. but krait on cruel gives you attack speed and Oak gives you Phy dmg.? which one is the correct one?
A: My mistake. I helped Krait to increase my %att spd, but you can choose Oak for %phy dmg that gives you more explosion dmg. Do what you want.

Q: Your skill tree takes Blood Magic, but you use aura's utilizing 100 percent of your mana pool. How is this possible? Doesn't using blood magic with auras use your life pool instead?
A: There's no Blood Magic in my skill tree. I'm using Soul Taker to solve my mana. Need Blood Magic GEM for golem and Blood Rage only.

Q: Wouldnt passive Unvewaring Stance be usefull in this build since we have no eva already?
A: I'm trying to equip arm+eva items. It gives me more armor in end-game. +additional armor from flasks

Q: What about non legacy soul taker? Still good idea for the build?
A: I'm playing in Seasonal league. Doesn't matter what kind of Soul Taker you choose, you need flat phys + endless mana from this item :D

Q: Are there any alternatives to using multistrike?
A: There's no alternatives for MS. It gives you a lot of attack speed. You can play with Phys to Light / Added Chaos, but your build will be worst.

Q: Hey man I got instantly bopped by phase 3 Izaro in Uber Lab, any advice on soloing him with this build?
A: Look at Izaro mods. Sometimes he can 1-shot you if mods are strong. Try to equip Roar and knockback/blind (from BoR) him. I killed him solo ~75lv, but i choose easy mods.
@_Slabs_:: Hit and move, refresh Fortify on the skeles or just after a big attack. Avoid days with Fonts as those are a real bitch!

'Just know your enemy!' :D

Q: I've got better gear than you and don't have much DPS.
A: Important part of this build is Jewels(!!!!!), level your gems to 20 then increase quality of your gems, buy Roar or double Roar and Taste of Hate (if you got money). Remember about Fortify. Complete all Izaro to get ascendancy points. I get 160k dps with buffs. Flat ~50k dps.

Q: How can you have all 3 auras on and still cast abilities?
A: SOUL TAKER able you to cast melee skills without mana. Only Golem, Vaal Haste and Blood Rage are casted by Blood Magic Support.

Q: I wonder how can you get 9000+ armor by these gears?
A: Flasks:

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nice build, was looking for a good lacerate build after my last rip in EHC

question: how much block does ur build have ?
and since im playing in Hardcore league, would u suggest to take the spellblock ascendancy in merc lab and "Outmarch and outlast" in uber lab?

One last question: are there any options if u dont want to go BoR ?
i really love devoto's and its attackspeed increase seems nice for the build. Paired with a decent body armor ( coil maybe ? )it could be pretty good aswell.

Maybe u could add a video of uber izaro fight or a high map boss :)

Thanks for the build so far, will reroll right now!

btw: do u have any tips on lvling this character? i've read that lacerate isnt good early on
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Q: How much block does ur build have ?
A: I added defence stats, 42% attack and spell block right now.

Q: Since im playing in Hardcore league, would u suggest to take the spellblock ascendancy in merc lab and "Outmarch and outlast" in uber lab.
A: Ye, you should do this! Btw you have to look for more HP in items. I've got only ~5k hp in Essence Softcore, but i didn't look at hp in my gear.

Q: Are there any options if u dont want to go BoR ?
A: I though about Abyssus + Belly, but i did't test it yet.

I added few mins ago video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlPYO0kGRJA, but quality is really bad.

Leveling? Start with whatever. 28lv -> Earthquake and Ancestral Warchief. When you reach 38lv -> buy Multistrike + Lacerate. Best option is 4L: lacerate/added fire/multistrike/inc area or conc effect or added chaos or phys to lightning
which wear jewels ?
Hmm, not seeing your skill tree for some reason
Added Jewel setup and repair passive tree link :) GL mates
Hi, nice build.

I'll add it to the build list. And I suggest you'll add the [2.4] Tag in front of your Buildname for a better understanding.

█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
Thanks eviL_Bison for advice!

BTW. I'm not native english, so if u see some lang mistakes PM me please :) Thanks!
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Avargrist helped me with lang mistakes, thanks! :D

Tell me guys, what i should explain about this build?
Next part of my guide:

LEVELING GUIDE & TIPS - level by level


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