(Outdated) 3.0 Glad Vampire: Bleed Flurry Brutality

3.1 update: QotF nerf, but otherwise should be fine. Little and myself are both playing other things this league though so don't expect much in the way of updates.

(Note: This build guide is an active and ongoing collaboration between Little_MessPM and Bladewing_M; LMPM is natively a Russian language speaker so he asked me to create a guide for his 100% original build. All credit for the build goes to him, and the guide is written from his POV.)

Greetings, and welcome to my guide! After theorycrafting and testing this build in the 3.0 beta to great success, I was shocked when the Fall of Oriath launch ended up making it even stronger. In the first week of Harbinger league I’ve used this build to farm lab, destroy all guardians, and kill the Shaper. Oh, and the clear speed is great too. Sound too good to be true? Bite me! ^^


+ Strong (great damage output)
+ Resilient (good survivability)
+ Fast (solid clearspeed)

- Doesn’t get much offensive boost from aurabot (Brutality)
- A few semi-expensive items, especially jewels (though I’m using this as my league-starter without too much trouble)
- Not immune to phys reflect (totem can handle it for single packs)

Nothing complicated. Use Whirling Blades to dart around the map and Blade Flurry to rapidly deliver tons of phys damage / bleed stacks.

Build Concept

When I saw the changes to bleed in the 3.0 beta, I made it my mission to push the mechanic to the breaking point. After testing a variety of different skills, Blade Flurry really stood out as a powerful delivery vehicle for blood-sucking shenanigans. The build’s massive attack speed synergizes extremely well with BF’s mechanics.

3.0 also brought along massive buffs to evasion, which I wanted to abuse both offensively and defensively. Dual-wielding Dreamfeather Eternal Swords while rocking Queen of the Forest is just insane right now (please don’t nerf me!).

While evasion is great, POE’s all about defensive layers. In addition to crazy high eva, this build gets decent block chance, ~6k life, and fantastic leech. About the only things I die to are the occasional 1-shot from Shaper / heavily buffed guardians if I’m playing sloppy, but that’s the case for nearly any build these days.

The Build


Example HSC gear:

For jewels, you want Maximum Life + Physical Damage + Damage. 4th prop is gravy, but you really want those 3 specifically. Reason-being, *other damage mods can scale up BF or bleed but not both!* Unfortunately these jewels are EX+ at the moment, but they help the damage output substantially.

Gem Links:
1) Blade Flurry > Faster Attacks > Brutality > Melee Physical Damage > Chance to Bleed > Increased Area of Effect (Concentrated Effect for bosses)
2) Whirling Blades > Faster Attaks > Blood magic > Fortify
3) Grace > Blasphemy > Vulnerability
4) Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Vaal Haste > Increased Duration
5) Summon Fire Golem (Stone is fine too) > Minion life > CWDT (I’m lazy)
6) Blood Rage > Enduring Cry > Ancestral Protector

Gladiator of course!

Gratuitous Violence > Blood in the Eyes > Outmatch and Outlast > Painforged

Krait, Eramir, and Oak are all solid choices. PoB seems to indicate that Oak is slightly better for this particular build, oddly enough.

Arakaali + Tukohama

Skill Trees:

Q: What support gem do I drop if I can only get a 5L QotF?
A: The blue one. While IncAOE is awesome for clear/qol and ConcEffect is amazing for bosses,
the other supports are far more crucial overall.

Q: How do I sustain mana?
A: Once you're leveled and have a little DPS, the single "Life and Mana Leech" node pathing to Vitality Void is more than enough. Until then, you can either use a mana potion, snag a Thief's Torment prismatic ring (my personal leveling choice for most attack-based characters), or grab some extra mana leech on the tree (not recommended as it requires needless regret-usage later). Also don't forget that Whirling Blades doesn't cost any mana once it's linked to Blood Magic but still procs your mana leech, so worst-case just whirl into a pack for some free mana.

Q: Is this build HC-viable?
A: Yes, but keep in mind that this build was created/tested in SC; this isn't intended to be some sort of afk HC Shaper farmer. If you want to try this in HC, I would recommend modifying your priorities towards additional defense (should be common sense for HC players, but I get this question a lot).

Q: Wait, doesn't that mean the build posted here is super rippy?
A: ... No.

Q: Can this build do (insert content)?
A: Check the 'Videos' section at the top.

Q: Help!!! I have more questions!!!?
A: First, check to see if the question's already been answered in the thread; odds are it has. If not, post you questions here in the thread so others can benefit from the answers as well. I've tried to respond to everyone who's pmed me here or whispered me in-game, but the frequency and volume of requests has gotten past the point where I can reasonably get back to everyone and still have time to actually play. ;)

(See next post for leveling guide!)

Feel free to ask any questions about the build or make recommendations for the guide! Please keep all questions in this forum thread so everyone else can see them too.

Happy hunting, exiles!
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This build be like:

Omae wa mou shindeiru!

While I leveled this build as my league-starter and didn't use anything but random rares until 60+, just about any of the lower level unique swords will work just fine. I generally prefer leveling as a bit of a glass cannon, so if you're playing HC feel free to go a more defensive route.

lvl 1 to 28

At lvl 16 start to use

At lvl 18 change Onslaught to
; if you have 5l or tabula use

and level
in off hand!

At lvl 24 take

I recommend using Haste instead of HoA, at least until lvl 59 (u can start to use QotF from 59 and change Haste to Grace). Level Grace in off hand, and use Vuln manualy to curse fat targets.

lvl 28-66
Start to use dual


with same setup.

At lvl 31 turn on you

At lvl 34 use

At lvl 38 switch Added Fire to

If you have a Tabula or 6l use

Otherwise, off-hand it and lvl till you get your 6L.
Do normal lab at lvl 38
Do cruel lab at lvl 55
Do merc lab 70+ fully geared up

Current setup should carry you to 66 and your Dreamfeathers.

Lvling trees -

First step:
Go to leech first!

Second step:
Go to Marauder start for some survivability.

Third step:
Swing over to Templar for life/SOE, and try snagging a bit of the Scion wheel.

Fourth step:
Respec mana flows to dps nodes, and start to grab some more DPS. At this point it's pretty flexible though.

Last step:
Take "Crimson Dance" "Presicion" and all jewel slots. First of all get Templar jewel int slot, it will allow you to lvl up you Vulnerability to 20 (if u have int ring)

There are plenty of useful uniques that can help along the way depending on your budget, playstyle, and risk-management profile.

Of course, feel free to modify as needed and take more life/dps depending on what you prefer. Don't forget to update your gear/flasks/gems as you go along.

Some of them:

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All guardian videos up! ^^
Going to try this one out. I like blade flurry. RIP'd on my Elemental BF Raider on A10 Kitiva earlier.
What would be the absolute gg gear for this build? Or is that not needed? Just wondering because I already have enough currency for this gear, wanted to know where to or what to do for upgrades compared to what you have now.
I'm assuming you help Kraitlyn out?
this looks great, can't wait to try it out.
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Dood, pls give Path of building Pastebin link

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