[ 2.6 ] TheFuFuu´s DoTiator SunderBomber ( HC,cheap,Tanky,100k+++dmg and sexy AF ((detailed) )

Welcome to my tiny guide on a recent character I've created, enjoy your stay.
This build and especially this character is far from being finished, but at its current state its more then viable and it has a good stand as where it is now.

I'm inviting every one on a discussion for criticism.
This is my second build, but my first im actually putting work in. I hope you enjoy it and maybe even try it out. At the moment this build is somewhere in between the "meta" and somewhat in between what we actually call "ethical" because it uses some double dipping, but in my opinion in a reasonable way. As for myself, I always try to stay away from the "meta" and try to find my own way! (but sometimes, it just goes down the same shithole everything else does)
You can see this build live in action on my channel, I'm streaming after work and currently at lvl 90 in HC join the FUmily !!!! www.twitch.tv/thefufuu

So lets get started :***

(one last thing, i know you guys dont want to hear it but this character was completly created in HC so its potential is way higher in SC ,i just wanted to mention it, so understand some of my choices :**)

Pros and Cons

-somewhat 1 Hits
-medium -> fast clearspeed
-7-8k life,up to 20k def ,51% spell/block chance
-100k+++ dmg + hiden dmg with poison bleed and witchbrew with will result in about 140k+ dmg
-several ways to realize that build
-was build and suited for HC but can be way more effective in SC
-bleed explosions are LOVE

-building up dmg needs some currency
-"laggy" gameplay -> mean sundering and shieldcharge need practice to look like a motion
-pricey jewels
-missing some gem slots
-needs balance in killspeed , otherwise the dmg drops
-for max dmg output flasks and charges are mandatory

"Current Gear" gear with witch i ripped ...


Leveling up the Freak

I've lvld this character on a 4 link because even though I've managed several characters to over 85+ on hc im still a chicken, so i never use a Tabula rasa. On the other hand it makes it cheaper ( more or less )
With this setup you can easily climb up to 60+ on a budget friendly setup and its somewhat faster then a lot of other builds

4link: Shield Charge --> Melee Phys -->Faster Attacks -->Added Fire Dmg

second 4 link ( your boss killer )

4link: Ancestral Warchief --> Melee Phys --> Faster Attacks --> Added Fire Dmg

In my case, I've used 1 4 link and switched shield charge for warchief at bossfights.
The downside of the 4 link setup is the dependence of some items even though they are all very cheap

Good Ol...
anything from 620%+ is fine for lvling

old but gold and just what we need in case of offense and defense

for armour we take
+ Iron Reflexes, with the newly added stat of giving us "free evasion or armour with IR this things turns into a monster, and the movement speed is highly welcome.

For shield we have 2 options
this gives us a free Resolute technique , but it falls down later due to low def and the fact that accuracy isn't needed in the beginning anyway.

the second option which got newly improved and flares insanely with our new start is this bad boy
it gives us nice armor, nice life and reduced warcry cooldown .... this leads us to our new star of any facebreaker lvling

the newly improved and insanely strong
its like chris said ... guys you know the Bringer of rain ... I want something just like it, but for lvling and it should be somewhat evenly broke ... long story short .. DMG STATS DEF and the added warcy buff makes this the topnotch ... FOR A LONG TIME espescially with the improved redblade shield its synergy extremly well and gives us a perma move atk speed buff and healing from enduring cry ... all in all its just orgasmic good as how it is now.

Last thing for jewelry- we try to look out for flat physical dmg, life and resistances, we can compromise some resistances with our tree, but still we need more to achieve near capping at a3 merc

This what I "achieved" with these items. It's nothing too fancy and had the downside of me getting
dimishing returns in dried lake due to underlvling ... but hey it was fast (even though a lot of you can do it faster)

( open the pic in a new tab )

Skill tree in its beauty

Starting (some dmg, some life and mana leech to make some free flask slots, basic starting )

then (more life our dmg hits sky high with the deidbellow helmet now we collect life and resistances)

near 60+ (we add the damage over time wheel and grab the axe nodes down there, from now we focus on life and let our charges do the work. I would recommend to grab ascendancy at normal for free frency charges and some more modifiers and get the bleed explosion before the def nodes to get rolling)

Bandits are straight forward
+life , + atk speed + frenzy charge

This is a very solid tree. It has way over 200% life and is in a good balance with dmg and def as i can say for myself and for my playstyle in HC
in SC i would recommend something like this (but not tried just simple theory crafting)

Lets start this game ... dried lake and after

As fast as we reach lvl 65/67 which allows us to use

this build is starting, so we can now focus on what we are about to do, and this is:

killing stuff with SUNDER and max 2 hits and watch our DoTs do the rest. All of this to see our enemys burst into a gory blood fountain of loot and xp .... PURE LOVE
Jack the axe is the unbeaten star of this show. It's cheap, it gives us lifeleech, even though its a slow one , it gives us perma bleed and all in all it gives us bleed. As from now on, it's our only and best friend 'cause you know ,,,,,,,, THIS SHIT IS TALKING TO US when it kills stuff - no joke .. the weapon is talking ...( THANKS CHRIS )

We more or less follow the base setup of most melee builds in regards of gems and auras with the addition that we use DoTs and the bleed explosion ( of the Gladiator Ascendency ) as a main attribute

we use following setup´s:

5/6 link: sunder -- MelePhys -- Faster Atks --- Added Fire --- Poison ---(6 Concentrated effect )

due to recent 2.6 changes in aoe inc aoe isn't mandatory anymore and pack sizes will rarely extend to the size of what we can hit with the secondary effect of sunder. The other thing is to use poison or coc as your 5 link. For me, it felt like poison is the better choice 'cause in dried lake i just could hit the pack 1 time and be sure that bleed poison and ignite does the rest. On the other hand coc buffs our dmg insanely and we still got a 25 chance to cause poison on bleeding enemys which are all enemies, and due to jack its complety open to you...

All we need now is 1 4 link for our Warchief 2 3 links for shield charge and 4 socs for auras and utility, ergo:

4link: Warchief : MeleePhys -- Concentrated effect -- Poison/ Added Fire ( personal choice )

3link-shield charge -- faster Atks -- fortify ( our movement skill )

3link- cast when damage taken ( lvl 7-9) -- tempest shield -- fire golem ( the shield for 3% block and the fire golem for double dipping poison and bleed )

last 4 socs are hatred -- herald of ash -- blood rage -- enduring cry (our auras herald of ash is our igniter and our last DoT in this build. Hatred for pure dmg and blood rage and enduring cry to proc outmatch and outlast due to the fact that we dont have an offhand but still want that tasty 10% phys reduction and due to the fact that most of our enemys are killed with the explosion and not with our main weapon. Our frenzy charges aren't generated by it, so we need to use blood rage ... in the item discussion section blood rage will even give us a bigger increase due to its debuff characteristic...we are missing one armour slot, which we could use vaal haste, vaal light trap and inc dur on, but we also got freeze immunity and insane life with
... so we are fine here.

you know what grinds my GEAR ... yes, its the amount of gear we can use

What was first, the egg or the chicken? ... actually i dont give a ****, but i love/hate the amount of gear we can use, so lets get started:


the king of not being lonely vs his brother, a muscle freak who fucks the ladys ....

Jack vs a 320+ dps axe

Jack is cheap and provides us with everything we need. We can use it early and can even keep it until the end. In addition, we can try our luck and try to get culling on it which will cost us less than 200 chaos in total - if we are lucky.


a 320dps axe is providing us way higher bleeds and higher poison. There are 2 options we can realize this

- either we get a
this way we will still have enough bleed- or we just craft ourself a 320+ dps weapon with bleed .... yep its possible, but don't ask me about prices. 100 chaos are more like 10 chromas in this case, 'cause we need some insane crafting luck due to the fact that vagan bleed mod is a prefix, we HAVE to get high flat and high phys roll in the first place and yeah its rare .... very rare

as a conclusion ... jack gets the job done but a 320+ weapon with bleed will probably make us shaper viable


The 2 options we have here are:

The new pure dmg
this guy gives us 40% additional chaos damage and synergizes with our blood rage. YES SOMETHING SYNERGISEZ WITH BLOOD RAGE - DAFUQ, 'cause even though it gives us ES blood rage mitigates it and we can profit from the global defences buff which, in our case, gives us about 2k free armour ... yep, it's dope.

and his TANKMAN competitor

the new
pure tankiness .. end of story.

Whatever you get your hands on first, keep it! The broken faith is pure dmg, but the lionseye with a
bringer of the rain isn't any inferior to it. It depends on the question if you want to go more tank or more dmg.


Either, you go

its a solid piece of gear. It gives a free soc and lifts to have a 6linked item. On the other hand It takes us the possibility of going koams roots and we still lose some life and some quality of life here ... everything changes with the legacy version of it, and it messes up my head ... its not cheap.

a classic 6 link which overall provides us decent life and koams new freeze utility for example

Bringer somewhat goes hand in hand with lioneyes, but a 6link with broken faith is superior, even though the 6% block should'nt stay unrecognized.


my fav is and for ever will be
cheap to get easy free frenzy charge 150+ life and freeze immunity ... with the " little downside of 4 less gems, i lovely take them over anything else,BUT ...

should be mentioned as well. 600+ armour dodge, nice life, insane movement speed and also cheap, they are definitely a choice, too.

Both boots have it's pros and cons and both have utility up - and downsides.I decided on koams for the life and the "free" flask charge, but you could easily go atziri and be happy as well.

everything else :
helmet: just some high armour, high res + life
belt : phys, life, armour resistances - easy
jewelry: flat phys, life resistances and maybe stats if needed.

another point are the jewels :

and this is, where it gets expensive: (as always) priority:
6+ % increased life
+ % increased damage (for double dipping, poison and bleed)
+ % increased phys with axe/while shield or both

the jewels can get insanely expensive i recommand focusing on life and inc dmg and get the other rolls step by step. Otherwise you will get poorer then I am at the moment irl :D

Flasks :

there is something that i call the holy FLASKITY (Flask + Trinity). For this build, each of the flasks just gives you the buff you need. The flasks in this build are the MOST IMPORTANT dmg output and I recommend to get all 3 of them as fast as possible, even before a 6 link ... They buff each other and all 3 together ( price about 45+ c ) are just insane due to defence layers of smokescreen and armour, as well as the knockback which works perfectly with sunder due to it's unqiue mechanic of being a melee "shot" ...

Each of the flasks helps the other, and all 3 together make this build great (again) ... in the last point, I will add pictures of what these things do to your stats and how they affect you.

Hard stats in pictures to make your own conclusion:

In town dmg: 34k

Full dmg : 5 charges + 3 flasks + warchief dmg + flame golem + blood rage 105k


This is just the tooltip for the initial hit. It doesn't give us the effect of the witchbrew aura 'nor the true dmg of bleed and poison ... I can only guess, but I think we will hit way over 150k in total.

now to defences :

In town: 9k armour resi cap 40% block

In action : 3 endurance charges + 2 flasks + tempest and our 8% node, we hit: 20.5k def 74% phys mitigation and 51% block chance (remember, this is for a short period. If you are too slow, to keep your charges up, and this is on a lvl 90 charakter ...)

The stats speak for this build - I dont need to add anything else.

(open the pictures in a new tab for higher resolution)

This is a highly variable build. It has a lot of rights and only a few wrongs. You can change it just the way you want to.
I think sunder is in a great position now and it can keep up with EQ and Ice Crash just fine. For me, it feels like the strenght version of blade flurry. I love the way this build goes mapping and you can whitness it yourself on my channel (mentioned above) the gory blood fountains make me happy. It hits a very nice balance between def and off and allows you, to make mistakes, but punishes them, if you dont keep up concentration by taking the wind out of your sails and slowing down your clearspeed. I guess, it's a good league starter even though the lvling process will take way longer than with the above mentioned items.The dried lake + section is pretty cheap. I will try to hit 100 by the end of the league, but maybe I RIP, who knows. In softcore, this thingy can definitely shine even more and t14 one hits are definitely a thing there.

I'm thanking everyone who got this far. I hope you appreciate my work and enjoy the build.
With love,





Rip Gear : 4.4.17
Rip Vid : 4.4.17
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I'll read tomorrow again and give you some feedback. Right now this guide looks amazing :)

edit or Edith: (Do you get this? tell me)

I read the guide again, still solid.

But there is one thing that bugs me more than it should. A blockbuild without max block. I don't know why, but I personally would prefer a 75/75 or 78/78 (with Anvil) build.

Also the endgame tree looks, sort of strange. Do you need that much Mana Leech? or why do you choose this pathing? I am speaking here about the pathing to Iron Reflexes.

About the guide it self, it'll need a bit more formating, to get a better readability. Hiding everything in spoilers doesn't work out well. I would enlist your gear at the beginning for those who are curious (like me).

Other things, you'll need a bit of color and eye catchers. The Meme at the top is a good start tho.


Pro and Contra of the Build

+ cheap
+ tanky
+ somewhat 1 Hits
+ medium -> fast clearspeed
+ 7-8k life,up to 20k def ,51% spell/block chance
+ 100k+++ dmg + hiden dmg with poison bleed and witchbrew with will result in about 140k+ dmg
+ several ways to realize that build
+was build and suited for HC but can be way more effective in SC
+ bleed explosions are LOVE

- building up dmg needs some currency
- "laggy" gameplay -> mean sundering and shieldcharge need practice to look like a motion
- pricey jewels
- missing some gem slots
- needs balance in killspeed , otherwise the dmg drops
- for max dmg output flasks and charges are mandatory

This specific Style was dereived from this guide here

This is an example how it can look. Try to be creative.

Go a head and you're on you way to maintain a great guide!

btw I'll list it to my Buildlist.
█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
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How much life did you have before investing into a belly? I don't think I'd be able to afford a 6L belly.
thank you a lot bison für your reply, ive looked up the build you mentioned and yes its way more clean then what ive created ... my fault / my try was to create a construct for both players who just need the gear in small short spoilers and for new players who need way more information , i guess here i failed somehow , but i will try to improve ....

the block chance isnt capped for some reasons ... first its not a block build :D the block is a nice layer of defence ( onion principle in hc you always try to create more then one layer of def atleast i do ) so if i focus more on def i fill fall of in life 51 is a good "inbetweenish" , and 51 is more then enough to sustain the brolken faith buff

for the mana nodes ... due to the fact of me havin 75% mana reserved i end up with something like 172 mana due to low int . my sunder costs me 30 per atk and i want to be able to run reduced reg maps ( cause of the pack size multipler ) one hand i lose some dex on the other hand im more open to more map mods


thanks a lot for your response it makes me happier then it should to be in this list :D i will try to improve next time ( sry i will write more of these ) and maybe i will find time to overwork this one!!! THANK YOU



im hitting 7.2k with a medium life armour :) witch is still very good
I have a question about the Warchief. It's a 4-link that has Melee phys, faster attacks, and conc effect. Given that 100% of your attacks bleed, and you're only going to need the warchief on strong enemies that you're also attacking, wouldn't you get more damage replacing faster attacks with bloodlust? Stacking another more multiplier should do more DPS than increasing attack speed on a totem that should already be fairly fast(using jack), right?
conc melee POISION the third one is poision in this setup not faster attacks : ) , yep blodlust would be insane too but with the missing tooltip ... it just feels "less" good even though it isnt ...
What ascendancy nodes do I take for Merciless and Uber lab? I'm somewhat new to POE so it might not be as obvious to me. I see where you note to take "Outmatch and Outlast" for Normal lab, and then "Gratuitous Violence" for Cruel lab but then I can't find anything after that. If anyone could let me know which points to take in Merc and Uber Lab it would be greatly appreciated.
merc lab painforged
uber versatile combantant

i first went for dmg then for defence : )
Tried this build out and had a blast with it.
I considered to play it as a league starter next league but the dot changes
will most likely kill it :(

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